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The Massie Affair - murder trial verdict...1932...

Item #651295

April 30, 1932

ALBANY EVENING NEWS, New York, April 30, 1932 

* Massie murder trial verdict 

* Thomas and Thalia Massie 

* Joseph "Joe" Kahahawai Jr

This 16 page newspaper has a three column headline on the front page: "MASSIE JURY CONVICTS FOUR, HONOLULU TENSE; REPRISALS ARE FEARED" with subheads and related photo (see photos). First report coverage on the convic... See More  

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Baseball player print... The 'Black Crook'...

Item #651254

October 06, 1866


* "The Black Crook" at Niblo's Garden

* The 1st modern-day musical

* Baseball player portrait... The Johnstown Flood

Page 41 has a full page print of the "Great Scene Of The Second Performance Of The 'Black Crook,' Spectacle Now Performing At Niblo's Garden," This would eventually become genera... See More  

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Patterson v. Alabama... Scottsboro Boys....

Item #651041

April 02, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 2, 1935

* Patterson v. Alabama decision

* United States Supreme Court case

* Scottsboro Boys rape case

* Jury of African-Americans

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "NEW TRIAL ORDERED BY SUPREME COURT IN SCOTTSBORO CASE" with subheads. (See) Much more on page 15 with complete text of U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Other news, sports and ... See More  

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Chappaquiddick incident w/ Ted Kennedy & Mary Jo Kopechne...

Item #650852

July 25, 1969

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, July 25, 1969

* Senator Edward Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne

* Chappaquiddick Island incident

The front page has a six column headline: "KENNEDY FACES TRIAL, POSSIBLE PRISON TERM" with subhead. (see) Nice to have coverage from a Massachusetts publication.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day with reporting on the Apollo 11 Moon la... See More  

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Mrs. Harris is acquitted of involvement in Lincoln's murder...

Item #650683

July 20, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, July 20, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination trial

* Mary Harris acquitted

* Reconstruction era

The top of the front page has: "Mary Harris' Trial" "Conclusion of the Washington Murder Case" "Exciting Scenes in the Court" "Sharp Practice of the Lawyers for the Defence" "Verdict of Acquittal" (see photos).

Other ... See More  

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Las Vegas gambling and divorce are legalized...

Item #650359

March 20, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 20, 1931

* Gambling becomes legal in Nevada

* Divorce legalized as well

Page 17 has one column headings: "SIX-WEEKS DIVORCE MADE LAW IN NEVADA" "Secret trial Provided--Governor Also Signs Bill to Legalize Gambling--Reno Prepared" (see) A historic report on the legalization of gambling that would eventually lead to the business boom of the famous... See More  

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Indiana prepares for statehood... Court martial trial of General Edmund Gaines...

Item #650008

November 30, 1816

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 30, 1816  Pages 7 & 8 contain the inaugural address of Governor Jennings, the first governor of Indiana, given just a month prior  to Indiana becoming the 19th state of the Union. Not surprisingly much of his speech focuses on the work in gaining statehood.

Also inside is great detail on the: "Trial of General Gaines" court marti... See More  

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Scottsboro Boys sentences upheld...

Item #649952

March 25, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 25, 1932

* Scottsboro Boys death sentences upheld

* Negroes suspected of attacking 2 white girls

* Alabama Supreme Court decision

Page 6 has a one column heading: "BACKS CONVICTION OF SEVEN NEGROES" with subheads. (see) Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this World famous publication.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the ... See More  

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Thomas Edison & Al 'Scarface' Capone...

Item #649900

October 17, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 17, 1931

* Inventor Thomas Alva Edison

* Falls into a coma - would die next day

* Al 'Scarface' Capone's tax evasion trial

* Would be found guilty on this day

The front page has a one column heading: "EDISON IN DEEP COMA" with subheads. (see) Edison would die on the following day.

Page 4 has a one column heading: "CAPONE AS 'NO P... See More  

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Al 'Scarface' Capone in 1931....

Item #649897

February 27, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 27, 1931

* Al 'Scarface' Capone vs. United States

* Contempt of Court trial decision (day of)

* Beer baron makes fortune in illegal alcohol

Page 12 has a one column heading: "CAPONE AFFIDAVIT UNDER FIRE IN TRIAL" with subheads. (see) He would be found guilty on this day and be sentenced to Cook County Jail for 6 months.

