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This paper lasted but two issues... A supplement as well...

Item #673039

March 01, 1870

THE NELSON CLARION, New Hampshire, March, 1870  This is the volume 1, number 1 issue of an exceeding rare newspaper. In fact the only other date which existed was May, 1871, which was volume 1 number 2. "Union List of Newspapers" notes only  two institutions have this title, neither being the American Antiquarian Society.

Also included is a small "Supplement" of the ... See More  

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Prohibition upheld by the Supreme Court...

Item #673001

February 24, 1931

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, February 24, 1931

* The 19th Amendment deemed valid

* Supreme Courts upholds Prohibition

The front page has a 4-column, 2-line heading: "SUPREME COURT HOLDS 18TH AMENDMENT VALID", with considerable supporting text. Yet again the Supreme Court fended off another challenge to the validity of Prohibition. The 19th Amendment would eventually... See More  

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First woman to serve in the U.S. Senate...

Item #672976

November 22, 1922

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 22, 1922  The first column of page 10 has a report in the first woman taking the oath of office as a Senator - Mrs. W. H. Felton of Georgia. Quite historic.

Note: Although notable being the first woman to serve in the Senate, the honor was mostly ceremonial as she served but one day. Rebecca Latimer Felton was the most prominent woman in Georgia in the Progressive Era.... See More  

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From the 1600's by a woman publisher... Joanna Brome...

Item #672876
THE OBSERVATOR, London, England, Oct. 16, 1682  A dialogue newspaper founded by Sir Roger L'Estrange, a Tory pamphleteer, as a vehicle for attacking dissenters and Whigs. This early singlesheet newspaper has the old style type making it great for framing (see photo) particularly with the over 300+ year old date clearly visible in the dateline.

This is a handsome dialogue newspaper founde... See More  

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The late Aaron Molineaux Hewlett...

Item #672875

February 23, 1916

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 23, 1916

* The late Aaron Molineaux Hewlett - first black instructor at Harvard.

* WWI coverage on front page.

This issue has content related to the late Aaron Molineaux Hewlett (the first black instructor at Harvard). The coverage is found on page 12 (column 7) and is a letter to the editor by Aaron Molineaux Hewlett's son reprimanding the paper for the way... See More  

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Winfield hits no. 3,000... Emmit Smith Signs with Dallas Cowboys...

Item #672873

September 17, 1993

USA TODAY, Sept. 17 1993  The front page has a small section leading to sports with a photo of Emmitt Smith and the following two headings: "WINFIELD NAILS HIT No. 3,000" and "EMMITT SMITH SIGNS FOR $13.6 MILLION WITH DALLAS COWBOYS". 

In the sports section are these two  headings: "Winfield collects 3,000th hit" and "Smith signs with Dallas, gets... See More  

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The late Aaron Molineaux Hewlett... Fists for rent...

Item #672872

February 13, 1916

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 13, 1916

* Mentions of the late Aaron Molineaux Hewlett - first black instructor at Harvard - giving boxing lessons for rent

* WWI coverage

This issue has content related to the late Aaron Molineaux Hewlett (the first black instructor at Harvard). The coverage is found on page 14, column 5: "FISTS AS RENT"

WWI coverage is located beginning on t... See More  

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Michael Jackson acquitted... Senate apology re: lynchings...

Item #672864

June 14, 2005

LOS ANGELES TIMES, June 14, 2005  The front page has: "Jackson Acquitted on All 10 Counts", which covers the acquittal of Michael Jackson on all charges regarding the charges of the sexual abuse of minors. Multiple pages within also have related coverage with photos.

Also quite historic is the page A8 heading: "Senate Issues an Apology for Inaction on Lynchings", with a c... See More  

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Republican party's first Presidential candidate...

Item #672842

June 21, 1856

NEW-YORK DAILY TIMES, June 21, 1856 

* John C. Fremont nomination

* 1st nominated for United States president

A very historic issue for the Republican party as it reports their first Presidential nominee, John Fremont.

The report shown is of the North American Party, nominating Fremont & Johnston for President & Vice President. This party would soon join the recently created ... See More  

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Financial Stock Market Crisis of 1907..

Item #672701

October 17, 1907

THE SUN, New York, October 17, 1907  This issue has fine coverage on the financial stock market crisis of 1907. The front page has: "SMASH OF HEINZE'S CORNER - WHOLE MARKET RUNS DOWN TO MANY NEW YORK RECORDS", which continues on pg. 3. Additionally, there is an inside article on the "FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL" section describing the, "sensational fluctuations durin... See More  

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Tyburn, England in 1873... 'God's Tribunal' - off to the Executioner...

