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Published by P.T. Barnum...

Item #637694
ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, 1853   Phineas T. Barnum was the co-owner (see photos) of this early illustrated newspaper which preceded both "Leslie's Illustrated" and "Harper's Weekly" which would become immensely more successful. This effort by Barnum and the Beach brothers would last for only 48 issues, or less than one year.

There are various prints within ... See More  

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From Arizona 19 years before statehood...

Item #637147

October 11, 1893

ARIZONA DAILY GAZETTE, Phoenix, Oct. 11, 1893 

* Rare old West title

* Maricopa County

This issue is from the Arizona Territory, 19 years before it joined the Union. Varied news reports both local & national with a nice wealth of ads as well, many of which are illustrated.

Eight pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Civil War era illustrated issues...

Item #636873
(5) HARPER'S WEEKLY  A Civil War era lot of 5 issues in very good condition.  This lot offers an excellent illustrated and textual view of this critical period in American history, at a significantly reduced price from their individual values.  All issues are complete in 16 pages and include many prints suitable for framing.

Additional lots are available--inquire if multiple se... See More  

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Great mining-related issue with a proposal for a new railroad...

Item #636795
POMEROY'S ADVANCE THOUGHT, New York, January, 1889  Inside has a nice promotional piece seeking investors in the Atlantic-Pacific Railway Tunnel, headed: "STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS" "To Shorten Railway Distance 250 Miles Between Denver & Salt Lake City" "And to Bring out Millions of Dollars Worth of Gold & Silver each Year..." with more.

A... See More  

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Early plans for a channel tunnel connecting England & France... New York firemen...

Item #636440

January 23, 1858

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Jan. 23, 1858  Inside includes a few prints of: "The Great Earthquake at Naples" "Sketches of Native Life In India" "American Firemen" which includes 3 prints, one a nice full page; "Torchlight Procession of the New York Firemen" pulling a fire engine.

Perhaps the most interesting content is the: "Proposed Tunnel ... See More  

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Nice view of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada...

Item #636438

June 30, 1877

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, June 30, 1877  Included is  a great full page print: "St. John, New Brunswick, Partly Destroyed Last Week by Fire" with a related article. Many other prints as well.

Complete in 28 pages, nice condition.

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One of the "Notable Jews" issues...

Item #636435

March 30, 1893

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, March 30, 1893  Of special interest is installment #7 of "Notable Jews - Adolph S. Ochs" which also includes a photograph of him. This is a series which ran in Leslie's for much of the year (others available: inquire). Ochs was publisher if the famous New York Times.

This is also the: "Easter Number" issue which has a special ... See More  

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New Orleans, Louisiana....

Item #636371

January 20, 1869

NEW ORLEANS COMMERCIAL BULLETIN, Louisiana, January 20, 1869 

* Uncommon title

* Eventually merged with the New Orleans Prices Current

Page 2 has: "Amnesty Proclamation" and "John H. Surratt" among other items. The back page has no fewer than 60+ illustrated steamboat and ship ads.

Four pages, large folio size, a bit irregular at the blank spine, generally good.... See More  

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Scenes from the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition...

Item #636366

May 13, 1876

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, May 13, 1876  

* Centennial International Exposition

* 1st ever World's Fair prints

The full front page is a print; "Opening of the American Centennial Festival Exhibition: A Street in Philadelphia" showing Indians & others. Two more pages of prints of the Centennial. Many other prints as well including: "Throwing Bulls ... See More  

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Scenes from the West...

Item #636273

March 26, 1870

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, March 26, 1870  The ftpg. illustration shows: "New York--Treatment Of Emigrants At Ward's Island--Women At Dinner." Among the prints inside are: "Laborers Of A Hand-Car Of The Pacific Railroad, Attacked By Indians." "Bitter Creek Valley--Construction Camp Of The Pacific Railroad In The Foreground" and "Citadel Rock, Gr... See More  

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Louisiana Centennial Exposition...