Also on the same page ... See More  

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Reporting the death of John Jay...

Item #649896

May 23, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 23, 1829 

* John Jay death

Page 6 has a brief & inconspicuous--yet notable--report of the death of John Jay, the nation's first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: "The venerable John Jay, formerly chief justice of the United States,, etc. died in Westchester county, New York, on Sunday last in the 85th year of his age. The New Yor... See More  

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Nice Harper's Weekly group, just after the Civil War...

Item #649309
(5) HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, a lot of five issues from just after the Civil War. Dates are August 12, August 19, September 23, November 11, and December 2, 1865. A wealth of great prints including: 'New Westminster, Capital of British Columbia'. Halfpg: 'Trial of Mowing Machines' & 'The Richmond Election--the Polling at the 1st Market House'. Nice doublepage cente... See More  

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Much on the Sam Houston flogging incident...

Item #649021

April 28, 1832

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 28, 1832  Within this issue is an article headed: "Case Of Samuel Houston" which is concerning his trial for flogging William Stanberry. This report is quite lengthy, taking almost 6 pages, with a portion including: "...At the moment of stepping on the side walk Mr. Houston stood before me. I think he called me by my name, and i... See More  

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Woodhull & Claflin in their libel suit...

Item #648973

March 05, 1874

NEW YORK TIMES, March 5, 1874 

* Victoria Woodhull

* Tennessee Celeste Claflin

The back page has: "The Woodhull & Claflin Case" "The Challis Libel Suit Commenced--Two Jurors Obtained" takes close to have a column & begins: "The long-ending trial of Victoria C. Woodhull, Tennie C. Claflin, and Col. James H. Blood, charged with libeling Luther C. Challis ... See More  

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Schecter Poultry vs. U.S. Supreme Court... the beginning of the end of Roosevelt's New Deal...

Item #648945

May 28, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 28, 1935 

* Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States

* re. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal

* Supreme Court decision (1st report)

Front page carries a five column, three line headline: "ALL NRA ENFORCEMENT IS ENDED BY PRESIDENT AS SUPREME COURT RULES ACT AND CODES VOID; WHOLE OF NEW DEAL PROGRAM IN CONFUSION" with many subheads. (see) More inside ... See More  

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Outlaw Dick Liddil released on bond... School for cowboys...

Item #648227

November 03, 1882

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Nov. 3, 1882  Page 2 has a somewhat brief article headed: "Dick Liddell [Liddil] Released on Bond" noting in part: "...the case of Dick Liddel, on trial for conspiracy in connection with the Mussel Shoals robbery, committed by Frank and Jesse James and Bill Ryan..." with more (see). Page 5 has: "Taught To Be Cowboys" "The Practical ... See More  

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Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks divorce...

Item #648139

January 11, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 11, 1935 

* Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks divorce

* Charles Lindbergh baby kidnapping murder trial

* Great depression era original

The top of the front page has a two column heading: "Mary Pickford Obtains Divorce In Surprise 3-Minute Hearing" with subhead. (see) First report coverage continues inside with photos of the couple. Also front ... See More  

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Mustering out Negro troops...

Item #647559

September 20, 1865

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 20, 1865 

* Henry Wirz trial

* Jefferson Davis

From shortly after the end of the Civil War but still with war-related reports including: "Returned Soldiers" "The Real Abolition Platform of Ohio" "Mustering Out Negro Troops" "The Wirz Trial" "Trouble Brewing in the Abolition Camp" "Jefferson Davis&q... See More  

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Launch of a ship... Death of Samuel Sewall...

Item #645494

June 15, 1814

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 15, 1814  Page 2 has: "Launch" beginning: "The 'Seventy-four' at the Navy Yard in Charlestown will be launched on Saturday the 18th..." with a bit more. Also a black-bordered report of the death of the Hon. Samuel Sewall, Chief Justice of the Mass. Supreme Court. Also: 'Report from Maj. Appling to Gen. Gaines" "Measure... See More  

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The South African diamond fields...

Item #643521

February 25, 1888

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, February 25, 1888  The front cover shows: "Chasing and Capturing a Diamond thief at the South African Diamond-Fields" with four scenes. Within the issues is "The Delagoa Bay Railway, South Africa"; half page print: "Trial of M. Wilson, in Paris, for Illicit Dealing in French Decorations". A full page: "The Russian Army: ... See More  

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The "nefarious doctrine" of polygamy...

