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Item #643074

August 29, 1717

THE EVENING POST, London, Aug. 29, 1717  This was the newspaper upon which the word "evening" first appeared in any newspaper title when it began in 1706. A very handsome issue which has a very interesting & unusual format. Much news from Europe on pages 1 and 2, with half of page 3 being blank, with a nice rd tax stamp, and  over half of the back page blank.

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Early British pamphlet...

Item #620495

January 01, 1717

British pamphlet titled: "An ANSWER to The Reverend Dr. Snape's LETTER to the Bishop of Bangor...", published in London, 1717 as noted on the titlepg. in Roman numerals (see). It must have been a popular piece as this is "The twelfth edition". A 48 pg. pamphlet measuring 4 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches, in very nice condition.

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