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Elvis Presley death in a Memphis newspaper... Mid-South Edition...

Item #672687

August 17, 1977

MEMPHIS PRESS-SCIMITAR, Tennessee, August 17, 1977

* The death of Elvis Presley

* Great issue from his hometown

* Considerable details and photos

This 50 page issue has nice headlines which include: "A Lonely Life Ends on Elvis Presley Boulevard" and other related subheads, and includes front page photos of "Elvis last year" and "Elvis in the beginning." ... See More  

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1977 Elvis Presley death... Memphis Tn....

Item #672518

August 17, 1977

MEMPHIS PRESS-SCIMITAR, Tennessee, August 17, 1977.

* Hometown Issue

* Elvis Presley Death

* Great For Display

The front page has a historic banner headline: "Memphis Leads World in Mourning For Elvis Presley" with subheads and related photos. Photos inside as well. (see) Best to have in this title. 

Complete in 50 pages, nice condition.
... See More  

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Battle of Pea Ridge, and much more...

Item #672294

March 29, 1862

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 29, 1862  The full front page shows: "A Thrilling Scene in East Tennessee --Colonel Fry and the Union Men Swearing by the Flag". Other prints inside include a dramatic fullpg: "The Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas--the Final Advance of Our Troops" and "Columbus, Kentucky, After the Rebel Evacuation" and "Fort Clinch, Fernand... See More  

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1864 Abraham Lincoln for president notice....

Item #671681

October 06, 1864

MANUFACTURERS AND FARMERS JOURNAL, Providence, Rhode Island, Oct. 6, 1864

* Abraham Lincoln for president notice

Despite the title of this newspaper, there is nice Civil War coverage with many one column headings. (see images for portion)

The first column of page 2 has a notice supporting: "For President Of The United States ABRAHAM LINCOLN Of Illinois- For Vice President Of The United... See More  

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Battle of Fort Henry, Tennessee...

Item #671179

February 07, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Feb. 7, 1862  Half of the front page is taken up with ads with the other half having various news items including: "Interesting From the North--Notes On The War" with various subheads. Also reports on: "American Affairs In Europe" "The Grand Army to Advance" "The Burnside Expedition--The Design of its Operations" "... See More  

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View of Chattanooga...

Item #671033

September 08, 1866

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Sept. 8, 1866  Inside has a full page print: "Chattanooga, Tennessee, From Lookout Mountain". Other prints include: "Bacon's Castle, Surry, Virginia" "The Steamer Wyoming on the Banks" & other scenes near Long Branch, New Jersey; "Great Conflagration at Jersey City...Destruction of the Petroleum Docks Adjoining the... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Fort Donelson & Clarksville, Tennessee....

Item #671026

February 20, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, February 20, 1862  Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "Important From Tennessee" "Evacuation of the Rebel Forts at Clarksville" "Additional Details of the Fight at Fort Donelson" Progress of the Expedition Against Savannah" and more.

Complete in eight pages, nice condition.

... See More  

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1911 Cross Mountain Mine Disaster...

Item #670948

December 09, 1911

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Dec, 9, 1911

* Cross Mountain Mine Disaster

* Briceville, Tennessee coal mine explosion

The front page has a nice banner headline: "SCORES OF MINERS ENTOMBED BY EXPLOSION" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragi... See More  

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Battle of Fort Donelson....

Item #670831

February 19, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, February 19, 1862 

* Battle of Fort Donelson victory

* Cumberland River - Tennessee

Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "The Great Victory", "Additional Particulars of the Capture of Fort Donelson", "Graphic Description of the Sanguinary Fight", and more.

Complete in eight pages. foxing more so near the margins, bit of s... See More  

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Significant victories by the Yankees...

Item #670745

December 19, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 19, 1864 

* General William T. Sherman

* March to the sea to Savannah

* Battle of Nashville, Tennessee

Over half of the first column on page 1 is taken up with some great and larger-than-normal heads on Yankee successes in the South, including: "VICTORY ! " "Sherman at Savannah--Thomas in Tennessee" "Great News From Both Armies" "... See More  

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Columbia, Tennessee Negro lynching...

