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Emilia Earhart sighted...

Hoover wins primary...

Item #654649

June 12, 1928

THE CLEVELAND NEWS, June 12, 1928 Full front page banner headline that reads "PA CINCHES HOOVER VICTORY", with a nice picture of the ticket.  This issue also contains the following front page coverage: "Gehrig Hits Homer 14", "Sight Columbia at Nova Scotia" (an Emilia Earnhart Trans-Atlantic Flight report), "Prices Slump in Sell Flood", and much mo... See More  

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1930 Bobby Jones Wins 1st Sullivan Award...

Item #654648

December 17, 1930

NEW YORK TIMES, New York, NY, December 17, 1930

Page 34 one line, 5 column banner headline: "Jones to Receive Sullivan Memorial Award" & 2 line, 1 column subhead: "Sullivan Medal Awarded To Jones & An Overwhelming Choice" & more. One column photo of famous golfer Bobby Jones. Other news of the day. Several interesting advertisements as well. Rag edition in g... See More  

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Philadelphia Athletics baseball champions...

Item #654647

October 08, 1930

THE DAY, New London, Connecticut, October 8, 1930 

* Philadelphia Athletics baseball champions

* St. Louis Cardinals

* World Series final game

This 18 page newspaper has a four column headline on the front page: "Athletics Win World Series Taking Fourth Victory Over Cardinals, 7-1; Simmons and Dykes Belt Homers," with subhead and inning by inning recap also on the front page... See More  

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Bobby Jones wins British Open...

Item #654646

June 20, 1930


* Bobby Jones wins British Open 

* PGA golf

* Year of grand slam victory

This 30 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page: "BOBBY JONES TRIUMPHS IN BRITISH OPEN" "Atlantan Has 291 Score for 72 Hole Golf Play; Leo Diegel Second" with photo of Jones. (see)

This would be the year of his famous grand slam of... See More  

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Hack Wilson sets home run record...

Item #654644

August 27, 1930

THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS, Nebraska, August 27, 1930

* Hack Wilson gets home run record (44th)

* Chicago Cubs

This 22 page newspaper has a nice six column headline on the front page of the sport's section (inside): "WILSON SHATTERS RECORD" with subheads (see photos).

Summary of the game and the box score, plus a small photo of Lewis "Hack" Wilson.

Wilson would ultimat... See More  

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Wooster OH basketball team tragedy....

Item #654642

January 04, 1930

THE KNICKERBOCKER PRESS, Albany, New York, January 4, 1930

* Wooster OH Ohio school bus disaster

* Burbank high school basketball team

This 18 page newspaper has a small one column headline on the front page: "6 BASKETBALL PLAYERS DIE AS TRAIN HITS BUS".

This tells of the train and school bus wreck that wiped out the Burbank, Ohio high school basketball team after their joyful ... See More  

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Bobby Jones Wins U.S. Open...

Item #654641

July 13, 1930

THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL, Topeka, Kansas, July 13, 1930

* Bobby Jones wins U.S. Open

* Win 3 of 4 for famous grand slam

* Al Capone acquitted

This 32 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include: "CROWD APPLAUDS WHEN CAPONE IS ACQUITTED", "Chicagoan Cleared of Perjury on Directed Verdict"

Page 13B has one column headlines  that include:... See More  

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Max Schmeling Wins Over Jack Sharkey In 1930...

Item #654640

June 13, 1930

THE DETROIT NEWS, Detroit, Michigan, June 13, 1930 

* Max Schmeling vs. Jack Sharkey

* Heavyweight boxing championship

* Famous foul - punch below the belt

This 60 page newspaper has nice photo showing Max Schmeling on the canvas with caption: "THE END OF THE SHARKEY-SCHMELING FIGHT"

Also one column headlines: "SHARKEY'S FOUL BLOW ACCIDENT", "American W... See More  

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Ohio State Penitentiary Diaster...

Item #654639

April 22, 1930

THE KNICKERBOCKER PRESS, Albany, New York, April 22, 1930

* Ohio State Penitentiary fire

* Columbus OH

* 1st report with nice headline
This 26 page newspaper has a nice banner headline on the front page: "365 PERISH IN OHIO PRISON FIRE" with subheads (see images).

Nice headline for display. Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Light brown
... See More  

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Devon, Pennsylvania fireworks plant disaster....

Item #654637

April 03, 1930

FITCHBUURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, April 3, 1930

* Devon, Pennsylvania fireworks factory explosion

* Early same day (1ST REPORT

This 20 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include: "Fireworks Plant Blast Kills Nine", "Scores Injured in Series of Explosions at Devon, Pa.; 35 in Hospital", "AUTOMOBILES BLOWN FROM THE ROAD" and more (s... See More  

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ZR-2 - R38 class airship disaster....

Item #654636

August 24, 1921

THE BETHLEHEM TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, August 24, 1921

* ZR-2 airship crash (1st report)

* R38 class

The front page has a nice banner headline: "GIANT AIRSHIP PURCHASED BY THE UNITED STATES FROM GREAT BRITAIN EXPLODES OVER THE CITY OF HULL TODAY" with subheads and related photo. Early, 1st report coverage on the ZR-2 airship crash.

Other news, sports and adver... See More  

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Women's Suffrage in 1920....

