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Amelia Earhart non-stop flight from Mexico...

Item #619141

May 08, 1935


* Amelia Earhart solo flight (during)

* New aviation record

The front page has one column headings: "Amelia on Her Way to East Coast" "Hops With Intention of Making Non-Stop Flight"

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 14 pages, minor margin wear, generally good.

... See More  

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Amelia Earhart... Pacific Ocean flight...

Item #619038

January 12, 1935

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE-TIMES, Pennsylvania, January 12, 1935

* Amelia Earhart (female aviator)

* Solo Pacific Ocean flight (Hawaii to Oakland)

* 1st of it's kind (during flight report)

The front page has one column headings: "AVIATRIX FLASHES ACROSS PACIFIC FROM HONOLULU" "Flier Believed Off Coast of San Francisco in Fog Blanket" and more. (see)

Other news, sports and... See More  

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Amelia is the first woman to fly the Atlantic...

Item #618981

June 21, 1928

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, June 21, 1928 

* Woman aviator Amelia Earhart makes history
* Flight across the Atlantic Ocean

* Airplane "Friendship"

The front page has one column headings: "'CRANKS MENACE GIRL FLIER'S LIFE; LONDON ALARMED" "Scotland Yard Will Have Special Agent Guard Miss Earhart; One European Proposes Marriage" and... See More  

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Miguel Primo De Rivera's death... Sydney Franklin...

Item #618659

March 17, 1930

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 17, 1930 

* Miguel Primo De Rivera death - Dictator of Spain 

* Jewish bullfighter Sydney Franklin gored

* Al Capone - great depression era original

The front page has one column headlines: "PRIMO DE RIVERA DIES SUDDENLY IN PARIS; RULED SPAIN 6 YEARS" "Found Alone in His Hotel Room by Son and Daughters Upon Their Return From Church" ... See More  

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Selma-Montgomery march ruling... Johnson's voting bill...

Item #617623

March 18, 1965

WALL STREET JOURNAL, Pacific Coast Edition, March 18, 1965  On the front page under the heading "World Wide" reports "Johnson Sent his new Negro voting bill to Congress"; "Alabama Officials were barred from hindering a 50-mile civil-rights march" and "Martin Luther King, Jr. triumphantly announced the decision to hundreds of his followers massed before the c... See More  

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Duluth, Minnesota lynchings...

Item #617503

June 17, 1920

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 17, 1920 

* Duluth, Minnesota lynchings (1st report)

* 3 negro circus workers hanged 

* Isaac McGhie - Nate Green - Elmer Jackson 

Page 2 has a one column heading: "Troops on Guard In Duluth After Three Lynchings" with subhead. (see)

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 22 pages, light browning, minor spine wear, ge... See More  

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John Milton ship disaster... Long Island...

Item #617032

February 25, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, February 25, 1858

*John Milton (ship) wreck disaster

* Near Montauk Point - Long Island coast

The front page has an article headed: "The Disaster To The John Milton" "Full Particulars Of The Wreck" and more. (see)Text takes up almost two full columns.

Other news of the day just prior to the Civil War. Complete in 8 pages, minor spine wear, nice con... See More  

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Great Britain attacked by Zeppelin for the first time...

Item #616849

January 20, 1915

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, January 20, 1915  The front page has a four column wide, three line headline "Zeppelin Throws Bombs At Sandringham Palace; Airmen Brought Down" with subheads "Woman and Two Men Killed in German Raid on British Coast" "Warship Fires at Hostile Airmen" "Big Dirigible Brought to Earth Near King's Residence" "Shells Dropped at Sev... See More  

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The prospect of peace in the War of 1812...

Item #616598

July 09, 1814

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 9, 1814  Inside includes: "The Essex Frigate" "Peace and War Prospect" "The Coast in Alarm" "New Hampshire Militia" "In Cambridge" and more.

Four pages, some light damp staining, generally good.

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War of 1812...

Item #616118

April 16, 1814

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 16, 1814  Among the articles within are: "The Coast Threatened" "Negotiation of an Armistice" "Repeal of Embargo" "Wilkinson's Second Expulsion from Canada" "Extract of a Letter from an Officer of the Army..." "Destructive Expedition" & other items.

Four pages, very light damp staining, nice... See More  

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Death of Jesse James...

