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Item #177308

June 10, 1905

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 10, 1905 Front page illustration "Mikado: "Now Can You See It?" by W. A. Rogers; Four Members of the Interstate Commerce Commission Who Testified on the Subject of Rate Regulation Before the Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce; Port Arthur as it Looks After Five Months of Japanese Occupation; The Principal War-Ships of the Russian Fleet D... See More  

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Belmont Park...

Item #177302

April 29, 1905

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 29, 1905 Front page illustration "Nothing More to Lose" by W. A. Rogers; Snap-Shots Showing the Effects of Exploding Mines and Torpedoes Used in Modern Warfare; Riding to Hounds in Europe--Photographs of a Meet at Pau, France; Belmont Park, the Finest Race-Course in the World; Scenes and Incidents of the President's Western Trip; Port Arthur ... See More  

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Item #177301

April 22, 1905

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 22, 1905  Front page illustration "Handicapped" by W. A. Rogers; New York's Easter Parade; Photos Showing Scenes of Destruction at Port Arthur and Russian Prisoners Captured by the Japanese; Handling New York's Mail--Scenes and Incidents Connected With the Work of the City's Post-Office Department; and other advertisements of the day... See More  

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The Republican National Convention Opens...

Item #177285

July 02, 1904

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 2, 1904.  Front page Photo, Theodore Roosevelt; The Yale-Harvard Crews on the Thames in Trials for the 'Varsity Boat-Race on June 30; Coolies Unloading Supplies for Japanese Troops at Ri-Ka-Ho; Red Cross Plans for the Wounded Russians; Japanese Landing in the Harbor at Chinampo; Double page Photo, With the Japanese Troops--On the March Near Seoul, The ... See More  

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Lauching of Battleship "Nebraska"...

Item #177274

October 29, 1904

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 29, 1904  Alexander E. Orr, President of the Board of Rapid Transit Commission Which has Directed the Building of New York's New Subway; A New Automobile Record From Chicago to New York--Messrs. B. B. Holcomb and Laurence Duffie in the Columbia Car, With Which They Reduced the New York-Chicago Record to 58 Hours 45 Minutes; Caricatures by Japane... See More  

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Oepning of the St. Louis Fair...

Item #177250

April 30, 1904

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 30, 1904  Frontpage Photo, Opening the St. Louis Fair---Night View of the Palace of Varied Industries; The Russian Battle-Ship "Petropavlovsk," Sunk by the Japanese at Port Arthur, April 13; Opening World's Fair; Multiple articles on the Opening of the World's Fair; "Bird's-Eye View of the St. Louis World's Fair"; ... See More  

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Smithsonian Institute Founder Honored...

Item #177241

February 27, 1904

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 27, 1904  Frontpage illustration "Hold Fast, Uncle Sam!" by W. A. Rogers; A View of One of Russia's Sea-Ports in Manchuria; Russian Troops on Their Way to the Front; Marcus A. Hanna; The War in the East--Snap-Shots Taken at the Scene of Action; Honoring the Founder of the Smithsonian Institution; Ad, Mark Twain's Six Funniest Boo... See More  

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Item #177226

October 24, 1903

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 24, 1903 Frontpage illustration "The Slough of Despond" by W. A. Rogers; Photo, A Fox-Hunting Episode; Incidents of the Recent Storm in New York; A Successful English Air-Ship; An Oil-Well on Fire in the New Texas Oil-Fields; Doublepage, photos, The Storm Centre in the Balkans--Revolutionists Preparing for War; "Tammany Waiting for th... See More  

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Yachting... Tennis...

