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Lou Gehrig...

Item #543572

May 11, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, dated May 11, 1934.

* Lou Gehrig

* Yankees vs. White Sox

A banner headline on page 28 of this issue reads:  "Yankees Gain Crushing Victory Over White Sox; Giants and Dodgers Beaten".  Corresponding subheads include:  "Gehrig's Four Hits Help Yankees Win", "Lou Gets 5th and 6th Homers and Two Doubles as Mates Down White Sox, 13-2&qu... See More  

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Item #542739

October 12, 1918

Leslie's Weekly, from New York City, dated October 12, 1918.

The front page of this issue is an illustration entitled "The Buring Question of the Hour"

This issue includes "Day by Day with the Yankees"; "A King, a Few Generals and Their Guests"; "With the U.S.A. in the Field"; "The Last Crusade Brings Victory" and much more.

Other adverti... See More  

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Item #177546

December 25, 1909

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 25, 1909  There is a color cover on this issue. The front page of this issue has a photo of "The Passing of Leopold." This issue has an illustration of ""There Will be a Decided Uplift to the Democratic Party in New York State When the Newly Formed League Gets into Action"-Daily Paper" by Kemble and there are photos of &quo... See More  

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New York Yankees 1937 World Series....

Item #223177

October 08, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York City, New York, October 8, 1937  


* New York Yankees verses New York Giants...  

* World Series...  

This 48 page newspaper has a three line, one column headline on the front page: "YANKS ROUT GIANTS, LEAD, 2-0, IN SERIES; RUFFING VICTOR, 8-1" with subheads that include: "58,000 See Right-Hander Hurl Masterfully and D
... See More  

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New York Yankees....

Item #220534

July 18, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 18, 1947.


* New York Yankees

* Win 19 in a Row

This 36 page newspaper has a six column headline on page 11: "Yanks Win Double-Header to Tie League Record of 19 in Row" with subheads that include: "BOMBERS REPULSE INDIANS BY 3-1,7-2", "Raschi Hurls Six-Hitter", and more. Other news of the day throughout. Rag edition in nice con
... See More  

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Lazzeri hits two grand slams in one game...

Item #220163

May 25, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 25, 1936  Banner headline on page 24: " Lazzeri Smashes Four Batting Records as Yanks Win; Giants, Dodgers Victors" and one column subheads: "Yanks Overwhelm Athletics, 25 To 2" "Lazzeri Sets American League Record by Driving In Eleven of the Runs" "Connects for 3 Homers" "Two Come With Bases Filled, New Mark for the Majo
... See More  

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David Wells gets perfect game....

Item #217683

May 18, 1998

DAILY NEWS, New York City, May 18, 1998.

* David Wells

* New York Yankees pitcher

* pitches perfect game

* New York title

This 48 page tabloid sized newspaper has a unusual foldout front page which includes the front and back of this famous New York title. The headline reads: "PERFECT GAME" in bold lettering within a  photo David Wells being carried off the field af
... See More  

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Mickey Mantle 1st Game In Center Field....

Item #207167

May 21, 1952

NEW YORK TIMES, May 21, 1952 Pg. 33 has a 6 column banner head: "Yankees Turn Back White Sox for Sains Fourth Triumph" & 2 line, 1 col. subhead: " Bombers Win, 4-3, As Mantle Helps" & "Sain Limits White Sox to Six Safeties as Mickey Sparks Yankees With Four Hits" & more. Summary and the box score. In the summary is mention that Mickey was playing his 1st game in center field... See More  

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Item #160533

October 07, 1927

NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 7, 1927 Three line, one column head: "YANKEES WIN AGAIN AS YOUTHFUL PIPGRAS BAFFLES PIRATES, 6-2" plus subheads. Noticeable foxing at center crease.

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Thomas Nast...

Item #173066

February 09, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 9, 1867. Front 1/2 pg. illus. of "Ice Bridge Across the East River-Rescue of Persons on the Broken Ice." Also, a 1/4 pg. illus. of "The Late N.P. Willis" and a 1/6 pg. illus. of ""Idlewild," Residence of the Late N.P. Willis." Inside is a 1/3 pg. illus. of "Pope Pius The Ninth." 1/2 pg. illus. of "The Po... See More  

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Mauna Loa volcano on Hawaii...

