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Duluth, Minnesota lynchings...

Item #617503

June 17, 1920

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 17, 1920 

* Duluth, Minnesota lynchings (1st report)

* 3 negro circus workers hanged 

* Isaac McGhie - Nate Green - Elmer Jackson 

Page 2 has a one column heading: "Troops on Guard In Duluth After Three Lynchings" with subhead. (see)

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 22 pages, light browning, minor spine wear, ge... See More  

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Sitting Bull described: a powerful savage... The telephone wars...

Item #617251

September 18, 1879

THE AMERICAN SOCIALIST, Oneida, New York, Sept. 18, 1879 A article inside has the heading, "One Thing And Another", which states in part: "Sitting Bull is a powerful savage with a massive face-- as big, say, as a ten quart pail--and with plenty of room on it for the display of deep-plowed lines of decision around the mouth". Directly above this article is another which is notew... See More  

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Significant issue on the Popish Plot...

Item #617054

April 10, 1679

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, April 10, 1679 

* Popish Plot

The back page has not one but two items concerning the Popish Plot in England, a contrived conspiracy to accuse Catholic leaders of plotting to kill King Charles II.

A report from Dublin notes: "A Proclamation has been published...appointing a reward...to any person that shall...apprehend any Popish Dignitary or Jesuit...&... See More  

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The trial of Charles Manson begins...

Item #616765

June 16, 1970

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 16, 1970

* Charles Manson & girls trial begins

* Sharon Tate - LaBianca murders

Page 20 has a three column heading: "July Selection in Manson Case to Begin Today" with subhead: "Up to 300 Candidates May Be Examined for Trial That Could Last 6 Months" Coverage on the murder trial of Charles Manson and his 3 women followers at it's start.

... See More  

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Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial...

Item #616718

September 29, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, NY, September 29, 1934

* Lindbergh baby kidnapping trial

* Bruno Hauptmann

This 34 page newspaper has a three column headline on the front page: "BLADE MADE BY HAUPTMANN FOUND HIDDEN IN HIS CELL; INSANITY PLEA IS FORECAST" with many subheads. Much more inside.

Light browning, otherwise in good condition.

wikipedia notes: Hauptmann was charged w... See More  

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Dr. Sam Sheppard verdict... "The Fugitive" case...

Item #616494

December 22, 1954

NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 22, 1954 

* Dr. Sam Sheppard

* Murder trial ends with guilty verdict

At the bottom of the front page first column is a head: "Sheppard Convicted, Gets Life Sentence".  The article continues on page 24 where is found a photo of Sam Sheppard as well. See the web for more on the fascinating case. It was this case upon which the popular television s... See More  

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America is not about to compromise with England...

Item #615582
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, October, 1778  Among the articles within are: "The Theory of Insulating Bodies Examined, & some of the Supposed Properties which Electricians have ascribed to Glass, proved by Experiments not to Exist" includes reference to Ben Franklin; "On the Worshiping of the Primitive Christians to the East" , and more.

The most significant c... See More  

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Virginia's governor and the former slaves...

Item #615538

July 12, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, July 12, 1865 

* Georgia Emancipation

* Slaves and Masters

The front page has: "Georgia: Address of Provisional Governor Johnson, His Views On Emancipation." which takes over a full column. Other reports inside include: "VIRGINIA", "Governor Pierpoint and the Negroes", "Their Late Rebel Masters Trying to Get Rid of Them&q
... See More  

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Launch of a ship... Death of Samuel Sewall...

Item #615461

June 15, 1814

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 15, 1814  Page 2 has: "Launch" beginning: "The 'Seventy-four' at the Navy Yard in Charlestown will be launched on Saturday the 18th..." with a bit more. Also a black-bordered report of the death of the Hon. Samuel Sewall, Chief Justice of the Mass. Supreme court. also: 'Report from Maj. Appling to Gen. Gaines" "Measure... See More  

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President Johnson's impeachment trial...

Item #614908

May 16, 1868

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 16, 1868

* President Andrew Johnson

* Reconstruction era impeachment trial

The front page is mostly taken up with reports on the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson with the top of the first column having: "The Impeachment"  and many related subheads (see). The final vote for acquittal would come in 10 days.

Eight pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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The controversial Victoria Woodhull libel case..

