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1968 Apollo 8 human spaceflight...

Item #683262

December 27, 1968

HERALD EXEMINER, Extra, Los Angeles, December 27, 1968

* Apollo 8 human spaceflight ends

* 1st manned spacecraft to leave Earth's orbit

* 1st to reach the Moon

* James Lovell - Frank Borman - William Anders

The front page has a nice banner headline: "APOLLO HOME" with subhead and photo.

Complete 1st section only with all 16 pages, light rubbing on the front page, nice condi... See More  

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Apollo 8 human spaceflight...

Item #648985

December 26, 1968

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, December 26, 1968

* Apollo 8 human spaceflight

* 1st manned spacecraft to leave Earth orbit

* 1st to reach the Moon

* James Lovell - Frank Borman - William Anders

The front page has five column headline: "Apollo 8 Is Hurtling Back From History Making Flight" with related photo. (see)

Complete with all 22 pages, small binding holes along the... See More  

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Apollo 8...

Item #591932

December 24, 1968

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Leominster, Massachusetts, December 24, 1968

* Apollo 8

* Moon mission

This 18 page newspaper has a banner headline on the front page: "Astronauts, Apollo 8 Orbiting The Moon". 

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Tiny binding holes along the spine, otherwise in nice condition.... See More  

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Ocean Liner Queen Elizabeth Final Voyage In 1968...

Item #210054

December 09, 1968

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, December 9, 1968

This 24 page newspaper has an historic front page headline: "Queen Elizabeth Ends Final Voyage" with a nice four column photo of the famous ocean Liner. Tells of her final voyage as a luxury Cruise ship.

Other news of the day throughout with loads of advertisements. Nice condition.

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Item #160264

December 23, 1968

EVENING TELEGRAM, Dec. 23, 1968 Two line, three column head: 'Pueblo Crew Comes Home' on the 82 U.S. Pueblo crewmen being set free from North Korea after 11 months in captivity. Minor mend.

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