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The Thirteenth Amendment abolishes slavery... The advance upon Savannah...

Item #690815

February 03, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 3, 1865  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "SAVANNAH" "Terrible Conflagration in the City" "More than 200 Buildings Destroyed" "The City Shelled for Two Hours" "Fearful Scenes" "SHERMAN" "Movements of General Sherman" "His Army Less Than 40 Miles from Charleston" "T... See More  

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1842 anti-slavery newspaper... slaves...

Item #690514

October 27, 1842


* Rare anti-slavery - abolitionism publication

* Much on politics and related slavery issues

* Engraving of The Cedar of Lebanon

A newspaper focused on freedom for slaves. The top of page 2 has an illustrated notice for: "James G. Birney for President...".

Four pages, some wear along the bottom right margin, otherwise ni... See More  

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1874 death of Charles Sumner....

Item #689240

March 14, 1874

THE NEW YORK HERALD, March 14, 1874 

* Charles Sumner death

* American politician - Massachusetts senator

* Anti-slavery leader - Civil Rights advocate

The top of the page 3 has one column headings: "SUMNER" "Last Honors in Washington to the Dead Senator" and more. (see) Lengthy text.

Other news of the day. Complete with all 12 pages in nice condition.... See More  

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Harrison wins the election: in a Washington, D.C. newspaper...

Item #687962

November 09, 1840

THE GLOBE, Washington, D.C., Nov. 9, 1840

* William Henry Harrison

* Presidential election victory

Perhaps there can be no better newspaper to report a Presidential election than one from the nation's capital.

Page 3 begins with: "The Election" "It becomes our duty to announce to the public that we have received returns of the elections in a sufficient number of the stat... See More  

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On the Emancipation Proclamation and the Battle of Antietam...

Item #687582

October 04, 1862

DAILY COLUMBUS ENQUIRER, Georgia, Oct. 4, 1862 

* Very rare Confederate publication

Certainly one of the less common Confederate titles from the Civil War. Columbus is in Southwest Georgia on the Alabama border very near Montgomery.

Among the various reports inside are: "Lincoln's War Policy" "Comments of the Northern Press on Lincoln's Abolition Proclamation&quo... See More  

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On the Treasury Bill and compensations for various officers...

Item #686040

July 25, 1789

THE MASSACHUSETTS CENTINEL, Boston, July 25, 1789  Half of the front page is taken up with an article headed: "Slave Trade" which is a report from a French society for the abolition of the trade. One bit notes: "...The abolition, therefore, of negro slavery was esteemed by the general United States & by the convention in which they were represented, not only a measure condu... See More  

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Mehmed VI... last Sultan of Ottoman Empire....

Item #682912

November 19, 1922


* Mehmed VI - last sultan of Ottoman Empire

* Abolition of the Ottoman Sultanate

The front page has a one column heading: "ABDUL MEDJID CHOSEN CALIPH" with subhead. (see)

Complete 1st section only with 14 pages, light toning and a little wear the margins, generally good.... See More  

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Lincoln creates the first national Thanksgiving...

Item #681507

October 09, 1863

THE LIBERATOR, Boston, Oct. 9, 1863 

* President Abraham - Abe Lincoln

* Thanksgiving Day proclamation (historic)

* Rare & famous anti-slavery title

* Slave auction illustration - Civil War era

A very famous anti-slavery newspaper published by the noted emancipator William Lloyd Garrison. The ornate engraving in the masthead features three scenes: a slave auction, an image of Jes... See More  

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"Memphis" newspaper printed in Atlanta, Georgia... Jefferson Davis' stirring address to his soldiers...

Item #680889

February 14, 1864

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. 14, 1864 

* Very rare Confederate title

* Publisher on the run

See the bottom of this listing for the fascinating history of this newspaper.

Among the front page items are: "President Davis' Address to the Army" which is rather lengthy & signed in type: Jefferson Davis. This is a very nice, rousing address to his sold... See More  

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Relating to Uncle Tom's Cabin... The Fugitive Slave bill...