Item #654585

August 20, 1920

FITCHBURG DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, August 20, 1920


* Woman's Suffrage (19th Amendment)

* about a week prior

The front page has a two line, two column heading: "RATIFICATION OF SUFFRAGE MAY BE RECONSIDERED," with the subhead: "Such is the Statement of Speaker Walker of the Lower Branch of the Tennessee Legislature." A related front page article has: &quo... See More  

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Ty Cobb's 4,000th hit...

Item #654580

July 19, 1927

THE WORLD, New York, NY, July 19, 1927

* Ty Cobb has 4,000th hit

* Richard E. Byrd's homecoming

This 28 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 6: "GIBSON BESTS GROVE IN PITCHERS' BATTLE" and "Tigers Defeat Athletics, 5 to 3, Settling Issue in the First Inning" - both of which tell of the game between the Philadelphia Athletics and Detroit Tigers in which... See More  

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Joe DiMaggio's hit streak ends...

Item #654579

July 18, 1941

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, July 16 & 18, 1941 (2-issue set)

* Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak comes to an end

* New York Yankees

* a large ad with a sketch of DiMaggio is present

The July 18th issue is 10 pages and has a report under: "WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL CONTESTS," which tells of the end of Joe DiMaggio's famous hitting streak. Se... See More  

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Richard Speck - mass murderer....

Item #654578

July 15, 1966

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts, dated July 15, 1966

* Richard Speck - Chicago, Illinois murders

* Student nurses

This 16 page newspaper has a three column headline on the front page: "Police Await Details From Stunned Girl," with caption: "Clues Meager In Mass Slaying." The coverage tells of the famous mass murder of 8 student nurses in Chicago, IL. A ... See More  

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The Charles Manson murder trial ends...

Item #654574

January 16, 1971

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, January 16, 1971

* Charles Manson murder trial ends

* Sharon Tate

This 36 page newspaper has a two column headline on page 8: "Tate Murder Case Goes to the Jury," which tells of the ending of the murder trial involving Charles Manson and his 3 women followers.

Other news of the day with period advertising is found throughout.

Complete in 3... See More  

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Charles Manson's trial begins...

Item #654573

June 17, 1970

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, from Springfield, Massachusetts, dated June 17, 1970

* Charles Manson trial begins

* Sharon Tate

This 46 page newspaper has a two column headline on page 4: "Tate Trial Jury Selection Begins," which tells of the beginning of the murder trial of Charles Manson and his 3 women followers.

Other news of the day with period advertising is found throughout.

Co... See More  

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Los Angeles' chemical explosion...

Item #654569

February 21, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, NY, February 21, 1947

* O'Connor Electro-Plating Company

* Los Angeles, California

* Chemical explosion

This 40 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include:


* Destroys Electroplating Plant and Smashes Near-by Area With Thunderous Violence

* Chemical Mixup Blamed

and ... See More  

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Horseshoe Curve (Altoona, PA) Train Wreck...

Item #654551

February 19, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, from New York, dated February 19, 1947

* Historic train wreck between Altoona & Gallitzin, PA

* Horseshoe curve

* The red Arrow - one of the "Blue Ribbon Flyers"

This 52 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include:


* Flyer From Detroit to New York Jumps Rails at Mountain
... See More  

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Kernwood Country Club - in 1914...

Item #654419

July 13, 1914

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, July 13, 1914  Page 7 has nearly a full page devoted to the recently opened, prestigious Kernwood Country Club. Two large images surrounded by considerable text make this great for display. See images for details.

Complete in 14 pages, small binding holes and partially loose at the blank spine, but in very nice condition for the era. A bit fragile with edge chippin... See More  

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1st warship passes through the Panama Canal......

Item #654412

August 18, 1914

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, August 18, 1914  The front page has: "PERUVIAN DESTROYER FIRST WARSHIP THROUGH CANAL," with subhead: "It Makes The Trip This Morning - Steamer Admiral Dewey Also Passes Through" - followed by brief text datelined, "Colon, Aug. 18." Nice to have this brief mention directly under the masthead of the newspaper for display purposes. See ima... See More  

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"The Greatest Show On Earth" burns again...

Item #654407

November 21, 1887

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, November 21 & 26, 1887  The front page of the issue from the 21st has,"Fire Record," which provides an account of the devastating fire in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the winter quarters of P.T. Barnum's "Greatest Show On Earth." The issue of the 26th includes a follow-up report on page 1 which mentions the death of the famed rhinoceros, al... See More  

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Babe Ruth signs for a $70,000 annual salary...

Item #654163

March 03, 1927

BANGOR DAILY COMMERCIAL, Bangor, Maine, March 3, 1927 

* Babe Ruth sets new high-water mark for baseball players

* $210,000+ contract signed with the New York Yankees

* Receives 2nd highest annual income for a athlete

The bottom of the front page has: "RUTH'S ANNUAL INCOME EXCEEDS ALL ATHLETE'S PROFITS, EXCEPT TUNNEY'S," with details describing his 3-year contrac... See More  

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1st New York - London telephone call...

Item #654066

January 07, 1927

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, January 7, 1927 

* 1st America & England radio telephone call made 

This 40 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include: "RADIOPHONE STARTS TODAY WITH SCORES CALLING UP LONDON", "First Transatlantic Service Will Begin at 8:30 A. M., With Big List Waiting Eagerly" and more. (see)

Other news of the d... See More  

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