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Introductory issue from the 1800's...

Item #653556
An original issue from the 1800's to help jump start your collection... This issue is guaranteed to be original, complete, and to be dated in the 1800's.   We do not offer reproductions of any kind!  There is a limit of 10 issues per customer at this price.  See the images for examples of the condition and look of the issue you will receive.  The image shows severa... See More  

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2nd-rate (Used) Clear Storage Pocket (LARGE)...

Item #621917
Second-rate (used) Large Mylar Clear Storage Pocket - approximately 23 1/2 x 18 inches...

We have an assortment of used storage pockets which have minor defects due to being used. They are not damaged, but are not new.
This item is not eligible for free shipping.

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A High-Resolution Digital Image Only!

Patrick Henry Bio... Rare military paper...

Item #598336
This listing is for a set of high-resolution digital images (print quality) of the Patrick Henry bio found in the following:

CITIZEN SOLDIER, Norwich, Vermont, December 18,1840  "Devoted To the Interests of the Militia, Military Science & National Defense" as noted in the masthead, where also is found their motto: "In Times Of Peace, Prepare For War". Lasted but 52 ... See More  

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The first catalog by Timothy Hughes...

Item #223244

January 01, 1975

This is the very first catalog ever released by Timothy Hughes from nearly 30 years ago.


The prices and descriptions for 243 items show how our variety and values have grown alongside Tim's love for historic newspapers. Although this was the first catalog issued, you will note it was not numbered as he was unsure there would ever be a second. Today our catalog number exceeds 150.


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The War of 1812...

Item #207496
COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, dated during the War of 1812.   The issue you will receive is similar to the issues shown in the image - slight wear, minor staining and foxing, etc..  The issue will be dated from during the War of 1812 (between 6/18/1812 and 2/18/1815), and will have war related news and news of the day.  A great issue to own at an incredible price. Although the im... See More  

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Korean War Era issue...

Item #207494

January 01, 1951

The Korean War, 1950-1953, from various titles.  A complete and original issue from the heart of the Korean War, with front page news coverage of the war (war headlines).  Each issue varies, but will be similar in look and condition to the one shown in the image, but actual dates will vary.  All issues are complete and in very good condition.

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Introductory issue at a low price...

Item #207492
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London,  England. This magazine is dated in the 1820's and contains about 56 pages. The front page has a nice engraving of St. John's Gate.

The issue contains news & articles from around the world and is in nice condition. A nice period item form the 19th century. Please note - the issue you will receive will be dated from the 1820's, and will be... See More  

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