Item #679337

August 19, 1852

THE NATIONAL ERA, Washington, D.C., Aug. 19, 1852  Among the reports in this anti-slavery newspaper are: "Gen. Pierce and the Fugitive Slave Law". The back page has an ad for: "Little Eva, Uncle Tom's Guardian Angel. A song composed & dedicated to Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Poetry by John G. Whittier..." with more.

This newspaper ... See More  

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Early anti-slavery themed newspaper...

Item #678309

August 03, 1843

NATIONAL ANTI-SLAVERY STANDARD, New York, Aug. 3, 1843  As the title would suggest, an anti-slavery newspaper from 18 years before the Civil War.

Among the articles: "Church Action On Slavery" "Acquisition of Territory By the United States" "Convention At Utica" and various reports under the heading: "Anti-Slavery Items", plus more.

Four pages, mi
... See More  

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America prohibits the importation of slaves (1807)...

Item #677725
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, March, 1807  Under: "Abstract of Foreign Occurrences" is a brief yet notable report: "The American Congress has passed a bill for the abolition of the slave trade, by a majority of 24---the numbers being ayes 73, noes 49." This refers to the significant "Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves" which was signed into la... See More  

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Panama... Diamond mines... Stephen A. Douglas on slavery...

Item #676822
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York,  September, 1859  This issue contains "Something About Diamonds" which takes 12 pages and contains many illustrations on mining and cutting. Also included are: "Tropical Journeyings - Panama" (which includes content and an image related to General Morgan's capture of Panama along with several other related prints of Old... See More  

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Death of anti-slavery publisher William Lloyd Garrison...

Item #675525

May 28, 1879

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California May 28, 1879  The front page includes: "Death Of Lloyd Garrison", who was publisher of the famous anti-slavery newspaper 'The Liberator'. Much on his life.

Four pages, tiny binding indents at the blank spine, slightly fragile, very nice condition.

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Good front page reporting...

Item #675148

March 07, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, March 7, 1863 

* Capital of the Confederacy

Among the front page items are: "The Yankees In King George" "The Conservatives of the North--Resolutions Of  The State Legislature" "The West & The War--Where are the Interests of the West?" "Abolition Legislature--The Bill of All Abominations--Military Arrests in ... See More  

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William Cowper poem - the abolition of the Slave Trade...

Item #673633
GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, For The Country, Philadelphia, May 25, 1807  Page 3, under the heading: "THE ABOLITION OF THE SLAVE TRADE", has the timely reprinting of the William Cowper poem, "The Morning Dream" (shown in this issue simply as "A Dream"). 

Also present is a letter Alexander Petion, the 1st President of Hayti, to the "men of color" ... See More  

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Slavery comes to an end in England...

Item #672108

August 29, 1833

THE TIMES, London, August 29, 1833 

* Slavery abolished in the British Empire

As Wikipedia notes the British Slavery Abolition Act was passed in 1833, receiving the royal assent on August 28.

Page 2 begins with: "Parliamentary Intelligence" with text noting in part: "Their Lordships sat at 12 o'clock...the Royal assent was given by commission to various bills--amongs... See More  

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Battle of Fort Henry, Tennessee...

Item #671179

February 07, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Feb. 7, 1862 

* Battle of Fort Henry, Tennessee

* In a Confederate - rebel title

Half of the front page is taken up with ads with the other half having various news items including: "Interesting From the North--Notes On The War" with various subheads. Also reports on: "American Affairs In Europe" "The Grand Army to Advance&quo... See More  

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Harriett Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin...

Item #670832

November 11, 1852

THE NATIONAL ERA, Washington, D.C., Nov. 11, 1852 

* Uncle Tom's Cabin

This newspaper is forever linked to the best-selling novel of the 19th century: "Uncle Tom's Cabin", for the book was originally released as a 40 week serial in this anti-slavery newspaper beginning in June, 1851. It was the newspaper's publisher who encouraged Stowe to produce the work in book... See More  

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The famous anti-slavery newspaper...