Item #615649

April 04, 1882

DAILY TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1882

* Jesse James assassination

* Robert & Charles Ford

* St. Joseph, Missouri

The back page has a rather inconspicuous report at the bottom of the first column: "Death of the Notorious Robber Jesse James". The report, which continues at the top of the next column, reads in full: "Jesse James, the notorious robber was shot... See More  

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First transcontinental excursion from coast to coast...

Item #615312
TRANS-CONTINENTAL -- a complete reprint collection of all 12 issues of this fascinating newspaper.

The newspaper titled "Trans-Continental" was a stroke of historical genius in the mind of its editor, W. R. Steele. On May 24, 1870 over 130 passengers boarded a beautiful eight car Pullman train built under special orders of George M. Pullman specifically for this trip, the first chartere... See More  

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1947 Operation Sandy... V-2 rocket launch...

Item #615095

September 03, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 3, 1947

* USS Midway (CV-41) aircraft  carrier

* Operation Sandy - V-2 rocket launch

This 52 page newspaper has a small one column heading on page 16: "Midway Heads to Sea For V-2 Rocket Tests"

wikipedia notes:
A highlight of East Coast and Caribbean training was Operation Sandy in September 1947, in which she test fired a captured German V-2 ... See More  

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SS Schiller ocean liner disaster...

Item #613766

May 09, 1875

ST. LOUIS DAILY GLOBE, Missouri, May 9, 1875

* German ocean liner SS Schiller

* Isles of Scilly sinking disaster

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many interesting advertisements. The front page has an article headed: "GONE DOWN" "Horrible and Heart-Rendering Ocean Disaster" "The Steamship Schiller Lost off the Coast of the Scilly Isles" &... See More  

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Anti-Semitism from Germany...

Item #613354

September 13, 1944

EVENING PRESS, Guernsey, Sept. 13, 1944 

* Rare Pro-Nazi occupation issue

Among the front page heads are: "Allied Attacks Smashed in West" "Enemy's High Losses on Adriatic Coast" "America's Enemy - The Jew".

Four pages, 12/ by 12 3/4 inches, very nice condition.

This newspaper was published on this island in the English Channel and was occupied by... See More  

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Apparent German & Japanese successes...

Item #613116

February 09, 1942

EVENING PRESS, Guernsey, Channel Islands, Feb. 9, 1942 

* Rare Nazi Occupation title

This island was occupied by the Germans during World War II so all reporting is pro-Nazi propaganda, yet in English as residents were British. The front page has: "Large Sections of Two Soviet Divisions Wiped Out" "Another Six Ships Sunk Off American Coast" "Britain Worried Over... See More  

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Jeff Davis's speech to the troops...

Item #611119

October 25, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 25, 1863 

* Jefferson Davis speech

* Confederate president

* re. Chickamuauga victory

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "The Advance of Gen. Banks on the Bayou Teche" "Interesting from the Texas Coast" "From the Rebel States" "Address of Jeff. Davis to Bragg's Army" which is signed in type: Jefferso... See More  

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Gale of 1878...

Item #608325

October 24, 1878

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, October 24, 1878

* Gale of 1878

* Hurricane disaster

* East Coast & New England

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many interesting advertisements. The front page has an article headed: "TORN BY THE TEMPEST" "The Wilds Winds Manifesting Their Wrath" "A Terrible Storm Raging in the East" "The Lo... See More  

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Charles Lindbergh Paris flight in 1927...

Item #607814

May 21, 1927

THE DAILY REPUBLICAN, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, May 21, 1927 

* Charles Lindbergh's historic Transatlantic flight 

* Spirit of St. Louis - airplane solo

The front page has one column headings: "LINDBERGH SEEN 100 MILES FROM IRISH COAST" "Sighted By a Vessel at 12:10 Greenwich Time; Will Reach Paris at 8 O'Clock" See image for brief text here. Historic... See More  

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Large JFK photo...

Item #604465

November 22, 1963

EUGENE REGISTER-GUARD, Oregon, Nov. 22, 1963  A very dramatic front page, with perhaps the largest photo of JFK we have seen on any newspaper. The "regular" front page appears on page 3. Complete in 30 pages.

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USS Huron sinking disaster...

Item #601759

November 24, 1877

THE CLEVELAND HERALD, Ohio, November 24, 1877

* USS Huron North Carolina coast sinking

* Sloop-rigged screw steam gunboat

This uncommon 8 page issue has news of the day with several interesting advertisements throughout.

