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One of the more decorative mastheads of the 18th century...

Item #703943

January 11, 1796


* Nice masthead engraving

* 18th century America

If you are looking for a handsome American newspaper of the 1700's which is displayable & priced reasonably, this is one of the best. This title features one of the more decorative mastheads of the era.

Complete in 4 pages, never-trimmed margins, some small bindi... See More  

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Front page print shows Lincoln being assassinated...

Item #703670

April 29, 1865

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Apr. 29, 1865 

* Famous Abraham Lincoln assassination issue

This issue remains one of the most desired for this historic, tragic event, as it is one of the only newspapers which included a front page graphic showing the actual assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Over half of the front page is taken up with a very dramatic print captioned: "A... See More  

Item from Catalog 342 (released for May, 2024)

(Added to Catalog #342 after the hardcopy was released - only available on-line.)

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See the displayable front page from the 18th century...

Item #703509

December 24, 1720

THE POST-BOY, London, Dec. 24, 1720 

* Nice masthead engravings

* Early 18th century original

One of my favorite 18th century newspapers with the two nice engravings in the masthead, plus the very decorative first letter in the text (see). Various European reports.

Single sheet, about 8 1/2 by 14 1/8 inches in nice displayable condition.... See More  

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A.B. Frost prints... Color Ivory Soap advertisment...

Item #702379

November 12, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 12, 1898  Full ftpg. by A.B. Frost shows a man having fallen off his bicycle. Doublepage centerfold: 'With our Troops in the Philippines--Before & After the Fall of Manila'. Halfpg: 'In & About Havana'. Displayable A.B. Frost hunting print: 'Rail Shooting' shows shooting a bird from a boat.  Also includes a full page... See More  

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A handsome, 18th century displayable newspaper...

Item #701871

September 21, 1796


* Nice 18th century American publication

A handsome issue for display given the decorative masthead. Various news reports of the day with a number of advertisements on the back page.

Four pages, a little staining near the top, minor top margin wear, generally nice.... See More  

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John Gotti guilty verdict, in a New York City newspaper...

Item #701597

April 03, 1992

DAILY NEWS, New York City, April 3, 1992

* John Gotti guilty verdict (1st report)

* Mobster Boss - Gambino crime family

This famous tabloid newspaper has a great displayable front page heading and photo concerning mob leader John Gotti's guilty verdict, which ended up being his last day of freedom in society.

The front page has a great headline: "GONE FELLA" with: "Gotti... See More  

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Great map of America & the West Indies...

Item #701522
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1762 

* Very early Southern America map w/ West Indies

Certainly the prime feature of this early magazine is the terrific & very displayable foldout map titled: "An Accurate Map of the West Indies with the Adjacent Coast" as noted in the ornate cartouche. This map shows much of present-day Georgia & Florida to present-day... See More  

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1942 USS Jacob Jones (DD-130) Sinking...

Item #701429

March 03, 1942


* USS Jacob Jones (DD-130) sinking

* United States Navy destroyer

* German submarine U-578 - U-boat

* Cape May, New Jersey - Atlantic coast

The front page has a great banner headline in displayable lettering: "SUB SINKS DESTROYER OFF N.J., MANY LOST" with subhead. (see images) Terrific for display.

Complete with 28 pages, light toning at t... See More  

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Short-lived title from a Texas town with a rich history...

Item #700647

April 05, 1892

VELASCO DAILY TIMES, Texas, April 5, 1892 

* Rare Southwestern title

* Possibly the first time offered anywhere (see note)

A rare title as it existed for less than six months.

Velasco was a town in Texas that was later annexed by the city of Freeport. Founded in 1831, Velasco is situated on the east side of the Brazos River four miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The town's early hist... See More  

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Displayable Christmas cover...

Item #700024

December 01, 1932

COLUMBIA, New Haven, Connecticut, December, 1932  The front cover has a nice Christmas-themed color print showing Mary & the baby Jesus, along with a modern mother and her child reading the "Story of Christmas". Much Christmas-themed content within. Calls itself: "The Largest Catholic Magazine in the World". 

Complete in 34 pages plus covers, address label at the... See More  

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Great Christmas prints, many in color, with a displayable cover...

