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Simon Frith's early review of Elvis Costello... Mel Brooks going crazy?

Item #699711

December 26, 1977

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, December 26, 1977  The front page has: "Elvis Costello: Pleased to Aim", which shows the introduction to a review by the world renowned music critic Simon Frith, and includes a small image of Costello. The text of the review is found on page 55 and includes an additional photo.

The front page also includes: "Mel Brooks: Aim to Please", which d... See More  

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End of U.S. prohibition nears in 1932...

Item #699690

August 12, 1932


* The United States prohibition to end ?

* President Herbert Hoover admits failure

* President nomination address

The top of the front page has a four column headline: "HOOVER URGES REFORM OF NATION'S DRY LAWS IN ACCEPTANCE SPEECH" with subheads. (see) Text of Hoover's acceptance address as well.

Complete with 24 pages, light tonin... See More  

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Three Century Birthday Set (3 issues from any month/day)...

Item #699622

January 01, 1800

(3) This is a unique opportunity to own authentic newspapers from any month and day of your choice - covering three centuries. You provide us with the month and the day, and we will select a newspaper to send to you - one each from the 1700's, the 1800's, and the 1900's. You will receive 3 original issues guaranteed to be printed on the day and month you desire. Issues from the 1900
... See More  

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Mechanical baseball pitcher...

Item #699578

June 26, 1897

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, June 26, 1897  Inside has a full page with 4 illustrations of: "The Mechanical Baseball Pitcher" with a lengthy article on this as well. Fascinating item, and an early pitching machine!

Other items within include: "Third Rail Electrical Equipment of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad" which includes illustrations on the front page... See More  

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Pamphlet on King James' dissenters on his Declaration of Indulgence... Freedom of Religion...

Item #699577

January 01, 1687

AN ANSWER TO A LETTER TO A DESSENTER, Upon Occasion of His Majesties Late Gracious DECLARATION OF INDULGENCE, London, 1687

An interesting pamphlet concerning the 1687 Declaration of Indulgence by King James II of England, and James VII of Scotland. It was a step at establishing freedom of religion in the British Isles, although part of the king's intention was to promote his own minority reli... See More  

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Notable American-Indian ball players... Jim Thorpe and more...

Item #699576

November 13, 1913

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Nov. 13, 1913  Inside has a full page that features a column called: "The Old Fan Says" by Ed  A. Goewey, which discusses the world tour by the Giants and White Sox plus other baseball news of the day.

Also a report headed: "Three Noted Indian Baseball Players".

This article is about Charles (Chief) Bender, Jim Thorpe and John (Ch... See More  

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Portrait of Admiral Daivd Farragut... Natural Bridge, Virginia... Caledonian Games - Jones' Woods...

Item #699564

July 20, 1867

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, July 20, 1867  Inside is a very nice full-page portrait: "Frank Leslie's National Portrait Gallery -- Admiral David Farragut". Another page has a large illustration: "Natural Bridge Over Cedar Creek, Virginia", which is the preceded by the related article, "Summer Rambles Through the Country - A Trip to Lynchburg, Va, via James ... See More  

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Actor John Barrymore death in 1942...

Item #699556

May 30, 1942


* John Barrymore death (1st report)

* Stage & Hollywood movie actor

The front page has a five column heading: "John Barrymore, Veteran Actor, Dies" with subhead. Related photos are on page 14. light toning at the margins, small library stamp within the masthead, small binding holes along the spine, generally very nice.

Complete with all 26 ... See More  

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1st Post-Civil War Thanksgiving Proclamation... Steamer St. John disaster....

Item #699538

October 30, 1865

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 30, 1865

* President Andrew Johnson

* 1st post-war Thanksgiving proclamation

*Albany steamer St. John disaster on the Hudson River

Page 5 has coverage of the noteworthy/historic Thanksgiving Proclamation by President Andrew Johnson. The article is headed "A Really National Thanksgiving", and while it only includes highlights of the proclamation, the expl... See More  

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Jazz musician, Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winner: Ornette Coleman...

Item #699536

June 23, 1987

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, June 23, 1987

* Ornette Coleman - Jazz Special

* Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
* Pulitzer Prize for music

This issue contains the "JAZZ SPECIAL", which is almost exclusively dedicated to Ornette Coleman. The cover of this supplement has: "[THE ART OF THE IMPROVISOR] ORNETTE COLEMAN", which has the feature article... See More  

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Evel Knievel.... Nixon pardoned...

