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1945 USS California (BB-44)... Japanese kamikaze attacks....

Item #679262

July 28, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 28, 1945

* USS California (BB-44) - Tennessee-class battleship

* Japanese kamikazes - Battle of Lingayen Gulf

The bottom of the front page has a two column heading: "Kamikaze Hits the California; Battleship Fights On; Losses 203". This is on the Japanese kamikaze attacks on the USS California during the Battle of Lingayen Gulf. Reporting on many disasters ... See More  

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1911 newspaper color comcs...

Item #679243

January 01, 1911

LOS ANGELES HERALD (Sunday Comic Section only), Jan. 1, 1911

* Granny Goodthing

* Little Black Sambo

Offered is the Sunday Comics section which includes "Granny Goodthing" "Little Black Sambo" "Poor Old Robinson Crusoe" and more.

Four pages, irregular and partially loose along the spine, generally good.

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1942 Doolittle raid of Japan.... official report...

Item #679183

April 21, 1943

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., April 21, 1943

* The famous Doolittle raid of Japan official report

* U.S. Army Air Force B-25B Mitchell bombers

* USS Hornet aircraft carrier

The front page has a two column heading: "Army Discloses Details Of Tokyo Raid; Planes Took Off From Carrier" with subhead. (see) This was the official report on the Jimmy Doolittle raid on Japan in which he l... See More  

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USS Newcomb kamikaze attacks in 1945....

Item #678888

July 06, 1945


* USS Newcomb - Fletcher-class Destroyer

* Japanese Kamikaze airplane attacks

* Invasion of Lingayen Gulf - Luzon, Phillipines

The top of page 3 has a four column heading: "HEROIC CREW SAVES SHIP HIT BY 4 JAP KAMIKAZES" with related photo. (see) First report coverage on the kamikaze airplane attacks on the USS Newcomb during the inv... See More  

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1902 Panama Bay naval battle..

Item #678694

January 20, 1902

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Jan. 20, 1902

* Panama Bay naval battle

* Colombian & rebel warships

* Thousand Days' War

* Sinking of the Lautaro

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "NAVAL ENGAGEMENT IN PANAMA HARBOR" with subhead. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that ... See More  

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Nazis put Jews into a ghetto: response to Kristallnacht...

Item #678550

November 11, 1938


* Crystal Night  (Kristallnacht)

* Night of Broken Glass

* Persecution of Jews

* Jewish ghettos announced

A banner headline announces a follow-up to what became known as Kristallnacht, the "night of broken glass".  

"HITLER TO PUSH JEWS INTO GHETTO" with subheads: "Nazis Draft Laws On Medieval Lines as &... See More  

Item from Catalog 306 (released for May, 2021)...

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Battle of Kwajalein ends in victory....

Item #678489

February 03, 1944

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, February 3, 1944

* Battle of Kwajalein Atoll ends with U.S. victory

* World War II Pacific Campaign vs. Japan

* Marhsall Island - Roi-Namur

The top of the front page has a four column headline: "MARINES TAKE ROI ISLAND, INVADE 2 MORE MARSHALLS" with subhead. (see)

Complete with 30 pages, light toning along the central fold, a little spine wear, g... See More  

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Battle of France in 1940....

Item #678234

June 05, 1940

HERALD EXAMINER, Los Angeles, 4th WAR EXTRA, June 5, 1940

* Battle of France - Paris

* World War II - WWII

The front page has a nice banner headline above the masthead: "FRENCH HOLD AS NAZIS IN BIG DRIVE ON PARIS" with subheads. Nice for display

First section only with 24 pages, light toning and minor wear at the folds, a little margin wear with some tiny tears, generally good. ... See More  

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War with Germany has ended...

Item #678058

May 07, 1945


* Germany Surrenders

* V-E day - Nazis quit

The bold banner headline above the masthead announces: "NAZIS SURRENDER" with subheads and related pictorial. (see) Great for display.

Twelve pages, some tiny margin tears, generally nice.

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Nice headline announces the death of President Roosevelt...

Item #678041

April 12, 1945

HERALD EXPRESS, Los Angeles, EXTRA, April 12, 1945 

* Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR death

This "Extra" edition gives an early report of the death of FDR as most newspapers of the day reported it the following day.

The front page, above the masthead has a nice banner headline: "ROOSEVELT IS DEAD" and a subheads and photo.

First section only with pages 1-12, light toning... See More  

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"Smokes For Buddies"...