Item #700023

December 08, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 8, 1900  The color cover has a very displayable print showing the Wise Men on camels and noting this is the: "Christmas Number 1900". 

Inside has some Christmas-themed prints including: "The Santa Claus of the Sea" "The Christmas Possum" which is by A.B. Frost; "Making Toys for the Christmas Trade" which is ... See More  

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By A. B. Frost: "Selecting The Turkey"...

Item #699839

December 01, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 1, 1900  The front page has the Uncle Sam cartoon, "LET US GIVE THANKS", by W. A. Rogers - a political cartoonist who was hired by Harper's Weekly in 1887 to replace Thomas Nast after he retired. The double-page centerfold is a very displayable illustration also by A. B. Frost: "Selecting the Turkey", showing an American farm family ... See More  

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America's Cup - Great Columbia Sketch... Review of Israel Zangwill's "Children of the Ghetto"...

Item #699169

October 17, 1899

NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, Oct. 17, 1899

* America's Cup - great front-page sketch of the Columbia

* Review of Israel Zangwill's play, "Children of the Ghetto"

The front page has one of the better illustrations of the Columbia, of America's Cup fame. It also includes detailed coverage of the first race. Nice to have this displayable report in a New York Newspaper, the loca... See More  

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Lindbergh baby found dead in 1932... Detailed coverage...

Item #699158

May 13, 1932


* Charles Lindbergh Jr. baby kidnapping

* Body found - 1st report

* Outstanding front-page coverage


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Great headline on the Spanish-American War...

Item #698348

May 13, 1898

BOSTON EVENING JOURNAL, May 13, 1898  A terrific & very displayable ftpg. with the huge headline: "ADMIRAL SAMPSON'S Official Report OF PORTO RICO BOMBARDMENT" with related subheads.

Page 2 has a nice print of: "Admiral Sampson".

Ten pages, very nice condition.

Item from Catalog 342 (released for May, 2024)

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Two Winslow Homer winter-themed prints...

Item #698155

January 14, 1860

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 14, 1860  Inside has two very nice, full-page & displayable prints: "The Sleighing Season--The Upset" and "A Snow Slide in the City", both by famed artist Winslow Homer.

Another full page shows: "The Emperor and Empress of France Hunting at Compiegne". The back page has two cartoon illustrations.

Complete in 16 pages, goo... See More  

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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Second rate also available for:


Brigham Young's Proclamation... The Great Eastern...

Item #698152

March 06, 1858

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 6, 1858  A full page illustration: 'Sleighing In Broadway' is very displayable. An article: "Skating, From a Lady's Point of View" features a half page illustration 'Skating In New England' and "Skating in the North of Europe'. "Hon. Henry Wilson, U.S. Senator of Massachusetts" is featured on the front page.... See More  

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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Displayable football print...

Item #698068

November 05, 1881

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 5, 1881  The prime print in this issue is the doublepage centerfold, which is one of the best football centerfolds of the19th century to be had.

The doublepage is captioned: "A Game of Foot-Ball---A 'Scrummage' at the Close" which was drawn by the famed artist A. B. Frost. Very displayable as such.

Among other prints are a full front pag... See More  

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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By the famed Isaiah Thomas...

Item #698045

January 13, 1796

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, Jan. 13, 1796   Published by Isaiah Thomas, perhaps the most famous printer of the 18th century, and whose collection became the foundation of the American Antiquarian Society. Handsome masthead makes this a displayable newspaper.

Four pages, light fold rubbing, and an older mend at the right margin.

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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"International Base-Ball -- The Philadelphia Athletics"....

Item #697971

July 25, 1874

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 25, 1874 

* Early baseball team print

* Old West scene

Although this issue includes many very nice & displayable prints, by far the most desirable would be the great full page captioned: "International Base-Ball -- The Philadelphia Athletics" which shows individual, full-figure illustrations of the baseball players in uniform, most with... See More  

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The Jay Treaty: preventing another war...

Item #697906

July 13, 1795


* John - Jay's Treaty

* George Washington

A very significant pair of issues as they contain, in its entirety, the full text of the Jay Treaty, one of the more significant 18th century documents in American history.

