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Muhammad Ali is stripped of his boxing crown...

Item #674758

April 29, 1967

THE RUSSELL DAILY NEWS, Kansas, April 28 & 29, 1967 

* Cassius Clay changes name to Muhammad Ali

* Stripped of the Heavyweight boxing title belt

* For avoiding Vietnam War military draft

The April 28th issue has a one column heading on the front page: "Clay Refuses to Take Oath After Passing Exams" (see) The April 29th issue has a one column heading on page 4: "Cla... See More  

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Manson sentenced to death... Calley & the Mylai massacre...

Item #674637

March 30, 1971

THE RUSSELL DAILY NEWS, Kansas, March 30, 1971 

* Charles Manson & girls sentenced to death

* William Calley Jr. found guilty

* My Lai Massacre - South Vietnam

The front page has two notable reports, the first being a 3 column heading: "Death Sentence Given 'To Protect Society'" (see)

The other notable front page report is a four column heading: "Uproar Ove... See More  

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Pentagon Papers exposed in 1971....

Item #674259

June 17, 1971

DAILY WORLD, New York City, June 17, 1971

* Pentagon Papers 1st made public

* Vietnam War - Lyndon Johnson

* Angela Davis in jail for gun violations

An uncommon title, being a tabloid-size newspaper with an editorial policy which reflects the views of the Communist party. This newspaper was previously known as the "Daily Worker".

The front page has a nice banner headline that r... See More  

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U.S. involvement in Vietnam War ends....

Item #674078

January 24, 1973

LOS ANGELES TIMES, January 24, 1973

* Vietnam War cease-fire accord

* United States involvement ends

The front page has a nice banner headline: "NIXON ANNOUNCES 'PEACE WITH HONOR'; Cease-Fire Saturday; POWs to Be Released in 60 Days" with subheads and photo of Kissinger shaking hands with Le Duc Tho. (see) Much more on the following pages including two famous images (see),... See More  

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1965 U.S. Embassy bombing in Saigon...

Item #672438

March 30, 1965

THE DETROIT NEWS, March 30, 1965

* U.S. Embassy bombing

* Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

* Vietnam War - conflict

The front page has a nice banner headline: "Bomb Kills 13, Injures 183 at U.S. Saigon Embassy" with subheads and related photo. (see) Nice for display.

Complete with 40+ pages, small library stamp within masthead, small binding holes along the spine, generally very nice.... See More  

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U.S. involvement in Vietnam War ends....

Item #671678

January 24, 1973

THE TAMPA TRIBUNE, January 24, 1973

* Vietnam War cease-fire accord

* United States involvement ends


The front page has a nice banner headline: "Peace In Viet" with subheads and related photo.

Front leaf only (pages 1 & 2), a little wear along the bottom margin, nice for display as such.... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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Muhammad Ali indicted for draft dodging...

Item #668059

May 09, 1967


* Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) - Boxer

* Vietnam War draft 

Page 2 has a three column photo showing Muhammad Ali talking with reporters with small heading: "I'm Serious" with some text. (See) First report coverage on the Cassius Clay indictment for draft dodging during the Vietnam War.

Complete with 10 pages, small binding ... See More  

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1965 Anti Vietnam War march...

Item #663944

November 28, 1965

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 28, 1965

* March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam

The front page has a two column heading: "Thousands Walk in Capital To Protest War in Vietnam" with subhead and related photo. (see) First report coverage here.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 70+ page Sunday edition, light toning at the margins, close cut along the right... See More  

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The early Seventies - Watergate, Nixon resigns, Vietnam Peace Agreement signed, and more...

Item #658465
SNAPSHOT OF THE EARLY 70's - A set of seven authentic front pages (in some cases more) with headlines covering: Richard Nixon's 2nd Election, Watergate, Spiro Agnew's resignation, Nixon's resignation, Gerald Ford's appointment, Nelson Rockefeller's, and the the signing of the Vietnam War Peace Agreement - all illustrating the whirlwind of events covering the early part of t... See More  

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Coup in Vietnam... Death of Elsa Maxwell..

Item #637743

November 02, 1963

THE DETROIT NEWS, Michigan, November 2, 1963  The banner headline reads "Diem, Brother Dead" with subheads "Buddhist Named Vietnam Chief" "Ngo Suicides Reported; Crowds Celebrate Coup". This was the military coup in Vietnam and includes a photo of the Saigon Palace which shows how that had been ransacked. A related article is 'Stabbed' by U.S. -- Mme. Nhu... See More  

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New Year's Eve... 1965...