Item #614573

March 12, 1874

NEW YORK TIMES, March 12, 1874  Page 2 has a report headed: "The Challis-Woodhull Libel" "Seventh Day of the Trial--Argument for the Defense--Address of Mr. Brooke" which is concerning the libel trial based on an article on her newspaper (see the web for more).

This is the famed Victoria Woodhull, who along with Tennie Claflin published the controversial newspaper &q... See More  

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Star route scandal trial verdict...

Item #614387

June 15, 1883

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, June 15, 1883

* Star route scandal trial

* Thomas J. Brady & Stephen W. Dorsey

* Not guilty verdict

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many advertisements. The front page has an article headed: "Acquitted" "A Verdict of Not Guilty Rendered in the Star-Route Trial" and more. Text takes up 2 1/2 columns.

This i... See More  

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Hastings, Nebraska lynchings...

Item #614046

April 04, 1883

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, April 4, 1883

* Alfred Packer

* Saguache, Colorado

* Cannibalism - murders

* Trial beginning

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many advertisements. Page 3 has an article headed: "Packer, the San Juan Murderer" See image for text here.

This issue is not fragile as newsprint back then was made of cotton and linen rags, all... See More  

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Thomas Edison's court case...

Item #613922

October 15, 1892

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, October 15, 1892  The front cover is "The New Santa Maria, Replica of Columbus' Vessel, which is to be Sailed Across the Atlantic". Inside the issue is "Baker's Rocking Chair Fan"; "Front View of the Apparatus for Lifting Blocks of Beton and Carrying them to the Car"; "Edison's Patents Sustained by the United States... See More  

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Haymarket Affair...

Item #613851

July 16, 1886

THE WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, West Virginia, July 16, 1886

* Haymarket Square riot

* Chicago IL Illinois

* Anarchy - Anarchists

* Jury sworn in - trial begins

The front page has one column headings: "ANARCHISTS TRIALS" "The Twelfth Man Secured" and more. (see)

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 4 pages, large sized paper measuring 25 x 19 1/2 inches, ... See More  

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Jews - Jewish trial & penalty...

Item #613761

January 13, 1880

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, January 13, 1880

* Jews - Jewish - Judaica

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many advertisements. Page 6 has an article headed: "CODE OF THE JEWS" "Trials in Capital Cases Among the Ancient Israelites" and more. (see) Text takes up about 1 1/2 columns.

This issue is not fragile as newsprint back then was made of c... See More  

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Judaica interest...

Item #613365

January 20, 1772

ARIS'S BIRMINGHAM GAZETTE, England, Jan. 20, 1772  The front page includes some court reports including: "...The diamonds taken away from Sir Robert Ladbroke's house were found at a Jew receiver's...Four Jews, thieves & receivers together were concerned in the burglary at Sir Robert's, but they are out-numbered by the Christian villains..." and also: "...the... See More  

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Rudolph Valentino bigamy trial begins...

Item #612786

June 01, 1922

TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE, Massachusetts, June 1, 1922

* Rudolph Valentino - The Sheik

The front page has one column headlines that include: "VALENTINO HAS BEGUN FIGHT IN STATE COURTS" "Bigamy Charges Will Be Vigorously Contested" and more. (see)

Other news of the day. Complete in 12 pages, minor margin wear, generally good.... See More  

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The trial of William Parkinson... The Clinton Barge robbery...

Item #611425

November 22, 1845

THE NEW YORK HERALD, New York, November 22, 1845  Page three has a column-wide headline "Wm. Parkinson, Charged with the Clinton Barge Robbery" which also includes an illustration of him as well. See photos for details.

Other news and advertisements of the day are within.

This is complete in four pages with several tiny binding holes along the left spine, otherwise is in good cond... See More  

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Details of a slave case brought to trial...

Item #611282

October 26, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 26, 1848  The top of page 3 has an article: "Important Slave Case Decision" which begins: "The Case of Lewis Pierrie, alleged to be the slave of Robert Tilghman of New Orleans, came up again before Judge King..." followed by much detail concerning the case (see).

Four pages, nice condition.

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Decision on the Hauptmann case...