Item #177214

August 08, 1903

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 8, 1903 Frontpage illustration of The Statue of Liberty; Photos This Week's International Tennis Matches; The "Kanawha" Wins the International Cup for Steam-Yachts; illustration "Transforming the Metropolitan Opera House, New York" by Vernon Howe Bailey; "A Hundred-Foot Dive in Army Practice"; Doublepage illustration... See More  

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Item #177213

August 01, 1903

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 1, 1903  Frontpage illustration of The Statue of Liberty; Photos The Expert Horsemanship of the American Woman; The Acting Pope During the Interregnum; Article, The Pope as a Politician by Sydney Brooks; The Launching of the "Ersatz Kaiser" at Kiel; "James M'neill Whistler" by Frederick Deppel; Doublepage illustration &q... See More  

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Item #177207

June 20, 1903

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 20, 1903 Frontpage illustration "The Presentation of the New Chinese Minister; The Havoc of the Western Floods; A New Invention for Our Next War; The Assassination of the King and Queen of Servia; Doublepage illustration "They're Off!" by George Wright; The Gate Way to Nevada; other news and advertisements of the day. See photos for full ... See More  

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Item #177206

June 13, 1903

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 13, 1903 Frontpage Photo of The Tornado in Gainesville, Georgia; In the Path of the Georgia Cyclone; The Floods in the West; Doublepage illustration "The Last Hours of Cadet Days" by Fietcher C. Ransom; article about Poe; and other news and advertisements of the day. See photos for full details. ... See More  

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Horace Greeley's famous journey to the West...

Item #212207

October 08, 1859

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, Oct. 8, 1859  Page 8 has: "An Overland Journey. XXXI. California Physically Considered"initialed at the end: H.G.

Horace Greeley, founder & editor of the New York Tribune, visited the Yosemite Valley in 1859 during his trip to the West. The series of 34 travelogue articles is significant as it was the first widely-distributed news about Yosemite that bro... See More  

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1859 Professor John Wise Balloon Flight...

Item #211800

July 04, 1859

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, July 4, 1859 Pg. 4 report: The Great Balloon Voyage The Journey Eastward Almost In Lake Erie Safe Arrival At Troy re. Professor Wises voyage in the mammoth balloon Atlantic. Other news of the day includes: "Ignoring Slavery" "Fireworks Explosion" "From Kansas" "Steam Fire Engine Worth Having" and much more. 8 pages in good condition.

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Early Balloon Voyage In 1859...

Item #210878

August 09, 1859

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, Aug. 9, 1859 Back page has: Narrative Of Professor Wises 231st Aerial Voyage Made from St. Louis, Mo., July 30, 1859, accompanied by his son, Chas. E. Wise. Also has: Blondins Greatest Feat He Stands On His Head re. his third tight rope performance above the Niagara River. Both are quite detailed. Other news of the day includes: "THE NEW SLAVE-TRADE" "The Kansas G... See More  

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Exploring The Missouri River 1854...

Item #210270

June 22, 1854

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, NYC, June 22, 1854. This 8 page newspaper is in good condition. A page 6 article is headed: "RAMBLES UP THE MISSOURI" which tells of a boat trip up the Missouri River, two thousand miles to Yellow Stone. Other articles include: "KANSAS" "THE NEW TERRITORIES" and much more. Many advertisements as well.

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Nice report on Supreme Court ruling...

Item #208290

June 04, 1946

THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL,  June 4, 1946, Topeka Kansas.  This issue contains the following 6 column front page headline: "NAVY ASKS INACTIVES VOLUNTEER".  This issue also contains the following front page coverage: "High Court Gives Press Wide Latitude", "Dr. C.L. Hovgard, Church Leader, Dies", "Plans Possible Duty in Event of Maritime Strike", and much more!  This is the ... See More  

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Item #208052

August 03, 1922

THE KANSAS CITY JOURNAL,  August 3, 1922.  A great issue for framing and displaying!

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Charles Dickens... Race Horse Cresceus...

Item #177181

March 15, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 15, 1902 Frontpage photo Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt; several pages of photos of Prince Henry's American Tour; full page photo Memorial Services for President McKinley; Cresceus's Wonderful Campaign; The Tammany Man; fullpage illustration "American Editors. XII.-Charles Emory Smith" by W.A. Rogers; fullpage photo The Railroad Nearest the No... See More  

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"Great Expectations" Collection I

Item #206663

November 24, 1860

Harper's Weekly, November 24, 1860 through December 29, 1860. This is a six-issue set (part 1) of Harper's Weekly containing the Charles Dickens "Great Expectations" in serialization format. The set provides more than a 10% discount over purchasing the issues individually.