Item #635501

December 13, 1884

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, December 13, 1884  The front cover is entitled "Louisiana -- Preliminary Views of the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition at New Orleans" with an accompanying article inside. Inside the issue is: "New York City -- Cutting 'The Cleveland Gem' -- The Stone in the Rough and as Cut"; "Mexico -... See More  

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Valentine's Day print...

Item #634815

February 11, 1871

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Feb. 11, 1871  The prime print would be the very nice full page print: "The Fourteenth Of February" showing the mailman at the door with envelopes, with expectant girls (see). Other prints include: "Hoisting the German Flag on Mont Valerien" with other war-related prints, and the centerfold shows: "The Last Sortie from Paris--Prussian... See More  

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Valentine's Day centerfold...

Item #634814

February 10, 1872

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Feb. 10, 1872  The prime print would be the very nice doublepage centerfold captioned: "Valentine's Day: 'Oh! Here Is The Postman!". Other prints include: "Sketches In the Bank of England" "Sketches in Rome: Basilica of St. Clement" "Townshall at Larne, Ireland" and much more.

Complete in 24 pages, great condit... See More  

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U.S. Grant is honored in London... The St. Gothard Railway tunnel...

Item #633745

June 23, 1877

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, June 23, 1877  Among the many prints within is a halfpg: "Presenting The Freedom of the City of London To General U.S. Grant at Guildhall" and a full page: The St. Gothard Railway Tunnel Works".

The complete issue, very nice condition.

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Union Railway Station... Picturesque Minnesota...

Item #631951

September 06, 1894

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Sept. 6, 1894  The front page features a full illustration of: "The New Union Railway Station at St. Louis, Missouri". Inside includes a full page "Picturesque Minnesota Summer Resorts" with five photos. A full page: "Maneuvers of the Detachment of the Regular Army Under General Miles, in Camp Near Evanston, Illinois" has... See More  

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Breech-loading guns... London's gigantic wheel...

Item #631812

June 02, 1894

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, June 2, 1894  The front page has "An Illustrated History of Breech-Loading Guns" with an accompanying article. Inside the issue is: "The London Gigantic Wheel"; "Triple Boiler Locomotive, Belgian State Railway"; and more illustrations, articles and advertisements.

Complete in sixteen pages, never bound, in nice condition.

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British Hinduras... Nicaragua... General Walker...

Item #631684

June 07, 1856

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS (Supplement), England, June 7, 1856  The prime feature of this issue is the full back page map of Central America, with an additional page of supporting text providing considerable details of the events in the region. Other prints with text throughout, mostly focused on the 1856 Peace Commemoration in England.

Complete in 16 pages and in very nice condition.

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Published by P.T. Barnum...

Item #631627
ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, 1853   Phineas T. Barnum was the co-owner (see photos) of this early illustrated newspaper which preceded both "Leslie's Illustrated" and "Harper's Weekly" which would become immensely more successful. This effort by Barnum and the Beach brothers would last for only 48 issues, or less than one year.

There are various prints within ... See More  

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Large, illustrated ad for a double circus...

Item #631273

July 16, 1873

BETHLEHEM DAILY TIMES, Pennsylvania, July 16, 1873

* Very nice illustrated Circus advertisement

Page 2 has two columns entirely taken up with a nice, graphic advertisement for a circus, being the: "Great Eastern Menagerie - A Towering Giant Among Its Fellows - The Great 12 Center-Pole Tent - Dual Circus Exhibition!" with more on the double circus coming to Bethlehem. There are ... See More  

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From Minnesota in the late 19th century...

Item #630424

August 14, 1884

DAKOTA COUNTY TRIBUNE, Farmington and Lakeville, Minnesota, Aug. 14, 1884  A volume one issue of an uncommon title from a few miles south of Minneapolis. Typical news & ads of the day, many of which are illustrated.

Four pages, even toning, a few minor margin tears.

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Hayes-Wheeler ticket... Wyoming Seminary (SEM) advertisement...

