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Fine account of the battle of San Jacinto...

Item #675985

June 02, 1836

VERMONT CHRONICLE, Windsor, June 2, 1836  

* Battle of San Jacinto victory

* Capture of Santa Anna

* Texas Revolutuion

* War of Independence

Page 3 has a lengthy report from Congress with one bit mentioning: "...member of the committee on Foreign Affairs, hoped it would not be sent there to be put to sleep. It should not be referred till we were prepared to recognize the indepen... See More  

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Sam Houston & Jim Bowie...

Item #671439

March 19, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER Baltimore, March 19, 1836 

* Jim Bowie & Samuel Houston

* Tampico expedition

The front page has a brief item noting: "The people of Texas are divided among themselves, and, it is said, that gen. Samuel Houston and col. James Bowie have been displaced from their commands in the army." Nice to have mention of both Houston & Bowie on the front ... See More  

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President Andrew Jackson on the independence of Texas...

Item #671432

December 31, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 31, 1836 

* Texas Revolution - Independence

* President Andrew Jackson message

Pages 3 & 4 contain a message from the President to Congress headed: "United States And Texas" in which he reviews the situation in Texas and its independence. A few bits include: "...No steps have been taken by the executive towards the acknowle... See More  

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The Rothchild family... Virginia slaves... Texas...

Item #671417

October 08, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 8, 1836  The bottom of the ftpg. has a brief report: "Mexico and Texas" which begins: "Advices...that on the 20th, gen. Urrea issued a violent proclamation against the Texians and Americans, grounded on the supposition that the United States government had acknowledged the independence of Texas & sent troops to its assistance...&q... See More  

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Victory at San Jacinto... The Goliad massacre...

Item #667211

May 28, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 28, 1836 

* Battle of San Jacinto victory

* Texas Revolutuion

* War of Independence

* The Goliad massacre

Pages 2 & 3 have a lengthy item on "Texas Bounty Lands". On another page is: "From Texas" which begins: "The account of an important victory achieved by gen. Houston over the Mexicans is confirmed...but we ar... See More  

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Events in Texas...

Item #667208

May 07, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 7, 1836  The ftpg. & pg. 2 have an article headed: "The Mexican Borders"  and includes a letter beginning: "The war in Texas...had induced the president of the United States to require a considerable augmentation of regular force to be concentrated upon this section of the national frontier..." with much more.

Page 2 has... See More  

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War begins in Texas... Creating the Smithsonian Institution...

Item #657686

January 02, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 2, 1836  The front page includes a report prefaced in part by: "...A provisional government has been completely organized & a bill of rights adopted which will be found below..." and what follows is the: "Declaration of the People of Texas in General Convention Assembled" followed by the 8 posts of the Bill of Rights, includi... See More  

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Latest From Texas... Early item on the Mormons...

Item #648191

September 03, 1836

THE PHILADELPHIA SATURDAY COURIER, Sept. 3, 1836  Pg. 2 has: "Mormonism At Old Salem" is not complimentary on the Mormons. Pg. 3 has: "Texas And Mexico--Reported Escape of Santa Anna--Later From Texas--From an Officer at San Jacinto" (see). A short bit of a "Slave Case" where a little slave girl taken to Boston was declared free.

Four pages, large folio size, ni... See More  

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Continuing troubles in Texas...

Item #646662

July 23, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 23, 1836  Most of an inside page is taken up with reports headed: "Texas" which includes several letters, one beginning: "I am sorry to inform you of our situation. We are detained here for nothing but to keep you ignorant of the enemy's intention; they will soon be down on you in great numbers...".

Included also is a letter... See More  

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One opinion on the troubling Texas situation...

Item #646329

May 24, 1836

SALEM GAZETTE, Massachusetts, May 24, 1836  Page 3 has a report on: "Mr. Hoar's Opinions on the Texan Question" in Congress (note: from shortly after the Alamo & San Jacinto), bits including: "...He  looked upon the people of Texas as having voluntarily expatriated themselves from a country which was large enough for all its citizens...He would not vote a farthing ... See More  

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Beginning a "war of extermination" in Texas...

Item #643213

November 07, 1835

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 7, 1835  Inside has 2 1/2 pages of news under the heading: "Texas" concerning events from the beginning of their war for independence. The reports seem to reference the Battle of Gonzales (first battle of the Texas war for independence) but there is no direct mention of it.

Included are: "....It was confidently asserted at Vera Cruz ... See More  

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Slave ad... Texas and the United States government...

Item #610839

May 10, 1836

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., May 10, 1836  The middle of the front page has a detailed ad headed: "100 Dollars Reward" for a runaway: "...Negro Man named NED, about six feet high, dark copper color..."with additional descriptions (see). Page 3 has nearly two column concerning Texas beginning: "The Texian subject has assumed an aspect entirely new as... See More  

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