Taking all of the front page and a bit of page 2 in the July 9,

concluding in the issue... See More  

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Terrific & displayable issue with front page discussion from London on the futility of the war...

Item #697887

April 30, 1782


* Rare American Revolutionary War publication

A terrific front page as it is entirely taken up with reports of discussions in the "House of Commons" mostly focused on the Revolutionary War and the futility of continuing it.

A few bits include: "That it is the opinion of the house that the war ... See More  

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The finest trio on Desert Storm...

Item #697884

January 17, 1991

DAILY GAZETTE, Sterling-Rock Falls, Illinois  This is a trio of exceedingly displayable issues, each formatted similarly although with individually significant headlines on Desert Storm: the beginning of the air war: "WAR!"; the beginning of the land war: "INVASION!" and the "VICTORY!" once Iraq conceded and agreed to all U.N. resolutions.

These three newspapers... See More  

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Indians... The fire department...

Item #697732

January 13, 1866

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 13, 1866  

* Actor Edwin Booth

* NYC fire department

* Prints - illustrations

The full front page is a nice illus. of: "Edwin Forrest Booth" from a Brady photograph.

The highly sought-after great doublepage centerfold: "Metropolitan Fire Department" is very displayable with many vignettes on the N.Y. fire dept. in action issue.&... See More  

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Edison's phonograph... Oil regions of Pennsylvania... Morgan Silver Dollar...

Item #697728

March 30, 1878

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 30, 1878 

* Historic Phonograph invention

* Thomas Edison - inventor

The full front page is a Thomas Nast political cartoon: "Fulfill Your Promises" and a fullpg. inside has another Nast political cartoon: "Our Uncle's 'Honor' Touched" showing Uncle Sam.

The great, tipped-in (no binding holes), doublepage centerfold:... See More  

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Saddam Hussein captured... Iraq...

Item #697621

December 14, 2003

DAYTON DAILY NEWS, EXTRA !, Ohio, December 14, 2003

* Saddam Hussein capture

* 5th President of Iraq

* Great issue for display

Here is a very displayable issue on the capture of Saddam Hussein. The front page features a large photo of a captured Hussein with a two line banner headline: "'WE GOT HIM'; SADDAM HUSSEIN CAPTURED" with some subheads. (see) The entire 8 page ex... See More  

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Very displayable Thomas Nast Santa Claus on the front page...

Item #697290

January 03, 1874

HARPER'S WEEKLY January 3, 1874 

* Thomas Nast

* Santa Claus

* Christmas

The entire front page features a terrific & very desirable Thomas Nast illustration: "Christmas Eve - Santa Claus Waiting for the Children to Get to Sleep."  This is one of Nast's more iconic Santa images, often reproduced for advertising, promotions, etc. in recent years.

Thomas Nast ... See More  

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Displayable Thomas Nast Santa Claus...

Item #697287

December 30, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 30, 1865 

* Santa Claus - Christmas

* Thomas Nast illustration

This issue features a great, tipped-in (no binding holes) doublepage centerfold done by famed artist Thomas Nast, titled: "Merry Christmas To All", showing 8 vignettes of a Christmas theme with the central focus being a great portrait of Santa Claus with a pipe in hand.

Thi... See More  

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Second rate also available for:


Hawaii statehood announced from Honolulu...

Item #697132

March 12, 1959

HONOLULU STAR BULLETIN, Hawaii, March 12, 1959 

* Best Hawaii statehood issue 

* Terrific for display

This would be "the" displayable issue to own recognizing Hawaii becoming the 50th state in the Union.

The huge banner headline across the top of the front page--in red ink--reads: "STATEHOOD" with an 8 1/2 by 6 inch color print of an American flag with 50 star... See More  

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See the displayable front page from the 18th century...

Item #697042

March 10, 1725

THE POST-BOY, London, March 10, 1725

* Nice masthead engravings

One of my favorite 18th century newspapers with the two nice engravings in the masthead, plus the very decorative first letter in the text (see). Various European reports.

Single sheet, 8 1/2 by 14 1/8 inches, very nice, displayable condition.

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A very displayable "Hallowe'en Number"...

