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If England would agree to the independence of America...

Item #591619

November 16, 1780

THE GLASGOW MERCURY, Scotland, Nov. 16, 1780 

* Independence of America question

* Revolutionary War

A quote from the House of Commons report notes: "...He had said that if Parliament would agree to acknowledge the independence of America, we might begin a treaty to-morrow...Lord George Germaine said...that if we were inclined to acknowledge the independence of America, we might b... See More  

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Americans are convinced of their error...

Item #591556

August 31, 1780

THE GLASGOW MERCURY, Scotland, Aug. 31, 1780 

* Rare title

Inside has a letter which includes: "...it is supposed the intelligence they bring is most agreeable. I am told one of them said, 'That the news they were carrying was the best that had been brought since the American war began.' We flatter ourselves that the Americans are now convinced of their error & have aga... See More  

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