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Definitive proof of Einstein's theory of relativity... 'Epoch making'...

Item #673006

November 09, 1919

 NEW YORK TIMES, November 9, 1919  Page 6 begins with an article which, in scientific circles, is definitive proof of Einstein's theory of relativity.

As background, in 1916 Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity in full mathematical detail. That opened the window on a radically new framework for physics, abolishing established notions of space and time and repla... See More  

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Dirigible USS Akron crashes in 1933...

Item #672934

April 04, 1933


* Crash of the USS Akron (ZRS-4)

The front page has a nice banner headline announcing: "AIRSHIP AKRON LOST; 73 DIE?" with subheads. A few related photos are on the back page. An early first report as the fate of the airship and it's passengers were still unknown at the time of publication. Always nice to have notable events in history... See More  

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Soviets shock the world: Sputnik is launched...

Item #672933

October 07, 1957


* Sputnik 1 in orbit - success

* World's 1st orbiting artificial satellite

* Space race begins

A report in the space race, with a banner headline abovethe masthead: "RUSSIAN EXPERT TELLS OF 'MOON'" with subheads and related photo.

This event shocked the American scientific community and sufficiently scared the Americans ... See More  

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Amelia Earhart memorial (Eulogy) in 1937...

Item #672882

November 22, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 22, 1937.


* Amelia Earhart memorial (death)

* Lost over the Pacific Ocean

The top of page 5 has a three column photo with heading: "Honoring The Memory Of A Famous Aviatrix" Also a one column heading: "TRIBUTES ARE PAID TO AMELIA EARHART" with subheads. (see) Was this her official funeral after being lost over the Pacific Ocean in early... See More  

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Knute Rockne's physician warning....

Item #672879

December 24, 1930

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, December 24, 1930

* Knute Rockne suffering from exhaustion

* Notre Dame Fighting Irish football coach

The front page of section 2 (sports) has a one column heading: "Doctor Warns Rockne to Curb His Activities" (see) Rockne would be killed in a airplane crash a few months later.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 22 pages, this is ... See More  

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1969 Man walks on the moon...

Item #672838

July 21, 1969

DAILY NEWS, New York, July 21, 1969 

* Neil Armstrong

* Man walks on the Moon

A great front page on this famous tabloid-size newspaper reporting perhaps the most notable event of the 20th century: "MAN Lands on the MOON" with a photo of the moon in the background & the lunar lander above its surface (see). Much coverage & more photos inside,  with most of the bac... See More  

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Captain John Owen Donaldson death....

Item #672777

September 08, 1930

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 8, 1930

* Captain John Owen Donaldson

* World War I flying ace

* Airplane stunting death

Near the bottom of the front page is a two column heading: "Capt. J. O. Donaldson, War Ace and President Of Newark Air Service, Killed in Stunt Flying" (see) First report coverage on the death of World War I flying ace, John Owen Donaldson. Always nice to have no... See More  

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The first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean...

Item #672686

June 16, 1919

THE GLOBE, Bethlehem, Penn., June 16, 1919 

* 1st Non-stop Transatlantic airplane flight (historic)

* John Alcock & Arthur W. Brown

It may be a surprise to many that Charles Lindbergh was not the first to fly non-stop across the Atlantic (his was the first solo flight). Eight years previously the pair of John Alcock & Arthur Brown made the historic flight. The front page has a ... See More  

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1961 TWA Flight 529 disaster...

Item #672676

September 01, 1961

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, September 1, 1961

* TWA Flight 529 disaster

The front page has a nice banner headline: "78 Die In Fiery Plane Crash In Illinois" (see) First report coverage on the TWA Flight 529, Lockheed Constellation L-049, airplane crash near Hinsdale, Illinois.

Complete with 18 pages, light toning at the margins, nice condition.... See More  

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1990 Hubble Space Telescope launch...

Item #672599

May 25, 1990


* Hubble Space Telescope launch

* Space Shuttle Discovery

* Low Earth orbit operation

Near the bottom of the front page is a two column heading: "Powerful Telescope Soars Into Space Aboard Shuttle" (see) First report coverage continues on page 14 with related illustration and photo of the astronauts involved.

Complete with all sections (80+ pages)... See More  

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Amelia Earhart's Hometown welcome...