Item #627808

December 31, 1965

DETROIT FREE PRESS, December 31, 1965

* Reporting from New Year's Eve in the mid-sixties

* Sean Connery, James Bond, Jackie Kennedy, Edward W. Brooke, Gemini, Vietnam, Peanuts, Billy Graham, etc.

What was life like on New Year's Eve, 1965? This issue does a wonderful job of depicting the turning of the years during this formative time in world history.

Other news, sports an
... See More  

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Operation Rolling Thunder ends....

Item #620131

November 01, 1968

THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR, Tucson, November 1, 1968

* Operation Rolling Thunder ends

* North Vietnam bombardment

* United States Air Force

The front page has a great banner headline in red lettering: "HALT BOMBARDMENT ORDERED BY PRESIDENT" with subheads and related photo. (see)

Incomplete issue containing 8 of the 12 pages of the 1st section only of a 52 page newspaper, very nice f... See More  

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Battle of Khe Sanh begins... Vietnam War...

Item #597627

January 22, 1968

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, January 22, 1968 

* Battle of Khe Sanh begins 

* Vietnam War

The front page has one column headlines: "Foe's Toll Heavy In Attacks", "Enemy Troops Melt Into Jungle After Assaults on Outposts" 1st report coverage on the initial start of the battle of Khe Sanh during the Vietnam War.

Other news, sports and advert... See More  

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Jackson State University killings...

Item #596465

May 16, 1970

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, May 16, 1970 

* Jackson State University 

* Vietnam War student protests

The front page has a one column heading: "2 Negroes Killed on Miss. Campus". 1st report coverage on the Jackson State University killings, which involved student protesters against the Vietnam War being shot at by police. This was shortly after the Kent St... See More  

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Joseph Kittinger record parachute jump....

Item #592166

August 17, 1960

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Fitchburg,  Massachusetts, August 17, 1960

* Joseph Kittinger parachute jump

* Excelsior III (1st report)

This 32 page newspaper has a two column photo of "Air Force Capt. Joseph Kittinger stands beside the open balloon gondola" with small caption: "Makes Record Leap".

Other news, sports and advertisements of  the day throughout. Ve... See More  

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Desecration of the schools in the South... My Lai massacare probe...

Item #590046

January 14, 1970

JACKSONVILLE JOURNAL, Jacksonville, Florida, January 14, 1970 The front page of the issue contains bold headlines "Pupil Integration Ordered By Feb. 1" and "Teachers Get Integration Notices". The desecration would take place in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Also on the front page is a report "GI List Growing In My Lai Probe" deals with the Army... See More  

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Paris Peace Accords signed...

Item #575711

January 27, 1973

THE RUSSELL DAILY NEWS, Russell, Kansas, January 27, 1973

* Paris Peace Accords signed

* Vietnam War ends for U.S.

* Early same day report

This 6 page newspaper has a four column headline on the front page: "Cease-Fire Agreement Is Signed"

This tells of the Paris Peace Accrods being signed which ending direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War.

Other news, sports... See More  

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USS Forrestal disaster....

Item #563270

July 29, 1967

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, July 29, 1967

* USS Forrestal (CV-59) disaster (1st report)

* Fire & explosions

This 12 page newspaper has a five column headline on the front page: "26 Die In Holocaust On Carrier Forrestal" with caption: "29 Jets Destroyed Or Damaged"

Tells of the USS Forrestal fire disaster off of North Vietnam.

Other news of th... See More  

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Saigon Floating Restaurant bombed in 1965....

Item #221500

June 26, 1965

DETROIT FREE PRESS, MI, June 26, 1965.


* My Canh floating restaurant bombing...

* Saigon...

* Airplane crash...

This 30+ page newspaper has a three line, two column headline on the front page: "Cafe Bomb In Saigon Fatal to 31" Tells of the My Canh floating restaurant bombing in Saigon Vietnam. Other news of the day including a nice headline on a airplane crash on t
... See More  

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Lawrence Joel Receives Medal of Honor...

Item #216775

March 10, 1967

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, March 10, 1967.

* Lawrence Joel

* African American Medic

* Congessional Medal of Honor

This 12 page newspaper has a two column photo on the front page of President Lyndon Johnson giving Lawrence Joel, medical corpsman the medal of honor (see photo). Other news of the day with ads throughout. Small binding holes, otherwise in good condition.

... See More  

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