Item #629532

November 06, 1876

THE MORNING REPUBLICAN, Scranton, Pennsylvania, November 6, 1876 

* The Hayes-Wheeler ticket

* Wounded vets to not receive promised compensation

* Illustrated Wyoming Seminary advertisement from the Levi Sprague era

This interesting report on the front page regarding wounded soldiers not receiving their promised compensation, multiple reports on the election 1876 throughout, a printin... See More  

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A displayable cover...

Item #628064

August 12, 1905

THE ILLUSTRATED SPORTING NEWS, New York, August 12, 1905  It still has the original outer wrapper showing a woman in a carriage (see). This is noted as the: "Mid-Summer Number", and as the title suggests the theme is primarily sports-related (camping, horse shows, horse racing, motorboat racing, etc.) although there is other content as well. The ftpg. is a photo of: "Camping Al... See More  

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Windmill at Laramie, Wyoming Territory...

Item #628008

May 08, 1869

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, May 8, 1869  Prints within include: "Marketing At The Five Points, New York"; a full page with two illustrations: "The Strike Of The 2nd Avenue R. R. Drivers -- The Resumption Of Travel -- Scene At The Depot" and "Windmill At Laramie, Wyoming Territory, For Supplying The Locomotives Of The Union Pacific RR With Water".

Sixteen... See More  

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Nellie Bly and her competition...

Item #627919

January 18, 1890


* Nellie Bly - American journalist print

* Around the World (during)

Inside has a nice 5 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch portrait of "Nellie Bly", plus a similar-sized portrait of  "Miss Elizabeth Bisland", and caption: "The Attempt To Make The Circuit Of The Globe In Seventy-Two Days--Portraits Of The Rival T... See More  

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Acts signed by James Monroe...

Item #627864

February 08, 1820

AMERICAN MERCURY, Hartford, Connecticut, February 8, 1820  The front page of this issue contains an act of Congress signed in type: JAMES MONROE. Page 2 has a unusually large advertisement for "For Governor, Oliver Wolcott"

Other news and advertisements (some illustrated) of the day are within.

This is complete in four pages with some lite rubbing at the centerfold, otherwise in n... See More  

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Nice print of the new Brooklyn Bridge...

Item #624686

June 02, 1883

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, June 2, 1883 

* Brooklyn Bridge construction completed

The full back page is a very nice print captioned: "The Brooklyn Bridge Over the East River Between Long Island and New York" was recently completed. Inside has a full page of 13 prints showing: "Sketches at the International Fisheries Exhibition" with several prints regarding fi... See More  

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Determining the northern boundary of North Carolina...

Item #624457

December 05, 1792

DUNLAP'S AMERICAN DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Dec. 5, 1792  Page 3 has a report from "Congress of the United States" concerning discussion of: "The bill for determining the northern boundary of the territory ceded to the United States by North Carolina...". Much other news of the day and a wealth of ads, including a "Six Cents Reward" for a runaway appren... See More  

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Lusitania... Great color cover...

Item #624004

May 27, 1915

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, May 27, 1915  The front is a nice painting of: "Mt. Rainier - The Pride of Washington".

Articles within include: "The Blame for the 'Lusitania' Tragedy" "War on the West and East Frontiers" "Pictorial Digest of the World's News" and much more.

Complete in 24 pages, half of the back cover is lacking, two ... See More  

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Displayable color cover shows mother and child...

Item #623694

June 02, 1892

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY, New York, June 2, 1892  Occasionally this title had beautiful color prints on their front pages, and this is one of the better ones (see). The print is captioned: "Good-Bye, Papa." taken from the painting by Seymour J. Guy.

  Sixteen pages, a spot in the bottom margin, otherwise in very nice condition.

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19th century illustrated circus ad...

Item #623223

June 16, 1846

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Massachusetts, June 16, 1846

* Illustrated circus advertisement

* 19th century Salem, Massachusetts

Page 3 has an ad: ""Mammoth Circus! Grand Entertainment with Great Addition In Interest, Splendor &c." re. the Rockwell & Stone Circus. Has details, plus an engraving of an equestrian performance."