Item #672583

July 07, 1928

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 7, 1928

* Aviatrix Amelia Earhart

* Post Atlantic Ocean flight

* Airplane "Friendship"

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "CITY GREETS MISS EARHART; GIRL FLIER, SHY AND SMILING, SHARES PRAISE WITH MATES" with subheads. (see) 1st report coverage on Amelia Earhart's return to America after her famous airplane flight across th... See More  

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1996 TWA Flight 800 disaster...

Item #672573

July 18, 1996

LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 18, 1996

* TWA Flight 800 explosion tragedy

* Boeing 747-100 airplane - airliner

* Montoursville Area High School students

The front page has a nice banner headline: "N.Y. Jet Explodes; 229 Aboard; Flight to Paris Plunges in Flames Into Ocean" with subheads and related diagram.

Very nice condition.... See More  

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Lindbergh baby found dead in 1932...

Item #672544

May 13, 1932

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass., Extra, May 13, 1932 

* Charles Lindbergh Jr. baby kidnapping

* 1st report coverage of the death

The top of the front page has a great banner headline: "LINDBERGH BABY FOUND DEAD" with subhead and photo. (see) Nice for display.

Complete with all 16 pages, light toning at the margins, a few small binding holes along the spine, generally very nice.... See More  

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"Henry Farman flew 150 miles in 4 hours, 17 minutes and 35 seconds"... Charles Darwin...

Item #672537

November 20, 1909

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, November. 20, 1909 

The full front page illustration shows the biplane in which Henry Farman flew 150 miles in 4 hours, 17 minutes and 35 seconds.  Additionally, there is a full 2 page spread inside including both articles and images(see images).  This issue also includes an article titled, "Charles Darwin and Mendelism ... Evolution Past and Pre... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Lindbergh baby is kidnapped...

Item #672517

March 02, 1932

(2) TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE, March 2 & 3, 1932

* 2 issue set - 1st & 2nd day reporting

* Charles Lindbergh, Jr.

* Baby kidnapping (1st report)
- "Crime of the Century"

This kidnapping would become known as the 'crime of the (20th) century', mostly due to the popularity of the father who had made one of the most historic flights in aviation history just a few years e... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Assassination of JFK with many photos...

Item #672511

November 23, 1963

DAILY NEWS, New York, Nov. 23, 1963 

* John F. Kennedy assassination

The front page is dominated by the dramatic report: "PRESIDENT KILLED" with related subhead, and the famous photo of Lyndon Johnson being sworn into office on board the airplane before returning to Washington (see). Much more inside.

Complete in 24 pages, tabloid size, very nice condition.... See More  

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Golfer Bobby Jones in 1930 photos....

Item #672431

July 06, 1930

ROTOGRAVURE SECTION of the New York Times, July 6, 1930

* Bobby Jones welcome home

* British Open champion

* Broadway ticker tape parade

* Airplane endurance record flight

* "City of Chicago"- Stinson SM-1 Detroiter

* John and Kenneth Hunter

The front page has five related photos regarding the Hunter brothers endurance airplane flight. But inside there are 8 related photos re... See More  

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Death of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky... Rockets pioneer

Item #672398

September 20, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 20, 1935

* Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky death

* Father of rockets & Astronautics

Page 21 has one column headings: "TSIOLKOVSKI IS DEAD; DESIGNER OF ROCKETS" "Willed All Works on Aviation to Soviet When He Felt His Illness Would Be Fatal" 1st report coverage on the death of this famous scientist who is one of the founding fath... See More  

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1932 Lindbergh baby safe return ?....

Item #672241

March 03, 1932

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass., March 3, 1932

* Charles Lindbergh Jr. baby kidnapping case

This was one of the most famous crime mysteries of the 20th century which ended with the execution of Bruno Hauptmann. Here is a banner headline that suggests the Lindbergh baby was still alive with: "Reports Lindbergh Baby Held In New Jersey" and subheads and photo of Charles Jr. Nice for display... See More  

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Douglas Corrigan famous flight in 1938...

Item #672235

July 20, 1938

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 20, 1938.


* Douglas 'Wrong Way' Corrigan famous flight

* New York to Ireland - Unintentional ?

The front page has a one column heading: "CORRIGAN PRAISED BY IRISH PREMIER" with subhead. (see) Coverage continues on page 12 with related photo. A printing flaw within the photo. (see)

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Co
... See More  

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1872 Women's suffrage... Mrs. Lozier...

