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"The Swedish Intelligencer" by Butter and Bourne...

Item #691742

January 01, 1633

THE SWEDISH INTELLIGENCER, "The Third Part" as well as: "The Fourth Part", London, 1633

* Very rare 17th century periodical

* Publisher Nathaniel Butter

 A very rare newsbook by the famed publishing team of Nathaniel Butter and Nicholas Bourne who are credited with being the founders of the English language periodical format, having published: "The Continuatio... See More  

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One of the earliest 17th century newspapers you will find...

Item #689694

September 10, 1639

GAZETTE, Paris, France, Sept. 10, 1639  (date is in the imprint at the bottom of the back page).

* Earliest of newspapers to be had

This extremely early newspaper is filled with news reports with datelines from throughout Europe, including Rome, Frankfort, Cologne & elsewhere. There are no advertisements.

This was the very first regular newspaper published in France, started in 163... See More  

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America's first war...

Item #689643

August 16, 1675

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Aug. 16, 1675 

* King Philip's War - Metacomet

* New England Colonists vs. Indians

* First war in America (historic)

The back page has a report concerning King Philip's War, an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and English colonists.

The significance of what is known as "King Philip's War" ... See More  

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The coronation of King George III...

Item #689557

September 29, 1761


* George III of the United Kingdom

The front page begins the report on the coronation of King George III. "This day his Majesty King George the Third, and Queen Charlotte, were crowned in the abbey church of Westminster, with the ceremonies accustomed upon that great and glorious solemnity...". The artic... See More  

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America's first successful newspaper...

Item #689552

April 17, 1740

THE BOSTON WEEKLY NEWS-LETTER, "New England", April 10-17, 1740 

* Among the earliest of American newspapers to be had

This very rare title was the first successful newspaper in the colonies, having begun in 1704 and lasting until the British occupation of Boston in 1776. It was only preceded by "Public Occurrances Both Foreign and Domestick" which published just a s... See More  

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With the "Supplement" issue as well. Fine content...

Item #687300

May 16, 1768


* Pro-British American publication

* Tensions build with England

The entire front page and most of pg. 2 are taken up with a continued report titled: "An Account of Corsica; & the Memoirs of the famous Pascal Paoli the commander in chief of the Corsicans."

Page 2 contains a nice & somewhat detailed ad for the famous series of... See More  

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Early, rare title...

Item #685417

September 19, 1682

LONDON MERCURY, Sept. 19, 1682 

* Very rare 17th century publication

According to Crane and Kaye this title lasted for just 56 issues, and is held by only four institutions in the United States. This is issue #48.

A single sheet newspaper formatted much like the more common "London Gazette" with news items on pages 1 & 2, and advertisements on pg. 2 as well.

Great to hav... See More  

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Reference to the 1666 Great Fire of London...

Item #679631

October 04, 1666

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Oct. 4, 1666 

* The great plague

* London fire report

One of the greatest calamities and more notable events to strike London in its long history is the Great Fire which destroyed much of the city in September, 1666. 

Finding period references to it are exceedingly difficult, as the number of newspapers publishing in 1666 was extremely small, this tit... See More  

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Benjamin Franklin's lightning rod experiment...

Item #671792

* Benjamin Franklin

* Electricity experiments

* Lightning rod

Inside has an extremely significant article titled: "A Cut and Description of a Machine, easily constructed, for making the Experiment by which Franklin's new Theory of Thunder is demonstrated" with descriptive text showing how this experiment works. E
... See More  

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One of the earliest newspapers from the colonies...

Item #669851

April 03, 1735

THE AMERICAN WEEKLY MERCURY, Philadelphia, April 3, 1735 

* Earliest of American newspapers

* Very early & rare

As any serious collector of newspapers knows, it is exceedingly difficult to find any colonial American newspapers from before 1760, let alone an issue from 1735. It began in 1719 and only published through 1749. It was the very first newspaper in all of the Middle Coloni... See More  

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Extremely rare 1665 Oxford Gazette...

Item #615072

February 01, 1666

THE OXFORD GAZETTE, England, February 1, 1665 (1666 by today's calendar) - issue #23 (the last issue before becoming the London Gazette) 

* One of the earliest & rarest of newspapers to be had

This is an extremely famous--and rare--title, being the predecessor of the famous "London Gazette", the oldest continually published English language newspaper in the world. Bec... See More  

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