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1867 American Indian Wars outbreak...

Item #667368

July 28, 1867

NEW YORK HERALD, July 28, 1867

* American Indian Wars

* Native Americans outbreak

* Eyewitness account from the Plains

The back page has a article headed: "OUR INDIAN TROUBLES" "CAUSES OF THE OUTBREAK" "The Whites as Much to Blame as the Redskins" and more. (see) Text takes up more than a full column.

Complete with 8 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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1867 Kidder fight massacre...

Item #667366

July 21, 1867

NEW YORK HERALD, July 21, 1867

* re. Kidder Fight (Massacre) - Kansas

* General George Armstrong Custer

* 9 years before the Battle of Little Big Horn

Page 10 has an article headed: "The Indian War" "Operations of Custer's Command--The Massacre of Lieutenant Kidder and Ten Men..." (see)

Complete with 8 pages, a little creasing, nice condition.... See More  

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1867 Battle of Fort Wallace, Kansas...

Item #667365

July 12, 1867

NEW YORK HERALD, July 12, 1867

* Battle of Fort Wallace (Massacre)

* United States 7th Cavalry

* Cheyennes - Indians

Page 4 has an article headed: "The Indian War" "Attack on Fort Wallace, Kansas--Thirteen Soldiers of the Garrison Killed" (see)

Complete with 8 pages, a little spine wear, nice condition.

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Nice map of portions of Canada...

Item #667291
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1758  Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the very nice & detailed foldout map titled: "A Plan of the City & Harbour of Louisburg; shewing that part of Gabarus Bay in which the English landed, also their Encampment during the Siege in 1745." Within this map is a large inset in the upper left which is: "A Map of the I... See More  

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How the "trail of tears" would happen...

Item #667270

June 16, 1838

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, June 16, 1838   Inside has: "Army--Official--Orders No. 25...Cherokee Agency, Tenn. May 17, 1838" which details with the efforts now known as the "trail of tears".

This Order begins: "Major general Scott...announces to the troops...he has been charged by the president to cause the Cherokee Indians yet remaining in N. Caro... See More  

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Andrew Jackson introduces what would become the Indian Removal Act & the resulting 'Trail of Tears'...

Item #667235

December 12, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 12, 1829 

* President Andrew Jackson

* Indian Removal Act - "Trail of Tears"

Certainly the prime feature is the full printing of  the State of the Union Address given by President & signed by him in type at its conclusion: Andrew Jackson.

In it he announces his controversial plan concerning the Native Americans which would... See More  

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Oliver H. Perry, Andrew Jackson, and many others...

Item #667224

December 18, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 18, 1813  Among the articles are: "Maria Louisa Bonaparte". Also there are 6 pages taken up with: "Events of the War" with much news on the on-going War of 1812. Among the subheads and items are: "Arts of the Enemy" "Maritime Power"; a letter signed in type: Oliver H. Perry concerning the  Battle of Lake Erie; &... See More  

Item from Catalog 313 (released for December, 2021)...

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Lengthy on the Indian war in the War of 1812...

Item #667215

November 28, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 28, 1812  Inside has; "Monroe's Treaty" with subhead: "Treaty of Amity, Commerce & Navigation between his Britannic Majesty and the United States of America" which takes several pages with 4 signatures in type, including James Monroe, and dated Dec. 31, 1806.

Also within: "New Sicilian Constitution" "Revolutionar... See More  

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Jesse James & Younger brothers gang... Sitting Bull...

Item #667182

July 10, 1876

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 10, 1876 

* Jesse James Gang... Younger Brothers

* Otterville, Missouri Train robbery

The front page has: "The Missouri Railroad Robbers" with subheads: "Bodies of Men in Pursuit of the Outlaws--Their Capture Hourly Expected--The Adams Express Company's Loss" with some details, and closing with: "...There is reason to believe that t... See More  

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Early and rare newspaper from 1871 Tucson...

Item #667173

October 28, 1871

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Pima County, A.T. (Arizona Territory), October 28, 1871

* Very rare title

A very early & rare title from Southern Arizona, published 41 years before Arizona would become a state. Our records indicate this is the earliest date of this title we have offered in memory, the previous earliest dated 1874.