Item #671909

April 28, 1872

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 28, 1872

* Gunn City massacre - Missouri

* Vigilantes murder - Cass County

* KKK - Ku Klux Klan in Illinois

The top of page 9 has one column headings that include: "BORDER RUFFIANS" "Missourian Cutthroats Organized for Massacre" "Terrible Murder of Signers of Anti-Bellum Bonds" and more. (see)

Complete with all 16 pages, a little ir... See More  

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Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star made public...

Item #671899

August 01, 1945


* Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star debuts

* United States Army Air Forces jet fighter

* World War II nears the end

The top of the front page has a two column photo with heading: "Army's New Jet Plane, P-80 Tops 550 Miles Per Hour" with subhead. (see)

Complete with 16 pages, light toning and some wear at the margins, generally good.... See More  

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Amelia Earhart honored...

Item #671863

May 23, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 23, 1932 

* Amelia Earhart - London welcome

* re. Transatlantic flight (Airplane)

* 1st woman to achieve solo

The top of the front page has one column headings: "MRS. PUTNAM LANDS AT LONDON IN STORM; GREETED BY MELLON" "Crowds at Croydon Airdrome Disappointed as Ocean Flier Goes to Private Field" "Cheered In Pouring Rain" and more.... See More  

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1873 Lemont, Illinois train wreck disaster...

Item #671765

August 18, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 18, 1873

* Lemont, Illinois train wreck

* Chicago and Alton Railroad disaster

The top of page 7 has one column headings that include: "ANOTHER DISASTER" "Dreadful Railroad Collision Near Lemont, Twenty Miles from Chicago" "Eleven Passengers Killed--Thirty-five Maimed and Scalded" "Terrible Scenes" and more. (see) Text takes ... See More  

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1928 Hubert Wilkins trans-Arctic flight....

Item #671720

April 23, 1928


* Australian polar explorer & aviator Hubert Wilkins

* Trans-arctic airplane flight w/ Carl Ben Eielson

* Point Barrow, Alaska to Spitsbergen, Norway

The front page has a one column heading: "CAPT. WILKINS TELLS STORY OF POLAR FLIGHT" with subhead. (see) Related map on page 2.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Compl... See More  

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Airplane flight record photos & more...

Item #671715

September 09, 1911

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, September 9, 1911  Full page. photo: " Atwood in the Aeroplane in which he flew from St. Louis to Chicago and afterward from Chicago to New York." Report inside with two photos: "Atwood and His St. Louis-New York Flight" & another report: "Scientific Developments in Aerial Navigation".

This is complete in 16 pages and is in ver... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Great automobile issue...

Item #671708

January 06, 1912

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, January 6, 1912  This issue contains the following prints, articles and/or ads: "The Selection of a Motor Truck", "The Riding Qualities of a Cart", "Making the Starting Crank Obsolete", "A Fertile Field for Inventors - Opportunities Offered by the Automobile Industry", "Gasoline in War", "The Pleasure Boat&#... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Luyties Helicopter... Largest Ever Tested (?)...

Item #671703

July 11, 1908

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, July 11, 1908 The front page has two halfpg. photos of: "The Luyties Helicopter, Probably The Largest Experimental Rotary Flying Machine Ever Tested"., which includes supporting text on an inside page. Also present is: "United States Scout Cruiser 'Salem'...", "Testing New York's High Pressure Fire Service", "A Collectio... See More  

Item from Catalog 297 (released for August, 2020)...

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Bleriot monoplane... Grahame-White bi-plane...

Item #671701

November 05, 1910

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, November 5, 1910 Full frontpage photo: "Auburn in his fast Bleriot monoplane and Grahame-White in a farmer biplane during one of the hourly distance contests" which is in regards to "The International Aviation Meeting". This also has an accompanying three page article inside on the meet, with many more photos. Also within the article are: "Th... See More  

Item from Catalog 297 (released for August, 2020)...

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Prepping for launching the "Akron"... Antarctic Expeditions...

Item #671700

November 11, 1911

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN magazine from New York, dated Nov. 11, 1911  An inside page has: "Preparations for Launching the 'Akron' for Its Trial Trip--Preliminaries for a More Complete Test", which includes a photo. Quite early for dirigibles. The front page has: "Antarctic Expeditions, Past and Present", which continues on an inside page. Other coverage includes: "... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Hubert Wilkins trans-Arctic airplane flight....

