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Script signature of George Washington on the front page...

Item #665505

July 09, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 9, 1796 

* President George Washington

Over half of the front page is taken up with the full text from Congress of: "An ACT to Ascertain & For the Military Establishment of the United States" which is signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington. This was one of very few newspapers which used script type when printing documents or... See More  

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George Washington signs an Act of Congress...

Item #665504

July 06, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 6, 1796

* President George Washington

Taking half the front page & concluding on pg. 2 is the: "Act Laying Duties on Carriages for the Conveyance of Persons..." which is signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington.

The front page begins with a detailed ad for: "Josiah Flagg, Surgeon Dentist". Flagg was the first native-born... See More  

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Tennessee to become a state in the Union...

Item #665495

April 20, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 20, 1796 

* Tennessee statehood

An item on pg. 2 headed: "Tenesee [sic]" noting: "...relative to the territory south of the Ohio reported that that territory, now bearing the name of the State of Tenesee, was entitled to all the privileges enjoyed by the other States of the Union, and that it should be one of the sixteen states of America... See More  

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The Jay Treaty: preventing another war...

Item #665493

March 16, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 16 & 19, 1796 

* Jay's Treaty - John

* George Washington

A very significant pair of issues as they contain, in its entirety, the full text of the Jay Treaty, one of the more significant 18th century documents in American history.

Taking much of the front page and part of page 2 in the issue of the 16th is part of Jay's Treaty through Artic... See More  

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George Washington, John Adams, Sam Adams, Paul Revere...

Item #665492

March 12, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 12, 1796  The top of the front page has an Act of Congress which is signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington, and in block type by: John Adams. The ftpg. also has over a column taken up with a Mass. Act signed in type by the Governor: Samuel Adams.

As if this was not sufficient, page 3 has a notice by the Masonic "Grand Lodge" with it... See More  

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Laying the cornerstone of the Boston State House...

Item #665468

July 04, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 4, 1795 

* Massachusetts State House's cornerstone laid

Page 2 contains a nice editorial headed: "The Treaty" referring to the controversial Jay Treaty, which had recently been approved by the Senate. It begins: "The ratification of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation between the United States and his Britannic Majesty...must... See More  

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See the ornate and huge masthead...

Item #665416

September 24, 1784


* Very rare publication w/ great masthead

This has to be one of the deepest mastheads of the era, with frilly script type in the top portion of it. A very graphic issue for display.

The content is quite typical from this era just after the Revolutionary War. There are many mends inside bot... See More  

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Trial and execution of the notorious pirate Captain Kidd...

Item #665373

May 12, 1701

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England. A part of very significant issues which are best kept together, dated May 12 and May 26, 1701. Sold individually for a combined total of $21,250, we offer a special price for the pair:

May 12, 1701  One of the best issues of all of this title we have offered, as page 2 contains a report on the trial & sentence of the pirate Captain Kidd.

Datelined May 10, ... See More  

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Thurman Munson killed... NY Yankees...

Item #665361

August 03, 1979

THE PRATT TRIBUNE, Kansas, August 3, 1979 

* Catcher Thurman Munson killed

* New York Yankees baseball

* Jet airplane crash disaster

The top of page 5 has a banner headline: "Yankee catcher Thurman Munson dies in plane crash"First report coverage on the airplane crash that killed New York Yankees' star catcher, Thurman Munson.

Complete with all 8 pages, a few binding ho... See More  

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Objecting to a law against immorality...

Item #665348

March 16, 1786

THE NEW HAVEN GAZETTE & THE CONNECTICUT MAGAZINE, March 16, 1786 (year in Roman numerals)  All of page 1 & most of pg. 2 are taken up with essay #5 on: "Observations on the Present Situation & Future Prospects of This and the United States".

Inside has an interesting article concerning Virginia giving up some of its land to the district of Kentucky. Another article begi... See More  

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William Cobbett's famous newspaper...

