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Notable cartoon on the plight of Jewish refugees...

Item #673405

July 03, 1938

NEW YORK TIMES, July 3, 1938 

* Jewish refugees political cartoon

* Escaping Adolph Hitler & Nazi Germany

The top of an inside page (E-3) has a very notable political cartoon concerning the plight of Jewish refugees trying to flee Nazi Germany, notable enough that it is a feature display in the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

This cartoon was created in anticipation... See More  

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With both maps, of Chagre and St. Augustine...

Item #673228
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1740 

* St. Augustine, Florida foldout map

Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the terrific foldout map titled: "A View of the Town and Castle of St. Augustine, & the English Camp before it June 20, 1740" which is a very nice print showing the castle along the Matanza River plus the position of various ships, troops,... See More  

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Richmond falls... End of the Civil War is near... President Lincoln confirms...

Item #673208

April 04, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, April 4, 1865 

* Best Richmond falls

* Great for display

This is one of the more graphic issues of the Times from the entire Civil War, obviously celebrating the triumphant report of General U.S. Grant capturing the capital of the Confederacy. With this event the end of the Civil War was but days away.

The dominating feature of the front page is the great engraving of ... See More  

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'Official' report of the gold discovery in California...

Item #673119

December 07, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 7, 1848 

* Gold discovered in California

* Official government report

* Pre 49ers- Forty-Niners

Beginning on the front page and taking all of pg. 2 and most of pg. 3 is the: "President's Annual Message" to the nation, in which is a rather lengthy & detailed report on the discovery of gold in California.

Although there w... See More  

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Great account of Hoban's progress on building the White House...

Item #669008

December 19, 1798


* White House creation

* Washington D.C.

A terrific issue on the construction of the White House, as page 3 has three detailed progress reports on its construction, each signed in type by the architect of the White House, James Hoban.

Great reading, with some accounts noting work as such: "Report of James Hoban, superinte... See More  

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Slavery in America, with an auction print...

Item #668539

September 27, 1856

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Sept. 27, 1856  A lengthy article titled: "Sketches In the Free & Slave States of America" includes two pages filled with ten related prints, most showing African-Americans. A few are captioned: "Negro Expulsion From Railway Car, Philadelphia" "Slaves Waiting for Sale, Virginia" "The Negro Reveille, Charleston" ... See More  

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Much on the tensions with America: "God knows how this will end"...

Item #666073

April 14, 1775

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE, Williamsburg (with Supplement), Apr. 14, 1775 This newspaper was published by Alexander Purdie, a distinction to be made since there were three newspapers of this title printed in Williamsburg during the early period of the Revolutionary War.

Interesting that just 5 days after this issue was printed the battle of Lexington & Concord began the Revolutionary War.

The ftpg... See More  

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Inaugural addresses of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams...

Item #665937

March 15, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 15, 1797 

* John Adams inauguration

* Thomas Jefferson

Page 2 contains the: "Vice-President's Speech" which is prefaced with: "On Saturday morning the Senate of the United States, being convened, THOMAS JEFFERSON was sworn in as Vice-President of the United States and President of the Senate. On which he address the Senate as follows... See More  

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Jailed for support of the Americans... No independence for America...

Item #658849

April 09, 1782


* Rare Revolutionary War publication

Page 2 includes: "The enemy in New York are busy in prosecuting their canal...They are also erecting a line of works on Long Island...His Excellency GENERAL WASHINGTON and his Lady arrived last Monday at Head Quarters, New-Burg, in good health."

Page 3 has a repor... See More  

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The Battle of Stono Ferry...

Item #658745

August 05, 1779

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Providence, Rhode Island, Aug. 5, 1779 

* Battle of Stono Ferry, Charleston, South Carolina

* Revolutionary War - General Benjamin Lincoln

A truly rare title from the Revolutionary War, as it lasted for less than 1 1/2 years from March, 1779 to August, 1781.

The entire front page has content dealing with the increasing prices of commoditi... See More  

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Battle of Stony Point... Sacking of Connecticut coastal towns...

Item #658731

July 29, 1779

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Providence, Rhode Island, July 29, 1779 

* Very rare American Revolutionary War publication

A truly rare title from the Revolutionary War, as it lasted for less than 1 1/2 years from March, 1779 to August, 1781.

The front page has: "General Orders" relating to fixing prices in the colonies, in response to attempts to capitalize o... See More  

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The Revolutionary War in the South...

Item #658583

June 05, 1781


* Rare Revolutionary War title

* General Nathanael Greene

* Events in the South

Page 2 has a few items concerning the war, including an item: "...after the precipitate  retreat of Lord Cornwallis from Deep River, General Greene not finding it convenient for want of provisions to continue the pursuit, filed... See More  

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Announcement of a treaty signed... First "passenger" hot air balloon flight...

Item #651193

September 27, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 27, 1783

* Treaty of Paris (signing) announcement

* End of the American Revolutionary War

It was on Sept. 3, 1783, when that Treaty of Paris was formally signed by all parties. There were actually four treaties involving England with America, France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic. The treaty would be printed in the next issue of this newspaper (September... See More  

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