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Michael Jordan shines in the Olympic games...

Item #675713

August 08, 1984

SUN-TIMES, Chicago Aug. 8, 1984

* Michael Jordan shines w/ photo

* U.S. men's Olympic basketball team

* In a Chicago publication, rare as such

The top of page 116 has a three column heading: "Situation is well in hand" with subhead and photo. (see) A nice article on Jordan prior to his pro debut. Text includes: "I don't think the pros realize how good he is..." ... See More  

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World War II set, an issue from each of the years...

Item #675710

January 01, 1942

(5) THE DAILY NEWS, New York  An interesting lot of five issues, each from the World War II years of 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945.

One of the great features of the Daily News is the format, as most of each front page of this tabloid-size newspaper is taken up with a headline and/or photo relating to the war.

Each issue has some inside pages removed but pages relating to the war were kep... See More  

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General George S. Patton welcome home....

Item #675708

June 08, 1945

DAILY NEWS, New York City, June 8, 1945

* General George S. Patton

* Post World War II


The front page has a photo showing Patton with his wife and heading: "The Boston Tea Party Was Dull....Compared to Patton's Return" Page 2 has a two column heading: "Bemedaled Patton Greeted by Boston" with photo. (see) Coverage on General George S. Patton's... See More  

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1992 John Gotti guilty verdict...

Item #675479

April 03, 1992

DAILY NEWS, New York City, April 3, 1992

* John Gotti guilty verdict (1st report)

* Mobster Boss - Gambino crime family

This famous tabloid newspaper has a great displayable front page heading and photo concerning mob leader John Gotti's guilty verdict which ended up being his last day of freedom in society. The front page has a great headline: "GONE FELLA" with: "Gotti G... See More  

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John Wayne Gacy discovered... serial killer clown...

Item #675214

December 29, 1978

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, Dec. 29, 1978

* John Wayne Gacy arrest

* Serial "killer clown" discovered

* Best title to be had ? - very rare

Here is nice issue on the discovery of John Wayne Gacy's crimes in a Chicago suburb. The front page has a banner heading: "Gacy total reaches 17" Page 3 has more headings with 2 related photos. (see) Gacy was arrested just a few days ear... See More  

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1950 Yale Daily News... New Haven...

Item #675203

March 03, 1950

YALE DAILY NEWS, New Haven, Conn. March 3, 1950

* Yale University

* Liberal publication

This 8 page tabloid size newspaper has on campus news with much to do with sports. See images for portion.

Complete in nice condition.

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Sandra Day O'Connor sworn into the Supreme Court...

Item #674998

September 26, 1981

SUN-TIMES, Chicago, Sept. 26, 1981

* Sandra Day O'Connor sworn in

* United States Supreme Court - 1st woman Justice

The front page has a photos showing O'Connor with President Reagan with heading: "A great day for women's equality". (see) Page 3 has a banner heading: "O'Connor takes seat on high court" with photo. (see) First report coverage on Ronald Rea... See More  

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Mehmet Ali Agca's pardon w/ photo...

Item #674641

December 28, 1983

SUN-TIMES, Chicago, Dec. 28, 1983

* Pope John Paul II

* Mehmet Ali Agca

* Famous meeting photo

The front page has a heading that reads: "Pope pardons assailant after prison meeting" with photo. (see) First report coverage continues on page 14 with another related photo.

Complete with all 104 pages, tabloid size, small archival mend on page 2, very nice condition.

wikipedia no... See More  

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Pentagon Papers exposed in 1971....

Item #674259

June 17, 1971

DAILY WORLD, New York City, June 17, 1971

* Pentagon Papers 1st made public

* Vietnam War - Lyndon Johnson

* Angela Davis in jail for gun violations

An uncommon title, being a tabloid-size newspaper with an editorial policy which reflects the views of the Communist party. This newspaper was previously known as the "Daily Worker".

The front page has a nice banner headline that r... See More  

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1st African American plays Masters golf....

Item #674156

April 11, 1975

SUN-TIMES, Chicago, April 11, 1975

* Lee Elder breaks the color barrier

* 1st African American in Masters (day 1)

* PGA Professional Gold Accociation

The bottom of the back page has a photo showing Lee Elder teeing off on the 1st hole with small heading: "Historic Moment" Also a heading: "Nichols leading Masters" with reporting on the color barrier being broken. Coverag... See More  

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From the counter-culture press in Berkeley...