Item #665347

May 20, 1797

PORCUPINE'S GAZETTE, Philadelphia, May 20, 1797  This was William Cobbett's important and controversial--but short-lived--daily newspaper.

Cobbett was a prolific & controversial publisher who often wrote under the pen-name of "Peter Porcupine." He was famous for sniping at his political opponents, usually those of a Jeffersonian-Republican sentiment. The first issue app... See More  

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An advertisement concerning the "President's Household"... Famed cabinet makers Thomas Burling...

Item #665341

May 22, 1789

THE DAILY ADVERTISER, New York, May 22, 1789 

* President George Washington

* Steward for his house advertisement

* Thomas Burling, furniture & cabinet maker

* Slavery - slaves - Negroes advertisements

Being from the nation's capital at the time, and from the very beginning of the new federal government (Washington was inaugurated April 30) it is not surprising this newspape... See More  

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Genuine London Gazette newspaper from 1675...

Item #665313

October 29, 1677

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Oct. 29, 1677

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

This is the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, having begun in 1665 and is still printing in London to this day. And this is a very early, genuine issue. As was the case with most newspapers of the 17th century, this is complete as a single sheet, measuri... See More  

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George Washington writes concerning the Jay Treaty...

Item #665307

November 12, 1795

FEDERAL ORRERY, Boston. Nov. 12. 1795 

* George Washington letter

* re. John Jay's Treaty

Page 2 has: "Indian Intelligence - Of the Creeks" which is most of a column with details on relations with them & other tribes. The report is datelined from Savannah.

Page 3 has a letter signed in type by the President: Geo. Washington, concerning the controversial Jay Treaty, o... See More  

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The United States monetary systems is up and running...

Item #665135

October 21, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 21, 1797

* President John Adams proclamation 7

* Notice of Commencement of Minting U.S. Coins

Page 2 has a very historic "Proclamation" signed in script type by the President in which he proclaims that now that the United States Mint is fully operating all foreign coins (Spanish milled dollars excepted): "...will cease to pass current as money... See More  

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London newspaper in great condition, with a full red tax stamp...

Item #665104

June 23, 1788

THE MORNING HERALD, London, June 23, 1788  As might be expected much Parliamentary news and other reports from the United Kingdom. But other items as well including: "War Between Russia & Sweden" "Plague" "Parisian Topics" "Naval Intelligence" and more.

Four pages, wide, never-trimmed margins, full red tax stamp on the ftpg., great condition.

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The President's letter to Congress...

Item #665094

April 14, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 14, 1798  Page 2 has a letter to Congress, signed in type by the President: John Adams, concerning our relations with France.

Four pages, nice condition.

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License needed to be a peddler...

Item #665092

May 17, 1686

THE LONDON GAZETTE, May 17, 1686  Most of the ftpg. is taken up with: "A Proclamation" which enforces the use of a license to be a peddle.

The remainder of the ftpg. and most of the bkpg. is taken up with other reports from Europe plus there are several advertisements as well.

Complete as a single sheet issue, 6 3/4 by 11 inches, a few small ink stains on the ftpg., nice condition... See More  

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Duke of Monmouth becomes Chancellor at Cambridge University...

Item #665091

July 20, 1674

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, July 20, 1674 

* James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth

* Becomes chancellor of Cambridge University

The front  page begins with a report concerning the famous Duke of Monmouth, some eleven years before he would be beheaded for treason in 1685.

This is a more pleasant report, datelines from "Cambridge" noting: "This day the Senate of this Un... See More  

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On the Alien and Sedition Acts...

Item #665085

February 20, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Feb. 20, 1799  Pg. 2 has lengthy resolution passed by the House of Representatives that reads in part: "...The sedition and alien acts this House conceive, contain nothing terrifying, but to the flagitious and designing....That it is the opinion of this House, that ought not to concur in the design of the resolutions of Kentucky."

