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The Concert for Bangladesh (1971)... 1st International Benefit Concert...

Item #675964

August 05, 1971

THE VILLAGE VOICE, August 5, 1971   The front page & pgs. 32-33 contain images and articles describing what is considered the 1st International Benefit Concert. This Madison Square Garden concert, organized and hosted by George Harrison to raise money for "starving millions in East Pakistan", included live sets by Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan, and Alla Rakha, along with Bob... See More  

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Martin Luther King Day Established...

Item #675959

November 02, 1983

LOS ANGELES TIMES, November 2, 1983

* President Ronald Reagan Creates MLK National Holiday

* Coretta Scott King attends signing of bill

The front page of this issue has both an image and an article of President Ronald Reagan publicly signing a bill to establish January 18th as a Federal Holiday celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King. This issue is the Late Final edition and so it contains ... See More  

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Confederate reporting on the Civil War... Reward for Benjamin Butler...

Item #675955

January 10, 1863

CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, Jan. 10, 1863 

* General  Benjamin "The Beast" Butler reward

* From the origin of the Civil War

Printed in the dateline is: "Confederate States of America" which is rarely found on Southern newspapers.

On the front page at the top of the first column is: "The Naval Victory At Galveston" "Official From Ge... See More  

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Early and rare from Florida... James Polk block signature...

Item #675954

August 05, 1848

THE FLORIDIAN, Tallahassee, Florida, August 5, 1848 

* Rare antebellum title

* 3 Acts signed by James Polk

Nineteenth century newspapers from Florida are uncommon, particularly those from before the Civil War. Here is such an issue from the capital city of Florida, three years before the Civil War.

The ftpg. has 3 Acts of Congress, one of which is signed by the President: James Polk. ... See More  

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Convicts shipped off to America... Oglethorpe before founding Georgia...

Item #675952

March 13, 1728

THE DAILY POST-BOY, London, March 13, 1728 (1729 by today's calendar) 

* Early James Oglethorpe

* Convicts to America

Near the bottom of the front page is a terrific item noting: "Also the same day nine felons convicts, eight men and one woman, were brought from Oxford City to the Oxford-Arms at Holborn Bridge, and from thence carry'd down the river and put on board a shi... See More  

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Confederacy in Petersburg...

Item #675950

March 04, 1863

THE DAILY EXPRESS, Petersburg, Virginia, March 4, 1863 

* Rare Confederate title

Petersburg was a critical city to the Confederacy, located not far south of the capital of Richmond, and the focus of a six month long siege when ended in early April, 1865, when Lee withdrew his troops from Petersburg and urged Jefferson Davis to remove the capital from Richmond. The war would end shortl... See More  

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Pirate Jean LaFitte and much more on Galveston, Texas...

Item #675948

December 27, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore,  December 27, 1817  Certainly the best report in this issue is headed: "Of Galveston" which is about--among other items concerning Galveston,Texas--the noted pirate Lafitte. Part of the text includes: "...Galvezton is a small island or sand bar situate in the bay of St. Barnard on the coast of Texas...Among the most conspicuous charac... See More  

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Very rare title from 19th century Western Colorado...

Item #675926

February 15, 1898

SEMI-WEEKLY STAR, Grand Junction, Mesa County, Colorado, Feb. 15, 1898 

* Very rare title

* Mesa County

A nice & very rare newspaper from this town in Western Colorado along the Colorado River. Although Gregory (Union List of American Newspapers) records a "Grand Junction Star" there is no record of "the Semi-Weekly Star".

The front page has: "GRAND VALLEY... See More  

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24th Amendment to the Constitution is ratified...

Item #675924

January 24, 1964

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, Jan. 24, 1964  The top of the middle column on the front page has a head: "It's Official: Poll Tax Is Abolished", which reports on the ratification of the 24th Amendment to the Constitution outlawing any tax to be paid as a prerequisite to vote in any federal election. Most of the report carries over to page 8.

Complete in 40 pages, very ni... See More  

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Early Tallahassee...

Item #674459

March 27, 1847

THE FLORIDIAN, Tallahassee, March 27, 1847  Nineteenth century newspapers from Florida are uncommon, particularly those from before the Civil War. Here is such an issue from the capital city of Florida, three years before the Civil War.

The front page includes various reports from the Mexican War including: "From The Army - The Army News" "From the Army--Late & Very Import... See More  

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Confederate newspaper from Raleigh... Sherman's march through Georgia...

Item #674447

November 30, 1864

THE DAILY PROGRESS, Raleigh, North Carolina, Nov. 30, 1864  Raleigh was one of the last major cities of the South to fall into the hands of Sherman, surrendering on April 13, 1865, just one day before Lincoln was assassinated. This rare Confederate title is from the latter months of the Civil War.

The front page has reports headed: "Legislative Proceedings" "Congressional"... See More  

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How the Fords conspired to kill Jesse James...

Item #674446

August 07, 1883

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Aug. 7, 1883  The front page has over a full column taken up with considerable round-by-round details of the boxing match between John L. Sullivan and Herbert "Maori" Slade for the heavyweight championship.

But the great article is on page 4, headed: "Charlie Ford and the James Boys" which is a detailed article on Charlie Ford's first meeting... See More  

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On Washington retiring from public life...

Item #673575

September 26, 1796

FEDERAL GAZETTE & BALTIMORE DAILY ADVERTISER, Sept. 26, 1796  Page 3 has a nice report: "The Resignation of The President of the United States" which notes in part: "...is at length announced to us in form [was published in a Phila. newspaper on Sept. 17]...there is nothing we can say that will fully express the estimation in which his illustrious & important services a... See More  

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Jefferson Davis is captured...

Item #673458

May 14, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, May 14, 1865  A very historic issue with larger column heads than typical: "GLORIOUS ! " "JEFF. DAVIS CAPTURED" "Official Announcement by Secretary Stanton" "Davis and His Family Surprised at Irwinsville" "The Fourth Michigan Cavalry are the Fortunate Boys" "They Surround the Arch Rebel at Daylight on Wednesday" "... See More  

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A Philip Burke caricature of Donald Trump...

Item #671862

December 17, 1991

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, December 17, 1991 

* Donald Trump caricature

* 25 years before presidency

Philip Burke's caricature of Donald Trump is featured on the cover. Known for his depictions of U.S. Presidents, it is nice to have his illustration of Donald Trump long before his presidency. The related article, "TRUMP - BEGINNING OF THE END", begins on the front page ... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson on the judiciary in 1776...

Item #667464

May 10, 1803

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, May 10, 1803  Page 2 has a nice items reflecting up a letter signed by: Th. Jefferson from 1776 concerning the judiciary.

Eight pages, 9 by 11 1/4 inches foxing & minor wear at the margins.

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A great wealth of content on the Mexican War...

Item #666782

March 20, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 20, 1847  Page 2 has a great wealth on the Mexican War, the focus being the lengthy: "Proclamation by the General Commanding the Army of the United States of America: To the People of Mexico". It begins: "After manly years of patient endurance, the United States are at length constrained to acknowledge that a war now exists ... See More  

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