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Very handsome Revolutionary War newspaper from Philadelphia...

Item #694765

December 11, 1779


* American Revolutionary War

* Great masthead for display

This newspaper features one of the most ornate and decorative mastheads of the Revolutionary War, the words "Pennsylvania Packet" so frilly that it can be difficult to read.

Most of page 2 is taken up with; "An Act for Vesting the Est... See More  

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A fine & decorative issue from the Revolutionary War...

Item #689458

November 11, 1780

THE PENNSYLVANIA PACKET, Philadelphia, Nov. 11, 1780

* Revolutionary War

* Great masthead

 Over half of the front page is a: "Message from the President & Supreme Executive Council to the Representatives of...Pennsylvania" in which are addressed many issues.

A few bits include: "...when our enemies, forsaking in no small degree the efforts of open and manly force, b... See More  

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Fate of C ol. Hayne... The Asgill Affair... Keep fighting, or not

Item #687347

May 02, 1782

THE PENNSYLVANIA PACKET OR THE GENERAL ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, May 2, 1782  The front page begins with a lengthy report headed: "Office of Finance" signed by: Robert Morris

Page 2 begins with a very fine & detailed letter from Col. Stewart to Earl Cornwallis dated Sept. 9, 1781, being an account of the Battle of Eutaw Springs, South Carolina, as reported in the London ... See More  

Item from Catalog 334 - released for September, 2023...

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Further on Ethan Allen's narrative of his captivity...

Item #687145

November 20, 1779

THE PENNSYLVANIA PACKET, Philadelphia, Nov. 20, 1779

* Ethan Allen captivity

* Revolutionary War original

 Most of the front page is taken up with an Act of the Pennsylvania Legislature, prefaced with a paragraph signed in type by the Clerk of the General Assembly, none other than: Thomas Paine.

Page 3 has yet another Act which is prefaced with an intro signed: Thomas Paine.

All of ... See More  

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Tonnage Act: further defining the historic Tariff Act of 1789..

Item #686033

July 24, 1789


* Tariff Act of 1789 (Tonnage)

* George Washington signs

* 1st major piece of legislation

The entire front page is taken up with ads including 7 illustrated ship ads.

Page 2 has an address to George Washington from the governor & council of North Carolina, which is followed by his reply which carries ove... See More  

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Announcement that the Constitution has been created...

Item #680368

September 18, 1787

THE PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, September 18, 1787 

* First announcement that the Constitution of the United States has been finalized

* In regards to historic announcements in U.S. history, this is rivaled only by the announcement that the Declaration of Independence had been signed

A singularly historic newspaper. As collectors know the very first news... See More  

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Georgians are 'the most lawless & licentious people in America'...

Item #672918

November 30, 1785

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Nov. 30, 1785  Page 2 has an item: "The request of the United States to their great and good alley [France] to furnish them with $400,000 in order to bribe the Algerines to a peace meets, it is said, with a very cool reception at Paris...how far that measure may be consistent with the safety & independence of the United States... See More  

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A Proclamation from the infamous "Queen" Margaret Nicholson...

Item #647064

January 19, 1787

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISE, Philadelphia, Jan. 19, 1787  The ftpg. has a fascinating: "Proclamation - By the Queen Margaret" who was actually the infamous Margaret Nicholson, who the previous year attempted to assassinate King George III some months prior. She was ultimately determined to be inside and was committed to the asylum at Bedlam, England. She had claimed--a... See More  

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18th century Philadelphia...

Item #599315

May 06, 1788

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, May 6, 1788  Although mostly filled ads with news on pages 2 & 3 including datelines from Philadelphia, Wilmington, Providence, Dublin, London and elsewhere.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, very nice condition.

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Isaac Franks... Jewish...

Item #595060

December 24, 1790

THE PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Dec. 24, 1790  The ftpg. is taken up with ads. Pages 2 & 3 are mostly taken up with reports from the House of Representatives carrying over to page 3, which also has: "A Proclamation" by the governor of Pennsylvania.

The back page is filled with ads including one for noted Jewish financier Isaac Franks (see). Four pa... See More  

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