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Newspaper edited by the famed Jonathan Swift...

Item #646290

July 01, 1713

THE EXAMINER, London, 1713  This editorial-format newspaper was edited by the famed Jonathan Swift at this time (of Gulliver's Travels fame), It promoted a Tory perspective on British politics, at a time when Queen Anne had replaced Whig ministers with Tories.

Complete as a single sheet newspaper as was typical of the day, 7 1/2 by 13 inches, nice condition.

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Sam Adams... Building the frigate United States...

Item #636819

August 03, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 3, 1796 

* USS United States construction

* Samuel Adams act

The first column on the front page has an Act of the Mass. Legislature signed in type by: Samuel Adams. Page 2 has: "French Victory on the Rhine" concerning Buonaparte. Also: "Intercourse With Canada". Also a brief yet notable report from Philadelphia: "The building of... See More  

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Supporting the governor...

Item #636776

August 11, 1772

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 11, 1772  Page 2 has a report from Boston concerning: "...a suitable grant for the support of his Majesty's Governor of the Province...your Excellency was not pleased the last year to give your consent to a Bill...for granting the sum of thirteen hundred pounds for the support of your Excellency..." with more on the controversy concerning the ... See More  

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Signing of Georgia's Constitution...

Item #636768

July 18, 1798

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, July 18, 1798  Over half of the ftpg. & part of pg. 2 are taken up with reports from the: "Proceedings of the Columbian Federal Congress". Page 2 has a report that the constitution for Georgia has been: "...fairly engrossed on parchment, the President & members of the convention signed the same...the great seal affixe... See More  

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Surprised when dining on turtle...

Item #636757

October 23, 1781

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Oct. 23, 1781  A page 2 report gives some hints of the events soon to come at Yorktown, with: "We hear that M. de Grasse has entered the Bay of chesapeak & landed 3600 men under the command of M. de St.Simon. These troops are to join those of M. de la Fayette to oblige, if possible, the English to evacuate Georgia...". Further on is a report from t... See More  

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Interesting perspectives on the situation in America...

Item #636756

March 21, 1780

THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, Scotland, March 21, 1780  Page 2 has a report noting: "...we are informed that since the retreat of the French & rebels from Georgia, that province is restored to a state of perfect tranquility. Those who had the insolence to refuse his Majesty's gracious offers of protection & security...have at least, either through fear or from conviction, submitt... See More  

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Early Boston newspaper with a run away advertisement...

Item #636754

July 29, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 29, 1797  Perhaps the most successful newspaper in America after the Revolutionary War with various news and ads of the day. Pg. 3 has an ad: "Ran Away from Benj. Rogers...Aaron Winn, about 18 years of age...will give three dollars reward..." with more (see photos).

Four pages, scattered foxing, nice condition.

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Detailed review of the militia...

Item #636752

September 27, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, September 27, 1797 

* General William Hull

* United States military

Page 2 has an interesting article: "Review Of Militia" commanded by Major-General Hull, with various particulars (see). The back page features 14 illustrated ship ads.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Print of the siege of Rhode Island... Treaty with France...

Item #636688
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1779  This issue leads off with reports on the debates in Parliament, which include discussion on the Revolutionary War, including: "...the conduct of the army under the command of Gen. Howe; he seized the opportunity of painting in the blackest colours the ingratitude of the Americans; & concluded with exhorting the House to unanimity in p... See More  

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The Benedict Arnold & Major Andre treason....

Item #636685
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1780  Within the "Historical Chronicle" near the back of the issue is a portion which notes: "...These gentlemen were reply'd to by others in opposition, who in thee accumstom'd style execrated the American war & denounced vengeance on those who had been the cause of it...all the evils with which we are not threatened,
... See More  

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The world's oldest continually published English language newspaper...

Item #615807
THE LONDON GAZETTE, 1690-1696  An opportunity for a genuine issue of the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, having begun in 1665 & is still publishing today. This issue is well over 300 years old. 

Very nice condition with some minor foxing, single sheet, printed on both sides. A very popular title & a foundation for any newspaper collection.&nb... See More  

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From the 1600's... World's oldest continuously published English language newspaper...

Item #559390
(5) THE LONDON GAZETTE, 1600's (2nd rate)  An opportunity to purchase a lot of 5 issues of the oldest continually published English language newspaper, having started in 1665 and is still publishing today. All are from the late 1600's, priced due to minor imperfections causing them to be 2nd rate. A great opportunity for authentic 17th century newspapers at a fraction of their typical... See More  

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Handsome display newspaper from the early 1700's...

Item #120160
THE POST-BOY, London, 1723-1726  A very nice single sheet newspaper featuring two handsome engravings in the masthead (see). Various news from Great Britain and the continent of Europe, plus a partial red tax stamp on the reverse. Measures about 14 1/4 by 8 1/8 inches, nice condition and great for display.

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Over 300 years old...

Item #120350
THE ATHENIAN MERCURY by John Dunton, London, England, 1695. This was a fine gentleman's newspaper which was very popular in the coffeehouses of early England. Interesting reading on a wide range of topics & one of the earliest periodicals in English. Partially in question/answer format. This newspaper was published before any American newspapers even existed.

A single sheet newspaper prin... See More  

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Report on Parliament, from the 1600's...

Item #121061
VOTES OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, London, England, 1692  A rare British newspaper much the size of others of the day. Fine & lengthy reporting on votes and other actions in Parliament. Nice condition & rarely offered at such a price. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these specific photos or be of this specific date--but will have the format a... See More  

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At a reduced price... Early issues with the great masthead...

Item #180039
THE POST-BOY, London, 1720's (2nd-rate)  A lot of 5 issues of this early title with the great masthead containing two engravings. Lightly inked or other minor problem causing them to be a bit '2nd rate'. Offered at a considerable discount. The generic photo shows what the newspaper looks like when in good condition.

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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