Item #674079

July 18, 1969

BERKELEY BARB, California, July 18, 1969 

* Rare hippies newspaper from the late 60's

* Published about a month prior to Woodstock

As Wikipedia notes, this was an underground newspaper that was published in Berkeley from 1965 to the early 1980s. It was one of the first and most influential of the counterculture newspapers of the late 1960s, covering such subjects as the anti-war an... See More  

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Michael Jordan signed by the Bulls in a Chicago newspaper...

Item #674016

March 30, 1982

SUN-TIMES, Chicago, March 30, 1982

* Michael Jordan's game winning shot

* North Carolina Tar Heels basketball

* NCAA college championship vs. Georgetown

* From the city where he would become a legend

The top of the back page has a heading: "North Carolina finally does it" with two related photos and box scores. First report coverage continues inside. Text includes: "...... See More  

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1993 World Trade Center Bombing...

Item #673784

February 27, 1993

DAILY NEWS, New York, NY, February 27, 1993

* 1st attack on World trade Center

The front page has a nice headline: "NEW YORK'S DAY OF TERROR" with related photo and subhead. (see) Much more on the following pages. Great to have from this famous NYC tabloid publication.

Complete with all 32 pages, great condition.

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1945 USS Bunker Hill... Japanese kamikaze attacks....

Item #673375

June 28, 1945

NEW YORK POST, June 28, 1945

* USS Bunker Hill - Essex-class aircraft carrier

* Invasion of Okinawa - Kamikazes attack

Page 3 has a photo showing the USS Bunker Hill burning with heading: "Bunker Hill in 1945" Also a three column heading: "Skipper Titled Blazing Carrier To Pour Burning Gas Into Sea" (see) First report coverage on the Japanese kamikaze attacks on the USS ... See More  

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Attack on Kure (March 1945)...

Item #673266

March 21, 1945

DAILY NEWS, New York City, March 21, 1945

* Attack on Kure (March 1945) - Japan

* United States Navy aircraft carriers

* World War II - WWII air raid

The front page has a nice, displayable headline: "CARRIERS RIP JAP FLEET IN INLAND SEA" with subhead. (see) Reporting begins on page 2 with related photo and map.

Incomplete issue containing 14 of the 64 pages, nice for display as... See More  

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General George S. Patton in 1945 Germany ....

Item #673265

March 20, 1945

DAILY NEWS, New York City, March 20, 1945

* Third United States Army

* General George S. Patton

* World War II Germany

* Incomplete issue ***

The top half of the front page has a nice headline: "PATTON 10 MI. FROM MAINZ" with subhead and a photo of the collapsed Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen, Germany. Reporting begins on page 3. Also a page 3 report on Operation Valkyrie with rel... See More  

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Colonel Jimmy Stewart welcome home w/ photo...

Item #672898

January 09, 1945

DAILY NEWS, New York City, Sept. 1, 1945

* Jimmy Stewart - World War II

* American Hollywood movie actor

* Welcome home after war w/ photo

The front page has a photo showing Jimmy Stewart getting a heroes welcome with heading: "Colonel Jimmy Comes Home" (see)

Incomplete issue containing 10 of the 24 pages, good condition.

Note: It's very uncommon to find these famous tabl... See More  

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1945 occupation of Japan begins...

Item #672897

August 29, 1945

DAILY NEWS, New York City, August 29, 1945

* U.S. occupation of Japan begins

* General William Halsey Jr.

* USS Missouri (Big Mo) enters Tokyo Bay

The top half of the front page is taken up with a nice, displayable headline: "HALSEY SAILS FLAGSHIP INTO TOKYO BAY" Coverage on the initial occupation Japan with the United States Navy entering Tokyo Bay on page 3. The official signin... See More  

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Country's leading women's suffrage publication...

Item #672751

May 18, 1895

THE WOMAN'S TRIBUNE, Washington, D.C., May 18, 1895

* Rare 19th century title

* Women's suffrage

Their motto in the masthead: "Equality Before The Law". This was the country's leading women's suffrage publication having begun in Beatrice, Nebraska, before moving to Washington, D.C. Published by Clara Bewick Colby, a women's rights activist & suffragist lead... See More  

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Nazis surrendering in 1945 Europe...

Item #672588

May 06, 1945

SUNDAY NEWS, New York City, May 6, 1945

* Nazis surrendering in Europe

* Hans-Georg von Friedeburg

The front page has a nice banner headline: "3 MORE NAZI ARMIES YIELD" with photo of Admiral von Friedeburg signing surrender papers.

