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Battle of Bull Run, reported in a California newspaper...

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August 05, 1861

STOCKTON DAILY INDEPENDENT, Stockton, California, Aug. 5, 1861

* Battle of Bull Run

* Civil War

Page 2 has a lengthy editorial: "The Late Battle--It's Moral Effects" which is nearly a column. Page 3 has: "Details of The Great Battle which takes nearly 2 1/2 columns. The top of the front page has reports headed: "Arrival of the Pony Express"

Four pages, a bit ir... See More  

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An Old West Newspaper from Stockton, CA......

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July 24, 1880

STOCKTON DAILY INDEPENDENT, California, July 24, 1880 

* Rare wild Old West title


This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen on a regu... See More  

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Item #130236

January 01, 1880

STOCKTON DAILY INDEPENDENT, Ca. 1880 Rare issue from the Old West in California.

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August 30, 1880

STOCKTON DAILY INDEPENDENT, Stockton, California, Aug. 30, 1880 Has news of the day and many ads. Generally nice condition.

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