This set would look great displayed in one of our 17 inch by 14 inch display cases which can be viewed a... See More  

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Dodgers Whip Yanks...

Item #205992

October 02, 1953

THE SALINA JOURNAL, October 2, 1953, from Salina, Kansas. Three column front-page headline "Dodgers Whip Yanks 3-2 In Thirds Game". The Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Yankees, 3-2 in the third World Series game. Brooklyn pitcher Carl Erskine set a Series strike-out record of 14. Features photos of Roy Campanella and Carl Erskine. This is the full issue and has five small binding holes along left s... See More  

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Item #177154

April 19, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 19, 1902 Frontpage illustration "'Stay with Him! Stay with Him!'"; fullpage photo The New President of Columbia; fullpage illustration Lunching of the Life-Boat; Something New in the Southwest with photos; "Home-Rule" in Irish Households; fullpage photo Lady Minto; doublepage centerfold "'Wall Street's' Famous U... See More  

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Philadelphia Win World's Championship...

Item #205515

October 15, 1929

THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPTIAL, October 15, 1929, from Topeka, Kansas. Column headline "Macks' Bats Sound Taps For Bruins" with subhead "Staging a Sensational Ninth Inning Rally, Philadelphia Athletics Win World's Championship, Defeating Cubs 3 to 2 - Snatch Victory From Defeat" along with an article "How a President Acts At World Series Game" with subhead "Altho Showing No Partiality, Hoover's Eye... See More  

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Haywood California...

Item #204795
ALAMEDA COUNTY ADVOCATE, Haywood, California, 1872 (Only one remains in our inventory in good condition)

This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen o... See More  

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Yachting... Pistols..

Item #177108

August 03, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 3, 1901 Frontpage photo "The Cruise of the New York Yacht Club"; Hotel Life Aboard Ship; American Athletes in England; fullpage photo "Summer Music in New York - A Concert on the Mall, Central Park"; Pistols in the Mechanical Arts; doublepage centerfold "The Cruise of the New York Yacht Club" by Shafer;  Women and the Pa... See More  

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Inauguration issue of Williams McKinley...

Item #177087

March 09, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 9, 1901  This issue is printed in blue and orange ink. Full page illustration of President William McKinley by Hitchcock; Swearing in the Vice-President; The Record of the Administration with illustrations; The Cuban Situation; full page illustration "The Illumination on the Night of the Inauguration"; full page "The Ladies of the Administra... See More  

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"George Washington To His Namesake" by Rogers...

Item #177085

February 23, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 23, 1901  Front page illustration "George Washington To His Namesake" by Rogers;  "Winter in Quebec" by Lawrence; The Philippine Problem; The Funeral of Queen Victoria; Old Clubs of Quebec; doublepage centerfold "The Battle of Buena Vista - February 23, 1847" by Zogbaum; "The Adventures of the Three Young Clubmen&... See More  

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"A Game of Freeze-Out" by Rogers...

Item #177084

February 16, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 16, 1901  Front page Uncle Sam cartoon  "A Game of Freeze-Out" by Rogers; doublepage centerfold "A Skating Party in the Country" by Frost; The Marriage of the Queen of Holland; The Death of Queen Victoria;  The Old Clubs of Montreal; New York's Opera Season; and other news of the day. See photos for details. ... See More  

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Secret to Mormon success...

Item #177083

February 09, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 9, 1901  Front page "The Sabbath-Breakers" by Frost; full page "Breaking a Road Through the Snow, in the Green Mountains" by Hoyt;  The Philippine Problem; full page of photos "The Streets of New York at Night"; several pages "Pictorial Review of the Life of King Edward VII"; The Secret of Mormon Success by W... See More  

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Item #177059

October 13, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 13, 1900, Colored front page of Richard Croker;  The Cost of Tammany Hall in Flesh and Blood; Moose Season in Maine; doublepage centerfold political satire cartoon of William J. Bryan; poem "The Young Queen" by Kipling; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Great color illustration of Teddy Roosevelt...