Page 2 also has a repor... See More  

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The Chickasaw & Creek Indians... Celebrating Washington's birthday...

Item #665069

February 27, 1795

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, Feb. 27, 1795 

* 18th century Native Americans - Indians

* President George Washington's birthday

Most of page 2 is taken up with very lengthy reporting from Congress. Page 3 has a nice report from Knoxville, concerning a skirmish between the Chickasaw and Creek Indians with more as well. Page 3 also has: "The Patriot Festival"... See More  

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Item #665033

January 10, 1795

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, Jan. 10, 1795  The ftpg. is filled with ads including one for: "A Negro Man" in jail presumed to be a runaway; and one for a lottery: "For the Improvement of the Federal City".

Four pages, wide never-trimmed margins, great condition.

This was the home of the nation's capital at the time while awaiting the completion of th... See More  

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Complaining about the hated Acts of Parliment...

Item #664996
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Oct. 31, 1768  (currently spelled Gloucester)  Page 2 has a report from Boston concerning the growing tensions between the colonies and England, noting: "...assembled at Faneuil Hall...convened to consult & advise the most effectual measures for promoting the peace & good order of his Majesty's subjects...under the present very dark & ... See More  

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A Lord's pension paid from American tax revenues...

Item #664994
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Oct. 10, 1768  (currently spelled Gloucester)  The ftpg. has one-third of a column headed: "America" which includes news items from Newport, Boston, and Virginia. One item notes in part: "that the pension granted to his Honour the L.G. to be paid out of the revenue now raising in America but virtue of the Acts of Parliament so much complaine... See More  

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The Act creating the Bank of the United States...

Item #664965

* First Bank of the United States creation

The issue begins with textual: "Sketches of the President Of the United States" which is nearly a 4 1/2 page biography of George Washington (the plate called for is lacking). Also inside is the conclusion of: "Description of Cape Cod & the County of Barnstable" which takes 2 1/2... See More  

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Seeking bids for timber to build the founding frigates of the U.S. Navy...

Item #664956

May 09, 1794

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, May 9, 1794 

* re. United States Navy creation

* Construction of the frigates to begin

* USS Constitution, Constellation & U.S.

Shortly before this date the federal government passed the historic Naval Act of 1794, authorizing the building of six frigates, the founding ships of what would become the U.S. Navy.

The front page has a detai... See More  

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Extremely rare 1665 Oxford Gazette... Account of deaths from the Great Plague...

Item #664849

January 18, 1666

THE OXFORD GAZETTE, London, January 18, 1665 (1666 by today's calendar) 

* Earliest & Rarest of newspapers to be had

This is an extremely famous--and rare--title, being the predecessor of the famous "London Gazette", the oldest continually published English language newspaper in the world. Because of the Plague at this time, the Royal Court had removed itself from Lo
... See More  

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Early newspaper from 1746 Amsterdam...

Item #664840

June 14, 1746

LES ETATS DE HOLLANDE [The States of Holland], Amsterdam, June 14, 1746 

* Rare 18th century title

* Nice masthead

An interesting, little newspaper from this Dutch city, printed in French, featuring an engraving in the middle of the masthead. At the back is the: "Suite Des Nouvelles d' Amsterdam" which would seem to be a supplemental sheet. Measures 6 1/4 by 8 1/4 inches,... See More  

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The French & Indian War... A flying meteor...

Item #664833

* French and Indian War

* General Jeffrey Amherst

* Oswego, New York

Most of a column near the back of the issue is taken up with reports on the French & Indian War in America, portions including: "...account of Col. Montgomery's expedition against the Cherokees appeared in the public papers...that the troops unde
... See More  

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Abolishing the slave trade in England... Victor Hugo poem...

Item #664831
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, July, 1833  The prime report is taken from the: "Proceedings In Parliament" which includes a somewhat inconspicuous--yet noteworthy report: "Mr. Stanley brought in a Bill for the Abolition of Slavery, and for the compensation of the owners of slaves. Read a first time."

