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From 1883 territorial Montana...

Item #685182

September 04, 1880

THE HELENA DAILY HERALD, Montana, Sept. 4, 1880

* Pre statehood Montana

* Rare Old West title

This newspaper is from 9 years before Montana statehood. Contains news of the day with several interesting advertismeents.

Four pages, a little irregular along the spine, generally very nice..

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Fugitive Indians...

Item #682791

January 16, 1879

HELENA DAILY HERALD, Montana (Territory), January 16, 1879 

*  The Fort Robinson massacre

*  Molly Maguire Execution

Several articles on Cheyenne Indians in Fort Robinson incident including: "CHEYENNE HOSTILES" with subhead, "Results of the Chase After the Fugitive Band" and "A Bold Break to Escape Captivity. Several Soldiers and Thirty of the Indians... See More  

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"Indians Can go Where They Please"... Sitting Bull...

Item #682785

May 22, 1879

HELENA DAILY HERALD, Montana (Territory), May 22, 1879 

* Judge Dundy ruling states Indians can go anywhere

Page 5 lists a telegram stating: "Indians Can go Where They Please", after the Judge Dundy ruling in the Standing Bear v. Crook case.  This ruling was: "regarded by the government as a heavy blow to the present Indian system; that if sustained it will prov... See More  

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Rare Montana title with a Calamity Jane connection...

Item #681191

September 07, 1899

THE LIVINGSTON POST, Montana, Sept. 7, 1899 

* Park County

If nothing else this is a quite rare title--the first we have seen--as only 2 institutions have any holdings.

But also the front page has some nice reports from the Klondike gold fields, with: "Bender's Good Fortune" "A Park County Argonaut Writes of the Placers" "Tales of the Klondike by a Rancher-... See More  

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A trip from the Missouri to the Pacific...

Item #675692

February 03, 1866

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Feb. 3, 1866  The conclusion of the Civil War brought with it an interest in expending west, so it would not seem unusual that articles that read like a 19th century travelogue would appear in newspapers of the day.

This issue has one on page 5, which was part of a larger series: "FROM THE MISSOURI TO THE PACIFIC" with subheads: "Virginia, Montana--Its... See More  

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Westward expansion confronts the Native American tribes...

Item #675649

September 04, 1867


* Native Americans - Indians

The years following the Civil War were years of expansion west, causing the inevitable conflict with the Native American tribes. Such reports were not uncommon in period newspapers. This is one such issue.

The front page has: "The Indian War" taking one-third of a column, beginning: "The Montana Ranger... See More  

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The Great Railroad Strike of 1877... The Indian War in Montana..

Item #675584

July 22, 1877

THE SAN DIEGO UNION, California, July 22, 1877  Nearly  three columns of the front page are taken up with a fine account of the Pittsburgh Railroad Strike of 1877, part of the larger Great Railroad Strike which resulted in over 100 deaths including women & children. The incidents followed repeated reductions in wages and sometimes increases in workload by railroad companies, during a... See More  

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An impending Indian attack upon Fort Benton...

Item #669916

April 27, 1867

CONCORD DAILY MONITOR, New Hampshire, April 27, 1867   Page 3 has a report: "Indian War" which has news from Montana noting in part: "...large bodies of Crow, Black Feet and Sioux Indians massing in the vicinity of Fort Benton...that an attack upon the fort was intended..." with other details.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Butte, Montana, newspaper from 7 years before statehood...

Item #663248

February 16, 1882

THE DAILY MINER, Butte, Montana, Feb.16, 1882  An 8 page issue of a newspaper which is quite scarce, with a wide variety of news items, social items, advertisements, etc. A wealth of Western-style ads with many of a mining focus as well.

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, bit of foxing at folds, minor wear at the margins.

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Indians attack railroad camps... The mining regions..

Item #648249

August 14, 1867

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Aug. 14, 1867  The ftpg. has a detailed report headed: "The Indian War", portions including: "The Indians have made 3 separate descents on the working parties along the railroad beyond Fort Hays...Several Indians were killed...It is reported here that six men were surrounded by the Indians at Milk Creek. Two men were killed & scalped...number killed... See More  

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Much on the Indians of the West...

Item #648247

August 28, 1867

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Aug. 28, 1867  Page 3 has nice Indian content with heads & subheads: "The Indian War" "Desperate Fight Between Pawnees and Cheyennes--Full Particulars--Attempt to Throw a Passenger Train Off the Track--How the Indians Learned the Trick...Fifteen Scalps Taken..." and then further on is another article: "Abandonment of Old Fort Union--Indian... See More  

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A territorial newspaper from Montana...

Item #200555
THE HELENA DAILY HERALD, Montana, 1878  A nice territorial newspaper eleven years before Montana would become a state. Helena was founded at the discovery of gold in a gulch off the Prickly Pear valley in 1864. Thoughts for a town name included Tomah, Pumpkinville and Squashtown but ultimately was named Helena for a town in Minnesota or Arkansas, with Yankee & Confederate sympathies expre... See More  

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Helena, Montana - in very good condition...

Item #130257

January 01, 1881

HELENA WEEKLY HERALD, Montana, 1881  Actually a territorial newspaper as Montana did not become a state until 1889. Various news and ads of the day both local and national.

Four pages, good condition.

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Montana from the year of statehood...

Item #130256

January 01, 1889

HELENA JOURNAL, Montana, 1889 An uncommon issue of 8 pages with various news of the day and a wealth of ads as well. From the year it became a state! Nice condition.  The image shown is representative of the issue you will receive, but dates and actual content vary.

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Wild West Collection II

A Broad View

Item #180161
Wild West Collection II - A Broad View - Each set contains a total of 5 issues, one issue each from 5 different old west states, revealing a broad view of this formative period in American history. Includes issues from five of the following old west locations: California, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and Oregon, and include such titles as The Daily Boomerang. All issues ar... See More  

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