Item #672699

November 06, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Nov. 6, 1783 As stated in Wikipedia: "Tyburn was a village in... present-day London... For many centuries, the name Tyburn was synonymous with capital punishment, it having been the principal place for execution of London criminals and convicted traitors, including many religious martyrs. It was also known as 'God's Tribunal', in the 18th century.&qu... See More  

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Financial Stock Market Crisis of 1907..

Item #672698

October 21, 1907

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, October 21, 1907  This issue has fine coverage on the financial stock market crisis of 1907. A front page image has, "TWO NEW BANK PRESIDENTS CHOSEN YESTERDAY", accompanied by an article,"THE THOMASES, TOO, QUIT THEIR BANKS - Four New Heads of City's Financial Institutions Chosen - Crisis Now Over". See photos for details.

Complete in 12 pages, very ... See More  

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The very beginning of the Financial Panic of 1873...

Item #672650

September 18, 1873

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 18, 1873. This issue has fine early coverage on what became known as the "Panic of 1873" - which was precipitated by the bankruptcy of the banking firm of Jay Cooke and Company.

There is an article on pg. five, "PANIC IN STOCKS - GREAT EXCITEMENT IN THE STREET YESTERDAY", which takes nearly a full column of text. Another somewhat related article appea... See More  

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Financial Panic of 1873...

Item #672646

September 23, 1873

THE WORLD, NEW YORK, Sept. 23, 1873  This issue has fine follow up coverage on what became known as: "The Panic of 1873", which was precipitated by the bankruptcy of the banking firm of Jay Cooke and Company.

There are several reports with one column head including; "A BRIGHTER PROSPECT - BETTER FEELING IN WALL STREET ...", "JAY COOKE & CO. - A STATEMENT OF ASSET... See More  

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John F. Kennedy is elected President...

Item #672542

November 09, 1960

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Phoenix, November 9, 1960 

* John F. Kennedy JFK elected president

The front page has a nice banner headline: "SEN. KENNEDY WINS" with photos of both John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. A displayable issue of an event seldom saved at the time prior to his assassination.

Incomplete issue containing 8 pages (1-4, 9-12), in good condition. Would be great... See More  

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Very first appearance of Walt Whitman's poem "LIFE"...

Item #672528

April 15, 1888

NEW YORK HERALD, April 15, 1888 

* Walt Whitman's "LIFE"

* First appearance in printing

* Would appear later in "Leaves of Grass"

The 5th column of page 16 has the poem titled: "LIFE", signed in block type, WALT WHITMAN - this being the very first appearance of this poem as verified by the Walt Whitman Archive. It is very significant as suc... See More  

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Lindbergh baby is kidnapped...

Item #672517

March 02, 1932

(2) TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE, March 2 & 3, 1932

* 2 issue set - 1st & 2nd day reporting

* Charles Lindbergh, Jr.

* Baby kidnapping (1st report)
- "Crime of the Century"

This kidnapping would become known as the 'crime of the (20th) century', mostly due to the popularity of the father who had made one of the most historic flights in aviation history just a few years e... See More  

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Very first appearance of Walt Whitman's poem "Broadway"...

Item #672515

April 10, 1888

NEW YORK HERALD, April 10, 1888 

* Walt Whitman's "Broadway"

* First appearance in printing

* Would appear later in "Leaves of Grass"

In the third column of page 6 is the poem titled: "Broadway", signed in block type, WALT WHITMAN - this being the very first appearance of this poem as verified by the Walt Whitman Archive. It is very significant a... See More  

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First White House wedding...

Item #672505

March 18, 1820

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 18, 1820  Listed under the page 2 "Marriages" is one that reads: "In Washington city, Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur, Esq. of N. York, to Miss Maria Hester Monroe, youngest daughter of James Monroe, President of the U. States." This was first wedding to be held at the White House.

Other news of the day includes: "Royal Funeral" &quo... See More  

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U.S. breaks relations with Germany in 1917...

Item #672498

February 28, 1917

THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, North Carolina, February 28, 1917

* United States close to World War I

* President Woodrow Wilson

The front page has a nice banner headline: "NOW UP TO CONGRESS" with many subheads. (see) Coverage on the official break of diplomatic relations between United States and Germany.