Galveston devestation... coal-miners strike...

Item #177057

September 29, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 29, 1900  Front page colored illustration of Theodore Roosevelt; Hurricane at Galveston; Pennsylvania Coal-Miners Strike; doublepage centerfold of a political satire of William J. Bryan as William Tell;  Launching of the Monitor "Wyoming"'; and other news of the day.  See photos for full details.

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W.A. Rogers print...

Hemp Industry of the Philippines... .

Item #177055

September 01, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 1, 1900 "He Drove His Wedge Too Far", by W.A. Rogers; "On The Beach At Narragansett Pier" by Smedley;  U.S. Forces in China; Hemp Industry of the Philippines; The Visiting English Tennis-Players; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Bicycling illustration...

Item #177052

August 04, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY,  New York, August 4, 1900  Fullpage "Summer Days Awheel" bicycle illustration. American Troops Ordered to China; Cape Nome Beach and Tundra Placer Mines;  The Boxer Uprising in Peking; the Assassination of King Humbert of Italy; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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The National Democratic Convention...

Item #177024

July 14, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 14, 1900 The National Democratic Convention; Fire in New York Harbor; War-ships in Chinese Waters; douplepage centerfold "The National Democratice Convention In Session, Kansas City, July 4-6, 1900"; Chinese in New York City; Intercollegiate Boat-Races; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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William Jennings Bryan...

Item #177049

July 07, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 7, 1900 Front page illustration of William Jennings Bryan by Chominsky; Disturbances in China; The Paris Exposition; doublepage centerfold "The Fourth of July at Kansas City" by Rogers; The Yale-Harvard Boat Race; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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"Bay Snipe Shooting" by Frost...

Item #177041

April 28, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 28, 1900 Doublepage centerfold: "Bay Snipe Shooting" by Frost. The Paris Exposition; Racing Automobiles; Breaking of the Colorado River Dam at Austin, Texas; and other news articles of the day. See photos for full details.

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Remington "The Frozen Sheep-Herder"...

Item #177035

March 10, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 10, 1900 Doublepage centerfold: "The Frozen Sheep-Herder" by Remington. This issue covers the reports of the Boer War as well as other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Louis Bleriot Monoplane Flight In 1909...

Item #177023

August 07, 1909

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 7, 1909  Full front page photo: "Bleriot's Epoch-Making Flight", shows Bleriot in flight over the English Channel, with part of a sea vessel in the foreground. Many other prints are present as well, along with news of the day and period advertisements.  

Please Read Note Concerning HW Images & Supplements!

Alert! This item is currently unavailable in 1st-rate condition, and may also not be available in 2nd-rate condition. If you would like to be placed on a no-obligation waiting list for this issue, or are interested in having us explore whether we have an issue in 2nd-rate condition, please call (570-326-1045) or e-mail us at: guy@rarenewspapers.com

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Pope Benedict XV Dies In 1922...

Item #202040

January 22, 1922

THE KANSAS CITY JOURNAL, MO January 22, 1922. This issue has a three line, two column front page headline: "POPE DIES EARLY SUNDAY MORNING; CALL CARDINALS" with subheads. Slightly yellowed with very minor margin wear, otherwise good.

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Crossing Niagara on a tightrope... Gold in Kansas...

Item #200017

June 28, 1859

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, June 28, 1859  On the ftpg. under "Gold In Kansas" is part of a detailed account which describes the scene at the gold region at Pikes Peak. Also another report: "Crossing Niagara Falls On A Tight Rope" re. Mons. Blondin. Occasional foxing in the margins.

