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Jack the Ripper has been arrested?

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September 20, 1888

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, Sept. 20, 1888 

* Charles Ludwig is Jack the Ripper ?

The front page has a brief & inconspicuous item on Jack the Ripper: "A German named Ludwig has been arrested in London on suspicion of being the perpetrator of the recent Whitechapel murders, where the four women were found dead and mutilated at separate times."

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Investigating the murder of Elizabeth Stride...

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October 24, 1888

THE TIMES, London, England, October 24, 1888 

* Jack the Ripper Whitechapel murders

* Elizabeth Stride murder investigation

* Best title to be had (very rare as such)

"Jack the Ripper" reports were common in the latter half of 1888, capturing the interest of people on both sides of the Atlantic as evidenced by the reports in many newspapers in the United States. But issues o
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Walter Sickert (Jack the Ripper?) death....

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January 24, 1942

NEW YORK WORLD-TELEGRAM, January 24, 1942.

* Walter Richard Sickert death

* English Impressionist painter

* The real "Jack The Ripper" ?

Page 19  has a one column heading: "W. R. Sickert, 81, Famed Artist, Dies" with subhead. (see) Some believe him to be the real "Jack the Ripper".

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