Item #643186

May 20, 1890

MEMPHIS APPEAL, Tennessee, May 20, 1890  The front page has column heads: "MORMONISM DEFINED" "Interesting Opinion by the Supreme Court" "The Nefarious Doctrine Persisted in & Propagated in Spite of All Interference". Bits of text include: "...A distinguishing feature of Mormonism is well known to be polygamy & an absolute ecclesiastical control of i... See More  

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The "Axis Sally" Trial... with photo...

Item #643134

January 24, 1949

MORNING CALL, Allentown, Jan 24, 1949 Ftpg. 3 line, 1 col. head: Treason Trial of Axis Sally Starts Today. One col. photo of Axis Sally above the head. Her real name was Mildred Elizabeth Gillars.

Front page only, but in good condition.

Note: "Mildred Gillars, AKA "Axis Sally", was a native of Portland, Main. She was studying music at Hunter College in Germany in the 1930s and f... See More  

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Nazi leader Robert Ley suicide....

Item #642234

October 26, 1945

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, October 26, 1945

* Robert Ley suicide death

* German Labour Front leader

The front page has two column heading: "Ley, Nazi Labor Boss, Hangs Self With Towel In Nuernberg Jail Cell" with subhead. (see) First report coverage on Robert Ley, head of the German Labour Front, suicide while awaiting trial at Nuremberg for war crimes.

Other news, spo... See More  

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Serial killer & rapist Albert Fish pleads insanity......

Item #642117

January 08, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 8, 1935

* Albert Fish pleads not guilty

* By reason of insanity

* Serial killer, child rapist and cannibal

* "The Boogey Man" - "Gray Man"

* "Brooklyn Vampire" - "Werewolf of Wysteria"

The top of the back page has a one column heading: "PLEA OF INSANITY ENTERED FOR FISH" with subheads. (see) I suspect this is o... See More  

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Map of France... Cape Breton & Louisbourgh in Canada...

Item #640453
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1747 

* Foldout map of France

Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the very nice foldout map titled in the cartouche: "FRANCE With Its Acquired Territories In Germany, and the Netherlands..." (see). This map shows considerable detail including a close-up view of the harbor & town of Toulon. The map also shows th
... See More  

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Serial killer & rapist Albert Fish trial...

Item #640410

March 19, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 19, 1935

* Albert H. Fish court trial - self-harm

* Serial killer, child rapist and cannibal

* "The Boogey Man" - "Gray Man"

* "Brooklyn Vampire" - "Werewolf of Wysteria"

The top of the back page has a one column heading: "'NOT IN RIGHT MIND,' FISH WROTE TO SON" with subheads. (see) I suspect this is one o... See More  

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Mike Tyson gets 10 years for rape...

Item #639976

March 26, 1992


* Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson

* 10 year Sentencing for rape

* Best title to be had

The front page has a banner headline: "Tyson gets 10-year term" with subhead and photo. (see) More on page 2. First report coverage on Heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson being sentenced for the rape of Desiree Washington. Nice to have from the city where... See More  

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Al 'Scarface' Capone changes plea....

Item #638932

July 31, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 31, 1931

* Gangster Al 'Scarface' Capone tax evasion case

* Changes plea to Judge H. Wilkerson

Page 12 has a one column heading: "CAPONE BEGS A TRIAL AS COURT BARS DEAL" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on Al Capone changing his mind and pleading not guilty after learning he may get a hefty jail sentence on the tax evasion charge. This ... See More  

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Trial of Charlie Ford, one of the killers of Jesse James...

Item #638760

November 19, 1883


* Charles Ford murder trial

* re. outlaw Jesse James killing

Page 4 has: "Charlie Ford" "He is to Be Tried Next Thursday for Robbing n Omnibus". Part of the report includes: "...the Fords were not suspected, however, but now that Jesse James has been killed by them, and that Charlie Ford is being prosecuted by the widow ... See More  

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President Arthur on the polygamy issue in Utah... The bandit Frank James...

Item #638753

December 05, 1883


* Mormons and polygamy

* President Chester A. Arthur

* Outlaw Frank James trial

Over half of the front page and page of pg. 2 are taken up with: "The President's Message" being the annual state-of-the-union address of Chester  A. Arthur. Near the end he addresses: "The Mormon Question", noting: "...I fear that i... See More  

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Dutch Schultz trial ends in a deadlock..

