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First inauguration of George Washington...

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July 16, 1789

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 16, 1789  Certainly one of the more desirable events to have in a period newspaper is the first inauguration of George Washington. American issues with such content are virtually unobtainable today, and reports in any newspapers worldwide are extremely uncommon.

Here is a nice report of this significant event found on page 2, datelined: "Extract of a ... See More  

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The 1st African-American slave to formally practice medicine...

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THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, (Philadelphia), January, 1789 

* James Derham, esteemed and promoted by Dr. Benjamin Rush - 1st African American (and slave) to officially practice medicine

* Thomas Fuller - an uneducated slave with incredible mathematical ability

* Reflections upon Lexington & Concord

The most noteworthy article begins on page 61 under the heading, "At a meeting of the ... See More  

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Visiting President Washington... How he was dressed for the inauguration...

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May 09, 1789


* United States government in it's infancy

* Post-President George Washington inauguration

A great issue on the earliest days of the new federal government including most of page 2 taken up with: "Debates of Congress" from the first several weeks. The entry for May 1 notes: "The speech of the President to the two House... See More  

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The election of Washington as the first President, and so much more...

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THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, (Philadelphia), April, 1789 

* George Washington's election victory

* Arrival in New York City for inauguration

A very significant issue, and one of a few magazines or newspapers with the text reporting the actions of Congress formally counting the votes for the first President of the United States. Near the back are several pages of the: "Proceedings of C... See More  

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