Item #670066

March 25, 1864

THE LIBERATOR, Boston, March 25, 1864  This is the famous anti-slavery newspaper by famed abolitionist publisher William Lloyd Garrison. The masthead features two engravings, one of a slave auction and the other showing slaves being emancipated.

Among the articles are: "Inhuman Barbarities of the Rebels" "The Fury In Richmond" "An Instructive Rebel Letter" "... See More  

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1870 Anti-Slavery Society... Wendell Phillips...

Item #669451

April 11, 1870

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 11, 1870

* Anti-Slavery Society at Apollo Hall

* Wendell Phillips - Lucretia Mott

The top of page 4 has one column headings: "Anti-Slavery's Wake" "Wendell Phillips' Farewell..." (see)

Complete with 12 pages, some spine wear, generally in good condition.... See More  

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"Trail of Tears"... Abolishing slavery in Virginia...

Item #667248

July 25, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 25, 1829 

* Abolition of slavery in Virginia

* Trail of Tears - Southeastern Indians

Nearly half of the ftpg. is taken up with: "Abolition of Slavery" which concerns Virginia, noting: "...revise the constitution of the commonwealth, praying for the adoption of some provisions in the new constitution by which the slave populatio... See More  

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Abolishment of slavery, and the backlash from Jamaica...

Item #667090

June 15, 1833

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 15, 1833  has over half a page headed: "Slavery in the British West Indies" which reports on the: "...deputation in favor off the immediate emancipation of negro slavery within the British dominions..." which includes the full text on the 5 "Resolutions", signed in type by: Samuel Gurney as the chairman. The same page h... See More  

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Funeral of Rep. Preston Brooks...

Item #666651

January 30, 1857

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Jan. 30, 1857 

* Death of Preston Brooks - funeral

* South Carolina Congressman

Page 3 begins with nearly half a column article: "Funeral of the Hon. Preston S. Brooks" who died 3 days previous.

Brooks is most remembered for his May 22, 1856, attack upon abolitionist and Republican Senator Charles Sumner, whom he beat nearly to... See More  

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A pro-South newspaper in the North...

Item #666537

June 08, 1864

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, June 8, 1864 

* Anti-Union publication

Among the articles within are: "General Butler's Campaign Explained" "Fighting on Wednesday--The Rebs Get the Worst of It" "Arrest of Col. Medary" who is the editor of this newspaper. It mentions: "...The cause of his arrest is not stated--indeed the public are not favored with reas... See More  

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Confederacy's first iron-clad ship...

Item #665632

April 07, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, April 7, 1862 

* CSS Manassas ironclad ship

War reports are found on pages 4 & 5 with column heads including: "The War For The Union" 'The Abolition of Slavery in the District" "The Confiscation Bill" "The Rebel Blockade Run" "The Latest About the Merrimac" "Rebel Force on the Peninsula" "The Advance U... See More  

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New York & Pennsylvania Canals...

Item #665336

December 28, 1833

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 28, 1833  Featured is report on the Pennsylvania and New York canals. Additional articles include reports on an anti-slavery convention, banking, the Department of Navy, and more.

Sixteen pages, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches, nice condition.

As noted in Wikipedia, this title: "...(was) one of the most widely-circulated magazines in the United ... See More  

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Revival of the Southern slave trade?

Item #662769

March 06, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, March 6, 1858 

* African slave trade resumes

* Southern States pass bill (Louisiana)

Page 4 has an article headed: "Revival of the African Slave Trade in the Southern States". the article includes: "Some of our n****r worshiping contemporaries have started off upon a new scent. A bill has been passed by the Louisiana House...authorizing the importation i... See More  

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Rare Confederate title from Mississippi on the Battle of Perryville...

Item #661765

October 17, 1862

DAILY MISSISSIPPIAN, Jackson, Oct. 17, 1862  Certainly one of the more rare Confederate titles we have offered. This is a volume one issue.

Among the front page articles are: "Abolition Meetings at the North" "Resolutions" "Yankee Officers Marrying Negroes" "List of Casualties in the 40th Mississippi Reg. at the Battle of Corinth, Oct. 4trh, 1862".

