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Life in 1903 - "Jack the Ripper", Bandits, Fires, Murders...

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December 21, 1903

MEMPHIS MORNING NEWS, Tennessee, Dec. 21, 1903  The front page has an abundance of bad news: "Jack The Ripper... Ghastly Find In A Hotel" (an early 1900's version of "click bait"), "No Safety for Americans" (in Columbia), "Thieves Rob Jail", "Killed All His Family", "Russell Is Hurt" (student hits teacher in the head with a ... See More  

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Peter Kurten indictments.. The Vampire of Düsseldorf...

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March 02, 1931


* Peter Kurten indictments

* German serial killer - rapist

* Vampire of Dusseldorf - monster

The top of page 11 has a one column heading: "'JACK THE RIPPER' MUST FACE TRIAL FOR 13 MURDERS" with subhead. (see)

Complete with 34 pages, rag edition in great condition. A few small binding holes along the spine. ... See More  

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Walter Sickert (Jack the Ripper?) death....

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January 24, 1942

NEW YORK WORLD-TELEGRAM, January 24, 1942.

* Walter Richard Sickert death

* English Impressionist painter

* The real "Jack The Ripper" ?

Page 19  has a one column heading: "W. R. Sickert, 81, Famed Artist, Dies" with subhead. (see) Some believe him to be the real "Jack the Ripper".

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