Tabloid size. Incomplete issue containing 16 of the 76 pages, a little light foxing, a few tiny margin tears, nice for display as such.

Note: It... See More  

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Country's leading women's suffrage publication...

Item #672143

January 12, 1901

THE WOMAN'S TRIBUNE, Washington, D.C., Jan. 12, 1901  Their motto in the masthead: "Equality Before The Law". This was the country's leading women's suffrage publication having begun in Beatrice, Nebraska, before moving to Washington, D.C. Published by Clara Bewick Colby, a women's rights activist & suffragist leader, she was a war correspondent during the Spanis... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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Odd-ball political newspaper attacking Robert Shuler...

Item #671984

June 16, 1928

COAST REPORTER-- EXTRA!, Los Angeles, June 16, 1928  This is the vol. 1 number 6 issue of a seemingly odd-ball weekly newspaper from Los Angeles, mostly dealing with political issues.

This issue deals almost exclusively with the famed Robert Shuler, also known as "Fighting Bob". It is very critical of him.

Shuler was an American evangelist and political figure. His radio broadcast... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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Joe DiMaggio marries Marilyn Monroe...

Item #671941

February 03, 1954

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, Feb. 3, 1954  This famous sporting publication is loaded with news and photos in the world of sports of the day.

Page 11 has a banner heading: "Cupid Tags Many Players and Actresses" with subheads and photos of some of the more famous marriages between sport's figures and the Hollywood elite. Included is the recent marriage of Joe DiMaggio and Mari... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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Abraham Lincoln's General Orders 1, 2, and 3...

Item #671734
THE CIRCULAR, Oneida, New York, March 20, 1862 

* President Abraham Lincoln

* General War Orders No. 1, 2 & 3

Included is an article titled: "Late News - The President's War Orders", which includes the text of 3 orders (General Orders 1, 2, and 3), each signed in block type by the President: Abraham Lincoln.

Page 2 has an intriguing article: "The Black
... See More  

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Great account of Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa, and why he disappeared...

Item #671732

September 08, 1975

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, Sept. 8, 1975 

* Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance

* American Labor Union leader

* International Brotherhood of Teamsters

A great issue of this famous counter-culture newspaper as the front page teases the lengthy article within: "The Billion-Dollar Reason for Hoffa's Disappearance" with a photo of Jimmy Hoffa as well.

Pages 6 and 7 are entire... See More  

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Village Voice journalist Arthur Bell...

Item #671618

October 31, 1977

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, Oct. 31, 1977 

* Journalist Arthur Bell

* LGBT - gay rights activist

Inside has an article by Arthur Bell,  a journalist and LGBT activist who first wrote for the Village Voice in 1969 on the Stonewall riots. After Variety Reporter Addison Verrill, a friend of Bell's, was killed in 1977, Bell wrote about the case in the Voice. In response he receiv... See More  

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Philadelphia Eagles win NFL title....

Item #671402

December 20, 1948

NEW YORK POST, December 20, 1948

* Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Cardinals

* NFL football championship title game

* "Philly Blizzard" at Shibe Park

* 1st ever televised NFL title game

The sport's section (page 58) has a two column heading: "Grid Eagles Fly High--It Wasn't in the Cards To Win NFL Crown" (see) First report coverage on the NFL football champion... See More  

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Mets win the World Series...

Item #671235

October 17, 1969

DAILY NEWS, New York, Oct. 17, 1969 

* New York 'Amazin' Mets'

* World Series Champions

* Best publication to have ?

This would have to be one of the iconic sports reports of the 20th century, the entire front page taken up with a celebratory crowd at the stadium with the words: "WORLD CHAMPS ! " dropped out of the photo. The Major League Baseball World Series vi... See More  

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Hank Aaron ties and breaks the home run record...

Item #671233

April 09, 1974

DAILY NEWS, New York, April 5 and 9, 1974 

* Hank Aaron home run #715

* Breaks Babe Ruth's record

* Atlanta Braves - MLB baseball

A terrific pair of issues on one of the more historic events in Major League Baseball.

The issue of the 5th announces: "AARON HITS 714, TIES THE BABE" with photo and subhead. Also a nice bkpg. montage headed: "ONE MORE TO GO

The issue... See More  

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Odd-ball political newspaper attacking Robert Shuler...

Item #671084

May 12, 1928

COAST REPORTER-- EXTRA!, Los Angeles, May 12, 1928 

* Anti-Robert P. Shuler publication

This is the vol. 1 number 1 issue of a seemingly odd-ball weekly newspaper from Los Angeles, mostly dealing with political issues. This issue deals almost exclusively being very critical of famed Robert Shuler, also known as "Fighting Bob".