Item #670697

December 16, 1933

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, December 16, 1933 

* Cord Cheek - Negro lynching

* Columbia TN Tennessee

The top of page 9 has a one column heading: "Lynching Tennessee Negro; Tell Sheriff To Come And Get Him" (see) First report coverage on the lynching of Cord Cheek , Negro, in Columbia, Tennessee. Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this World famous publicatio... See More  

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Civil War map of the war in Kentucky & Tennessee...

Item #670352

January 21, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 21, 1862  With the front page taken up with ads, the feature is the back page war map headed: "THE WAR IN KENTUCKY & TENNESSEE" with related column heads, including; "Defeat of Zollicoffer's Army" "Fighting All Day"  "Gen. Zollicoffer Killed" "Utter Rout of the Rebels" "Heavy Lossl On Both Sides" &... See More  

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Map shows portion of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, & more...

Item #670330

February 21, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 21, 1862  The front page is dominated by a nice Civil War map headed: "THE DESTROYED BRIDGES IN ALABAMA - Map of the Locality--The Principal Communication of the Southwest with Their Rebel Capital Cut Off--Nashville Completely Isolated--The Loyal Alabamians Rising in Defence of the Union"

Good column heads include: "Confirmation of the Reported Evacuation... See More  

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Map shows the Tennessee River Valley...

Item #670321

February 06, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 6, 1862  The ftpg. features a nice Civil War map headed: "The Gunboat Expedition Up The Tennessee. Map of the Tennessee River, Showing the Position of Fort Henry & the Battery Commanding That River, and Fort Donaldson, Commanding the Cumberland River."

Much of the ftpg. has various Civil War reports with one column heads including: "Important From Ten... See More  

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Yellow Fever epidemic in 1873 Memphis...

Item #669323

October 27, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 27, 1873

* Yellow fever - jack outbreak

* Memphis, Tennessee epidemic

The top of page 4 has one column heading: "MEMPHIS" "Welcome Jack Frost Conquering Yellow Jack" "The City To Be Placed in a Proper Sanitary Condition" and more. Text takes up over 1 1/2 columns.

Other news of the day. Complete with all 12 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Repairing St. Paul's Covent Garden...

Item #669083

December 02, 1795


* St. Paul's, Covent Garden

Page 2 has an item from London headed: "St. Paul's Covent Garden" noting: "...repairs of which near 5000 pounds have...been expended was entirely destroyed by fire. The flames broke out in the cupola...".

Page 3 has a report of a meeting between Indian chiefs ... See More  

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Soldiers return home as heroes... Fate of Jeff Davis...

Item #668421

May 25, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, May 25, 1865 

* Civil War soldiers coming home

* Jefferson Davis in jail

Among the front page column heads are: "REVIEW OF THE ARMIES" "The Second & Last Day of the Great Pageant" "Reception of the Armies of Tennessee and Georgia" "How the Heroes of the Greatest March on Record were Received" and more (see images).

The back ... See More  

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Lincoln recinds Grant's controversial Jewish eviction order...

Item #668364

January 05, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 5, 1863 

* Abraham Lincoln rescinds

* General Order No. 11 (1862)

* Expelling all Jews - Jewish

* Issued by Ulysses S. Grant

Certainly the most notable content is the rather inconspicuous item on page 5 wherein President Lincoln rescinded Grant's General Order 11 to expel all Jews from his military district of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. This Grant... See More  

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Van Buren's state-of-the-union address...

Item #668287

January 14, 1840

REPUBLICAN SENTINEL & SUMNER, SMITH AND JACKSON INTELLIGENCER, Gallatin, Tennessee, Jan. 14, 1840  Note that this is the volume 1, number 1 issue of a quite rare title, as Gregory's "Union List of American Newspapers" notes only the Library of Congress has this title, and it has just two issues, neither being this date.

All of pages 1, 2 & a bit of page 2 are taken up w... See More  

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Battle of Fredericksburg about to start....

Item #668224

December 12, 1862

THE WORLD, New York City, December 12, 1862.

* Burnside captures major Virginia city

* Battle of Fredericksburg close

* General Burnside vs. Robert E. Lee

* Battle of Hartsville - Tennessee

This Genuine newspaper has a Wealth of Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "Army Of The Potomac" "... See More  

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Possibly the 1st Jew lynched within the United States...

