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Creating a canal to assist military movements, with an illustration...

Item #695615

May 31, 1817

THE NATIONAL REGISTER, Washington, May 31, 1817  Inside has nearly 4 pages taken up with a very detailed, and exhaustive letter headed: "Topographical" which is a resort from Major James Kearney concerning an attempt to create a canal to join Elizabeth River in Virginia with that of the waters of North Carolina, mean for military purposes.

Which is unusual is an illustration showin... See More  

Item from Catalog 342 (released for May, 2024)

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First of this title we have offered...

Item #695022

May 20, 1817

AMERICAN YEOMAN, Brattleborough, Vermont, May 20, 1817

* Rare publication

* Windham County

 A very short-lived newspaper existing only from  Feb. 4, 1817 thru Jan. 27, 1818, printing just 52 weekly issues. This is the first of this title we have offered in our 47 years, coming from the private collection.

Most of page 2 is taken up with several letters signed in type by the infam... See More  

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Slave advertisements from the nation's capital...

Item #683736

May 01, 1817

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington D.C., May 1, 1817  This issue has not one but two runaway slave advertisements with one on page 3 and the other on the back page.

News of the day and other ads. Four pages, some foxing, good condition.

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Importations details... The Delaware Canal...

Item #600093

May 17, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, May 17, 1817  The front page has: "Robbery of the Mail". Inside has: "The War Tables - Land & Naval Battles in the Late War" "Delaware & Raritan Canal" which takes 4 pages; and much more, including 3 full pages of charts of the: "Aggregate of Importations".

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 3/4 inches, nice ... See More  

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Rewards for deserters.... United States selling land...

Item #583302

May 06, 1817

AMERICAN MERCURY, Hartford, Connecticut, May 6, 1817  This newspaper, which features an eagle in the masthead, carries reward notices on the front page for men who had deserted from the 6th U. S. Infantry. Also on the front page is an "act for the relief of the widows and orphans of the officers, seamen and marines who were lost in the United States' brig Epervier...". The backp... See More  

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