Item #696787

October 27, 1910

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY - "Hallowe'en Number", October 27,1910  Collectors tend to like displayable magazine covered for various holidays and events, and this is one of the nicest Halloween covers we have seen. And it's the complete issue with a wide variety of articles, illustrations, and photos inside. One curious article is: "Is the Automobile A National Mena... See More  

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John Hancock on the Shays' Rebellion... Notes from the Constitutional Convention...

Item #696675

June 28, 1787

UNITED STATES CHRONICLE, Providence, Rhode Island, June 28, 1787  

* Daniel Shay's Rebellion

* John Hancock proclamation

* Constitutional Convention

This title has one of our favorite mastheads, which includes two engravings: one the arms for Rhode Island, and the other the arms of the United States, making this a very displayable issue.

Page 2 has: "A Proclamation" wh... See More  

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Emancipation illustration... A letter on Frederick Douglass...

Item #696447

January 12, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 12, 1867  The front page is taken up with a print: "Isaac Watts and His Mother at the Prison-Gate" which has an accompanying article.

The feature of the issue is a letter to the editor headed: "Frederick Douglass" which provides some detail of a man who encountered him as a passenger on a railroad train. One portion notes: "...I be... See More  

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1994 Northridge earthquake...

Item #696021

January 18, 1994

DAILY NEWS, San Fernando Valley, Special, Jan. 18, 1994

* Northridge earthquake disaster

The top of the front page has a very displayable headline: "QUAKE" in large lettering. Also: "6.6. temblor cripples Southland, 24 killed" with two related photos. The entire issue is devoted to this disaster with many more photos.

Complete with 12 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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"Pistol Pete" Maravich sets all-time career NCAA scoring record...

Item #695808

February 02, 1970

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Springfield, Massachusetts, February 2, 1970

* Pete Maravich - "Pistol Pete" - LSU superstar

* Becomes all-time NCAA career scoring leader

* Record may never be eclipsed

Page 16 has the full-banner heading: "Pistol Pete Maravich Two Million Dollar Kid?" - which tells of him becoming the all-time NCAA career leader is points scored - a milestone m... See More  

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An incredibly graphic election issue...

Item #695744

November 09, 1892

THE STATE, Richmond, Virginia, Nov. 9, 1892  

* President Grover Cleveland

* Presidential election victory

* Amazingly displayable

The entire front page is a celebration of the election of Grover Cleveland as President. It is done in a very dramatic fashion, featuring a huge engraving of a rooster (once the symbol of the Democratic party) that stretches from just below the dateline to... See More  

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Two front page Civil War maps...

Item #695274

February 13, 1862

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, Feb. 13, 1862  A very graphic & displayable issue as the front page features not one but two Civil War maps, one captioned: "Albemarle Sound & the Point of Attack of the Federal Fleet", with related text, and the other headed: "Roanoke Island".

Both the first and last columns have nice stacks of Civil War headlines including: "VICTORY! ... See More  

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Kellogg's Frosted Flakes... Tony the Tiger Ad...

Item #694666

March 11, 1953

A SINGLE PAGE from the Allentown Morning Call, Pennsylvania, March 11, 1953.  A great full page for framing and displaying!   This single page has a very displayable full page ad for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes featuring Tony the Tiger.  This ad is simply GR-R-REAT (see images)!

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"When Harry Met Sally" & "License to Kill" (James Bond 007)... Premiere ads and reviews...

Item #693895

July 14, 1989

LOS ANGELES TIMES, December 11, 1991 (Front and Calendar Sections)

* "When Harry Met Sally", premier ad and review

* "License to Kill" (James Bond, 007), premier ad and review

* "Lethal Weapon 2", 2nd week - double page ad

A terrific issue on the premieres of "When Harry Met Sally" & "License to Kill" (James Bond - 007, both with review... See More  

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Displayable mother and child... color print...

Item #693836

June 02, 1892

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY, New York, June 2, 1892  Occasionally this title had beautiful color prints on their front pages, and this is one of the better ones (see photos). The print is captioned: "Good-Bye, Papa." taken from the painting by Seymour J. Guy.

Complete in 16 pages, very nice, clean condition.

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One of the more decorative mastheads of the 18th century...

Item #693645

May 24, 1798


* Nice masthead engraving

* 18th century America

If you are looking for a handsome American newspaper of the 1700's which is displayable & priced reasonably, this is one of the best. This title features one of the more decorative mastheads of the era.

