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Item #679987

June 12, 1940

LOS ANGELES EXAMINER, June 12, 1940  (9 A.M. Final Edition)

* Great WWII reporting!

* War Extra

The top of the front page has: "WAR EXTRA", followed by the dramatic 2-line, full-banner headline: "NAZIS DESTROYED IN FRENCH ATTACK". Additional headlines include: "BRITISH SMASH ITALY BASIS" and "Rain Aids Defense of Paris; Fascist Bombs Hit Geneva.&... See More  

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Martin Luther King Day Established...

Item #675959

November 02, 1983

LOS ANGELES TIMES, November 2, 1983

* President Ronald Reagan Creates MLK National Holiday

* Coretta Scott King attends signing of bill

The front page of this issue has both an image and an article of President Ronald Reagan publicly signing a bill to establish January 18th as a Federal Holiday celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King. This issue is the Late Final edition and so it contains ... See More  

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The Bicentennial Celebration (United States)...

Item #652622

July 05, 1976

LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 5, 1976 (Morning Final Edition)

* The Bicentennial festivities

* The United States celebrates 200th birthday...

* Neil Diamond feature article - a mere coincidence

A terrific issue on the celebration of the Bicentennial of The United States. The front page has several photos, including a banner photo captioned, "BY LAND AND SEA...," split between a shot sh... See More  

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The final edition of the Augusta Herald...

Item #637456

April 30, 1993

AUGUSTA HERALD, August, Florida, April 30, 1993

* The last issue published by this Florida title

The front page has the bold, two-line, full-banner headline: "Farewell, Augusta!", with subheads: "Herald says goodbye to town", and, "A letter from the publisher" (signed is script type, Billy Morris, with a related photo.

Believed to be complete in 18 pages, with ... See More  

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Item #177566

May 28, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 28, 1910

The front page of this issue has a photo of "'Lest We Forget!.' "

This issue has an illustration of "Attorney-General Wickersham, Backed by the President, Is Reading the Insurgents Out of the Republican Party" by Kemble. There is a photo of "In a Springtime Comedy--Miss Louise Dresser" and a double page illustr... See More  

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