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Early refrigerator patent, a hay fork & Hay rack, CW reports...

Item #670961

April 25, 1863

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 25, 1863  The front page of this issue has an illustration and supporting text re: the "Bartlett's Patent Refrigerator". The inside pages has: "Cobb's Patent Hay Rack", "Raymond's Patent Hay Fork", "Johnson's Patent Piston-Rod Packing, and more. There are also two Civil War reports - one "The attack o... See More  

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Battle of Fort Donelson....

Item #670831

February 19, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, February 19, 1862 

* Battle of Fort Donelson victory

* Cumberland River - Tennessee

Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "The Great Victory", "Additional Particulars of the Capture of Fort Donelson", "Graphic Description of the Sanguinary Fight", and more.

Complete in eight pages. foxing more so near the margins, bit of s... See More  

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Repairing St. Paul's Covent Garden...

Item #669083

December 02, 1795


* St. Paul's, Covent Garden

Page 2 has an item from London headed: "St. Paul's Covent Garden" noting: "...repairs of which near 5000 pounds have...been expended was entirely destroyed by fire. The flames broke out in the cupola...".

Page 3 has a report of a meeting between Indian chiefs ... See More  

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A captain is tarred & feathered...

Item #669019

May 22, 1794


* 18th century American publication

A very ornate masthead makes this a displayable issue.

The middle of page 3 has an interesting item from Baltimore: "We have tarred & feathered the Captain of a vessel here for imprudently reversing the colours of the United States and placing the British above. It is said th... See More  

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Napoleon Bonaparte has gone "strayed or lost"...

Item #668966

October 25, 1798

FEDERAL GAZETTE & BALTIMORE DAILY ADVERTISER, Oct. 25, 1798  Page 3 has an interesting tongue-in-cheek report concerning Napoleon Buonaparte, whose army was recently defeated with his escape. It is headed: "Strayed Or Lost" and notes in part: "A Little, thin, fallow looking man, known by the name of Buonaparte. The last tie he was heard of was when he set sail from Malta...... See More  

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Frigate Constellation protecting our shores...

Item #668935

August 01, 1798

FEDERAL GAZETTE & BALTIMORE DAILY ADVERTISER, Aug. 1, 1798  Page 2 has: "Constellation Frigate, Or, Notice for French Pirates" which has: "The U.S. frigate Constellation...is now off our bar...to cruise along our southern coast for the protection of the American trade & the punishment of French insolence...".

Also a letter to the President from officers at Salisbu... See More  

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Lincoln initiates the building of a transcontinental railroad...

Item #668414

September 04, 1862

THE KANSAS STATE JOURNAL, Lawrence, Sept. 4, 1862 

* Pacific Railway Acts

* Transcontinental Railroad

* President Abraham Lincoln

* American Civil War era

Most of the ftpg. and a bit of page 2 are taken up with the very historic; "Pacific Railroad Bill", actually the first of two (the 2nd in 1864) which would provide federal subsidies in land and loans for the construction ... See More  

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Much talk on the Jay Treaty...

Item #668108

July 29, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 29, 1795 

* 18th century America

* Much on the Jay Treaty

Two-thirds of the front page is taken up with: "The Objections to the Treaty Refuted", referring to the controversial Jay Treaty. Page 2 has additional items concerning the Jay Treaty.

Four pages, small piece from the bottom margin affects one word on pages 1 & 2, otherwise nice co... See More  

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One of the last Old West outlaws is dead...

Item #667995

August 07, 1902

THE WEEKLY REPUBLICAN, Denver, Colorado, Aug. 7, 1902 

* Harry Tracy suicide death

* Old West outlaw

The front page has a two column head: "TRACY DIES BY HIS OWN HAND" with a subhead: "Red Handed Outlaw, Twice Badly Wounded in Fight With Farmers, Shoots Himself" plus more. He killed himself to avoid being captured.

Harry Tracy was an outlaw from the closing days of... See More  

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Quaint, amateur newspaper from Brooklyn...

Item #667969

April 01, 1905

THE MAGNET, Brooklyn, New York, April, 1905 

* Rare miniature size publication

This is the vol. 1 #4 issue of a quite rare title not listed in Union List of Serials or Union List of Newspapers. A small-size, amateurish newspaper in which a previous issue noted: "The 'Magnet' publishes interesting stories, poems, jokes, notes of school & society...is published every two ... See More  

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A displayable title... Much on the controversial Jay Treaty...

Item #666806

November 12, 1795


* 18th century America

* Much on the Jay Treaty

Beyond having one of the more decorative & displayable mastheads of the 18th century, over half of the front page is taken up with continued discussion headed: "Features on Mr. Jay's Treaty" with England, a very controversial document which was ulti... See More  

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The first successful magazine in the country...

Item #645581

March 10, 1744

THE CHRISTIAN HISTORY, Boston, Massachusetts, March 10, 1743,4  (year noted as such as it was 1743 or 1744 depending on which calendar was used).

* Very rare 18th century magazine

* 1st successful magazine in America

This was the very first successful magazine in America, preceded by just a few magazines which lasted but a couple of issues--one of which was by Ben Franklin. Even this t... See More  

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