He was an American evangelist and political figur... See More  

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Autherine Lucy becomes 1st black student to enroll at the University of Alabama...

Item #671076

February 06, 1956

DAILY WORKER, New York, February 9, 1956

* University of Alabama breaks the color barrier

* Autherine Lucy becoming 1st black student to enroll

The front page has a nice headline "World Backs Negro Coed, But Ike Just Waits" Also a one column heading: "Alabama U. Editor His Shameful Riot" and photo of Lucy. (see) Coverage on the demonstrations at the University of Alabama... See More  

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Arab-Israeli War begins...

Item #670865

May 16, 1948


* Arab-Israeli War begins

* State of Israel created (day of)

The front page is mostly taken up with the headline "BOMB TEL AVIV TWICE" with the report on pages 2 & 3.

This is the day after the historic announcement of the formal creation of  the new state of Israel.

The complete 68 page issue including 16 pages of (m... See More  

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Alexander Graham Bell...

Item #670572

May 02, 1903

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 2, 1903

* Alexander Graham Bell cover photo (nice for display)

The full front cover of the issue features a photo of "Alexander Graham Bell" which also features his signature below it along with an accompanying article inside. Within the issue is: "The Stanley Airship"; "Powerful English Locomotive for Suburban Traffic"; "... See More  

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Allen Ginsberg and Dustin Hoffman...

Item #670444

May 26, 1966

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, May 26, 1966 

* Allen Ginsberg - Beat Generation poet & more

* Very early actor Dustin Hoffman before known

A great issue of this famous counter-culture newspaper as the front page features an article with photo of: "Allen Ginsberg: Hustler for Life".

It is worth noting that "The Village Voice" was an American news and culture paper... See More  

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1969 Altamont Free Concert... Hells Angels...

Item #670166

December 11, 1969

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, Dec. 11, 1969

* Infamous Altamont Free Concert "Woodstock West"

* Rolling Stones - death of Meredith Hunter by Hells Angels

* Santana - Jefferson Airplane - The Flying Burrito Brothers

* LSD infested - violent atmosphere described in detail

A great issue of this famous counter-culture newspaper as a detailed report by Grover Lewis on the infamous Alt... See More  

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Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back" opening...

Item #670001

October 21, 1979

CALENDAR SECTION (Sundays) only of the Los Angeles Times, May 18, 1980

* The Empire Strikes Back - Star Wars: Episode V

* Pre-opening day review and advertisement

* From the capital of the entertainment industry

The top of the front page of this section has a heading: "IN THE 'STAR WARS' SAGA, 'EMPIRE' STRIKES FORWARD" which is a pre-opening day review for this bl... See More  

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Germany about to surrender in 1945...

Item #669913

May 02, 1945

NEW YORK POST, May 2, 1945 

* Germany falling to pieces

* Surrendering starts for the Reich

The front page is taken up with: "SURRENDER ITALY, HALF AUSTRIA" with subhead. (see) Nice for display. More on the following pages.

Complete tabloid size issue with all 40 pages, minor margin wear with tiny binding holes along the spine, generally nice.... See More  

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1878 Birch Creek battle... Indians...

Item #669607

July 12, 1878

NEW YORK TRIBUNE (Semi-Weekly), July 12 , 1878

* Battle of Birch Creek

* Near Pendleton, Oregon

* Bannock War - Indians

Page 7 has an article headed: "The Indian War" "Howard's Fight" "His Men Charge Up Steep Ridges And Drive The Indians Three Times..." (see)

Complete with 16 pages, tabloid size, generally very nice.... See More  

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New York Yankee pitches a perfect game...

Item #669449

July 19, 1999

DAILY NEWS, New York, July 19, 1999 

* David Cone

* Perfect game

* New York Yankees

This tabloid-size newspaper actually as a single sheet, folio size "wrap" to announce the perfect game pitched by Yankee David Cone the day prior, the entire ftpg. take up with a celebratory color photo and huge headline: "PERFECT ! " The reverse of this wrap is on David Cone as wel... See More  

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Landmark Supreme Court case on affirmative action...

Item #668620

June 29, 1978

CHICAGO SUN TIMES, June 29, 1978  The front page and pgs. 4 & 5 have significant coverage of the landmark Supreme Court decision in "Regents of University of "California vs. Bakke", an historic case which upheld affirmative action.