Item #608812

February 14, 1935

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE-TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,  February 14, 1935 The issue has a 3 line, 3 column head: "Hauptmann Is Guilty; Sentenced To Die At Trenton Next Month" with various subheads "Defense to Appeal Verdict to High Court if Necessary" "Court Room Scene Tense" "Jury in 'Trial of the Century' Out Over Eleven Hours" and more. It ... See More  

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John Peter Zenger & freedom of the press...

Item #607276
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1737

* Ad regarding John Peter Zenger's "freedom of the press" trial

The back page has a small note of the publishing of a book, reading: "The Tryal of John Peter Zenger, who was lately tried & acquitted for printing and publishing a Libel against the Government." This is the famed Zenger trial--publisher of the New... See More  

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The fugitive slave John Anderson... Seceding from the Union...

Item #606331

February 04, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 4, 1861 

* John Anderson - fugitive slave

* Pre Civil War Southern tensions

Inside has: "A Southern Diarist" "Later From California" "Arrival of the Pony Express" "News From Kansas" "Movements of Mr. Lincoln" "The Case of the Fugitive Anderson", the latter concerning the trial of the famed fugitive slave... See More  

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Woodhull & Claflin in their libel suit...

Item #606290

March 05, 1874

NEW YORK TIMES, March 5, 1874 

* Victoria Woodhull

* Tennessee Celeste Claflin

The back page has: "The Woodhull & Claflin Case" "The Challis Libel Suit Commenced--Two Jurors Obtained" takes close to have a column & begins: "The long-ending trial of Victoria C. Woodhull, Tennie C. Claflin, and Col. James H. Blood, charged with libeling Luther C. Challis ... See More  

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Henry Ward Beecher adultry trial ends...

Item #606001

January 06, 1875


* Henry War Beecher

* Elizabeth Tilton

* Adultery trial begins

This 8 page issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

The front page has small one column headings: "New York City And State" "Tilton vs. Beecher" See image for text here.

Complete, nice condition.... See More  

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Supreme Court Decision...

Beginning of the "Miranda Rights" law...

Item #602504

June 14, 1966

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, June 14, 1966 

* Miranda rights onset

* Supreme Court decides the Miranda vs. Arizona case

* Landmark decision

The top of the front page reports on a game-changing ruling for law enforcement, as the Supreme Court responds to the case of "Miranda vs. Arizona". The headline reads:

"Law Aides Critical Of Confession Edict"

See i... See More  

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Henry Ward Beecher adultry trial ends...

Item #601233

July 03, 1875

THE CLEVELAND LEADER, Ohio, July 3, 1875

* Henry War Beecher

* Elizabeth Tilton

* Adultery trial ends

This uncommon 8 page issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

The front page has small one column headings: "Can't Agree" "The Jury Discharged" "And the Great Scandal Case Ended" and more. (see) Lengthy text here.

Com... See More  

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Eskimoes... Early print of the Merrimac...

Item #600499

February 23, 1856

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, Feb. 23, 1856  The front page has a print of: "The New U.S. Steam Frigate Merrimac on Her Trial Trip". This was the ship that would ultimately be scuttled by the U.S. Navy with the outbreak of the Civil War, and they resurrected by the Confederate Navy & converted to an iron-clad & be involved in the very famous battle with... See More  

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James Garfield murder trial begins...

Item #599833

November 21, 1881

THE CLEVELAND LEADER, Ohio, November 21, 1881

* Charles Guiteau shot

* James A. Garfield assassin

Page 6 has one column headlines that include: "GUITEAU SHOT" "An Unknown Horseman Brings the Assassin Down" "He Fires Two Shots at the Prison Van" "One of Which Strikes the Intended Mark" and more (see photos).

This issue contains other news and advert... See More  

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James Garfield murder trial begins.....

Item #599607

November 18, 1881

THE CLEVELAND LEADER, Cleveland, Ohio, November 18, 1881

* Charles Guiteau trial begins

* James A. Garfield assassination

The front page has one column headlines that include: "THE GREAT TRIAL", "It is Formally Opened by the District Attorney", "Guiteau's Counsel Discovery the Meaning of 'Stalwart'", "The Assassin Defies the... See More  

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Charles Guiteau pleads not guilty...