Pa... See More  

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Caracas & Carthagena independence... rare mention of The Inquisition...

Item #651247

February 01, 1812

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Feb. 1, 1812 

*  Carthagena's independence

*  Rare mention of The Inquisition

*  Report from Caracas re: their independence

Page 7 has under the heading "South America" mention of the manifesto of Carthagena, stating in part that in the previous November, they had declared themselves to be: "A FREE, SOV... See More  

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Slave uprising in Jamaica...

Item #650281

February 25, 1832

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Feb. 25, 1832  Within this issue is an article with a small heading: "Jamaica" with the report beginning: "We have awful details of the late proceedings of the slaves in this island One hundred and fifty estates had been laid waste by fire...More than two thousand slaves had been killed or executed--hung up by scores, and without much... See More  

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Mustering out Negro troops...

Item #647559

September 20, 1865

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 20, 1865 

* Henry Wirz trial

* Jefferson Davis

From shortly after the end of the Civil War but still with war-related reports including: "Returned Soldiers" "The Real Abolition Platform of Ohio" "Mustering Out Negro Troops" "The Wirz Trial" "Trouble Brewing in the Abolition Camp" "Jefferson Davis&q... See More  

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Obituary of the famed abolitionist William Wilberforce...

Item #643573
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, September, 1833  Near the back is the: "Obituary - William Wilberforce" which takes over 3 pages. Wilberforce was a member of Parliament who lead the charge to abolish slavery. The historic Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 would receive the Royal Assent on Aug. 26, less than a month after his death. See the internet for much more on the
... See More  

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Racing at Saratoga... Will of a former slave... Anti-slavery agitation...

Item #636138

August 09, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 9, 1865  The front page has: "Sports of the Turf - The Second Day of the Saratoga Meeting - The Coveted Bauble Won by the Horse Kentucky", Page 3 has: "Death of an Ex-Slave at the Almshouse - His Will" which has the will of Denison wherein he leaves all his worldly belongings to the person that had been attending to him. Page 4 has "The Anti-Slave... See More  

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First African-American President of the United States...

Item #629582

November 05, 2008

USA TODAY, November 5, 2008  This 48 page newspaper has a nice two line banner headline on the front page: "America makes history, Obama Wins! " with subheads and nice color photo of Obama with family. Much more on the inside pages in the 1st section. (see)

Nice condition.

Our post on the History's Newsstand Blog:

Regardless of your view on the recent U.S. election, one

... See More  

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America in a flourishing state...

Item #629138
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, September, 1792  Inside has most of a column taken up with news headed: "America" which begins: "This country was never in so flourishing a state as at present; the increase of people, riches, and agriculture is almost incredible...The present war with the Indians has for  while stopped emigration to the Western territories..." with m... See More  

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Abolishment of slavery, and the backlash from Jamaica...

Item #623497

June 15, 1833

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER,  Baltimore, June 15, 1833  has over half a page headed: "Slavery in the British West Indies" which reports on the: "...deputation in favor off the immediate emancipation of negro slavery within the British dominions..." which includes the full text on the 5 "Resolutions", signed in type by: Samuel Gurney as the chairman. The same ... See More  

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Maine Boundary... Henry Clay... USS Constitution...

Item #619528

March 16, 1839

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, March 16, 1839  Within the issue is an article "Maine Boundary" which is the "Official papers on the Maine Border Subject' which is over three pages in length. This deals with the disputed territory between Maine and New Brunswick.

The front page features "Mr. Clay's Speech on Abolition Petitions" in which he made a co... See More  

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American Anti-Slavery Society...

Item #617233

May 10, 1860

THE NEW YORK HERALD, May 10, 1860 

* American Anti-Slavery Society meeting

* William Lloyd Garrison speech

Pages 2 & 3 have a reporting headed: "The American Anti-Slavery Society" "The Republican Party Defended and Denounced--Disunion Speech by Mr. Garrison..." Text takes up over 5 columns total.