Complete in 144 pages, tabloid size, very nice condition.... See More  

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A notable counter-culture newspaper...

Item #668292

April 20, 1971

THE EAST VILLAGE OTHER, New York, April 20, 1971 

* Rare hippies newspaper from the early 70's

This tabloid-size newspaper was an American underground publication issued biweekly during the 1960s. It was described by The New York Times as "a New York newspaper so countercultural that it made The Village Voice look like a church circular".

Complete in 24 pages, wear at th... See More  

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A radical "New Left" underground newspaper...

Item #668291

June 01, 1970

LEVIATHAN, San Francisco, June, 1970 

* Rare radical left publication

* Students for a Democratic Society

This was a New Left radical underground newspaper published in a tabloid newspaper format and distributed through the underground press network in the U.S. in the years 1969-1970. Fairly serious in content with a focus on radical organizing issues, it was loosely aligned with the S... See More  

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Underground newspaper from New Haven...

Item #668289

September 18, 1969

VIEW FROM THE BOTTOM, New Haven, Connecticut, Sept. 18 1969 

* Rare hippies newspaper from the late 60's

* Published a month after Woodstock

One of the underground, or "hippie" newspapers which had a short life during this era. Filled with liberal articles, reports and a wealth of advertising. Somewhat crudely produced. This is the vol. 1 #5 issue. It lasted until at leas... See More  

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Weizmann becomes the first President of Israel...

Item #668057

May 17, 1948

NEW YORK POST, May 17, 1948 

* Chaim Weizmann becomes 1st President of Israel 

* A very significant Judaica item

The top of page 2 has a banner headline: "Weizmann Accepts Israel Presidency--Huge Rally Here Hails New State" with photo of Weizmann. (see) Small archival mend along the top margin slightly affects the letter "P" in President. First rep
... See More  

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The off-broadway beginning of "A Chorus Line"...

Item #667758

June 02, 1975

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, June 2, 1975

* A Chorus Line is Reviewed pre-Broadway

* Off-Broadway at the Public Theater

* Michael Bennett, Marvin Hamlisch, Nicholas Dante, & James Kirkwood Jr

* The issue is from the Village Voice's own collection

A great issue reporting the very beginning of what would become a Broadway mega hit, "A Chorus Line". This issue reviews the m... See More  

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Fall of the Soviet Union... Great pair of issues...

Item #666848

August 01, 1991

A fascinating pair of newspapers, destined to be the premier newspapers on the coup and collapse of the Soviet Union. Both double-titled: "NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA/INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER".

Issue #1: Datelined Moscow & Washington, August, 1991 The Nezavismaya Gazeta defied orders & worked through the night, handing out crude newspaper copies to people on the streets, and faxing their t... See More  

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1969 Man walks on the moon...

Item #666597

July 21, 1969

RECORD AMERICAN, Boston, July 21, 1969 

* Neil Armstrong

* Man walks on the Moon

This tabloid size issue has a front page heading: "A Moon Step Into History" with illustration. Reporting on page 2 with a few related photos. Nice centerfold pictorial. (see) Much early reporting on the Chappaquidick incident involving Edward Kennedy is on page 3 with a few related photos.

Comp... See More  

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From Alhambra, California...

Item #666576

April 25, 1890

ALHAMBRA REVIEW, California, April 25, 1890 

* Very rare publication

This is the volume 1, number 24 issue of this scarce title from Los Angeles County. According to Gregory it only lasted about a year.

A four page issue of tabloid size mostly taken up with local tidbits and a wealth of advertisements. Minor fold wear, good condition.

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The coronation of Queen Elizabeth, in a London newspaper...

Item #666500

June 03, 1953

DAILY SKETCH, London, "Coronation Souvenir", June 3, 1953 

* Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

A tabloid-size newspaper with the full ftpg. takenup with a photo of the just coronated Queen Elizabeth with Prince Philip, and: "Happy And Glorious!"

As would be imagined a great wealth of text & photos on the coronation inside including a doublepage centerfold of the ... See More  

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2nd New York Times crossword puzzle...

Item #666475

February 22, 1942

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 22, 1942 

* 2nd ever crossword puzzle in this famed title 

* Answers from the very 1st 

The magazine section (inside), done in tabloid-size format, has the second crossword puzzle in the history of this famed newspaper.

A staple of the Sunday Times for the past 60+ years has been its famous crossword puzzle, and this magazine section has the 2nd... See More  

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