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1893 Lizzie Borden murder trial ending...

Item #670819

June 08, 1893


* Lizzie Borden murder trial

* Fall River, Massachusetts

* Woman hatchet killings

Page 4 has an article with coverage on the Lizzie Borden murder case with heading: "Some Important Witnesses" "Examined In The Borden Case" "Lizzie Borden's Uncle on the Stand..." "" and more. Lengthy text takes up o... See More  

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Nice reporting on the investigation into the Lizzie Borden murder case...

Item #666671

August 05, 1892


* Lizzie Borden murder trial

The front page has nearly a full column taken up with reports concerning the infamous Lizzie Borden murder case. Column heads: "NEITHER MOTIVE NOR CLEW" "Murderer of the Bordens Leaves No Trace" "Fall River Police Working in the Dark".

The detailed text is great, and is quite early in th... See More  

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Great Fall River fire of 1928... Hometown of Lizzie Borden...

Item #657260

February 03, 1928

THE OMAHA BEE NEWS, Nebraska, February 3, 1928

* Fall River, Massachusetts fire disaster

* Home of murderess Lizzie Borden

The top of the front page has a nice banner headline: "FIRE RAGES IN HEART OF FALL RIVER" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. First report coverage on the Great Fall River fire of 1928.

Other news of the day. Complete with 18 pages, light toning at the mar... See More  

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The great Fall River, MA fire of 1928....

Item #573332

February 03, 1928

THE DAY, New London, Connecticut, February 3, 1928

* Fall River, Massachusetts fire disaster

* Home of Lizzie Borden

This 18 page newspaper has a nice five column headline on the front page: "$12,000,000 Blaze at Fall River Sweeps Business Area; No Lives Lost; Started in Abandoned Mill", with subheads (see images). Tells of the great Fall River, Massachusetts fire of 1928.

Othe... See More  

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