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(Digital Image) 2nd-ever Crossword Puzzle from The New York Times (includes answers to the 1st-ever puzzle)...

Item #696689

February 22, 1942

High Resolution digital image of the 2nd-ever Crossword Puzzle published by THE NEW YORK TIMES - from the Magazine Section, February 22, 1942 

* 2nd-ever crossword puzzle

* includes answers to the 1st-ever puzzle

This 600 DPI digital image from an original Magazine Section provides the second crossword puzzle in the history of this famed newspaper, along with the answers to their 1st-e... See More  

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Dramatic issue on the Kennedy assassination...

Item #696595

November 22, 1963


* JFK John F. Kennedy assassination

At the very top in red ink is: "KENNEDY EXTRA" with the large banner headline above the masthead: "PRESIDENT DEAD" "Shot By Assassin" with related subheads in the front page news reports.

The photo is headed: "The First Lady Leans Over Husband's Body".

Presumed to ... See More  

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Great 4th of July themed prints from 1913...

Item #696569

July 03, 1913

LIFE magazine, Philadelphia, July 3, 1913  The inside has a double-page color print of: "Veterans", showing a children's Independence Day parade with an old veteran spectator and the children saluting each other. The entire frontpage shows another color print captioned: "FALL IN", being a patriotic scene with a soldier.

Noted at the top: Vol. 62, No. 1601. other illus... See More  

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Published by prison inmates... Joe Jackson is ahead of Ty Cobb for the batting title...

Item #696531

July 26, 1913

THE SUMMARY, Elmira, New York, July 26, 1913 

* Published by prison inmates

* Elmira Correctional Facility

* Joe Jackson & Ty Cobb

interesting newspaper  "Published Weekly by & for the Inmates of the N.Y.S. Reformatory at Elmira" as noted at the top of page 2.

Actually fine baseball content as the back page has subheads: "Joe Jackson Is Ahead of Ty Co... See More  

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The "downfall of Babylon" and "fake news"...

Item #696530

July 11, 1835

THE DOWNFALL OF BABYLON, New York, July 18, 1835 

* Anti-Catholic

A quite rare & unusual weekly (later semi-monthly) newspaper with strong anti-Catholic leanings published by: "Samuel B. Smith, Late a Popish Priest", as noted in the dateline. This newspaper published from 1834-1839 & features an engraving in the masthead showing various churches in ruin and a subtitle:... See More  

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Slavery... The controversial Huddy-Asgill Affair...

Item #696529
THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, January, 1787  One of the more intriguing articles is: "Letters Relative to the Treatment of Capt. Asgill, while Prisoner in the American Army, being a full Refutation of the Charges of Inhumanity Exhibited in London Against General Washington". This is on the Huddy-Asgill Affair. Website have full details, but in brief Capt. Huddy, an American ... See More  

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Annual automobile issue...

Item #696528

January 06, 1917

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, January 6, 1917  This issue features a color cover" "A Graphical Representation of the Magnitude of the Automobile Industry". Throughout the issue are various articles & photos concerning the automobile industry, however other topics are reported as well.

The back page is a color advertised for "Firestone Tire" and the inside back c... See More  

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On the French & Indian War... Troops in Canada...

Item #696527

April 21, 1761

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, April 21, 1761

* French and Indian War

* Robert Rogers & more

 The front page has a letter concerning the French & Indian War which includes in part: "...Major Rogers passed lately thro' this city on his return from Detroit or Fort St.Joseph...We are glad that Mr. Rogers is gone to Carolina as he is so very capable of conducting an I... See More  

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Decorative front page with a John Hancock signature...

Item #696510

July 22, 1790

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE  & UNIVERSAL ADVERTISER, Boston, July 22, 1790  Most of the first column is taken up with an Act of the Mass. legislature signed in type by the governor: John Hancock, & headed with a nice coat-of-arms engraving.

Four pages, handsome masthead, wide never-trimmed margins, nice condition.

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A Communist's oath from 1848...