Inside has: "The Apache War" "Colyer's Canad... See More  

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Death of the King of England...

Item #667165
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, October, 1760  Contains a lengthy article: "An Account of the Taking of Montreal & the subjecting all Canada to the Crown of Great Britain, from the Letters of Maj. Gen. Amherst...". This article takes over 3 pages. It is followed by another nice article: "Description of the Town of Mont Royal, commonly called Montreal..." and this is ... See More  

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Terrific 18th century ship illustration...

Item #667133
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1748  Certainly a prime feature is the terrific, full page illustration of: "A Ship Of War" with considerable detail, and with most of the facing page having the "Explanation to a Ship of War of the third Rate with Rigging, &c., at Anchor".

The "Explanation" numerically identifies 148 parts noted on the plates as well ... See More  

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Terrific 18th century ship illustration...

Item #667124
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1748  Certainly a prime feature is the terrific, full page illustration of: "A Ship Of War" with considerable detail, and with most of the facing page having the "Explanation to a Ship of War of the third Rate with Rigging, &c., at Anchor".

The "Explanation" numerically identifies 148 parts noted on the plates as well ... See More  

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Abolishment of slavery, and the backlash from Jamaica...

Item #667090

June 15, 1833

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 15, 1833  has over half a page headed: "Slavery in the British West Indies" which reports on the: "...deputation in favor off the immediate emancipation of negro slavery within the British dominions..." which includes the full text on the 5 "Resolutions", signed in type by: Samuel Gurney as the chairman. The same page h... See More  

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Trouble with the Creek Indians...

Item #667026

November 26, 1772

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Nov. 26, 1772 

* Creek Nation

* Muscogee Indians

An inside page has a small item from Charleston headed "America" noting: "...from the country of the Creeks inform us that those Indians are at present very turbulent, they have killed a Trader named Inman, beat & otherwise maltreated several other traders in their towns, and threaten to ... See More  

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French & Indian War news...

Item #667023

March 15, 1757

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, March 15, 1757  Page 6 has half a column headed: "America" which is a: "Letter from an Officer of Lord John Murray's Regiment, dated Schenectady". This has some nice content on the French & Indian War, & includes: "...we were ordered to join the regiment at Albany, from which place the New-Englanders had gone up to attack Cro... See More  

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Reports from the 'Trail of Tears'...

Item #666727

February 07, 1832

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Feb. 7, 1832 

* Trail of Tears reporting

* Native Americans - Indians

Page 3 has an article on the Trail of Tears, with a small heading: "The Emigrating Indians" which has some details on their journey.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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The Trail of Tears...

Item #666722

December 22, 1831

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 22, 1831 

* Trail of Tears

* Native Americans

The ftpg. has a bit concerning the Trail of Tears with a small head: "The Emigrating Indians". The bkpg. begins with a small ad supporting: "For President of the United States, Henry Clay...".

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Much reporting on the War of 1812...

Item #666670

June 10, 1814

THE YANKEE, Boston, June 10, 1814 

* Battle of Big Sandy Creek & more

Although the ftpg. has a dispatch headed: "Abdication Of Bonaparte", pages 2 and 3 have reports on the War of 1812 including: "Capture of 300 of the Enemy on Lake Ontario" "Further Particulars of the Affair at Sandy Creek" "Indian Massacre" "Latest From Halifax" &q... See More  

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The Treaty of Cusseta; Creek Indian Nation & the United States...

Item #666623

April 05, 1832

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., April 5, 1832 

* Treaty of Cusseta

* Creek Nation - Indians

The ftpg. begins with over a column headed: "Treaty With The Creek Indians - Articles Of A Treaty" which begins: "The Creek tribe of Indians cede to the United States all their land East of the Mississippi River...".

This was the Treaty of Cusseta between the Unite... See More  

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More on the Battle of Chippewa...