Item #638745

April 28, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 28, 1935

* Dutch Schultz trial ends in a deadlock

* Jewish gangster - beer baron - bootlegger

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "DEADLOCK OF JURY ENDS SCHULTZ TRIAL; 7 TO 5 AT THE END" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on the end of Arthur 'Dutch Schultz' Flegenheimer's trial for income tax evasion that resulted in a... See More  

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Baldwin v. G.A.F. Seelig, Inc....

Item #638610

March 05, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 5, 1935

* Baldwin v. G.A.F. Seelig, Inc. ruling

* United States Supreme Court decision

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "U.S. COURT RULES ALBANY VIOLATES INTERSTATE LAW IN CONTROL OF BULK MILK" with subheads. (see) Lengthy text continues inside with complete court ruling.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in ... See More  

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The "Spruce Goose" on trial...

Howard Hughes inquiry halted...

Item #637552

August 12, 1947


* Aviator Howard Hughes inquiry is halted

* The "Spruce Goose" endeavor on trial

The front page has the single column heading: "SENATORS SUSPEND INQUIRY ON HUGHES; COWARDLY, HE SAYS." The article continues on page 15 where another 5-column heading reads: "Senators Halt Inquiry as Hughes Calls Step Cowardly," which includ... See More  

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Mayor Marion Barry arrested...

McMartin Preschool teachers acquitted of Satanic ritual child-sex abuse...

Item #637400

December 21, 1989

THE WASHINGTON POST, Washington, D.C., December 21, 1989

* Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry arrested

* McMartin Preschool teachers acquitted of child-abuse

* Satanic ritual child-sex abuse hysteria

The front page has the two-line banner headline: "Barry Arrested on Cocaine Charges In Undercover FBI, Police Operation", with subhead: "Sources Say Mayor Used Crack In Downtow... See More  

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Home Building & Loan Ass'n v. Blaisdell...

Item #636931

January 09, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 9, 1934

* Home Building & Loan Ass'n v. Blaisdell

* United States Supreme Court decision

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "EMERGENCY POWER OF STATES UPHELD BY HIGHEST COURT" with subheads. (see) Lengthy first report text continues inside.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 42 pages, this is the rar... See More  

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The trial of Frank James...

Item #636572

June 21, 1883


* Outlaw Frank James

* Jesse James gang

* Gallatin, Missouri trial

Page 7 has two-thirds of a column headed: "FRANK JAMES" "The Prosecution Unmasked by the Unexpected Postponement of the Trial" "Mrs. Hite's Presence a Surprise--Dick Liddill on Parole--Craig and Timberlake Too Energetic to Please the Defense" wi... See More  

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Thomas Edison's court case... 400th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in America...

Item #636501

October 15, 1892

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Oct. 15, 1892  The front page shows: "The New Santa Maria, Replica of Columbus' Vessel, which is to be Sailed Across the Atlantic", celebrating the 400th anniversary. Items inside include: "Baker's Rocking Chair Fan" "Front View of the Apparatus for Lifting Blocks of Beton and Carrying them to the Car" "Edison's Pat... See More  

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Grant comes to Hunter's defense... Trial of Warden Wirz...

Item #633784

September 08, 1865

DAILY CLEVELAND HERALD, Ohio, Sept. 8, 1865  Among various front page news reports is: "The Trial Of Wirz" and "Grant's Letter on Hunter", the latter being a letter signed: U.S. Grant, dated July 15, 1864, in which he defends the actions of General Hunter.

Four pages, large folio size, minor loss to a lower corner. Folder size noted is for the issue folded in half.... See More  

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Trial of Andersonville prison commandant Henry Wirz...

Item #633578

August 25, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, August 25, 1865 

* Andersonville Prison - Camp Sumter

* Captain Henry Wirz trial - Georgia

Most of the front page is taken up with reports on the trial of the commandant of the infamous Andersonville, South Carolina, prison camp, Henry Wirz, with headlines: "TRIAL OF CAPT. WIRZ" "Preliminaries Settled & Witnesses Called" "He is
... See More  

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Fenian Movement... Wirz Trial... Negro Troops...

Item #633138

September 29, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 29, 1865  The front page has: "The Fenians" "Meeting of the Magistrates of Cork County - Priest Denouncing Fenianism" which includes: "...We understand that this society, which has been so extensively developed all over the country, became the subject of remark last Sunday from the pulpits of the several Catholic chapels in this neighborhood. T... See More  

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Joseph Fawkes's steam plow...