The front page has one column headings: "The Huron Disaster" "One Hundred and Five Lives Lost" "Only Thirty Persons Saved From The wreck" and... See More  

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From the American Riviera...

Item #601512

June 04, 1883

DAILY INDEPENDENT, Santa Barbara, California, June 4, 1883  

* Rare Old West title

A volume one issue from this famous West Coast city, known as the "American Riviera". Various news reports and a great wealth of advertisements, many of which are illustrated.

Four pages, lightly toned, small binding holes at the blank spine margin.... See More  

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Great horseracing centerfold..

Item #600166

October 06, 1860

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, Oct. 6, 1860  The prime print would be the very nice doublepage centerfold which has 14 horse racing-themed prints, the feature print titled: "Planet Passing the Judge's Stand" showing the horse's gait before the invention of photography and they realized how horse galloped (see). There are 8 other horse around the perimeter, wit... See More  

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The resecue of tankers SS Pendleton and SS Fort Mercer...

Item #599953

February 20, 1952

THE DETROIT NEWS, Detroit, Michigan, February 20, 1952  The banner headline of this issue reads "Hope to Salvage Derelict - 13 On Ship Shun Rescue" with subhead "Men Stick to Tanker's Stern Half" "25 More Saved by Cost Guard", which is referencing the rescuing of the men from the tankers SS Pendleton and SS Fort Mercer. Both of these tankers split in two duri... See More  

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The resecue of tankers SS Pendleton and SS Fort Mercer... U.S. Airment spot an UFO?...

Item #599950

February 19, 1952

THE DETROIT NEWS, Detroit, Michigan, February 19, 1952  The front page of this issue has a column-wide headline "33 Aboard Split Ship to Get Tow" with sub-head "Seamen to Stick to Tanker Stern" which relates to two tankers, the SS Pendleton and SS Fort Mercer, both were split in two in rough seas from storms. The Coast Guard were sent in to rescue them. Also included are t... See More  

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USS Akron airship disaster...

Item #599889

April 05, 1933

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, April 5, 1933 

* USS Akron disaster 

* Helium rigid airship ZRS-4

The front page has a five column headline: "73 BELIEVED DEAD IN AKRON CRASH; ONLY 3 KNOWN TO HAVE SURVIVED; SEARCH WILL BE CONTINUED TODAY" with subheads and related photo. More inside. 1st report coverage on the USS Akron airship crash off the coast of New Jerse... See More  

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Racehorse Seabiscuit death in 1947...

Item #599779

May 19, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 19, 1947 

* Seabiscuit death (1st report) 

* Underdog thoroughbred racehorse champion

This 44 page newspaper has a two column headline on page 31: "Seabiscuit Dies of Heart Attack At C. S. Howard Ranch on Coast". See photos for text here. Nice to have in this famous NYC title. Other news, sport and advertisements of the day throughout. Rag e... See More  

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Los Angeles Air Show... early airplanes...

Item #599650

January 18, 1910

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, Boston, Massachusetts, January 18, 1910

* 1910 Los Angeles, California

* International Air Meet at Dominguez Field

* Aviator Glenn Curtiss - airplanes - airships

The front page has a two column headline: "ENDURANCE TRIALS ON AGAIN AT COAST AVIATION COURSE" with photos of Glenn Curtiss and Louis Paulhan flying their airplanes. Other news, s... See More  

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1947 Operation Sandy... V-2 rocket launch...

Item #598644

September 11, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 11, 1947

* USS Midway (CV-41) aircraft  carrier

* Operation Sandy - V-2 rocket launch

This 56 page newspaper has a small one column heading on page 5: "Stabilizer Balked Midway V-2 Test"

wikipedia notes: A highlight of East Coast and Caribbean training was Operation Sandy in September 1947, in which she test fired a captured German V-2 rocket ... See More  

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Henry Morton Stanley.... Africa journey....

Item #598261

November 05, 1889

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, November 5, 1889

* Henry Morton Stanley own words

* Journeys in Africa

The front page has one column headings: "A LETTER FROM STANLEY", "On His Way To The Coast", "The Mahdists And Natives In Full Revolt, And Emen Held A Prisoner".