Item #671670

June 03, 1928

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Rotogravure section only, June 3, 1928

* Australian polar explorer & aviator Hubert Wilkins

* Trans-arctic airplane flight w/ Carl Ben Eielson

* Point Barrow, Alaska to Spitsbergen, Norway

The front page of this rotogravure section has 7 related photos concerning the trans-arctic airplane flight. Nice for display.

Other topics throughout. Eight pages, irregular alo... See More  

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Charles Lindbergh receives Medal of Honor...

Item #671669

March 22, 1928

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 22, 1928

 * Aviator Charles Lindbergh

* President Calvin Coolidge

* Receives Medal of Honor

* Transatlantic airplane flight

The front page has a one column heading: "COOLIDGE PRESENTS MEDAL TO LINDBERGH" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on aviator Charles Lindbergh receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Calvin Coolidge.... See More  

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1873 Jesse James' first railroad robbery...

Item #671648

July 23, 1873

NEW YORK HERALD, July 23, 1873 

* Jesse James-Younger Gang

* First train robbery - holdup

* Rock Island Railroad - Adair, Iowa

Page 6 has an editorial on the first train robbery by Jesse James and the James Gang, although the men were not identified at the time of this report.

The editorial is headed: "Highwaymen on the Rail" See images for text. This holdup took place just... See More  

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Jesse James & Younger brothers train robbery...

Item #671617

December 09, 1874

NEW YORK TIMES, December 9, 1874 

* Jesse James-Younger Gang

* Muncie, Kansas train robbery (1st report)

Page 5 has an article: "Another Bold Railroad Robbery" "A Train Stopped and the Express-Car Robbed By Five Masked Men" with the article providing various details as know at that point. This article is followed by: "Another Account of the Robbery". This ... See More  

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Charles Nungesser Transatlantic Flight Try In 1927...

Item #671368

May 09, 1927

KANSAS CITY JOURNAL-POST, Missouri, May 9, 1927.

* Aviator Charles Nungesser

* Transatlantic airplane flight try

* Just before Charles Lindbergh

The front page has one column headlines: "OCEAN FLIERS BELIEVED HALF WAY ACROSS" "Nungesser and Coli, Attempting Nonstop Flight From Paris To New York, Carry No Wireless" "Flying In Face Of Storm" and more. (see) 1st ... See More  

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The shuttle Challenger explodes in 1986...

Item #671331

February 01, 2003

TUCSON CITIZEN, Arizona, EXTRA, Feb. 1, 2003

* Space Shuttle Columbia disaster

* Early 1st report - nice for display

The front page announces one of the more tragic events in U.S. space history with: "SHUTTLE BREAKS UP; Seven aboard Columbia dead" with subhead and photo. Nice for display.

Complete 1st section with pages 1-10, very nice condition.... See More  

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Robert Goddard.... early rockets... Charles Lindbergh, Jr. ?...

Item #671326

July 10, 1930

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, July 10, 1930

* Robert H. Goddard - Early rockets - rocketry

* 1st photo of Charles Lindbergh Jr. ?

This 52 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 27 that include: "GUGGENHEIM BACKS ROCKET SKY-STUDY", "Gives Fund to Continue 17 Years of Work Done by Prof. Goddard of Clark University", "250 Miles Up Is Aim" and more (see i... See More  

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Howard Hughes airplane accident...

Item #671295

July 08, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 8, 1946 

* Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini

* Canonized by Roman Catholic Church

* Howard Hughes airplane crash 

* XF-11 Surveillance aircraft

The front page has a two column heading announcing: "Mother Cabrini Canonized; Pope in Homily Urges Peace" with subhead. (see) First report coverage on Mother Cabrini becoming the 1st American citizen to b... See More  

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Soviets take the lead in the space race...

Item #671184

April 12, 1961


* Yuri Gagarin - Vostok 1 - Soviet cosmonaut

* 1st human into outer space (1st report)

The front page accounts the Soviets taking the lead in the space race with the headline: "RUSS ORBIT, LAND FIRST SPACEMAN" with subhead on Yuri Gagarin's historic flight.

Also ftpg. content concerning the trial of Adolf Eichmann for crimes against ... See More  

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1958 Atlas 10B launching...

Item #671153

December 19, 1958

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Phoenix, December 19, 1958

* Atlas missile launching

* 1st voice relay satellite

* 1st object visible w/ naked eye

The front page has a nice banner headline: "U.S. ATLAS IN ORBIT; BIGGEST SATELLITE YET" with subheads and folur related photos. Nice for display.