This would be the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 whic
... See More  

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"Report" signed in type by Thomas Jefferson...

Item #664817

January 21, 1792

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 21, 1792

* Thomas Jefferson before presidency

Beginning on the ftpg. and concluding on page 2 is a very lengthy "Report" from the Secretary of State, signed in type: Th. Jefferson. It is very difficult to find 18th century newspapers with Jefferson's signature in type.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, some foxing and a few archival mends at... See More  

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John Adams responds, Thomas Jefferson intervenes...

Item #664718

October 24, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 24, 1798  The ftpg. has an address: "To John Adams, President of the United States" from a military unit at Lexington, followed by his response signed in type: John Adams. A pg. 2 bit concerning America making preparations for action against France, with Thomas Jefferson intervening.

Four pages, good condition.

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Four Acts signed by Governor Sam Adams...

Item #664712

July 06, 1795

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 6, 1795 

* Nice 18th century masthead

Over half of the front page is taken up with four Acts of the Massachusetts legislature, each signed in type by the governor: Samuel Adams.

Four pages, very handsome masthead, archivally rejoined at the spine, various foxing throughout... See More  

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18th century New York City...

Item #664706

February 18, 1795


* Uncommon 18th century American publication

The entire ftpg. is taken up with a report from the federal Congress concerning financial matters, etc. The bkpg. has two Acts of Congress.

Four pages, some foxing, good condition.

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Mendoza & boxing as "a disgrace of society"...

Item #664692

February 02, 1790

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Feb. 2, 1790 

* Daniel Mendoza - The fighting Jew

The back page has: "...Sir Sampson compelled Mr. Mendoza to give bail for his good behavior in future, which he did, himself in a penalty of 200 pounds...Thus the rage for boxing has received a very proper be hoped the magistrates throughout the kingdom will be no less vigilant in their ende... See More  

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Pirate troubles in the Caribbean...

Item #664690
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1738  There is an interesting article which takes over 2 pages and includes two pages of geometric & mathematical computations headed: "Of the Quantity of the Refraction of Light in the Moon's Atmosphere..." (see for portions).

Among the articles noted in the table of contents are: "Defense of the Quakers Plea against Ty
... See More  

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Washington leaves New York... New capital to be in Philadelphia...

Item #664678

September 06, 1790


* President George Washington

* New York to Philadelphia

On page 3 under "New-York" is a report headed "Departure of the President" that begins: "Yesterday morning the President of the United States, with his family set off from this city for his seat at Mt. Vernon, in Virginia, where...he... See More  

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Mention of Dr. Franklin... Quakers and enslaved Negroes...

Item #664642

October 09, 1783

THE SALEM GAZETTE, Massachusetts, October 9, 1783 

* Dr. Benjamin Franklin

* Slaves - Slavery - Negroes

This issue has a variety of news items concerning the end of the Revolutionary War. The front page of this issue features a report noting: "Dr. Franklin writes to a friend, that he has reason to suspect the Americans have no friends in Europe; for the same caution that now aims ... See More  

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Small lot of an uncommon title...

Item #664613

February 03, 1798

FELIX FARLEY'S BRISTOL JOURNAL, England  A lot of four issues dated Feb. 3, 10, 17, & 24, 1798

* Rare 18th century title

* Unicorn masthead engraving

Each has a nice engraving in the masthead, has never-trimmed margins, various foxing throughout but not affecting any readability.

News of the day with many ads as well, several of which are illustrated. The back page of each has... See More  

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Detailing how supportive England has been to the colonies...

Item #664587

January 28, 1778


* Revolutionary War Tory original

* Rare Pro British issue from America

This was a Tory newspaper published in Philadelphia when the British occupied the city. It began in 1775 and ended when the British evacuated the city in May of 1778. Not surprisingly, the masthead features an engraving of the Royal coa... See More  

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A foreigner's opinion on America's quest for independence...