Complete in 4 pages, never-trimmed margins, a little light fo... See More  

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Very ornate, America-themed masthead from the mid-1800's...

Item #693453

January 01, 1849

SUNDAY TIMES, N.Y., 1849-1852 The photo shows the very nice masthead of this title which measures 15 1/2 inches across and is 3 inches tall. Mostly topical reports and literary-related content, some ads.

Some lite staining, a little foxing, and a few small margin tears, but in overall average or better condition.

The issue you receive will differ in date and content from the one shown, but it wi... See More  

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American playwright Sinclair Lewis on the demise of the family in 1930...

Item #693326

December 21, 1930

The Detroit News, December 21, 1930 (single leaf)

* American writer & playwright Sinclair Lewis

* The decline of the American Family

* Wonderful graphics

This is a single leaf from the literature section of The Detroit News with a fascinating article by Sinclair Lewis' thoughts on the decline of the American family.

This page is very displayable as it contains dramatic color ... See More  

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Preparing for the Dog Show - 1941 displayable cover...

Item #692685

February 08, 1941

LIBERTY magazine, New York, Feb. 8, 1941 The color cover has a full color illustration of a young boy giving his dog a bath in preparation for an upcoming Dog Show.

Also present are several color ads for products of the day. See images for details. 

Among the various articles are: "Through Hell on Wings - The Diary of a R.A.F. Pilot" and "What Jesus Mean To Me" by M... See More  

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Displayable Abraham Lincoln cover... Debt and Democracy...

Item #692684

February 15, 1941

LIBERTY magazine, New York, February 15, 1941 The color cover of this issue has a full color illustration of Abraham Lincoln with the American Flag as his background. Page 4 has a timely article: "Overwhelming Indebtedness Can Destroy Democracy". Also present are several color product advertisements.

Complete in 58 pages, disbound with a bit of roughness at the left spine, 8 1/2 by... See More  

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Declaration of war...

Item #692490

June 27, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 27, 1812 

* War of 1812 declaration by United States 

* James Madison proclamation

* Historic report

This issue has one of the best presentations on the declaration of war against Great Britain, beginning the War of 1812.

Most of the first column of the front page is a somewhat decorative "Proclamation" headed with an engraving of a... See More  

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One of the best issues on the death of Marilyn Monroe...

Item #691842

August 06, 1962

NEW YORK MIRROR, August 6, 1962  The entire front page of this tabloid-size newspaper is taken up with one of the most desirable reports of the 1960's: "Marilyn Monroe Kills Self" with a subhead: "Found Nude in Bed...Hand On Phone...Took 40 Pills".

There is much more on her life & career inside, including many photos.

One of the more displayable newspapers of thi... See More  

Item from Catalog 342 (released for May, 2024)

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1945 Battle of Okinawa... Yonabaru...

Item #691826

May 12, 1945


* Yonabaru (port city) captured

* Battle of Okinawa, Japan

* United States Army (USA)

The front page has a nice displayable headline: "CAPTURE KEY OKINAWA CITY" with subheads. related map on page 2. (see)

Complete with all 34 pages, light toning at the margins, small address stamp within the masthead, a little spine wear, generally nice.... See More  

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1928 Mount Morris Michigan girl murder...

Item #691692

January 13, 1928

THE DETROIT NEWS, Jan. 13, 1928

* 5 year old girl Dorothy Schneider w/ photos

* Mount Morris, Michigan kidnapping & murder

* Slayer suspect Adolph Hotelling arrest ?

The front page has a displayable banner headline: "SUSPECT HELD AT FLINT IN SLAYING OF GIRL, 5" with subheads and related pictorial.

Complete with 48 pages, light toning and a some wear at the margins, a few bin... See More  

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Great Mark Twain cover...

Item #690799

December 15, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 15, 1900 

* Mark Twain - Samuel Langhorne Clemens

See the photo for the great two-color cover portrait of "Mark Twain" as drawn by William Nicholson. The inside cover shows a photo of:  "The Aldine Club Dinner to Mark Twain" and the doublepage centerfold is a great illustration captioned: "A Surprise Party to Mark Twain ... See More  

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