Item #677972

October 01, 1943

BEACON, Philadelphia Navy Yard, Pennsylvania, October 1, 1943 

* "Smoke For Buddies" rally 

* Rare military issue from WWII 

A military paper produced at the Navy Yard with a great wealth of war-related content. An interesting item on the front page headed: "2,100,000 Cigarettes Donated by Yard" to be send to servicemen overseas as part of the "Smoke... See More  

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Adolph Hitler declares war on Russia in 1941....

Item #677907

June 20, 1941

LOS ANGELES EXAMINER, War Extra, June 20, 1941

* Adolph Hitler to declare war on Russia

* Germans marching orders close

* Pre-United States involvement

The front page has a nice banner headline: "NAZI-RUSS WAR CRISIS" with subheads. Nice for display. Hitler would declare war on Russia two days later.

Complete 1st section only with all 14 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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First day of Battle... Nazis vs. Russia...

Item #677863

June 23, 1941


* Germany vs. Russia - 1st Day

* World War II, WWII

The front page has a nice banner headline: "GERMANS ADVANCE 10 MILES; Churchill Urges U.S. to Back Reds as Hitler Presses New War" with subheads and related illustration. Nice for display.

Complete with 28 pages, light toning at the margins, library stamp in the masthead, some small binding h... See More  

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Banned from hotel, Elgin Baylor refuses to play...

Item #677557

January 17, 1959

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 17, 1959

*  Elgin Baylor refuses to play in West Virginia

* Negro team members banned from "white's only" hotel

The 1st column of the front page has heading: "Baylor, N.B.A. Star, Balks at Hotel Ban", which states in part: "Elgin Baylor, rookie star of the professional Minneapolis Lakers, refused to play tonight... in protest...&... See More  

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Nazis attack the Athenia... World War II begins...

Item #677554

September 04, 1939

DAILY NEWS, EXTRA, Los Angeles, Sept. 4, 1939

* SS Athenia sinking (1st report)

* 1st British ship sunk by Germany

* World War II at the beginning

* Britain and France entering the war

The nice, bold banner headline on the front page announces: "LINER SUNK BY GERMAN SUB" with subhead. Nice for display. More related reporting on the following pages.

Complete with 20 pages, larg... See More  

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Nazi newspaper in occupied Russia...

Item #677534

June 12, 1943

DEUTSCHE BUG-ZEITUNG, Nikolajew, Russia, June 12, 1943  A quite rare Nazi newspaper from the middle of World War II during the German invasion & occupation of Russia. The masthead includes the Nazi swastika (see photo).

Four pages all in the German language, loose at the spine, generally in good condition.

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1939 Popeye & Mickey Mouse comics...

Item #677492

October 15, 1939

MINNEAPOLIS SUNDAY TRIBUNE (Sunday Comic Section only), October 13, 1940

* Popeye (Thimble Theatre)

*  Mickey Mouse & Pluto

* 8 pages of color comics

Offered is the Sunday Comics section which includes Popeye, Mickey Mouse, Blondie, Silly Symphony w/ Pluto The Pup (Walt Disney) among many more.

This section is incomplete with 8 of the 16 pages, minor margin wear, generally nice.... See More  

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1941 Atlantic Charter... FDR & Churchill...

Item #677420

August 15, 1941


* Atlantic Charter issued (1st report)

* Winston Churchill - World War II - WWII

* President Franklin D. Roosevelt

The front page has a nice banner headline: "U. S. AND BRITAIN SEEN READY TO DEFY JAPAN ON SOVIET AID" with subheads and great photo onboard the USS Augusta. (see) First report coverage on the famous meeting at sea between Wi... See More  

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Lead up to WWII... Poland Prepares...

Item #677331

August 24, 1939



* Bing Crosby in "Star Maker"

The front page has: "ATTACK BY HITLER IS FEARED TODAY!" This issue predates the start of WWII by less than a week. The front page has coverage of Germany and Russia's Treaty and Poland beginning "To Mobilize Her Reserve Troops".  This dramatic hea... See More  

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1942 Japenese attack on California coast...

Item #676995

February 24, 1942


* Attack on California coast

* Ellwood oil field shelling

* Japanese submarine I-17

The front page has a three column photo with heading: "Army and Navy Planes Hunt Jap Sub Off Pacific Coast" with subhead. (see) This brief yet very historic shelling only caused minor damage to the oil field—a pump house and a single oil derrick w... See More  

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1939 Battle of the River Forth... Scotland...