Item #699533

May 27, 1975

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 27, 1975

* Evel Knievel jump attempt

* Wembley Stadium - London

* 13 buses - Harley Davidson

The top of page 18 has a two column photo with small heading:: "Evel Knievel Crashes In London" with text. (see)

Complete with 48 pages, light toning and minor wear along the central fold of the front page, generally very nice condition.... See More  

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1913 Ten Tragic Days... Mexican Revolution...

Item #699528

February 17, 1913

EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Dec. Feb. 17, 1913

* Ten Tragic Days

* Mexico City conflict

* Mexican Revolution

The front page has a banner headline: "Federals And Rebels Resume Fighting In The City Of Mexico" with subheads and related pictorial.

Complete with 28 pages, small library stamp within the masthead, a little irregular along the spine, generally in very nice condition.... See More  

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The French in Mexico, featuring a map...

Item #699527

January 29, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 29, 1863  

* Front Page Map of Mexico

* Port Hudson MS

* Vicksburg, Mississippi

The front page has a large map headed: "THE FRENCH IN MEXICO. Operations of the French Army--The Route of the Troops from Vera Cruz to the Mexican Capital" with related front page heads as well.

There are also front page Civil War reports including: "Rebel Army Under G... See More  

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Dedication Of The Antietam National Cemetery...

Item #699526

October 05, 1867

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, from New York, dated Oct. 5, 1867

* Antietam National Cemetery dedication

* Sharpsburg, Maryland union soldiers

The front page features a large illustration "The Remains Of Maximillian In The House Of Senor Don Munos Ledo At Queretaro, Mexico, Awaiting Removal To Europe". Inside the issue is a nice fullpage "The Dedication Of The Antietam National C... See More  

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A plea for separation of church & state in America... Indian troubles...

Item #699520

September 17, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 17, 1768 

* re. separation of church and state in America

Over one-third of a page is taken p with a letter concerning: "The establishment of a Protestant episcopate in America is also very zealously contended for; and is very alarming to a people whose fathers, from the hardships they suffered under such an establishment, were obliged to fly th... See More  

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Woman's Amateur Golf Championship hits year three - Ardsley on the Hudson River...

Item #699170

October 03, 1898


* 3rd USGA Woman's Open announced

* Amateur Golf Championship - Ardsley Country Club

* 2 years prior to the first woman's professional championship

Page 5 has: "GOLF - WOMEN TO PLAY FOR CHAMPIONSHIP HONORS AT ARDSLEY", which is a lengthy article providing considerable details regarding women's golf, with a focus on the c... See More  

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The Mormons vs. the U.S. Army...

Item #699168

July 24, 1858

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 24, 1858 

* Gen. Albert S. Johnston

* Utah War expedition ending

Page 3 has: "News From Salt Lake City" which notes in part: "...Gen. Johnston was entering the city. The Mormons were still at Provo...Communication between the Peace Commissioners and Brigham Young was kept up daily...The Mormons would not rent their hou... See More  

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Mormon periodical from Denmark...

Item #699167

December 15, 1875

SKANDINAVIENS STJERNE, "Organ for de Sidste-Dages Hellige", Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec. 15, 1875  The subtitle above translates to: "Organ for the Body of Latter-Day Saints", meaning this is a quite rare Mormon periodical for the Mormon community in Denmark.

American Mormon missionaries were sent to Denmark in 1850 and made significant inroads in converting many Scandinavia... See More  

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Longest continuously published Mormon periodical...

Item #699166

August 01, 1892

THE LATTER DAY SAINTS' MILLENNIAL STAR, Liverpool, England, Aug. 1, 1892 

* One of the oldest Mormon periodicals

This periodical, typically shortened to "Millennial Star", was the longest continuously published periodical of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being printed from 1840 until 1970.

During its 130-year history the Millennial Star varied from bein... See More  

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Lindbergh baby found dead in 1932... Detailed coverage...

Item #699158

May 13, 1932


* Charles Lindbergh Jr. baby kidnapping

* Body found - 1st report

* Outstanding front-page coverage


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Back Number Budd's Great Loss...

Item #699106

April 25, 1895

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 25, 1895  The front page has one column with: "BACK NUMBER BUDD'S GREAT LOSS", detailing "Fifteen million copies of newspapers, magazines and other publications" which belonged to Robert M. Budd, a colored newsman, better known as "Back Number Budd" 

Complete in16 pages, some chipping and edge tears at the margins, must be ha... See More  

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"Star Wars IV: A New Hope" - Toy Ads...