Item #599395

October 15, 1881

THE CLEVELAND LEADER, Cleveland, Ohio, October 15, 1881

* James A. Garfield assassination

* Charles Guiteau pleads not guilty

The front page has one column headlines that include: "'NOT GUILTY'", "Guiteau's Plea in the Washington Criminal Court", "The Abject Coward Taken Before the Judge in Safety", "The Assassin's Trial... See More  

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Lucky Luciano found guilty.....

Item #599140

June 08, 1936

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, June 8, 1936

* Charles "Lucky" Luciano convicted (1st report)

Page 13 has a one column heading:

"'Lucky' Luciano Found Guilty by Jury in Gotham"

and more. (see) 1st report coverage on the guilty verdict for Charles "Lucky' Luciano. He would spend the next 9 years in prison before being released. Lucky Luciano ranks ... See More  

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Last hours of Lee's army...

Item #598938

November 08, 1865

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 8, 1865 

* re. Robert E. Lee's surrender

Reports from the aftermath of the Civil War including: "Admission Of Southern Representatives""Message of the Governor of South Carolina" "Governor's Proclamation - Thanksgiving for Victory, Peace, and Our Country Saved" is from Ohio; "The Future of the Negro" "... See More  

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South Carolina repeals secession...

Item #598509

September 20, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 20, 1865

* Reconstruction era

Among the front page column heads are: "The Home of Secession" "Meeting of the Constitutional Convention" "The Ordinance of Secession Repealed" "Report in Favor of the Abolition of Slavery" which is a report from Columbia, S.C. also: "Trial of Capt. Wirz"

Eight pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Enrico Caruso death... Italian tenor...

Item #596877

August 02, 1921

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE, Pennsylvania, August 2, 1921

* Enrico Caruso death

* Italian tenor

The front page has one column headlines: "CARUSO, WORLD'S LEADING TENOR, DIES SUDDENLY" "Had Been Operated on for Abecess Between Liver and Diaphagm" and more with photo. (see) 1st report coverage on the death of famous Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso.

Other news and advertisemen... See More  

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Mississippi Burning trials... Civil Rights workers...

Item #596287

October 21, 1967

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, October 21, 1967

* Mississippi burning trial

* Meridian MS Civil Rights workers

* Cecil Price & more

The back page has a one column heading: "2 Convicted In Slaying Of Workers". See photos for text here. Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 14 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Black Sox World Series scandal trial....

Item #595567

July 28, 1921

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE, Pennsylvania, July 28, 1921 

* Chicago White (Black) Sox scandal 

* Baseball World Series fix trial beginning

Page 9 has one column headings: "TRIAL TODAY OF BLACK SOX", "Former Teammates Reach Chicago to Testify in Case Today--Nature of Testimony", "Many Objections Made"

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day.... See More  

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William Edward Hickman...

Item #595367

October 18, 1928

MEMPHIS EVENING APPEAL, Memphis, Tennessee, October 18, 1928 

* William Edward Hickman 'dead man walking' 

* Marion Parker kidnapping and murder

This 20 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page: "Hickman Awaits Death In Noose", "Girl's Slayer, Resigned to Fate, Will Be Hanged Friday 10 A.M.".

This tells of the up... See More  

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Charles Lindbergh bady kidnapping arrest...

Item #595059

September 20, 1934

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE-TIMES, Pennsylvania, September 20, 1934 

* Bruno Hauptmann arrested (1st report) 

* Charles Lindbergh baby kidnapping

This 20 page newspaper has a five column headline on the front page: "IDENTIFY MAN IN 'LINDY' KIDNAPING" with subheads (see photos). 1st report coverage on the arrest of Bruno Hauptmann, suspect in the most famou

... See More  

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Mae West holdup trial w/ photo...

Item #595004

January 17, 1934

NEW YORK WORLD TELEGRAM, January 17, 1934 

* Mae West front page photo 

The front page has a two column photo of Mae west with heading: "Mae West Dons Royal Purple to Tell Some More About Holdup" with text underneath (see photos).

Other news, sport and advertisements of the day throughout. Complete in 36 pages, light browning with some margin wear and tear, otherwise g... See More  

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Rudolph Hess parachute mystery in 1941...

