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African colonization... Artic expedition...

Item #206985

August 22, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Aug. 22, 1850  Pg. 3 has a letter to the editor: "On African Colonization". Under "Arctic Expedition" is a dispatch from Lieut. De Haven, commander of the U.S. expedition in search of Sir John Franklin.

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Earth rotation study...

Item #206974

May 31, 1851

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 31, 1851  Ftpg. article: "To Make Artificial Marble And Stone". Also under "Communications" are three letters: "Rotary Motion Of The Earth" "M. Foucaults Demonstration Of The Earths Rotation" "Mr. Foucaults Experiment". Lite rubbing on the front page. 

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Mississippi River...

Item #206902

May 01, 1851

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 1, 1851 Interesting correspondence on the front page under: "Travel On The Mississippi River" takes about 1/2 the column. Page 2 essay: "Means Of Compensating For The Scarcity Of Silver Coin". Bit of rubbing in unrelated content on the ftpg.

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Siamese Twins Chang-Eng...

Item #206686

February 27, 1837

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Feb. 27, 1837 Ftpg. ad: "Last Day The Siamese Twin Brothers---CHANG-ENG...have fixed, Wednesday, March 1, as...their last day of...stay in this city...At The Globe Hotel...". Subscribers name written above the masthead.

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Wyoming Pennsylvania Deer Hunting...

Item #206469

November 25, 1839

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Nov. 25, 1839 Pg. 2 has an article " Deer Hunting In Wyoming (Pa.)" which describes Luzerne County as "picturesque and beautiful" & more, with much about the deer hunting there, plus mention of Harveys Lake and Bald Mountain. A nice article!

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Nun defection...

Item #206395

August 21, 1839

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Aug. 21, 1839 A pg. 3 report under "Tumultuous At Baltimore" provides details about an unusual incident involving the defection of a nun from the Carmelite Convent on Aisquith Street , and caused "considerable excitement". Also has a "Proclamation" from the mayor of Baltimore warning the public to stay away from the convent.

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Crossing Niagara on a tightrope... Gold in Kansas...

Item #200017

June 28, 1859

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, June 28, 1859  On the ftpg. under "Gold In Kansas" is part of a detailed account which describes the scene at the gold region at Pikes Peak. Also another report: "Crossing Niagara Falls On A Tight Rope" re. Mons. Blondin. Occasional foxing in the margins.

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Thomas Nast political montage on Andrew Johnson... Texas...

Item #173036

October 27, 1866

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Oct. 27, 1866 Half of ftpg. shows: 'Lady Lobbyists at the White House'. 'Sinking of the Daniel Webster' & 'Sinking of the Evening Star'. Nice dblpgctrfld. by Thomas Nast is a montage of political cartoons on Andrew Johnson. A fullpg. of four nice scenes in Texas, including Houston and Galveston. Halfpg; 'Faneuil Hall, Boston. Bkpg. pol... See More  

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Item #150145

July 29, 1824

THE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, July 29, 1824 Pg. 3 has: "Capture Of Pirates" re. action near Matanzas.

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Item #150152

October 17, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Wash., Oct. 17, 1848 Ftpg. has a short article re: Africa (see images).

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Item #150655

February 11, 1824

SUPPLEMENT TO THE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, (Washington), Feb. 11, 1824 A folio-size singlesheet, most of which is taken up by a "Speech Of Mr. M'Lane, (Of Del.)". Traces of foxing but mostly nice. Untrimmed.

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Item #152051

May 12, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 12, 1849 A page 3 report headed "Most Afflicting and Fatal Tumults In the City of New York" give details about the riot at the Astor Opera House that resulted in twenty-two deaths. The report says that amond those arrested was Ned Buntline, who supposedly helped precipitate the riot, and was later know for his dime novels and for dubbing William Cody as "Buf... See More  

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Item #152060

May 31, 1856

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 31, 1856 Ftpg: "From Kansas--By The Mails" has a detailed letter from he Office of the U.S. Marshall at Lecompton. The letter states in part: "All persons in Kansas Territory...who honestly submit to the constituted authorities, will ever find me ready to aid in protecting them; all who seek to resist the laws...and turn traitors to their country will find m... See More  

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Item #152097

June 10, 1820

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, June 10, 1820 A page 3 report: "Macbeth's Castle" talks about the discovery of a vault at Dunsinane Castle containing a large meteoric stone and two bronze tablets. Says the stone was put there by Macbeth and it might be the sacred Jacob's Pillow. Some foxing in unrelated reports.

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Santa Fe Army... Poland Ohio...

Item #152464

September 15, 1846

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Sept. 15, 1846 Pg. 3 has a letter discussing the Santa Fe Army. Also a report about a discovery at a Poland, Ohio iron company: "Iron Made with Raw Bituminous Coal."

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Early Dallas newspaper...

Item #153007

January 01, 1882

NORTON'S DAILY UNION INTELLIGENCER, Dallas, TX, 1882. See the photo below for an example of this title from our archives. A quite rare title and early from Dallas as well. Rejoined at the spine with some minor loss along the spine margin. Contains various news of the day both local & national, plus many ads as well. Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have these spec... See More  

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