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Newsbook from just before the return of Charles II...

Item #691843

April 05, 1660

MERCURIUS PUBLICUS, London, England, April 5, 1660 

* Rare 17th century publication

* Restoration of King Charles II

An uncommon newsbook (the forerunner of newspapers) with the balance of the title reading "Comprising the sum of  Forraign Intelligence: With The Affairs Now in Agitation in England, Scotland, and Ireland. For Information of the People."

This ti
... See More  

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"The Swedish Intelligencer" by Butter and Bourne...

Item #691742

January 01, 1633

THE SWEDISH INTELLIGENCER, "The Third Part" as well as: "The Fourth Part", London, 1633

* Very rare 17th century periodical

* Publisher Nathaniel Butter

 A very rare newsbook by the famed publishing team of Nathaniel Butter and Nicholas Bourne who are credited with being the founders of the English language periodical format, having published: "The Continuatio... See More  

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Exceedingly rare 1566 newsbook... Over 450 years old...

Item #690168

August 21, 1566

Only rarely have we had the great pleasure to offer the earliest of "newspapers" to our customers, being the German newsbooks dating from the 1500's.

The title reads: Newe zeitung vom XXI Augusti auss Wien anno 1566" which translates, literally, to "New Newspaper from August 21, from Vienna in the year x66". These "newsbooks", as they were called, were the p... See More  

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Rare report of the taking of a fort in Wilmington, Delaware...

Item #642959

July 07, 1664

THE NEWES, Published For Satisfaction and Information of the People, With Privilege, London, July 7, 1664 

* Extremely rare 17th century publication

* Fort Christina - Wilmington, Delaware

Here is an uncommon title in newsbook format (the forerunner of newspapers) with a terrific report from the "new world" in America. Pages 5 & 6 contain an item with a Stockholm dateline... See More  

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