Complete with 48 pages, small binding holes along the spine/2st column, nice condition.

wikiped... See More  

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The dirigible Hindenburg explodes... The very famous photograph...

Item #671122

May 07, 1937

INCOMPLETE ISSUE of the Los Angeles Evening Herald and Express, May 7, 1937 

* Hindenburg airship disaster PHOTOs

* Lakehurst NJ New Jersey

Present here are pages 3-6 and 11-14 only with page 3 has two photo of the burnt skeleton of the famous airship. The following pages have some reporting with a full page pictorial on page 12 which show the infamous explosion. (see)

Incomplete issu... See More  

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1st air raid on Berlin during WWII...

Item #671121

June 08, 1940

HERALD EXPRESS, Los Angeles, 5th WAR EXTRA, June 8, 1940

* 1st allied bombing of Berlin, Germany

* French bomber raids German capital

* World War II - WWII original

The front page has a nice banner headline above the masthead: "ALLIES BOMB BERLIN" with subhead. (see) Nice for display. Another WWII related banner headline also.

Complete with all 30 pages, light toning and minor ... See More  

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Amelia Earhart attempts to become the first woman to fly the Atlantic...

Item #671098

June 06, 1928

THE WORLD, New York, June 6, 1928  The ftpg. begins with a two column head: "Miss Earhart Plans Atlantic Hop To-Day If the Wind Changes" with several subheads including: "Attempt May Be Made For A Distance Record". Also a photo of: "Wilmer Stultz", the pilot.

After weather & other complications Earhart would fly the Atlantic on June 17 becoming the first wom... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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News from the Confederacy...

Item #671063

October 31, 1862

DAILY COLUMBUS ENQUIRER, Georgia, Oct. 31, 1862  Certainly one of the less common Confederate titles from the Civil War. Columbus is in Southwest Georgia on the Alabama border very near Montgomery.

Among the various reports inside are: "From the Army of the Potomac" "An Immense Train" "Progress & Events of the War" "Columbus Guards & Columbus Volunt... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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1972 missing in Alaska airplane flight mystery...

Item #671060

October 18, 1972

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 18, 1972

* "Missing in Alaska" airplane disappearance

* Hale Boggs & Nick Begich goes missing

The top of the front page has a two column heading: "Hale Bogg's Plane Hunted Along South Alaska Coast" with subhead and photo of Boggs. Coverage continues on page 30 with another photo. (see)

Complete with 80 pages, light crease on the front pa... See More  

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Criminal career of Texas outlaw Sam Bass comes to an end...

Item #671056

July 22, 1878

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, July 22, 1878  The top of page 7 has column heads: "THE JIG IS UP" "Sam Bass and His Gang Come to Grief" "A Running Fight With the Texas Desperadoes" "Their Attempt to Rob to Bank at Round Rock" "Barnes Shot Dead & His Chief Mortally Wounded" "Two of the Pursuing Party Also Bite the Dust".

Thi... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Charles Lindbergh's ticker tape parade...

Item #671053

June 14, 1927

OMAHA EVENING BEE & OMAHA DAILY NEWS, June 14, 1927  The front page has a banner headline: "WEATHER STOPS 'LINDY'S' FLYING TO CAPITAL" with subheads and a photo of the New York ticker-tape parade for Charles Lindbergh headed "When 'Lindy' Came Home".

Complete in 18 pages, good condition.

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Two more victories over the Creek Indians...

Item #670992

February 22, 1814

THE WAR, New York, Feb. 22, 1814  Most of the front page is taken up with: "Fifth Victory Over the Creeks" as well as: "Sixth Victory Over the Creeks". Notable content inside includes: "Failure of Our Arms on the Northern Frontier" which is prefaced with a "Message" signed in type: James Madison and which includes documents signed by H. Dearborn and Joh... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Oswego during the French & Indian War, with maps...

Item #670988
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1757  Among the inside pages is a quite lengthy & detailed article titled: "An Historical Account of American Affairs during the Two last years, with a particular journal of the Siege & Surrender of Oswego" with this text taking over six pages (see photos for portions). This text also includes a report headed "Account o
... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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1911 transcontinental airmail flight planning....

Item #670917

October 03, 1911

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, October 3, 1911

* Pilot Earle Lewis Ovington planning

* 1st transcontinental airmail airplane flight

The top of the front page has a three column headline: "Plans to Transport Mail Across The Continent in An Aeroplane" with subheads and related pictorial. Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find ... See More  

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