Item #667804

August 17, 1868

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 17, 1868

* Lynching of Samuel Bierfield

* First Jew lynched in United States

* Jews - Jewish - Judaica item

* Ku Klux Klan - KKK members

Near the bottom of the front page is an article with small heading: "Murderous Outrage at Franklin, Williamson County, Tenn.-Two Men Shot Dead", being the account of the killing of a Jewish shop owner and his black em... See More  

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1945 USS California (BB-44)... Japanese kamikaze attacks....

Item #667765

July 28, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 28, 1945

* USS California (BB-44) - Tennessee-class battleship

* Japanese kamikazes - Battle of Lingayen Gulf

The bottom of the front page has a two column heading: "Kamikaze Hits the California; Battleship Fights On; Losses 203". This is on the Japanese kamikaze attacks on the USS California during the Battle of Lingayen Gulf. Reporting on many disasters ... See More  

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Tennessee Volunteers... 1951 National champs....

Item #667748

December 05, 1951

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, December 5, 1951

* Tennessee Volunteers

* National champions (1st report)

* NCAA college football

The sport's section (page 26) has a one column heading: "Tennessee Wins First Grid Crown" with subhead and top 20 list. First report coverage on the Tennessee Volunteers officially being named national champions of college football by the associated press ... See More  

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1867 William G. Brownlow re-elected governor... ...

Item #667369

August 03, 1867

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 3, 1867

* William Gannaway "Parson" Brownlow

* Governor of Tennessee re-election victory

Page 4 has an article headed: "THE TENNESSEE ELECTION" "Governor Brownlow Re-elected by Thirty Thousand Majority" and more. (see)

Complete with 8 pages, irregular along the spine, otherwise nice.

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The horrors of the Johnstown flood...

Item #667177

June 04, 1889

MEMPHIS APPEAL, Tennessee, June 4, 1889  

* The great Johnstown flood of 1889

* South Fork Dam collapse

Most of the front page it taken up with reports on the historic Johnstown [Pa.] Flood with first column heads including: "NO END TO IT" "The Story of Johnstown Not Half Told" "The Mind of Man Cannot Conceive the Horrors of It" "The Press Acknow... See More  

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A Jefferson Davis Proclamation... Beauregard... Shiloh...

Item #666668

April 11, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, April 11, 1862 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

The front page is completely filled with ads while much of pages 2 & 3 have war-related reports. Included is the always interesting editorial, which begins: "From every quarter comes the same news. The enemy are drawing their troops from the counties they have overrun...They are concentrati... See More  

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Nearing the end of the Scopes "monkey" trial...

Item #666411

July 14, 1925

NEW YORK TIMES, July 14, 1925

* Scopes Monkey Trial

* Dayton, Tennessee 

* William Jennings Bryan 

* Clarence Darrow

The top of a front page has a three column headline on the famous Scopes "monkey" trial in Dayton, Tenn.: "DARROW SCORES IGNORANCE AND BIGOTRY, SEEKING TO QUASH SCOPES INDICTMENT; STATE ARGUES FOR ITS POLICE POWER" with many subheads. Lengthy c... See More  

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Fall of Fort Donelson... Proclamation by Jefferson Davis...

Item #666384

February 27, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Feb. 27, 1862 

* Fall of Fort Donelson, Tennessee

* Jefferson Davis proclamation

* From the capital of the Confederacy

A very nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate States of America.

The front page is entirely taken up with advertisements and notices. The inside pages are rich in war-related reports including: "The Fall of Fort Don... See More  

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Battle of Chickamauga...

Item #666379

October 12, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Oct. 12, 1863 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

* Battle of Chickamauga - Georgia

Not only a nice Confederate newspaper, but one from the capital of the Confederacy.

The front page includes: "A Cavalry Fight in Tennessee--Rosecanz's Railroad Communications Cut" "From Northern Virginia" "The Battle Of Chickamauga--Our... See More  

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Elvis & "Jailhouse Rock" opening day ad....

Item #666316

October 24, 1957

THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL, Memphis, October 24, 1957

* Singer & actor Elvis Presley

* "Jailhouse Rock" movie debut ad & review

Page 40 has a very interesting advertisement for Elvis Presley's musical drama film, "Jailhouse Rock". This movie debuted in Memphis, Tennessee weeks before it went nationally. This ad is for the day of it's World debut in Memphis. Co... See More  

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Texas struggles for independence from Spain...