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 14 pages, light browning, minor spine wea... See More  

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Atlantic Coast Civil War.....

Item #598161

October 31, 1861

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, October 31, 1861  This issue is filled with advertisements and Civil War reports throughout from the day it was first reported which includes a large back page  map: "THE ATLANTIC COAST, From Beaufort, N.C., To St. Augustine, Fla."

Additional headlines in this issue includes: "THE WAR FOR THE UNION", "The Rebel Losses at Edward's Ferr... See More  

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Actor Henry Fonda death...

Item #598066

August 13, 1982

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 13, 1982 

* Henry Fonda death (1st report) 

* Broadway & Hollywood actor

Near the bottom of the front page is a two column headline that reads: "Henry Fonda Dies on Coast at 77; Played 100 Stage and Screen Roles". with photo of Fonda. Much more on page 12. 1st report coverage on the death of famed Hollywood actor, Henry Fonda. Nice to... See More  

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Hot Springs, AR flood and fire....

Item #597921

May 15, 1923

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 15, 1923

* Hot Springs, Arkansas

* Flood & fire disaster

The front page has one column headlines that include: "HOT SPRINGS LOSES $2,00,000 IN HAVOC OF FLOOD AND FIRE", "Miraculious Rescues as People Are Swept Along the Street Torrents--No Lives Lost", "Troops Guard Ruined Area" and more. 1st report coverage on the fl... See More  

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1st non-stop Transatlantic flight... John Alcock...

Item #596918

June 16, 1919

THE BETHLEHEM TIMES, Pennsylvania, June 16, 1919

* 1st Non-stop Transatlantic airplane flight (historic)

* John Alcock & Arthur W. Brown

The front page has a banner headline: "LONDON CELEBRATES ACHIEVEMENT OF AIRMEN" with subheads that include: "Some Notable Features Of The First Non-Stop Trans-Atlantic Flight" and more (see photos).

This issue contains other news... See More  

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Much on the latest military armaments...

Item #596658

January 01, 1898

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN ARMY & COAST DEFENCE SUPPLEMENT, New York, 1898 with the color front cover still present. Inside has a tremendous wealth of photos & illustrations of the latest guns, cannons, etc. Not dated but the copyright date is 1898.

Complete in 64 pages plus cover, some wear to the front cover.

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Capture of New Orleans....

Item #596589

April 28, 1862

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 28, 1862 

* Capture of New Orleans

* Corinth, Mississippi

Among the front page one column heads are: "New Orleans Taken!" "Glorious News From Rebel Sources!" "Corinth Evacuated!" "Beauregard to Defend Memphis" "The Rebel Advance Guard Driven Back Towards Corinth" "Death of Ma... See More  

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The Santa Barbara flower parade...

Item #596400

May 31, 1894

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY, New York, May 31, 1894  Inside has a full page of 7 photos & prints on: "The Flower Carnival at Santa Barbara, California" and a full page: "Caught: Enforcing the Law Which Prohibits Seining on the Mass. Coast", plus other prints.

Sixteen pages, bit of light dirtiness to the front page only, nice condition.

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Color cover... Navy-Curtiss Flying Boat...

Item #596110

June 07, 1919

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, June 7, 1919  The color cover is "Salvaged Boilers Rolled 21 Miles Along the California Coast" with the related story with the issue of how these were removed from a stranded, salvaged ship and found that this was the method of transporting them. The front page of the issue is "American 'mystery' ships and their equipment for combating U-b... See More  

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S.S. Vestris Sinks In 1928...

Item #595097

November 12, 1928


* Ocean Liner S.S. Vestris sinks 

* Early same day report

The front page has a nice banner headline on the front page: "SINKING SHIP VESTRIS ON WAY TO THE BARBADOES CALLS FOR HELP OFF THE VIRGINIA COAST AS 200 PASSENGERS TAKE TO LIFE BOATS" with subheads (see).

Other news, sport and advertisements of the day through... See More  

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USS Akron Crashes...

Item #594869

April 04, 1933

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE-TIMES, Pennsylvania, April 4, 1933 

* Crash of the USS Akron (ZRS-4) 

* United States Navy airship 

* Early, same day 1st report

This 16 page newspaper has a nice banner headline on the front page: "AIRSHIP AKRON, HIT BY LIGHTNING OFF BARNEGAT EARLY TODAY, DESTROYED--FEARED ALL BUT TWO OF 76 ARE DEAD" with subheads and photo (see
... See More  

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Richard E. Byrd Transatlantic flight in 1927....