Item #632915

July 29, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 29, 1859

* Joseph Fawkes & his steam plow

Page 3 has a lengthy article headed: "Successful Trial Of Fawkes's Steam Plow" Text takes up 2 1/3 columns.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, irregular along the spine, otherwise nice.

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Baseball's Black Sox scandal trial begins...

Item #632542

July 18, 1921

THE WORLD, New York, July 18, 1921  The top of the first column of pg. 8 has: "FIRST INNING OF BASEBALL TRIAL TO BEGIN TO-DAY" "Burns and Gedeun Refuse to Be Interviewed by Attorneys for indicated Sox" which makes the beginning of the infamous "Black Sox" scandal trial. The text takes half a column.

Complete in 18 pages, a small library label within masthead, ot... See More  

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Prohibition law held valid in 1931....

Item #630040

February 25, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 25, 1931

* National Prohibition Act held valid

* Eighteenth Amendment argument

* Dry law to continue in the U.S.

The front page has a one column heading: "DRY LAW HELD VALID BY SUPREME COURT; RULING IS UNANIMOUS" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on the United States v. Sprague Supreme Court decision with complete text on page 21.

Other news... See More  

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George Wallace Shot... Supreme Court Amish Schooling Decision...

Item #629332

May 16, 1972

AKRON BEACON JOURNAL, Akron, Ohio, May 16, 1972 (front page only)

* Governor George Wallace Shot

* Amish children only need to go to school through 8th grade

* Wisconsin vs. Yoder Supreme Court Decision

This displayable front page has: "Wallace Partially Paralyzed; Says Campaign To Continue", with subheads: "Big Question: Will Wallace Walk Again?", "Then I Realized... See More  

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Rudolph Valentino bigamy trial begins...

Item #629176

May 16, 1922

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 16, 1922

* Rudolph Valentino - The Sheik

* Marriage to Natacha Rambova

Page 10 has a one column heading: "VALENTINO'S MARRIAGE INVALID, JUDGES SAY" with subhead. (see) He would be arrested arrested for bigamy shortly after this.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 40 pages, light toning, some margin wear, generally good.... See More  

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Laura Fair murder trial...

Item #628892

May 01, 1871

RICHMOND DAILY WHIG, Virginia, May 1, 1871

* Laura Fair murder trial

* "The Woman in Black"

* Alexander P. Crittenden

* Love triangle case

The front paged has an article headed: "The San Francisco Murder Trial" with subhead. (see)

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 4 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Brown vs. Board of Education "day of" reporting...

The death of the "father of the Blitzkrieg" Heinz Guderian... Panzer Armies....

Item #628418

May 17, 1954

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 17, 1954

* Heinz Wilhelm Guderian death (1st report)

* "Father of the Blitzkrieg"... Nazi Panzer Armies

* Brown vs. Board of Education - "day of" reporting

This 42 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 23: "GEN. GUDERIAN, 65, DEAD IN GERMANY", "Creator of Panzer Armies Led Drive in West--Was Acting Chief of Staff" w... See More  

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The Trial and Execution of Marshal Ney...

Item #628234

February 03, 1816

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, February 3, 1816  One of the more notable items is the reporting (pages 401-402) of the  trial and execution of the beloved Frenchman Marshal Ney. Ney's execution was an example intended for Napoleon's other marshals and generals, many of whom were eventually exonerated by the Bourbon monarchy. Other news of the day is present throughou... See More  

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Dutch Schultz & Alvin Karpis...

Item #627895

July 24, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 24, 1935

* Dutch Schultz trial begins

* Bandit Alvin Karpis

The front page has a one column heading: "SCHULTZ IS JAILED AS HIS TRIAL BEGINS" with subheads. (see) Coverage on the start of Arthur 'Dutch Schultz' Flegenheimer's trial for income tax evasion. Text continues on page 2 with photo of Schultz. (see) Always nice to have notable events in... See More  

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18th century original...

Item #627874

May 23, 1798

THE MORNING CHRONICLE, London, May 23, 1798  One of the more notable newspapers of the 18th century with much news from England as well as some items concerning the Napoleonic War. Page 2 has a report on a trial for high treason.

Four pages, partially loose at the spine & a bit irregular at the spine, generally good.

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