Item #666257

March 02, 1820

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 2, 1820  The ftpg. has an early letter datelines: "Republic of Texas, Fort Walker, Nov. 30th, 1819" with the letter detailing trouble there. Bits include: "...Our dangers, difficulties & troubles...have been great. Nacogdoches has fallen into the hands of our enemies...Frequent engagements take place between the two forces...I... See More  

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Wealth of Confederate reporting from this fascinating newspaper title...

Item #666256

January 07, 1863

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Jackson, Mississippi, January 7, 1863 

* Very rare Confederate title

This newspaper had fascinating history as it was chased around the South. Note that this "Memphis" newspaper was published in Jackson, Mississippi, and also that this is labeled the: "Army Edition" which we have not seen in other issues of this title we have offered. See th... See More  

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The death of Commodore Uriah P. Levy...

Item #665984

March 25, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, March 25, 1862  The most notable content within this issue is the very brief, but historic page 7 report of the death of Commodore (Admiral) Uriah P. Levy, the first U.S. Jewish Commodore, war of 1812 war hero, and credited as to having abolished the disciplinary procedure of flogging.

The front page has a map titled: "WHAT GENERAL BURNSIDE HAS ACCOMPLISHED, Scene of Op... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Civil War map shows portions of Tennessee and Mississippi...

Item #665962

October 07, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Oct. 7, 1862 

* Second Battle of Corinth

* Mississippi & Tennessee map

The front page is dominated by a large Civil War map headed: "The Seat Of War In The South-West" with a detailed & lengthy caption.

Among the front page war-related column heads are: "The Battle Of Corinth" "Great Victory By Rosecrans" "A Second Battle on... See More  

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Completion of the Transcontinental Railroad...

Item #665659

May 07, 1869

NEW YORK TIMES, May 7, 1869 

* Completing the Transcontinental railroad

* Promontory Point - last spike (eve)

Near the top of the front page is a report of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad: "Central Pacific Railroad" "The Last Rail to be Laid To-Morrow--A Spike of Solid Gold to Finish the Work--Celebrations in Sacramento, Chicago, and other Cities" wi... See More  

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Civil War map of the Nashville vicinity...

Item #665637

March 12, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, March 12, 1863 

* Nashville, Tennessee Civil War map

The front page has a one column map showing the Nashville vicinity, with one column Civil War heads: "Impending Battle Near Nashville" "Skirmishes of the Contending Forces" "The Scene of Operations" "Sketch of General Granger" plus other war-related heads on the front page as we... See More  

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Great issue for display: two front page Civil War maps...

Item #665635

January 21, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 21, 1862 

* Battle of Mill Springs - Kentucky

A terrific issue for display, as over half of the front page is dominated by two maps, one very large headed: "THE IMPORTANT VICTORY IN KENTUCKY." and the other headed: "The Rebel Zollicoffer's Stronghold On The Cumberland River." Plus, there are very nice first column heads including: "Bril... See More  

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Monitor versus Merrimac... Map of New Madrid...

Item #665633

March 15, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, March 15, 1862  

* Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia

* Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack (CSS Virginia)

* Civil War ironclads

Page 5 contains some nice one column heads on the Civil War: "The Damages To The Merrimac," "The Condition of the Minnesota," "The Merrimac Hemmed In,"  "The War In the South-West," "New Madr... See More  

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Tennessee to become a state in the Union...

Item #665495

April 20, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 20, 1796 

* Tennessee statehood

An item on pg. 2 headed: "Tenesee [sic]" noting: "...relative to the territory south of the Ohio reported that that territory, now bearing the name of the State of Tenesee, was entitled to all the privileges enjoyed by the other States of the Union, and that it should be one of the sixteen states of America... See More  

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Fort Donelson, Tennessee...

Item #665182

February 17, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 17, 1862 

* Battle of Fort Donelson - Tennessee

The front page features a nice & detailed map titled: "FORT DONELSON, TENN. The Scene of General Grant & Commodore Foote's Latest Achievement".

Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "THE SIEGE OF FORT DONELSON"; "Details of Three Days Desperate Fighting"; &quo... See More  

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The Texas Declaration of Independence...

Item #664892

April 09, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 9, 1836 

* Texas Declaration of Independence

* Republic of Texas from Mexico

* Washington-on-the-Brazos signing

This issue has much content concerning Texas, one item with a brief statement reading: "The Texas convention has declared the state independent of Mexico." Also included is a letter from Texas noting: "...the countr... See More  

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Quite rare newspaper from Missouri during the Civil War...

Item #664809

February 11, 1863

THE MACON GAZETTE, Macon City, Missouri, Feb. 11, 1863 

* Rare Civil War era publication

A quite scarce title as only one institution has any issues of this title.

From a state fractured by alliances to the North & the South, this title is decidedly pro-North. Among the ftpg. articles are: "What the Soldiers Think" "The Rebels 'Won't be Reconstructed' &qu... See More  

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The Scopes 'monkey' trial...

Item #664488

July 18, 1925


* Scopes Monkey Trial beginning 

* Dayton, Tennessee 

* William Jennings Bryan

* Clarence Darrow

A few of the subheads on the ftpg; "Science Ruled Out by Dayton Judge" "Arguments To Jury May End Trial Monday" "Expert Opinions to Go to High Court" with the article carrying over to page 2.

Page 2 has anoth... See More  

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Rare Confederate title...

Item #664349

October 29, 1863

WESTERN SENTINEL, Winston, North Carolina, October 29, 1863 

* Rare Confederate publication from the Civil War

This is a very rare title from the Confederacy. According to Brigham only four institutions in the United States have any holdings of this title from the Civil War, most just a few scattered issues. The American Antiquarian Society has no issues recorded from this era. 

T... See More  

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From the Confederacy...

Item #664348

December 28, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Dec. 28, 1863

* From the capital of the Confederacy

The front page includes: "City Intelligence" "Major Edgar Burroughs" "From the Rapid Ann" "The Army of Tennessee" "A Dash Upon Cleveland, Tennessee" "a letter from Salem, Virginia; which concerns Roanoke College; "Alleged Yankee Spy" and othe... See More  

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Three front page documents signed by Abraham Lincoln... Lincoln critical of McClellan...

Item #664347

January 28, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, January 28, 1863 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

* President Abraham Lincoln documents

The front page has: "From Fredericksburg" "Thew Situation in Tennessee" "From North Carolina" "City Intelligence" "Additional From The North with many subheads including: "Butler at Home--A Public Reception Gi... See More  

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Much on the Civil War from the Confederacy...

Item #664344

January 24, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, January 24, 1863 

* From the capital of the Confederacy

Not only a nice Confederate newspaper, but one from the capital of the Confederacy. The front page includes: "The Intercepted Correspondence", "Notes Of The War--Affairs at Vicksburg--The Several Attempts of the Enemy Against the City--A Renewed Attack Expected--The Spirit of Our Ar... See More  

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James Longstreet... Guerrillas in Tennessee...

Item #664104

December 26, 1863

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL, New York, Dec. 26, 1863  As noted in the masthead this was the: "Gazette of The Regular & Volunteer Forces" and as such is replete with military news of all sorts. Most of the front page is taken up with: "The Military Situation" reporting news from the various theaters of the war, & includes: "...What will be the future of General Lon... See More  

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Large Civil War map, plus a war-related diagram...

Item #664019

March 29, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, New York, March 29, 1862  Over half of the front page is taken up with a huge Civil War map headed: "THE NEW SEAT OF MILITARY OPERATIONS...".

Another map on page three is headed: "The Escape Of The Nashville" being more of a diagram showing the position of ships, etc.

Column heads include: "Very Interesting From Tennessee" "Abandonmen
... See More  

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Celebrating returning Civil War soldiers...

Item #664002

May 25, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 25, 1865 

* When Johnny Comes Marching Home

* Civil War soldiers welcome home

The top of the first column on the ftpg. has a nice graphic of an eagle on the U.S. shield, plus: "REVIEW ! " "150,000 Veterans" "The Pageant On Wednesday" "The Armies of Tennessee and Georgia" "The Tattered Ensigns of the Republic" &quo... See More  

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