Item #666392

July 30, 1814

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 30, 1814 

* Battle of Chippewa - Ontario

* General Jacob Brown victory

Five pages of reports fall under the heading: "Events of the War" with subheads & reports including: "Hear the Enemy" "Call of Militia" "From Canada" "Hostages" "The Battle of Chippewa" "General Brown&quo... See More  

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The Indian campaign in New Mexico....

Item #666360

April 30, 1864

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL, New York, April. 30, 1864  As noted in the masthead this was the: "Gazette of The Regular & Volunteer Forces" and as such is replete with military news of all sorts.

Most of the ftpg. is taken up with various reports from several theaters of the war. Among the various reports on the inside pages are: "Cavalry Achievements" "Indian Campaig... See More  

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The last holdup of the Jesse James gang...

Item #666269

September 09, 1881

THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, Pennsylvania, Sept. 9, 1881 

* Last Jesse James Gang robbery

* Blue Cut Train Robbery

* Glendale, Missouri

The front page has one column heads including: "Train Robbers" and "An Express Car And Passengers Robbed--The Governor Of Missouri Issues A Proclamation Calling On The People to Organize And Exterminate Train Robberies". A detailed rep... See More  

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Sitting Bull's camp captured... Return to Palestine...

Item #666266
AMERICAN SOCIALIST, Oneida, New York, Jan. 25, 1877 

* Capture of Sitting Bull's Camp
* Much regarding the Jews

Inside this issue is a small but historic article on the discovery and capture of the Indian camp headed by Chief Sitting Bull.

Also within are two articles of Judaic interest: one describing the return of multitudes of Jews to their homeland in
... See More  

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Early and rare newspaper from Tucson...

Item #666229

October 17, 1874

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Pima County, A.T. (Arizona Territory), October 17, 1874 

* Very rare publication

A very early & rare title from Southern Arizona, and by best accounts this is our very last issue of this title, published 38 years before Arizona would become a state.

The front page is taken up with a mix of news items and advertisements, with page 2 having: "James E. Ro... See More  

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Indian land purchases...

Item #666103

December 09, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 9, 1820

Featured in this issue is a report on the United States purchasing land from various Indian Tribes.

News of the day from through both the United States and the world is also found throughout.

Sixteen pages, slight foxing, overall nice condition. See images for details.

As noted in Wikipedia, this title: "...(was) one of the most w... See More  

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Nice reports on the Battle of Bull Run...

Item #665991

July 20, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 20, 1861 

* First Battle of Bull Run - Manassas VA Virginia

* 1st major battle of the American Civil War

The front page is filled with advertisements. Page 5 has some nice column heads--and a wealth of text--on this historic Battle of Bull Run: "The Engagement at Bull's Run" "Gallant Conduct of Our Troops" "Details of the Contest"... See More  

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Treaty with the Seminole Indians...

Item #665911

May 07, 1834

THE GLOBE, Washington, D.C., May 7, 1834   The ftpg. has over 2 columns taken up with a treaty between the United States and the Cherokee nation of Indians west of the Mississippi, made at Fort Gibson. It is signed in type by President Andrew Jackson, and the "X" mark of 2 Indian chiefs.

The front page also has a ad: "$25 Reward" for a runaway slave, with details.

F... See More  

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Williamsburg evacuated...

Item #665630

August 23, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 23, 1862  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War: "Ovation to Gen. Corcoran" "General Corcoran's Response" "The Procession" "From Gen. McClellan's Army - Reported Evacuation of Williamsburg" "The Movement of Troops...Richmond Almost Bare of Rebel Troops...".

Plus there is more on pages 4, 5 and 8 includin... See More  

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1879 Battle of Milk Creek... Meeker Massacre...

Item #665424

October 06, 1879

DAILY BETHLEHEM TIMES, Penn., October 6, 1879

* Meeker Massacre (early report)

* Battle of Milk Creek

* United States Army

* White River Utes - Indians

Near the bottom of the front page is a brief article headed: "The Indian Troubles" (see)

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 4 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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George Washington writes concerning the Jay Treaty...

Item #665307

November 12, 1795

FEDERAL ORRERY, Boston. Nov. 12. 1795 

* George Washington letter

* re. John Jay's Treaty

Page 2 has: "Indian Intelligence - Of the Creeks" which is most of a column with details on relations with them & other tribes. The report is datelined from Savannah.