Item #594673

July 04, 1927

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 4, 1927

* Richard Evelyn Byrd crash landing

* Transatlantic flight - photo

This 30 page newspaper has a five headline on the front page:


with many subheads. Loads and loads of text continues on the inside pages.

Other ne... See More  

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First report: the wreck of the Atlantic...

Item #594411

April 02, 1873

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, April 2, 1873 

* Wreck of the RMS Atlantic

* Ocean Steamer

* North American coast

Over half of the front page contains the first report of this tragic marine disaster off the coast of Nova Scotia. The wreck of the ocean steamer Atlantic on a rock, about fifty yards from Meagher's Island, in the County of Halifax on the 1st April, 1873, will long be re... See More  

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Wreck of the RMS Atlantic....

Item #594373

April 04, 1873

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 4, 1873  

* Wreck of the RMS Atlantic

* Ocean Steamer

* North American coast

Full front page reporting on the recent wreck of the RMS Atlantic with headlines: "THE GREAT CALAMITY", "Heart-Rending Details--Stories from the Lips of Survivors--Instances of Heroism--Brutality of the Crew" and more. This has lots of text, to... See More  

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Ludlow, CO mine massacre...

Item #594202

April 22, 1914

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, April 22, 1914.


* The Ludlow Massacre (1st report)

* Colorado coal miners' strike gone bad

This 12 page newspaper has one column headlines on the back page: "THIRTEEN DEAD IN  MINE FIGHT" and

"Bloody Labor War Being Waged In Colorado--Injured Number Twenty"
. 1st report coverage on the Ludlow Massacre
... See More  

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Lauren Bacall...

Item #594123

January 29, 1956

PARADE MAGAZINE (Sunday Call-Chronicle), Allentown, Pennsylvania, January 29, 1956  The front colored cover features a photo of Lauren Bacall with an accompanying article inside including her husband Humphrey Bogart. Inside are articles: "Soon: Coast to coast in 75 minutes" and other articles and advertisements.

This is complete in 24 pages measuring approximately 13 x 11 inches ... See More  

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Albert Einstein escapes Nazis...

Item #592534

September 11, 1933

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 11, 1933

* Albert Einstein flees Nazis

* Pre World War II Europe

* Jewish persecution

Page 9 has one column headlines: "EINSTEIN IN REFUGE ON ENGLISH COAST", "Fleeing Nazi Threats, He Goes From London to a Little Known Spot on North Sea", "Closely Guarded There" and more. This is coverage on Albert Einstein esc... See More  

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Cedar Springs, Arizona outlaws robbery.....

Item #592331

May 15, 1889

THE WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, Wheeling, West Virginia, May 15, 1889

* Cedar Springs, Arizona - ghost town

* Outlaws vs. Army paymaster Whamat

The front page has one column headlines that include: "A FIGHT WITH BANDITS", "Army Paymaster and his Guard Attacked by Highwaymen", "Who Secure Over $29,000" and more. 1st report coverage on the robbery... See More  

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Arming the slaves?...

Item #592074

February 24, 1865

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 24, 1865

* General William T. Sherman march up the coast

* Arming the slaves? South's last hope

This genuine newspaper has a wealth of Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "THE SOUTH", "Rebel News, Rumors and Speculations", "THE MILITARY SITUATION&... See More  

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SS Morro Castle liner fire disaster...

Item #591522

September 08, 1934

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, September 8, 1934 

* Liner SS Morro Castle burns (early 1st report)

* Ward Line cruise ship disaster

This 8 page newspaper has a nice banner headline on the front page: "OVER 300 PERISH IN BURNING LINER" with subheads (see photos). Early 1st report coverage on the SS Morro Castle fire disaster.

This issue contains other news, spo... See More  

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HMS Otranto sinking... WWI troopship...

Item #590849

October 12, 1918

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 12, 1918 

* HMS Otranto sinks (1st report) 

* World War I 

This 24 page newspaper has a nice banner headline on the front page: "TRANSPORT SUNK; 372 AMERICANS MISSING" with subheads (see photos). 1st report coverage on the sinking of the HMS Otranto during World War I.

Other news and various advertisements of the day throughout with ... See More  

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