Item #676992

October 16, 1939

BOSTON TRAVELER, Oct. 16, 1939

* Battle of the River Forth - Scotland

* Rosyth Dockyard, Firth of Forth

* German vs. British Air Forces

The top of the front page, above the masthead is a terrific banner headline in bold lettering: "SCOTLAND RAIDED" with: "Nazi Fliers Strike Coast; Beaten Off" with subheads. Nice for display.

Complete 1st section only with pages 1-12, ... See More  

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The war in Europe is over... Photos from Belsen concentration camp...

Item #676950

May 08, 1945


* Germany Surrenders

* V-E day - Nazis quit

The banner headline announces: "EUROPE WAR OVER --- But Fighting Continues". Included is a large photo with the caption beginning: "Historic surrender scene..." noting the various officers involved in the ceremonies.

The complete 1st section only with pages 1-10, nice condition.... See More  

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Heinrich Himmler takes his own life...

Item #676944

May 25, 1945


* Heinrich Himmler suicide by poison

* German hangman...  SS leader

The front page has a nice banner headline: "HIMMLER DIES OF HIDDEN POISON" with subhead and photo. (see) Nice for display. First report coverage continues on page 2 with photo of Himmler.

Complete with all 18 pages, light toning and a little wear at the margins... See More  

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The Battle of Britain...

Item #676831

August 12, 1940

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 12, 1940 

* Battle of Britain

* London bombings

* WWII Nazi bombers

The top of the front page has a four column headline: "400 NAZI PLANES BOMB BRITISH COAST; 60 REPORTED LOST IN ALL-DAY ATTACK; BERLIN SAYS 89 OF FOE WERE DOWNED" plus related subheads. (see) More on page 3.

Complete with all 32 pages, rag edition in great condition.... See More  

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Japs capture Manila, Philippines in 1942...

Item #676809

January 02, 1942


* Japanese occupation of the Philippines

* Nice headline for display


The front page has a very nice banner headline in large, bold lettering: "MANILA FALLS!" with subheads.

Front leaf only (pages 1 & 2), great for display as such. ... See More  

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1945 Battle of Okinawa ending....

Item #676661

June 20, 1945


* Battle of Okinawa, Japan ending

* Operation Iceberg victory

The front page has a banner headline: "JAPS SPLIT; LEAP OFF CLIFFS" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. Related map on page 2. Coverage on the end of the Battle of Okinawa with the occupation of United States military. Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this... See More  

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Japanese Suicide Attacks...

Military newspaper printed in the jungles of New Guinea...

Item #676508

May 23, 1945

GUINEA GOLD, "Australian Edition", May 23, 1945  The front page banner headline reads: "Chinese Launch Offensive In South To Sever Jap Supply Lines" with various subheads. The back page has: "Jap Suicide Attacks Fail To Loosen Okinawa Grip", with more. See images for details.

These were the closing moments of WW2 - the gap between V-E Day and V-J Day.

An uncomm... See More  

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1944 Lupe Velez suicide... Mexican actress...

Item #676270

December 15, 1944

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 15, 1944

* Lupe Velez suicide death

* Mexican film actress

The back page (pg. 36) has one column headings: "LUPE VELEZ SUICIDE BY SLEEP TABLETS"

"'Tempestuous' Actress Was Depressed by Failure of Romance With French Actor"
with smaller subheads and one column photo of Velez. First report coverage on the suicide death of famous Mexica... See More  

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Rare 1941 World War II American poster...

Item #676238

January 01, 1942

Here is a large and I'm assuming very rare World War II poster that measures 40 x 28 1/2 inches that shows General Dwight Eisenhower giving thanks to American laborers for producing the needed equipment for the North Africa Campaign. (see) This poster was printed at the: "U.S. Government Printing Office: 1942" (see) We found this poster within a collection of World War II newspapers ... See More  

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Germany invades Denmark & Norway....

Item #676211

April 09, 1940


* Germany invades Norway & Denmark

Operation Weserübung - World War II

The front page has a nice banner headline: "AIR BATTLE ON OVER OSLO; Capital Surrendered Without a Fight; FLEETS CLASH OFF NORWEGIAN COAST" with subhead and related photo. (see) More on pages 2 & 3.

Complete with all 34 pages, some spine wear, small library... See More  

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Nazi military parade.. Adolph Hitler's birthday..

Item #676101

April 21, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 21, 1936

* Adolph Hitler's birthday

* Germany - Nazi military

* Shows it's strength

The front page has two column headlines that include: "Germany Parades Military Power To Celebrate Hitler's 47th Birthday" and more. 1st report coverage on the Nazi parade that showed the World Germany's military strength for the first time.

