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Very early report of Washington's inaugural address, plus his election as well...

Item #702876

April 01, 1789

THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, April, 1789 

* President George Washington

* Election victory & inauguration

 Certainly the most notable content is found in "The Chronicle" section near the back where the latest news was reported, which covers the election & inauguration of President George Washington.

The full text is shown in the photos, however some ite... See More  

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Workings of Congress on creating the Tariff Act of 1789...

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May 18, 1789

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, May 18, 1789

* Tariff Act of 1789

* United States Congress

* 1st major piece of legislation

 One of the first priorities of the new federal government was creating a means of tariff revenues, of such importance that the resulting Tariff Act of 1789 was just the second Act approved by Congress. The Tariff Act would be approved on July 4.

But it is th... See More  

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On the Treasury Bill and compensations for various officers...

Item #686040

July 25, 1789

THE MASSACHUSETTS CENTINEL, Boston, July 25, 1789  Half of the front page is taken up with an article headed: "Slave Trade" which is a report from a French society for the abolition of the trade. One bit notes: "...The abolition, therefore, of negro slavery was esteemed by the general United States & by the convention in which they were represented, not only a measure condu... See More  

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First inauguration of George Washington...

Item #679892

July 16, 1789

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 16, 1789 

* President George Washington

* First inauguration (historic)

Certainly one of the more desirable events to have in a period newspaper is the first inauguration of George Washington. American issues with such content are virtually unobtainable today, and reports in any newspapers worldwide are extremely uncommon.

Here is a nice report of t... See More  

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Houdon's famous Washington sculpture... Washington is inaugurated...

Item #676826

March 01, 1793


* George Washington's inauguration

* Jean-Antoine Houdon's sculpture

 The issue is filled mostly with an eclectic collection of articles, while the back leaf contains news items of the day.

Among the news reports is a notable one from Philadelphia: "Houdon, the famous French sculptor, who paid a visit to this country ... See More  

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