Item #699089

December 08, 1978


*Toy ads from original Star Wars (Episode IV) Movie

A terrific issue with "STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE" toy ads (pg. 4 of the Metro section) leading up to Christmas the year after the movie was originally released. As a bonus, the ads are found in the leading newspaper from the home of the entertainment industry - the Hollywood area's prime p... See More  

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Saving Superman… Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster... The Village Voice…

Item #699032

January 19, 1976

THE VILLAGE VOICE, Greenwich Village, New York, Jan. 19, 1976

* Notable article re: "saving" (the creators) of Superman
* Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Page 14 has: "How a Real Hero Saved the Mild-Mannered Creators of Superman", which includes the illustration of a poster drawn by Neal Adams along with a separate photo of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The article ta... See More  

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Frank Yerby... The Foxes of Harrow...

Item #698757

September 25, 1947

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 25, 1947  Page 35 has a two column, opening day review and image for "The Foxes of Harrow", written by Frank Yerby. This movie was created from the 1st script ever purchased by Hollywood which was written by a black writer and then made into a major motion picture. The fact that it starred Rex Harrison and Mauren O'Hara makes it all the more desirable ... See More  

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Much on Tom Sayers and the boxing championship...

Item #695721

January 07, 1860

WILKES' SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, Jan. 7, 1860  

* John C. Heenan vs. Tom Sayers (pre-fight)

* First World boxing championship match

It is subtitled in the masthead: "A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, Literature and the Stage". 

Inside has more than a page taken up with: "Life And Battles Of Tom Sayers--Sixth Fight of Tom Sayers".

This article w... See More  

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Much reporting on the Mormon War...

Item #692517

June 19, 1858

NEW YORK TIMES, June 19, 1858 

* The Utah War - Mormon Rebellion

The front page has over a full column of the latest news on the troubling Mormon situation in Utah, heads reading: "Further From Utah" "Arrival of Seventy Mormon Families at Camp Scott" "The Utah News" and "Details of Advices Previously Received by Telegraph" The full text is seen in... See More  

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A rare title from the Dakota Territory...

Item #690671

November 14, 1883

THE INTER STATE, Gary, Dakota, Nov. 14, 1883  

* Very rare publication

* Deuel County, South Dakota

A very rare railroad town, territorial newspaper from what is present-day South Dakota, six years before statehood. They refer to themselves as the "Gate City of Dakota" as it is situated at the eastern border of the Territory, very close to Minnesota. At the 2010 census the po... See More  

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Early woman's suffrage newspaper...

Item #688974

August 02, 1879

THE WOMAN'S JOURNAL, Boston, Aug. 2, 1879  Uncommon women's suffrage paper produced by--among others--Lucy Stone, Alice Blackwell, Julia Ward Howe, and Mary Livermore.

Among the articles: "Concerning Women" "The Coming Women" "What One Woman Is Doing" "Mrs. Livermore at Weymouth" "What Tax Must Women Pay?" "Women As Notaries"... See More  

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Mormons looking for a place of refuge...

Item #686578

December 05, 1857

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 5, 1857  

* Mormons - Mormonism

* Refuge in California ?

* Bleeding Kansas

Page 3 has the brief but interesting report, "A PLACE OF MORMON REFUGE", which includes in part: "It is stated that the Mormons, among their other preparations, have not forgotten to look out a "Canaan" of refuge, in case the United ... See More  

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Judge in the 'Black Sox' scandal allows the confession of 3 players...

Item #683787

July 26, 1921


* Chicago White (Black) Sox scandal 

* Baseball World Series fix trial

* Best title to be had ? rare as such

When it comes to reports on the infamous "Black Sox" 1919 World Series, it would be difficult to find a better newspaper for such reports.

The front page has one column heads: "JUDGE ADMITS CONFESSIONS OF 'BLACK SOX... See More  

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Where the 1920 playoffs rigged as well?

Item #683779

September 08, 1920

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, Sept. 8, 1920  Perhaps as a knee-jerk reaction to the 1919 World Series scandal, page 17 has a one column head: "Jurors Cheer As Judge Orders Baseball Quiz" "Hoyne to Co-operate in Sifting Scandal".

This reports on thoughts that the 1920 playoffs were rigged as well. The report notes near the beginning: "...instructed them to investigate the al... See More  

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Paul Revere as President of the Board of Health...

Item #672550

July 16, 1800

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 16, 1800 

* Paul Revere

* Board of Health

The top of page 3 has a detailed report from  the: "Health Office" which is signed in type by its President: P. Revere.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, very nice condition.... See More  

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