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1965 Anti Vietnam War march...

Item #663944

November 28, 1965

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 28, 1965

* March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam

The front page has a two column heading: "Thousands Walk in Capital To Protest War in Vietnam" with subhead and related photo. (see) First report coverage here.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 70+ page Sunday edition, light toning at the margins, close cut along the right... See More  

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The big blackout...

Item #637297

November 10, 1965

NEW YORK JOURNAL AMERICAN, November 10, 1965  Banner headlines "THE BIG BLACKOUT" "How -- Why Did It Happen?" with subheads "Johnson Orders Immediate probe; FBI On the Job"; "The Stark Preview for 30,000,00 -- If Enemy struck" and more. This features a photo "Lower Manhattan Skyscrapers Photographed from Brooklyn are Dark. The Lights are from Tied-... See More  

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Harry Blackstone Sr. death...

Item #604760

November 17, 1965

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, November 17, 1965

* Harry Blackstone  Sr. death

* Magician - illusionist

Page 17 has a one column headline:

"Magician Blackstone Dies At 82"

See images for 1st report coverage on the death of famed magician, Harry Blackstone, Sr.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 38 pages, minor spine wear, nice conditi... See More  

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Cassius Clay... Muhammad Ali....

Item #566578

November 23, 1965

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, November 23, 1965 

* Cassius Clay  

* Muhammad Ali 

* Floyd Patterson

* Heavyweight boxing title fight

This 44 page newspaper has a three column headline on the front page: "Clay Wins on TKO in 12th" with subheads and action photo. (see)

Also a nice banner headline on page 34 reads: "Clay Keeps Heavyweight T... See More  

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Craig Breedlove tops 600 M.P.H.....

Item #216298

November 16, 1965

DETROIT FREE PRESS, Michigan, November 16, 1965.

* Craig Breedlove and the Spirit of America Sonic 1 breaks 600 M.P.H. at the Utah Salt Flats in original reporting - unique gift idea

This 30+ page newspaper has a two line, five column headline on the front page of the sports section: "Breedlove Does It Again---First to Go 600 MPH" with subheads: "Salt Flats Run Called 'Perfe
... See More  

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Lee Ann Roberts Breedlove Speed Record in 1965....

Item #216219

November 05, 1965

DETROIT FREE PRESS, Michigan, November 5, 1965.

* Mrs. Lee Ann Roberts Breedlove breaks the woman's land speed record in her husband's jet powered automobile in original report

This 40+ page newspaper has a two line, two column headline on page 2 of the sports section: "Mrs. Breedlove Hits 308 MPH in Jet Car" tells of the woman's land speed record that was broken by Lee Ann Rober
... See More  

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