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The Northfield Bank robbery...

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September 08, 1876

THE WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, West Virginia, Sept. 8, 1876 

* Famous Jesse James gang robbery

* Northfield, Minnesota bank

The top of the ftpg. has column heads: "Bold Attempt to Rob a Bank--The Cashier Murdered and His Assistant Wounded--Two of the Robbers Killed and One Wounded". This is a report of the Northfield Bank Robbery in Minnesota committed by Jesse James and his Ja... See More  

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A rare title from the Dakota Territory...

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April 02, 1884

THE INTER STATE, Gary, Dakota, April 2, 1884 

* Very rare publication

* Deuel County, South Dakota

A very rare territorial newspaper from that is present-day South Dakota, five years before statehood. They refer to themselves as the "Gate City of Dakota" as it is situated at the eastern border of the Territory, very close to Minnesota. At the 2010 census the population of Gar... See More  

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A territorial newspaper from Montana...

Item #200555
THE HELENA DAILY HERALD, Montana, 1878  A nice territorial newspaper eleven years before Montana would become a state. Helena was founded at the discovery of gold in a gulch off the Prickly Pear valley in 1864. Thoughts for a town name included Tomah, Pumpkinville and Squashtown but ultimately was named Helena for a town in Minnesota or Arkansas, with Yankee & Confederate sympathies expre... See More  

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