News of the day includes: "Dreadful St... See More  

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Displayable Valentine issue from 1910...

Item #623211

February 10, 1910

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY, New York, Feb. 10, 1910  A very nice and displayable color cover captioned: "Valentine Number" obviously celebrating Valentine's Day. A great issue for display. The back cover is nice as well, being a color ad for "Perrier" sparking water  (see).

Complete in 24 pages and in excellent condition.

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The Denison gold mines in Canada...

Item #623125

November 03, 1888

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Nov. 3, 1888  Among the many prints in this issue is a full page with seven scenes of: "The Denison Gold-Mines, Near Algoma, Lake Huron, Upper Canada." with captions identifying each (see).

Complete in 32 pages, great condition.

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John Adams Script signature on the front page...

Item #622952

April 07, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 7, 1798 

* President John Adams : script signature on front page

Most of the third column on the front page is taken up with an Act of Congress, signed in script type by the President: John Adams (see) concerning the prevention of trade with foreign countries.

Other news of the day and ads throughout including six back page illustrated ship ads.

Four ... See More  

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Front page illustrated ad for the Revere bell foundry...

Item #622727

March 14, 1822

BOSTON DAILY ADVERTISER, March 14, 1822 The bottom of the front page includes a nice illustrated ad for the "Joseph W. Revere..." bell foundry. Joseph was one of the 16 children of Paul Revere who continued the business from his father. Nice to have this Revere item on the front page of a Boston newspaper.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, very nice condition. ... See More  

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The H.M.S. Thunderer...

Item #622494

April 20, 1872

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, April 20, 1872 

* HMS Thunderer launching w/ prints

Inside has 2 prints of Potsdam. Also a full page of: "The Right Hon. John Bright, M.P."; several prints of: "Plans & Sections of the Turrets & Guns of H.M.S. Thunderer" as well as a full page print of this ship. Other prints as well.

Complete in 24 pages, very nice conditio... See More  

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1881 Fitchburg, Massachusetts...

Item #622220

April 25, 1881

FITCHBURG DAILY SENTINEL, Massachusetts, April 25, 1881

* 19th century New England

This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements, some that are illustrated.

Complete issue, very minor spine wear, otherwise in very nice condition.

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Nice lacrosse print... New Zealand...

Item #622008

April 28, 1883

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, April 28, 1883  Perhaps the best print is: "LaCrosse Match Played Last Sat. at Kennington Oval..." which has  4 scenes (see).

Among other prints are a fullpg. with 11 scenes of: "Grand Military Assault at Arms a the Royal Albert Hall..."  which include life saving & wrestling; a full page of  7: "Sketches in New Gu... See More  

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The British visit Japan, with prints...

Item #622006

October 20, 1855

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Oct. 20, 1855  Inside has a full page article: "Operations In the Pacific--Visit of an English Ship to Japan" which includes  7 prints from Japan. Other prints include a fullpg: "Scene in a Street of Sebastopol..." plus 3 more fulpg. prints of Sebastopol from the Crimean War. The bkpg. shows: "Omer Pacha" and a print of his ... See More  

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Nice print of London Bridge...

Item #622005

November 16, 1872

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, Nov. 16, 1872   The prime content within this issue is the doublepage print captioned: "London Bridge". Many more interesting prints within including: "Railway Bridge Destroyed by Floods in Ceylon" "Changmaunna, in the Looshai Country" "Entrance Court of the Brighton Aquarium" & more.

The Supplement is included &am... See More  

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Scenes in British Columbia... Early trap-shooting...

Item #621991

March 10, 1883

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, March 10, 1883  The front page shows: "Confirmation of the New Archbishop of Canterbury...". Many prints inside including "Officers of the Soudan Field Force" "Removal of the Wellington Statue, Hyde Park Corner", a nice half page: "Bloodless Sport: The Terra-Cotta Pigeon at the Ranlagh Club" which includes a related... See More  

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The Napoleonic Wars...