Item #176464

August 12, 1899

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 12, 1899  Front full pg. illus. of "Admiral Dewey at Trieste." Inside is a full pg. of illus. of "Admiral Dewey Homeward Bound - Scenes Along the Route." Full pg. illus. of "Honoring Admiral Dewey - The Proposed Triumphal Arch and Colonnade at Madison Square, New York City." 1/2 pg. illus. of "General Alger Congratulatin... See More  

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Thomas Nast print...

Item #174554

April 30, 1881

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 30, 1881  Front full pg. Nast illus. entitled "Our Stumbling Block." Inside is a full pg. containing six illus. pertaining to "Snow Blockade on the Minnesota Railways." Full pg. containing three large illus. pertaining to "The Earthquake in the Island of Ischia." Full pg. illus. of "Shad Fishing on the Lower Delaware at N... See More  

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Many Civil War prints, and a rare account of Sojourner Truth...

Item #172856

February 04, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Feb. 4, 1865  Prints found in this issue include a front page image of: "General Alfred H. Terry" and also on the ftpg. is: "Landing of Soldiers and Sailors Above Fort Fisher".

Inside pages include a full page: "The Army of the Potomac Receiving the News of the Capture of Fort Fisher"; two quarter page images of: "The Late Lie... See More  

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Many prints of Milledgeville, Georgia...

Item #172848

January 07, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 7, 1865  The full front page shows: "Sergeant Helmes Raising the Colors of the 107th New York Regiment Over the Capitol at Milledgeville, Georgia".

A wealth of prints in this issue including: "The Principal Part of the City of Savannah, Georgia" "Map of Wilmington Harbor, N.C." Destruction of the Depots, Public Buildings, a... See More  

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General Sherman and more...

Item #172822

October 08, 1864

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 8, 1864  The entire front page is a nice print captioned: "Major-General Philip H. Sheridan". Inside has a full page and very dramatic print: "The Cavalry Charge at Winchester, Virginia". Other prints within include: "Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia" "Whitehall Street (Looking Eastward) Atlanta, Georgia"; a full... See More  

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Passage of the Thirteenth Amendment...

Item #172860

February 18, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 18, 1865  The full front page is a jubilant scene captioned: "Scene in the House on the Passage of the Proposition to Amend the Constitution", being the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. It was passed by the ... See More  

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Cologne Cathedral...

Item #174492

September 25, 1880

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 25, 1880  Full ftpg. Nast cartoon: "Resumption, of Honest Money and Work". Fullpg. pictorial of old Boston: "Antique Boston". Fullpg: 'The Long Suffering and Patient Race' shows two Blacks. Fullpg: 'Swimming a la Mode' shows women swimming in pond. Full page print: "Cologne Cathedral, Recently Finished After Six... See More  

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Death of Joe DiMaggio...

Item #160671

March 09, 1999

DAILY NEWS, New York City, March 9, 1999 This is the "National Edition" with the very nice, full front page memorial to Joe DiMaggio who had just died, with a special "wrap-around" cover sheet with his photo from an earlier year with the New York Yankees. Great to have this report in a New York City newspaper.

The "wrap-around" section on DiMaggio is complete in 32-p... See More  

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Item #160752

October 06, 1953

MORNING CALL, Allentown, Pa., Oct. 6, 1953 Two line, two column head: "Yanks Win Series, Clipping Bums, 4-3" tells of the New York Yankees' fifth straight World Series title. Ftpg. only!

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Arkansas... The Fenians... Office of the Freedmen's Bureau...

Item #172994

June 02, 1866

HARPER'S WEEKLY, June 2, 1866 Halfpg: 'Office of the Freedmen's Bureau, Memphis, Tenn.' showing many Blacks. Fullpg. shows: 'Arsenal Grounds at Little Rock' & 'Blissville, Little Rock, Arkansas'. One-third pg: 'Monticello, the Home of Jefferson, near Charlottesville, Va.'. One-third pg: 'The City of Lynchburg' Fullpg: 'Grand Reception of Jame... See More  

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