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News from the Caribbean...

Item #680126

August 29, 1667

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Aug. 29, 1667  

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

A very early issue of this still-publishing newspaper, having begun in 1665.

The back page has a report from "London" mentioning the arrival of two ships "...which spoke of some loss received by the English in an attempt upon St. Christophers...that there has since ... See More  

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All is good in the American colonies of New England...

Item #680119

October 31, 1667

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Oct. 31, 1667 

* Among the earliest of newspapers to be had

* Early New England - America mention

An early issue of this still publishing newspaper which began in 1665.

The back page has a report noting: "...This day came in a vessel from New England, where all things continue in a good condition...".

Complete as a single sheet issue, 7 by 11 in... See More  

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From London, just after the Great London Fire and plague...

Item #215833
THE LONDON GAZETTE, dated in 1667-1669, from London, England.   This is the world's oldest continuously published English language newspaper.  Founded in 1665, this issue is from the earliest years of its existence and from the decade of the Great London Fire and Plague.  The issue shown in the photo is an example of the look and condition of the issue you will receive.&nbs... See More  

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