Item #621947

July 26, 1815

NEW YORK EVENING POST, July 26, 1815  Pages 2 and 3 have the latest reports on the Napoleonic War in Europe. The front page begins with a very nice illustrated "Steam Boat" ad, plying the Hudson River. The bkpg. has an equally nice illus. stagecoach ad, with details (see).

Four pages, nice condition.

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With a small broadside "leaflet" issue...

Item #621244

March 05, 1892

THE MERCURY, Coronado, San Diego County, California, March 5, 1892 

* Uncommon title

* Hotel del Coronado fame

A very rare newspaper from this island community in San Diego Bay, famous for the Hotel del Coronado which is its prime feature. Indeed, a pg. 2 item notes: "A visit to San Diego without seeing  the Hotel Del Coronado would be like going to Washington without seeing ... See More  

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Wine making print...

Item #621223

September 24, 1892

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Sept.  24, 1892  Although this issue has many nice prints the most noteworthy is the very nice full page print captioned: "Hop-Picking In Kent: Stripping The Last Pole" which shows grape gathering for wine making. This print measures 10 by 13 inches.

Complete in 32 pages, very nice condition.

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John Anderson the fugitive slave... "headsman of the Tower" will not be replaced...

Item #621196

March 09, 1861

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, March 9, 1861  “The Fugitive Anderson” on page 3 is about John Anderson, the famous fugitive slave who escaped to Canada evading the pursuit of bounty hunters. While on the run he killed a farmer who intended to legally recapture Anderson and send him back into his master’s custody. Anderson lived and worked in Canada West from 1854 to A... See More  

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Wine making print...

Item #621186

October 07, 1871

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, October 7, 1871 Within this issue are several nice illustrations, but the best would have to be the very nice doublepage centerfold captioned: "Sunday Morning With The Hop Pickers", which related to the wine making industry. There is a related article on the following page titled: "Hop Pickers In Kent".  This print measures about 13 by... See More  

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Eskimos at Point Barrow...

Item #621050

July 07, 1855

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, July 7, 1855   A wealth of prints including a fullpg. with 4 scenes of: "Capt. Collinson's Arctic Expedition" which includes: "Sledge Party of Esquimaux [Eskimos]", a print of an: "Iroquois Chief" and "Opening of the Madras Exhibition--Fort George" among others.

Complete in 32 pages, nice condition.

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Columbia University...

Item #621048

November 22, 1894

ONCE A WEEK--An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, New York, Nov. 22, 1894  Formatted much like Harper's Weekly but much more scarce. Full ftpg. shows: "Dr. Knickerbocker Parkhurst". Doublepg. centerfold shows: "English Sport In China: Paper-Chasing at Shanghai is Locally Much Resented". Also halfpg: "Launching of the American Liner 'St. Louis' " and: &quo... See More  

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Twelve issues of this illustrated weekly...

Item #620764

April 22, 1871

(12) EVERY SATURDAY, "An Illustrated Weekly Journal", Boston, 18721 This is a lot of 12 complete issues, formatted much like Harper's Weekly. Partially loose at the spine, minor margin wear, scattered foxing, generally in nice condition.
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Oration on the new Constitution...

Item #620695

October 23, 1788

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Oct. 23, 1788  The front page is filled with ads including 16 illustrated ship ads. Page 2 has an item: "On Tuesday last an oration on the adoption of the Federal constitution was spoken at Mr. Brown's English school...large number of ladies & gentlemen were present...". Much other news of the day.

Printed by John Du... See More  

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Item #620480

November 02, 1796

CONNECTICUT JOURNAL, New Haven, Nov. 2, 1796

* Rare 18th century American title

Most of the content is from Europe although page 2 has a report headed: "American Claims In the High Court of Admiralty". The back page has a very nice illustrated bell ad (see).

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, very small bit from the blank spine margin, otherwise in very nice condition.... See More  

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