Item #696508

August 08, 1848

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, August 8, 1848  The front page has an early Communist oath under the heading: "THE OATH OF THE COMMUNISTS." See image for details. Other news of the day with period advertising is found throughout.

Four pages, small folio size, two cutouts on the 2nd leaf, but otherwise in nice condition. Since the described content is on the 1st leaf, the cutouts do not ... See More  

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Bobby Grier breaks Sugar Bowl color barrier...

Item #696507

December 03, 1956

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., Dec. 3, 1956

* Bobby Grier breaks color barrier

* 1956 Sugar Bowl classic

* Georgia Tech vs. Pitt

The top of page 23 has a two column heading: "Tainted Tech Tally Beats Pitt Team, 7-0" with subhead and lineups. (see) Other major bowl games reported as well.

Complete with all 28 pages, light toning at the margins,

nice condition.

wikiedpia notes... See More  

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Rothschild seed money for 1st Jewish Hospital in Jerusalem... Daguerreotype...

Item #696505

June 24, 1843

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, June 24, 1843 

* 1st Jewish hospital funding

* Rothschild seed money

* Jerusalem, Israel

The back page has two interesting articles, one with historic relevance. Under the heading, "JEWISH HOSPITAL," is an article mentioning seed money being provided by Baron Rothschild for the establishment of a Jewish hospital in Jerusalem, under t... See More  

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The early Seventies - Watergate, Nixon resigns, Vietnam Peace Agreement signed, and more...

Item #696462
(7) SNAPSHOT OF THE EARLY 70's - A set of seven authentic front pages (in some cases more) with headlines covering: Richard Nixon's 2nd Election, Watergate, Spiro Agnew's resignation, Nixon's resignation, Gerald Ford's appointment, Nelson Rockefeller's, and the the signing of the Vietnam War Peace Agreement - all illustrating the whirlwind of events covering the early part ... See More  

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An interesting velocipede from 1881...

Item #696440

April 16, 1881

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 16, 1881

* Sheffield's Velocipede Hand Car
* Manufacturing in New York - Otis Brothers & Co.
* The latest inventions of the day

Page 12 has: "Sheffield's Velocipede Hand Car", with a photo and corresponding article. Other inventions of the day and considerable science/invention, and discovery-themed coverage. See photos fo... See More  

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Premier's of "Crimson Tide" & "The Englishman" - reviews and ads...

Item #696437

May 12, 1995


*  "Crimson Tide" double-page ad w/ review

*  "The Englishman" - large ad with review

A terrific issue published on the premiere weekend of the motion picture hits: "Crimson Tide" and "The Englishman", with a double-page ad for the 1st, and a full-page ad for the 2nd. Both also have reviews. Per... See More  

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Wild at Heart & Taking Care of Business - Premier ads & Reviews...

Item #696433

August 17, 1990

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Aug. 17, 1990 (Calendar Section only)

* Wild at Heart & Taking Care of Business

*  Premier ads & reviews

* Exorcist III & My Blue Heaven - premier ads

A terrific issue published on the premiere weekend of the motion picture hits: "Wild at Heart" and "Taking Care of Business", with both full-page ads and reviews for... See More  

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Memphis Belle & Mr. Destiny - Premier ads & Reviews...

Item #696421

October 12, 1990

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Oct. 12, 1990 (Calendar Section only)

* Memphis Belle & Mr. Destiny

*  Premier ads & reviews

* Good Fellas, Pacific Heights and more

A terrific issue published on the premiere weekend of the motion picture hits: "Memphis Belle" and "Mr. Destiny", with both full-page ads and reviews for each. Perhaps no better issue can... See More  

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The funeral of General Ulysses S. Grant...

Item #696281

August 05, 1885


* Ulysses S. Grant funeral

The ftpg. is entirely taken up with report on: "GENERAL GRANT'S FUNERAL" with subheads including: "Services in Westminster Abbey" "The Services at Mt. McGregor" "Lying In State in Albany" "The Statesman" with reports carrying over to take most of page 4 as well.