Other news day. Complete with 10 pages, light toning, tiny library label (see), g... See More  

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Frederic Remington illustrations...

Item #672496
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York, November, 1889  "The Mexican Army" article contains fourteen illustrations of various sizes by Frederic Remington. Other articles within the issue are: "York"; "At Grande Anse"; "A Century of Hamlet" which includes illustrations of Junius Brutus Booth and Edwin Booth, father and brother of John Wilkes Booth, ... See More  

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Battle of Port Royal Ferry...

Item #672493

January 07, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 7, 1862  Among the ftpg. column heads are: "Battle of Port Royal Ferry" "Decisive Union Victory" "Sharp Skirmishing & Flight of the Rebels" "A Flag of Truce from the Rebels" "Sharp Fight With Rebels at Huntersville" "The Rebels Shelling Hancock, Md." "The Rebels Compelled to Retire" & more.

Ei... See More  

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Controversial case of Col. Isaac Haynes... British support of loyal subjects...

Item #672492

February 07, 1782

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Feb. 7, 1782  All of the front page, page 2, and a portion of page 3 are taken up with: "Further Particulars of the Debate in the House of Lords...on the Duke of Richmond's Motion Respecting the Execution of Col. Haynes in America." This was a very controversial event in the Revolutionary War as Isaac Haynes was hanged by the British under controve... See More  

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Map of Charleston, South Carolina...

Item #672491

January 05, 1862

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 5, 1862  The front page features a large Civil War map headed: "IMPORTANT MOVEMENTS NEAR CHARLESTON, S. C." Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "IMPORTANT FROM THE SOUTH" "Operations on the Charleston and Savannah Railroad" "Seizure of the Station Near Charleston

* Desperate Battle and Defeat of the Rebels Near Por... See More  

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Death of Florenz Ziegfeld...

Item #672446

July 23, 1932

THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS, Omaha, Nebraska, July 23, 1932 

* Broadway producer Florenz Ziegfeld death

* Impresario - Show Boat

This 24 page newspaper has a nice 7 column headlines on the front page: "FLO ZIEGFELD, FAMED SHOWMAN, DIES" with subheads. Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Good condition.

source: wikipedia: Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. (March
... See More  

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Hitler runs for the Presidency...

Item #672430

February 23, 1932

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, February 23, 1932 

* Adolph Hitler runs for president (1st report) 

* The beginning of his rise to power 

* Platform: banishment of all Jews

This 22 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page: "HITLER TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT", "Leads Nazis Against Von Hindenburg" with smaller subheads that include: "Hitler Pl... See More  

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1932 Winter Olympics opening... Lake Placid...

Item #672429

February 05, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 5, 1932

* Winter Olympics open in Lake Placid, New York

This 44 page newspaper has a banner headline on page 26: "Shea and Jaffee Win Speed Skating Titles as Olympic Winter Games Start" with many subheads and related photos including a photo of the Canada hockey team (see photos).

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day throughout.... See More  

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Donn Clendenon's and Charlie Williams' obituaries...

Item #672326

September 18, 2005

LOS ANGELES TIMES, September 18, 2005

* Charlie Williams's and Donn Clendenon's obituaries

* MLB and Black Americana interest

Page B14 has: "Donn Clendenon, 70; Mets' 1969 World Series MVP" (for the "Miracle Mets), which tells of his recent death. A photo is included.

Directly above Clendenon's obituary is the death report of Charlie Williams which has the ... See More  

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Negro League star Satchel Paige signed with the Atlanta Braves...

Item #672324

August 13, 1968

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Mass., August 13, 1968

* Negro League star Satchel Paige signed with the Atlanta Braves at 70 years of age.

* He may pitch!

Page 6 has: "Ageless Satch Paige Has Signed On With Atlanta", which includes approx. 8 inches of supporting text. See images for details.

Complete in 10 pages, evenly toned, overall good.

Background: Satchel Paige had the honor of... See More  

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Gen. George S. Patton... Battle of the Bulge...

Item #672341

December 29, 1944

LOS ANGELES TIMES, December 29, 1944 

* General George S. Patton 

* U.S. First & Third Army - WWII

* Battle of the Bulge - Belgium

The front page has a nice banner headline: "NAZIS NEAR MEUSE CIRCLED BY YANKS" with subhead and photo of General Patton. (see)

Incomplete issue containing the first 4 pages only, loose at the spine, light toning at the folds, nice for d... See More  

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Obituary of Sarah Vaughan... Jazz vocalist...