Other news, s... See More  

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Italy surrenders...

Item #676029

September 08, 1943

THE CHICAGO DAILY NEWS, September 8, 1943 

* Italy surrenders

* World War II

* Incomplete issue

The large, bold banner headline announces: "ITALY GIVES UP!" with related subheads.

Incomplete issue containing the front and back leafs of the 1st section only (4 pages) of a 40 page newspaper. A few small archival mends on the inside pages, terrific for display as such.... See More  

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Initial 1945 Iwo Jima landing....

Item #675916

February 17, 1945

NEW YORK POST, February 17, 1945.

* U.S. Marines begin landing at Iwo Jima

* Famous World War II battle beginning

Most of the front page is taken up with: "Japs Report: U.S. LANDING ON IWO" Nice for display. First report coverage is on page 3 with heading: "WE LAND ON IWO, JAP RADIO REPORT" with more.

Complete in 30 pages, tabloid size, light toning and minor wear at th... See More  

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World War II set, an issue from each of the years...

Item #675710

January 01, 1942

(5) THE DAILY NEWS, New York  An interesting lot of five issues, each from the World War II years of 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945.

One of the great features of the Daily News is the format, as most of each front page of this tabloid-size newspaper is taken up with a headline and/or photo relating to the war.

Each issue has some inside pages removed but pages relating to the war were kep... See More  

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1942 United States Armed Forces in the Pacific...

Item #675324

September 15, 1942


* United States Armed Forces dominance

* Pacific Ocean theater of World War II

The front page has a nice banner headline: "U. S. RATED DOMINANT IN PACIFIC WAR POWER" with subhead. (see) Nice for display.

Complete with 28 pages, light toning at the margins, some spine wear, generally in good condition.... See More  

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1942 USS Yorktown Midway sinking....

Item #675085

September 17, 1942


* USS Aircraft Carrier Yorktown sinking

* Battle of Midway aftermath

* World War II - WWII

The front page has a five column photo showing crewman on the carrier deck shortly after the Japanese attack. Also a one column heading: "Yorktown Sunk During Midway Battle" (see) More related articles on page 5. This sinking actually happened a f... See More  

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1945 Attack on Yokosuka, Japan....

Item #674570

July 19, 1945


* Attack on Yokosuka - Japan

* United States Navy air raid

* Imperial Japanese Navy

The front page has a great banner headline: "HALSEY HITS JAP NAVY IN HIDEOUT" with subheads and related photo. Nice for display.

Complete with 18 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, a few spots of stray ink writing throughout with one on ... See More  

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1945 USS Franklin aircraft carrier disaster...

Item #674335

May 18, 1945


* USS Franklin (CV-13) disaster

* Japanese dive bomber attack

* United States Navy aircraft carrier

The top of the front page has a four column headline: "PLANE CARRIER IS SAVED BY COURAGE OF CREW IN SPITE OF 1000 CASUALTIES" with subheads and a photo of the carrier just after the attack. This disaster happened a few months earlier but th... See More  

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Drop of the atomic bomb: in a newspaper not far from where it was created...

Item #674166

August 07, 1945

THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, North Carolina, Aug. 7, 1945  A two-line banner headline announces: "TERRIFYING NEW ATOMIC BOMB LOOSED ON JAPAN; WEAPON EXPECTED TO HASTEN ENEMY SURRENDER" with subhead: "Missile 2,000 Times More Powerful Than Biggest blockbuster" "Superbomb Developed At Oak Ridge, Tenn..." with a front page photo of the: 'Mysterious Plant Makes Atomic ... See More  

Item from Catalog 307 (released for June, 2021)...

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Italy enters World War II in 1940....

Item #674111

June 10, 1940

HERALD EXPRESS, Los Angeles, 2nd WAR EXTRA, June 10, 1940

* Italy enters World War II - WWII (1st report)

* Benito Mussolini's announcement

The front page has a nice banner headline above the masthead: "ITALY DECLARES WAR" with subhead. Nice for display.

Complete 1st section only with pages 1 to 16, light toning and minor wear at the central fold and spine, generally good.

... See More  

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A broadside "newspaper" covering World War II...

Item #674074

October 13, 1944

TEL-PICS, New York, a lot of five issues: Sept. 18, 28, 30; Oct. 4, 13, 1944  This was a broadside (printed on one side only) newspaper originally meant to be displayed in store windows, mostly taken up with a large photo of the war, plus a caption. A very unusual item.