Page 3 has a letter signed in type by the President: Geo. Washington, concerning the controversial Jay Treaty, o... See More  

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Detailed account of the capture of a slave ship...

Item #665152

June 27, 1856

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 27, 1856 

* Pre Civil War slavery

* African slave trade

Page 7 has: "The New York Slave Trade - Seizure & Condemnation of the General Pierce" with the lengthy article providing much detail on the capture of the slave ship.

Also: "From Fort Kearny" has a report on a skirmish with Cheyenne Indians.... See More  

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Very early guitar advertisement... Gaines fights the Indians...

Item #665090

January 31, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 31, 1818  The back page a rather small ad with a small heading: "GUITAR" reading: "For sale cheap--a new, elegant and superior toned English Guitar, together with instruction book, strings, etc. Inquire at the Centinel Counting Room".

Have you ever seen an earlier ad for a guitar?

The ftpg. has: "Indian War" being a lengthy repo... See More  

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Items from the War of 1812...

Item #664889

December 20, 1813

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston,  Dec. 20, 1813  Page 2 includes: "Traitors Defended!" "Treason of the Blackest Character" "Existing Evils, by Extortioners and Smugglers" "Southwestern News" "Third Victory Over the Creek Indians" which is datelines from Knoxville.

 A few items from the War of 1812 on page 3 as well.

Four pages, damp ... See More  

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Buffalo Bill promotes a patent medicine...

Item #664785

June 01, 1892

THE GARDINER HOME JOURNAL, Maine, June 1, 1892  Page 2 has a great item which includes a print captioned: "Hon. Wm. F. Cody, 'Buffalo Bill' " with a bit of text in which he promotes a medicine called "Kickapoo Indian Sagwa" which claims to cure malaria (see).

Large folio size, 4 pages, various chipping with many tears at the margins (not affecting the Buffalo Bill... See More  

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From Territorial Arizona...

Item #664666

December 07, 1889

MOHAVE COUNTY MINER, Kingman, Arizona, Dec. 7, 1889 

* Very rare title from the Arizona Territory

A very rare and early newspaper from the Arizona Territory, 23 years before it would become a state. Various news of the day with a great deal of fascinating, brief tidbits which provide a glimpse of life in the Old West during the 1880's A wealth of ads as well, some of which are illus... See More  

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Trouble with Apache Indians...

Item #664423

November 21, 1885

MORNING TRIBUNE, Altoona, Pennsylvania, Nov. 21, 1885  The top of the ftpg. has a column headed: "THE APACHE WAY" "A Cattle Raiser Delivers Himself of His Grievances" "He Tells of How the Bad Indians Murder the Settlers, Steal the Horses & Destroy Property--The Soldiers Too Slow to Catch Them", all taking three-quarters of a column.

Four pages, good conditio... See More  

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Capture of the Dalton Gang...

Item #664253

September 15, 1892

THE HELENA INDEPENDENT, Montana, Sept. 15, 1892 

* Dalton Gang captured

On the front page is report with a small one line, one column head: "Dalton Gang Captured". The report, datelined "Kansas City, Sept. 14", reads: "A Times special from Paris, Tex., says a telegram from Deming, N.M., states that four of the members of the notorious Dalton gang were captured t... See More  

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Nez Perce Indians... Torch of the Statue of Liberty...

Item #664113

June 20, 1885

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, June 20, 1885  Full ftpg. shows: "The New Aquatic Wonder, the Steam-Yacht 'Stiletto'...". Prints inside include: "Kansas--Transfer of the Nez Perces--The Indians Boarding a Train at Arkansas City for Their Old Home in Idaho"; a great fullpg. print of; "The Torch of the Statue of Liberty As it Will Appear When Completed... See More  

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Oklahoma Boomers...

Item #664111

October 05, 1893

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Oct. 5, 1893  The full ftpg. is a print of the: "...Porch of the Louisiana State Building" at the Columbian Exposition.  Prints within include: "Sketches in the Children's Building" at the Chicago Columbian Exposition; a nice centerfold print of two yachts in the "Coming International Race for the America's Cup&qu... See More  

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The Battle of Bull Run...

