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David Klingler takes aim...

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August 26, 1991

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, Missouri, August 26, 1991. Certainly the premier newspaper/magazine for the sporting world, its 40+ pages are simply filled with the latest news in American sports, including a front page photo which was the highlight of the week. The top names and events of all American sports eventually found their way in the pages of The Sporting News.

The front page photo of
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Tony "Clutch" Lazzeri dies...

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August 08, 1946

NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 8, 1946  Pg. 21 has a 2 line, 1 col. head: Tony Lazzeri Dies; Starred On Yanks & subhead: Second Baseman During Era of Babe Ruth Succumbs at 42--Famed as Clutch Hitter. One col. photo of Tony Lazzeri. Minor tear in the margin next to the spine.

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