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Pele's last professional soccer game in 1977...

Item #693946

June 04, 1975

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 4, 1975

* Forward Pelé - to play in America announcement

* New York Cosmos - Brazilian footballer

Near the bottom of the front page is a three column heading: "Pele to Play Soccer Here for $7-Million" with photo. First report coverage continues inside with another photo. (see) He would play his 1st game in about 2 weeks after this announcement.

I ... See More  

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Brazil football team wins 1994 FIFA World Cup...

Item #679057

July 18, 1994

LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 18, 1994

* Brazil wins 1994 FIFA World Cup of Soccer

* vs. Italy - penalty shoot-out - Rose Bowl

The front page has a three column headline: "Brazil Beats Italy for World Cup in Dramatic Penalty-Kick Showdown" with nice color photo. Much more in the sport's section, see images for portions. Nice to have in this publication as the final was played in the... See More  

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Ted Drake's seven goals record soccer game...

Item #675551

December 15, 1935

NEW YORK TIMES, sport's section only, December 15, 1935

* Ted Drake - Arsenal football club (soccer)

* Villa Park, Aston, Birmingham, England

* Seven goals - top-flight record game

Page 4 of this section has a one column heading: "SOCCER MARK SET AS 60,000 LOOK ON" with subheads that include: "Seven Goals by Drake of Arsenal Best Under English League's New Rule"... See More  

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Game of the Century - FIFA World Cup (soccer)...

Item #674841

June 18, 1970

THE PRATT TRIBUNE, Kansas, June 18, 1970

* Italy 4-3 over West Germany

* FIFA World Cup soccer

* Game of the Century

The sport's section (page 2) has a one column heading: "Soccer Cup" First report coverage on the semi-final games of the 1970 FIFA World Cup. The Italy vs. West Germany match is known in the soccer World as the 'Game of the Century'. With soccer being a... See More  

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The very first World Cup soccer championship game...

Item #655679

July 31, 1930


* Very 1st World Cup soccer championship game

This issue of the Times reports the final game of the very first World Cup tournament. With soccer being a somewhat unknown sport in the United States at the time, it is exceedingly difficult to find any 1930 reports of the World Cup in American newspapers, coverage lacking in several major city publications.

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First games of the very first World Cup...

Item #644538

July 14, 1930

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 14, 1930

* First World Cup Soccer games

* Damaged issue - fraction of price

The World Cup tournament began in 1930, with Wikipedia noting its creation: "Due to the success of soccer at the Olympic games,an official game beginning in 1908, the FIFA started looking at staging its own international tournament outside of the Olympics. On 28 May 1928, the FIFA Congr... See More  

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Battle of Highbury... England vs. Italy soccer...

Item #638083

November 15, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 15, 1934

* Battle of Highbury

* FIFA World Cup match

* England vs. Italy soccer

* Arsenal Stadium

The sport's section (page 30) has a one column heading: "ENGLAND TRIUMPHS AT SOCCER, 3-2" with subheads and lineups. (see) I suspect this is one of the few publications to report this particular event as other titles in our inventory do not.

Other n... See More  

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England Wins World Cup in 1966.....

Item #553567

July 31, 1966

SPRINGFIELD SUNDAY REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, July 31, 1966

* England wins World Cup

* Soccer

This 124 page newspaper has a five column headline on the front page of the sport's section: "England Wins World Cup, 4-2" with related photo.
Other news of the day throughout. Minor margin wear, otherwise in good condition.
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The "Sports Illustrated" of its day in 1927...

Item #209646

May 28, 1927

THE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, New York, May 28, 1927 This newspaper became the "scandal sheet" of its day, with the salacious front page photo giving evidence, but within these pages is much photographic coverage of sports (see below) including boxing, baseball, motorcycle racing, track, golf, soccer, horse racing, and more. You get the complete 24 page issue printed on pinkish colored paper, ... See More  

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