Item #663823

July 25, 1861

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, July 25, 1861 

* First Battle of Bull Run

* Manassas, Virginia

* Pro-Co
nfederate title

A wealth of early reporting on the Civil War including text on the historic Battle of Bull Run. The front page includes: "The Strength of Manassas Junction" "Save the Country" "Unheeded Warning!--The Fatal Blow was Struck!--Ruin Staring Us in the ... See More  

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Very early from San Diego...

Item #663807

June 03, 1873

THE WORLD, San Diego, California, June 3, 1873 

* Rare Old West title

A very early issue from this now-famous Southern California city, this issue published when the population was just 2,300.

The ftpg. has some reports on the Modoc Indian War with: "...Surrender of Modocs--Approaching Wind up of Captain Jack". Page 3 has a report on a: "Dash To Julian", east of San... See More  

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Getting to the California gold fields...

Item #663760

January 11, 1850

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 11, 1850 

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

The front page begins with a column taken up with: "Another Route to the Pacific" followed by: "Additional from California and the Isthmus". Page 2 has over 3 column taken up with: "The Red Men of America - Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs" (close-trimmed at... See More  

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The dancing ghosts... A Chippewa legend...

Item #663511

September 11, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, September 11, 1849  Page three has the interesting Chippewa legend, "The Dancing Ghosts", which centers on their response to the Northern Lights phenomenon. The issue also contains much on the issue of slavery and Native Americans, as well as reports related to Westward Expansion.

Complete in four pages,with much political reporting, news of the ... See More  

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Much news from the Revolutionary War...

Item #662994

September 28, 1776

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, Sept. 28, 1776 

* Rare Revolutionary War era title

* Tory issue from Pennsylvania

* Great year to have (1776)

This was a decidedly Tory newspaper, supportive of the British efforts in America. This newspaper ended publication in June, 1778 when the British evacuated the city.

The front page has an ad for the desertion of two soldiers from milita... See More  

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Full page engraving of the King's heart... Much on the situation in America...

Item #662795
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1762  Perhaps the most intriguing item in this issue is a nice, detailed engraving of the heart of George II, the late king of England who recently died. As the magazine describes it as: "...an anatomical representation of the Heart of his late Majesty, as it appeared upon opening his Body, in the presence of his Majesty's Physicians, e... See More  

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Huge treaty with the Indians, signed by Washington...

Item #662711

January 23, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 23, 1796 

* President George Washington

* Native Americans - Indians treaty

Taking most of the front page & a portion of page 2 a treaty, headed at the top of pg. 1 with a script signature of the President: George Washington, and beginning: "Whereas a treaty of peace and friendship between the United States of America & the tribes of Indian... See More  

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From the Arizona Territory: 37 years before statehood...

Item #662666

July 03, 1875

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [Arizona Territory] July 3, 1875 

* Very rare title

Many years ago we had a reasonable inventory of this title, but today this issue is among our last.

A nice assortment of news articles and ads. The back page has a full column: "Letter From Col. Hodge - Description of the Country About San Carlos and on the Way to Camp Apache".

Fou... See More  

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Jackson's state-of-the-union address & the Indian Removal Act... The "Trail of Tears"...

Item #662625

December 15, 1830

HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, Northampton, Massachusetts, Dec. 15, 1830

* President Andrew Jackson

* State of the Union Address

* Indian Removal Act

Over half of the ftpg. is taken up with: "Present State of the Indian Question" which is the controversial "Trail of Tears".

Inside has the: "President's Message" being Jackson's state-of-the-union address. Actuall... See More  

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Injustice in the "trail of tears"...

Item #662584

August 11, 1830

HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, Northampton, Massachusetts, Aug. 11, 1830 

* Southern Native Americans - Indians

* Removal to lands West of Mississippi River

The front page has a nearly full column article: "Georgia And Cherokees" which concerns the controversial "Trail of Tears". One bit notes: "...the charge of injustice & inhumanity in the act of Congress passed...fo... See More  

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