Item #594726

May 13, 1941

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE-TIMES, Pennsylvania, May 13, 1941 

* Rudolph Hess Scotland parachute jump mystery 

* Adolph Hitler's right hand man 

* World War II 

This 20 page newspaper has a five column headline on the front page: "LONDON, WASHINGTON SEE RIFT IN HITLER'S COUNCIL IN HESS FLIGHT; HINT NO. 3 NAZI FEARED A PURGE" with subheads (see photos).

Ot... See More  

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1873 Susan B. Anthony indictment...

Item #594452

June 22, 1873

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 22, 1873 

* re. The Susan B. Anthony trial 

The front page has a very small and discrete one column heading at the bottom of the last column: "The Case of Miss Susan B. Anthony--Prosecution Suspended" 

which is a brief mention of her recent indictment for illegal voting.

Other news of the day throughout. Complete in 8 pages, nice condi... See More  

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Assault wins the 1946 Kentucky Derby...

Item #594237

May 05, 1946

TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL, Kansas, May 5, 1946 

* Assault - thoroughbred horse racing 

* Kentucky Derby win (1st of 3 wins) 

* Eventual triple crown winner

This 32 page newspaper has a four column headline on page 15A: "Assault Captures Rich Derby--Spy Song 2nd; Hampden 3rd" with subhead and photo. This was the 1st of 3 historic wins for the famed horse for the tr... See More  

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On the Roberts & Carlisle treason... Discussion of the American war...

Item #593710
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1779

* Abraham Carlisle & John Roberts

* Treason trials - Revolutionary War

The first article: "Summary of Proceedings in the Present Parliament" takes ten pages and includes much talk of the on-going Revolutionary War, bits including: "...He enumerated a black catalogue of crimes committed by the leaders of the American rebe... See More  

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Charles Lindbergh Ransom Money Found In 1934...

Item #591521

September 21, 1934

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, September 21, 1934 

* Bruno Hauptmann arrested (1st report) 

* Charles Lindbergh baby kidnapping - Ransom money found

This 10 page newspaper has two column headline on the front page: "ARREST IN LINDBERGH CASE BELIEVED TO HAVE SOLVED THE KIDNAPPING CRIME" with related photo. 1st report coverage on the arrest of B

... See More  

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Ada Lois Sipuel vs. Supreme Court ruling...

Item #590469

January 13, 1948

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 13, 1948

* Ada Lois Sipuel - Supreme Court ruling (1st report)

* Sipuel v. Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma

* Law school for African Americans

This 52 page newspaper has a two column headline near the bottom of the front page: "Supreme Court Orders Oklahoma to Admit a Negro to Law School". Text continues on the back page (p. 52) with a one c... See More  

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Louis D. Brandeis... 1st Jewish Supreme Court Justice...

Item #589809

June 06, 1916

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Springfield, Massachusetts, June 6, 1916

* Louis D. Brandeis inauguration

* 1st Jewish Supreme Court justice

This 16 page newspaper has one column headings near the bottom of the front page: "Brandeis Seated" and "New Supreme Court Justice Takes Oath of Office". See photo for coverage on the 1st Jewish Supreme Court justice, Louis Brandeis, taking... See More  

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New schooners for the U.S. Navy...

Item #588876

March 22, 1831

NEW HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, March 22, 1831 

* President Andrew Jackson

* United States Navy

The front page has five Acts of Congress, the first of which is signed in type by the President: Andrew Jackson. The last is: "An Act to authorize the construction of three schooners for the naval service of the United States." with details (see photos). Also on t... See More  

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Reconstruction... Andersonville trial

Item #588865

September 27, 1865

THE ALLENTOWN DEMOCRAT, Allentown, Pennsylvania, Sept. 27, 1865 

* Andersonville prison trial - Henry Wirz

Not surprisingly this issue has much Reconstruction related reports, including: "Soldiers! Who are Your Friends?" "The Trial of Wirze" "How Stand We?" "The Beginning of the End of Radicalism" & more.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Henry Wirz trial comes to an end...

Item #588728

October 26, 1865

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 26, 1865 

* Trial of Captain Henry Wirz

* Andersonville Civil War prison - Georgia

The top of page 5 has; "Washington" "the Findings & Verdict of the Wirz Military Commission Submitted to the President" "Intercession of Wirz's Counsel in Behalf of His Client".

Eight pages, nice condition. ... See More  

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