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Death Chart For Philadelphia & New York...

Item #205988
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, December, 1807 and is about 55 pages in length. The front page of this issue has a nice masthead of St. John's Gate and contains news & stories from around the world during this very early time in history. VERY INTERESTING READING from the day it was first reported which includes a chart for the recent deaths that occured in Philadelphia and N... See More  

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Treaty Of Aix-la-Chapelle...

Item #205598
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November,1748  The most significant content in this issue would be the "General & Definitive Treaty of Peace", more commonly known as the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle which ended the War of the Austrian Succession. This treaty takes five pages.

Other items in this issue are: "A Pulmonic Machine" with a print of it, appearing to be mu... See More  

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Item #204196
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, May, 1779  A fine opportunity to purchase a magazine from during the Revolutionary War at a reasonable price, as I find almost no American content in this issue. At the back under the "Historical Chronicle" is mention that the New York, Quebec & Newfoundland fleets have set sail under the convoy of Admiral Arbuthnot. The balance of the news ... See More  

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Wagon trains at Helena, Montana...

Item #174214

February 02, 1878

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Feb. 2, 1878 Great dblpgctrfld. by Nast: 'Italians, Your 1st King is Dead'. Great fullpg: 'Wagon Trains at Helena, Montana' shows a typical western street scene. Nice shape.

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Oyster shucking...

Item #173600

March 16, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, with supplement, March 16, 1872  Full ftpg. Nast cartoon shows Grant, among others. Halfpg. illus: 'Vaccinating The Poor'. Two illustrations: 'The Search For Livingstone'.

Supplement issue contains a nearly fullpg: 'Mine Oyster--Dredging Boats in the Chesapeake" and another: "Maine Oyster: Shucking" and smaller prints: "M... See More  

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Inauguration of President Grant... Howard University...

Item #173288

March 20, 1869

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 20, 1869  The front cover of this issue features "Vice-President Wade Administering the Oath to Schuyler Colfax". Also  there is a nice doublepage centerfold of "The Inauguration of President Grant, March 4, 1869" which is very is displayable. A half-page illustration "Howard University, Washington D.C." A full page illus... See More  

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