Sixt... See More  

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Two letters signed by President Thomas Jefferson...

Item #696279

August 12, 1807

THE NATIONAL AEGIS, Worcester, Massachusetts, Aug. 12, 1807 

* President Thomas Jefferson letters

The top of page 2 has: "By the President of the United States of America - A PROCLAMATION" calling for a special session of Congress, signed in type: Th. Jefferson.

And beginning on pg. 2 & ending on page 3 is a letter from the President to the King of Holland, signed in type... See More  

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Two Acts of Congress signed by George Washington... Will of Ben Franklin...

Item #696277

May 29, 1790


* President George Washington

* Two acts of United States Congress

* Benjamin Franklin's will after death

On page 3 beneath a woodcut of an eagle and shield are: "Laws Of The United States Published By Authority" containing: "An Act to prescribe the mode in which the public Acts, Records, and Judicial Proceedings... See More  

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Alexander Graham Bell receives his patent for the telephone...

Item #696266

April 08, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 8, 1876 

* Alexander Graham Bell

* Patent issued for telephone

This is a very historic issue in the well-known struggle for the patent for the telephone. See the photo below for the very significant, yet quite inconspicuous, recording of the patent number to Alexander Graham Bell for "Telegraphy", with the patent number noted.

... See More  

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2003 Academy Award nominations - full-page movie ads...

Item #696091

February 22, 2003

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Feb. 22, 2003 (Calendar section only)

* Many full-page ads

* Academy Award nominated movies

This Calendar section has full and near-page ads for many of the movies nominated for the 2003 Academy Awards. Some of the ads include: "Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers", "Gangs of New York", "Chicago", "About Schmidt", "The Pianist&q... See More  

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1992 Academy Award Nominations...Elizabeth Taylor's birthday party at Disneyland...

Item #696036

February 28, 1992

LOS ANGELES TIMES, February 28, 1992 (sections A, B, C, and F)

* Ads for several Academy Awards nominated movies

* Elizabeth Taylor's birthday party at Disneyland

A terrific issue on several movies nominated for the Academy Awards. Featured movies include: "This is my Life", "My Cousin Vinny", "Beauty and the Beast", "Bugsy", "The Mambo ... See More  

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Joe Louis heavyweight boxing title fight...

Item #696033

January 26, 1939

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, January 26, 1939

* Joe Louis heavyweight boxing title fight

* Lou Gehrig signs contract with Yankees

* His last full season

The front page of the sport's section (inside) has a seven column headline: "Louis Shows No Mercy in First-Round Knockout" with subheads and photo. See images for details.

Also on the same page is a one column headline: "Ge... See More  

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1936 color cover of young boy riding elephant at the circus...

Item #693352

April 18, 1936

LIBERTY magazine, New York, April 18, 1936  The color cover has an illustration of a little boy riding an elephant at the Circus. Also present is an article titled "Which Teams will win the Pennants this year?", along with other interesting short stories. 

Complete in 62 pages, disbound with a bit of roughness at the spine, 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches, a slightly rough left sp... See More  

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1941 color cover... Young boy waking to his alarm clock...

Item #693350

March 08, 1941

LIBERTY magazine, New York, March 8, 1941  The color cover of has an illustration of a little boy snuggling his dog and reaching to turn off his alarm clock. Also present is an article titled: "Shall We Have A Woman's National Guard?", and other interesting short stories. 

Complete in 62 pages, disbound with a bit of roughness at the spine, 8 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches, gen... See More  

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1938 baseball-themed color cover... Is Joe DiMaggio 'Wonder Man'?

Item #693348

April 16, 1938

LIBERTY magazine, New York, April 16, 1938  The color cover has an illustration of an older man (grandfather?) swinging a baseball bat with a young boy (grandson?) playing catcher. Also present is an article titled: "Is DiMaggio baseball's Wonder Man?" along with other interesting articles. 

Complete in 62 pages, disbound with a bit of roughness at the spine, 8 1/2 by... See More  

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