Item #664582

January 20, 1776

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, Jan. 20, 1776 

* Great year to have (1776)

* American Independence ?

Nearly two-thirds of the front page are taken up with a terrific consideration of the troubles between England & the colonies titled: "Extracts from the Sentiments of a Foreigner on the Disputes of Great Britain & America".

A few bits include: "..
... See More  

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The Netherlands... with a map of Northern Europe...

Item #664570
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, June, 1744  An inside page has a report which includes: "...had a commission to be engineer with a salary of 15s a day, given him by Gen. James Oglethorpe who also conferred upon him many other favours having under pretence of sickness, left Georgia when the Spaniards came up to invade the same with a fleet and army of between 4 and 5,000 men, whi
... See More  

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The Netherlands... with a map of Northern Europe...

Item #664568

* Early James Oglethorpe & Georgia

* 18th Century Netherlands map

An inside page has a report which includes: "...had a commission to be engineer with a salary of 15s a day, given him by Gen. James Oglethorpe who also conferred upon him many other favours having under pretence of sickness, left Georgia when the Spaniard
... See More  

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The Revolutionary War to end soon? Ben Franklin negotiating with the French...

Item #664535

June 21, 1777

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, June 21, 1777  Page 2 has an item concerning the Revolutionary War in America, with text including: "...that the congress had sent to Gen. Howe some proposals for a reconciliation, but such as they knew would not be accepted. It was supposed to be done to gain time. Gen Howe was...preparing to go on a secret expedition not to Philadelphia as it was thought;... See More  

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Revolutionary War content in a British newspaper...

Item #664534

January 04, 1777

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Jan. 4, 1777 

* Revolutionary War

* 18th century

* From The Enemy

A page 2 item from Philadelphia headed "America" is concerning supplies for the army, noting: "...sundry inhabitants of these United States to keep supplies from the army or promote their own interest have purchased considerable quantities of clothing & refuse to dispos... See More  

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Reasons why the Mass. governor needs to be removed...

Item #664530
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Oct. 3, 1768 

* Colonial America reporting

(currently spelled Gloucester)  Page 2 has a letter from Philadelphia noting in part: "...arrived here from Fort Pitt & informs us that the garrison were very healthy about a fortnight ago...has been exploring the heads of the Mississippi, the Scioto, and Lake Superior...went 1500 miles to the westw... See More  

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William Cobbett's famous newspaper...

Item #664462

May 29, 1797

PORCUPINE'S GAZETTE, Philadelphia, May 29, 1797 

* Rare 18th century American title

This was William Cobbett's important and controversial--but short-lived--daily newspaper.

Cobbett was a prolific & controversial publisher who often wrote under the pen-name of "Peter Porcupine." He was famous for sniping at his political opponents, usually those of a Jeffersonian-... See More  

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North Carolina gets a governor... The trouble in America...

Item #664428

September 19, 1768

THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Sept. 19, 1768 

* Early Southern America reporting

Page 3 has a brief item noting: "The King has been pleased to appoint George Mercer, Esq., to be Lieutenant Governor of his Majesty's province of North Carolina in America."

Then a letter from Ireland beginning: "We are not in a less rebellious state here than the people in America...Y... See More  

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Very early "supplement" issue to the famous French "Gazette" newspaper...

Item #664405

April 10, 1641

ARREST NOTABLE DU GRAND CONSEIL, Paris, France, May 17, 1641 (date at bottom of back page). 

* Rare 17th century publication

This is a "supplement" issue which was produced for a specific news report, in this case (translated): "Notable End of the Big Council."

Totally in French. Complete in 16 pages, 6 1/4 by 9 inches, wide margins, great condition.... See More  

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John Jay...

Item #664351

August 29, 1798


* 18th century America

Page 2 has a: "Reply" which is signed in type: John Jay. The back page has an Act of the Mass. legislature.

Four pages, various foxing throughout, otherwise good.... See More  

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