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Ben Franklin, two of the John Dickinson series...

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THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, (Philadelphia), December, 1788  American magazines from the 18th century are increasingly uncommon. This was one of the more successful titles.

Included are Letters VIII and IX of the John Dickinson: "Remarks on the Constitution Proposed by the Federal Convention" each signed by his pseudonym: Fabius. This series of 9 letters was his attempt to encourage adopti... See More  

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Benjamin Rush's "Moral Temperance Thermometer"...State of Kentucky... Constitution of Georgia...

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THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, January, 1789  Among the articles are: "An Account of the Manners of the German Inhabitants of Pennsylvania" which takes 7 1/2 pages. Also a full page chart of the: "Moral and Physical Thermometer", created by Dr. Benjamin Rush.

Near the back is "The Chronicle" with the latest news of the day including 8 pages of report unde... See More  

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