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1986 BOSTON RED SOX Lose Mets Newspaper CURSE LIVES ON

Item #161904

October 28, 1986

KANSAS CITY KANSAN newspaper from Kansas City, KS, dated October 28, 1986. This 10 page newspaper is in nice condition and contains the reporting on the New York Mets winning the World Series championship on page 6. See photos.

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President Buchanan's cabinet...

Item #172038

April 11, 1857

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 11, 1857  Nice full page shows: 'The Cabinet' of President Buchanan, with displayable portraits of the seven men, with an accompanying article.

Also within are several illustrations regarding the war between Persia and England.

Complete in 16 pages, good condition

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William Walker... Charles Goodyear...

Item #172036

April 04, 1857

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 4, 1857  The front page features an article entitled "After Walker, What Next?" Inside: 'The Story of India Rubber' includes an illustration of 'Charles Goodyear, the American Inventor' and illustrations of 'Tapping the Rubber Tree'. "An Albany Dutchman in Holland" which features several small illustrations.

Com... See More  

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New Orleans levees... St. John's, Newfoundland...

Item #174862

April 05, 1884

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 5, 1884  Full ftpg. Nast illus: "Blaine Canvassing". Nice fullpg. with 8 illus: 'Winter Sanitariums, Lakewood, New Jersey' includes a small tennis scene. Halfpg; 'A Gusty Day in April' Very nice fullpg: 'The New Orleans Levees' is displayable. Fullpg: 'Breaking out thru the Ice--The Sealing Fleet leaving St. John's... See More  

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Tornado destruction at Brooklyn & Pittsburgh...

Item #175362

January 19, 1889

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 19, 1889   The front cover contains an illustration entitled "Americans in Paris - the the Flower Market at the Madeleine". Within the issue is a full page "The New Club-House of the Players"; a double-page centerfold shows destruction by tornadoes at Pittsburgh, Reading, Brooklyn and Niagara. A half-page: 'Birds-eye view of ... See More  

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On Dred Scott... Rothschild Family...

Item #172040

April 18, 1857

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 18, 1857  Relatively few illustrations, but including an article headed :Dred Scott in the Legislature", being text only, concerning the objections of the New York Legislature to the Dred Scott decision and their actions. A nearly 1/4 page illustration of "John A. King, Governor of New York".

Also featured in this issue is the coverage of &... See More  

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Chicago scenes... The Great Eastern (steamship)...

Item #172292

September 10, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 10, 1859  The front page features a third-page view of 'The City of Portland, Maine' and a third-page illustration of "The 'Great Eastern' Steamship Ready For Sea" with an accompanying article.  Inside has a one-third page illustration of 'The City of Chicago' which includes 9 scenes as well as a half page illustr... See More  

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Boston Peace Jubilee... Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn...

Item #173314

June 19, 1869

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 19, 1869 The front page of the issue features a 1/6 page illustration of "P. S. Gilmore." alsong with a halfpage illustration of "Decoration of the Graves of Union Soldiers at Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, May 30, 1869." Inside the issues is a one-third page illustration of "Wesleyan Female College, Cincinnati, Ohio." ... See More  

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The dog show at Gilmore's Garden...

Item #174344

April 26, 1879

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 26, 1879  Front full pg. Nast illus. of "He (The Solid South) Will Soon Be Let Alone." Inside is a full pg. illus. of "Spring." 1/2 pg. illus. of "The German Band." 1/3 pg. illus. of "An Arab Caravansary."

Doublepage centerfold of "Sketches at the Dog Show at Gilmore's Garden." Full pg. Nast illus. ent... See More  

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San Francisco's Navy Yard...

Item #175106

August 07, 1886

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 7, 1886  Nice full ftpg. Thomas Nast cartoon: 'The Watch on Spoilers'. Halfpg: 'Arriving at an Emigrants Boarding-House in New York'. doublepage centerfold: 'The Smoking Room of an Atlantic Steamer'. Nice fullpg: 'San Francisco--The Mare Island Navy Yard' shows 5 scenes. Nice fullpg. by Frederic Remington: 'Mexican Troo... See More  

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