Item #672275

April 05, 1990

LOS ANGELES TIMES, April 5, 1990

* Sarah Vaughan's obituary

* American Jazz vocalist, "The Divine One"

* 4-time Grammy winner and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award

Coverage begins on the front page with an image from the 1989 Grammy Awards, and continues on page A31 with an extensive article and photo. In a subsequent article headed: "Remembering 'Sas... See More  

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Mention of Dr. Franklin...

A Tory newspaper from the Revolutionary War...

Item #671967

April 01, 1778


* Revolutionary War Tory original

* Rare Pro British issue from America

This was a strongly Tory (supportive of the British cause) newspaper which began in 1775 and closed shop in May of 1778 when the British evacuated Philadelphia.

The front page includes an Act relating to detaining pers... See More  

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Simon Frith's early review of Elvis Costello...

Item #671871

December 26, 1977

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, December 26, 1977  The front page has: "Elvis Costello: Pleased to Aim", which shows the introduction to a review by the world renowned music critic Simon Frith, and includes a small image of Costello. The text of the review is found on page 55 and includes an additional photo.

An unrelated but interesting article is headed: "Female Trouble: Vale... See More  

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Airplane flight record photos & more...

Item #671715

September 09, 1911

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, September 9, 1911  Full page. photo: " Atwood in the Aeroplane in which he flew from St. Louis to Chicago and afterward from Chicago to New York." Report inside with two photos: "Atwood and His St. Louis-New York Flight" & another report: "Scientific Developments in Aerial Navigation".

This is complete in 16 pages and is in ver... See More  

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English Channel Lighthouse...

Item #671714

November 29, 1902

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, November 29, 1902  The cover features a full page photo of: "The Beachy Head Lighthouse, Recently Completed" in the English Channel, which contains a related article on an inside page.

Additional coverage, while not shown in the photos, includes: "The American Hemp Industry", "Thirty-Seven-Inch Mills Reflecting Telescope and Spectrograp... See More  

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Assaying gold and silver...

Item #671712

February 15, 1902

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, February 15, 1902  This issue contains the following prints, articles, and/or ads: Assaying Gold and Silver Bullion at the New York Assay Office; Mail Transportation in Cities;The Improvement of Washington; The Yerkes Observatory Two-Foot Reflector; A Pigeon Ranch; and other articles and advertisements.

The issue is complete in 16 pages and is in good condition... See More  

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Testing the "Lusitania"...

Item #671710

August 10, 1907

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, August 10, 1907, from New York.

* Testing the Lusitania

* The Great Mastodons

This issue contains the following prints and/or articles: The "Lusitania", "The International Kite Ascensions", "Erecting the Great Cantilever Bridge", "The Greatest Mastodons". This is a full issue and is in good condition. See photo for addit... See More  

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Great automobile issue...

Item #671708

January 06, 1912

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, January 6, 1912  This issue contains the following prints, articles and/or ads: "The Selection of a Motor Truck", "The Riding Qualities of a Cart", "Making the Starting Crank Obsolete", "A Fertile Field for Inventors - Opportunities Offered by the Automobile Industry", "Gasoline in War", "The Pleasure Boat&#... See More  

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Prepping for launching the "Akron"... Antarctic Expeditions...

Item #671700

November 11, 1911

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN magazine from New York, dated Nov. 11, 1911  An inside page has: "Preparations for Launching the 'Akron' for Its Trial Trip--Preliminaries for a More Complete Test", which includes a photo. Quite early for dirigibles. The front page has: "Antarctic Expeditions, Past and Present", which continues on an inside page. Other coverage includes: "... See More  

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Miami Heat wins NBA Championship...

Item #660579

June 22, 2012

USA TODAY, June 22, 2012.  The front page has the heading "MIAMI CROWNED" with a photo of Lebron James. 

The sports section starts with the heading "Big 3, season 2, ring 1", with a photo of Dwayne Wade and Lebron James. Other articles in the sports section include: "Given mulligan, Heat, James get redemption" and "'D' spells doom for Thunder&q... See More  

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Baltimore Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII...

Item #660578

February 04, 2013

YORK DAILY RECORD, Pennsylvania, February 4, 2013

*  Baltimore Ravens defeat 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII

* Jacoby Jones sets kick-return record

The front page has the heading "CHARMED" with a photo of Joe Flacco and the Score of "RAVENS 34, 49ERS 31"

The sports section displays a photo of Ray Rice with the heading "Electric Slide". Other articles include:... See More  

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