Other news of the day. Complete in 12 pages, a little irregular a... See More  

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Item #615380

April 25, 1850

EMANCIPATOR & REPUBLICAN, Boston, April 25, 1850  Although the title would seem to imply this is an anti-slavery newspaper, the content is almost entirely political, plus advertisements as well.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, a few minor archival mends.

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Gov. Brownlow offers a reward for the captuure of the former governor...

Item #609917

May 10, 1865


* Very rare Civil War title - closing events

* William Gannaway "Parson" Brownlow

W. G. Brownlow, or  Parson Brownlow, was a fascinating personality to say the least. He regarded anyone who disagreed with him about religion or politics as an enemy. The circuit-riding Methodist parson turned t... See More  

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Anna Elizabeth Dickinson death....

Item #600772

October 25, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 25, 1932

* Anna Elizabeth Dickinson death

* Anti slavery - Women's rights

Page 19 has one column headlines:


"Had Been Hoping to Celebrate 90th Birthday Next Friday Until Just Before End"

"Woman's Rights Champion"

and more with photo. (see) See images for 1st report coverage on t... See More  

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Emancipation of slaves anniversary...

Item #599761

April 17, 1872

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 17, 1872

* Emancipation of slaves

* District of Columbia

* Slavery anniversary

The front page has one column headings: "Emancipation Proclamation" "Celebration of the Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia"

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, nice condition.

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South Carolina repeals secession...

Item #598509

September 20, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 20, 1865

* Reconstruction era

Among the front page column heads are: "The Home of Secession" "Meeting of the Constitutional Convention" "The Ordinance of Secession Repealed" "Report in Favor of the Abolition of Slavery" which is a report from Columbia, S.C. also: "Trial of Capt. Wirz"

Eight pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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President-Elect Abraham Lincoln en route...

Item #598469

March 12, 1861

THE VERMONT CHRONICLE, Windsor, March 12, 1861

* Abraham Lincoln

* post inauguration

Page 3 has the following one column headings: "The Cabinet" "The Confederation" "The Virginia Convention"

Nice reading here. Other news of the day. Complete in 4 pages, some tape mends along central fold, minor foxing, otherwise nice.... See More  

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Much on Black soldiers...

Item #597258

February 11, 1863

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 11, 1863

* Rare pro-South Union paper

* Negroes - soldiers - troops

Described as "The Hottest Rebel Sheet to be found in the North or the South", this newspaper opposed the war and attracted the hatred of the Republicans and the Lincoln administration. It insisted that slavery could not be prohibited by law. So obnoxious was this paper to Unionists... See More  

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1849 Gold Rush Era...

Sandwhich Islands... News from the gold mines...

Item #594700

April 18, 1849

THE VERMONT CHRONICLE (weekly), Windsor, April 18, 1849

* Gold Rush era original... with gold rush content

This Vermont newspaper has both religious/Christian-themed news along with general news of the day.  Page 3 has coverage related to the gold rush era, "Direct From The Gold Mines" and "Authentic From San Francisco" (see images). Page one has an update in the mi... See More  

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Belmont, Missouri....

Item #594686

December 03, 1861

THE VERMONT CHRONICLE (weekly), Windsor, Vermont, December 3, 1861

* Original Civil War era

This genuine newspaper has Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the reports on pages 2 and/or 3 are: (see photos)

Other news of the day. This issue is not fragile as newsprint from this era was made of cotton and linen rags, allowing them to remain very plia... See More  

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1861 Civil War... Stephen A. Douglas death...

Item #594661

June 11, 1861

THE VERMONT CHRONICLE (weekly), Windsor, June 11, 1861

* Original Civil War era

This genuine newspaper has Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the reports on page 3 are: (see photos).

Other news of the day throughout. This issue is not fragile as newsprint from this era was made of cotton and linen rags, allowing them to remain very pliable and ea... See More  

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A man goes over Niagara Falls in 1848...

Item #587738

October 26, 1848

THE NATIONAL ERA, Washington, D.C., Oct. 26, 1848 

* Over Niagara Falls

The back page has: "A Man Over The Falls of Niagara" which is a nearly half column detailed article on a man who went over the falls in a boat (see). Four pages, a bit irregular at the spine, good condition.

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