Each measures 10 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches, once folded to envelope size with a mailing address on the reverse, good condition,
... See More  

Item from Catalog 307 (released for June, 2021)...

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Attack on Kure (March 1945)...

Item #673617

August 14, 1944

DAILY NEWS, New York City, August 14, 1944

* Palisades Park, N. J. - 5 alarm fire

* Yanks cut Nazi escape route on French Front

The front page has a nice, displayable headline: "ALLIES BLOCK GERMANS' ESCAPE ROAD" with more coverage on pages 3 and 11.  

Front page also has picture of Palisades Park N.J. burning with headline: "FIRE RAGES THROUGH NEW JERSEY RESOR... See More  

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Italy declares war on Germany in 1943....

Item #673352

October 14, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 14, 1943 

* Italy declares war on Germany

* World War II - WWII

The top of the front page has a six column headline: "BADOGLIO, DECLARING WAR, RALLIES ITALY" with subheads that include: "REICH'S ACTS CITED " "Italian Marshal Lists German Attacks as Cause of War" and more. (see)

Complete with all 42 pages,. rag edition, sma... See More  

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Attack on Kure (March 1945)...

Item #673266

March 21, 1945

DAILY NEWS, New York City, March 21, 1945

* Attack on Kure (March 1945) - Japan

* United States Navy aircraft carriers

* World War II - WWII air raid

The front page has a nice, displayable headline: "CARRIERS RIP JAP FLEET IN INLAND SEA" with subhead. (see) Reporting begins on page 2 with related photo and map.

Incomplete issue containing 14 of the 64 pages, nice for display as... See More  

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Ludendorff bridge crossed in 1945....

Item #673262

March 10, 1945

LOS ANGELES TIMES, March 10, 1945

* Ludendorff bridge crossed 

* First & Third United States Army

* Remagen Germany - Rhine River

The front page has a nice banner headline: "NAZIS TRY COMEBACK" with subhead: "Rhine Bridge Battle Now Raging, But Americans Hurl Back First Attack". (see)

Incomplete issue containing the first 4 pages only, light toning at the marg... See More  

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So Hitler will win the war within 6 months...

Item #673167

February 02, 1941

LOS ANGELES EXAMINER, California, Feb. 2, 1941 

* Adolph Hitler predicts victory

* World War II - WWII

The banner headline has an interesting report: "HITLER DECIDES TO WIN WAR WITHIN 6 MONTHS" with subhead: "Blow to Bring Crisis in U.S.--Japanese Tension" and more.

The complete first section with pages 1-22.... See More  

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Allies storm Sicily, Italy in 1943...

Item #673150

July 12, 1943


* Invasion of Sicily Italy

* Operation Husky begins

The nice headline on the front page announces: "Invaders Overcome First Resistance--Move Ahead Under Powerful Aerial Umbrella" with subheads, related map and small photo of Dwight Eisenhower. (see)

Complete with 30 pages, light toning at the margins, some small binding holes and a lit... See More  

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The atomic bomb is dropped on Japan, with a "local" mention...

Item #673037

August 06, 1945

THE ASHEVILLE TIMES--EXTRA, North Carolina, Aug. 6, 1945 

* Atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan

* World War II ending - surrender nears

A notable 3 line banner head: "WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL BOMB, DEVELOPED AT OAK RIDGE, TENN., LOOSED AGAINST JAP HOMELAND" with subhead: "New Atomic Bomb 2,000 Times More Destructive Than Old Blockbusters".

The ftpg. also has 2 pho... See More  

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Yanks trap the Nazis...

Item #673031

June 19, 1944

DAILY NEWS, New York, June 19, 1944  The banner headline announces: "YANKS TRAP 25,000 NAZIS" "Wipe Out One Division Trying To Break Cherbourg Ring". The detailed report, with a photo, is on page 2. A map is included as well.

Tabloid-size, complete in 28 pages, nice condition.

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Rome falls to the Allies...

Item #673030

June 05, 1944

DAILY NEWS, New York, June 5, 1944 

* Fall of Rome, Italy  - liberated by the allies

* D-Day invasion of France 1 day away

* World War II - WWII

Over half of the ftpg. is taken up with the headline: "ROME FALLS; ALLIES PRESS FLEEING FOE" with a photo of American troops rolling into Rome. Related reports inside.

Tabloid-size, complete in 32 pages, minor wear at the marg... See More  

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