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Dedicated the Henry Clay statue... Conference for slave-holding states...

Item #689796

April 18, 1860

THE WEEKLY RICHMOND ENQUIRER, Virginia, April 18, 1860 

* Henry Clay statue - monument unveiled

From just one year before the outbreak of the Civil War.

The front page has over half a column headed: "A Southern Conference - To the People of the Several Slave-holding States". Inside has: "Virginia Shall be a Unit". Most of page 2 is taken up with considerable detail ... See More  

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Anti-slavery newspaper...

Item #689789

August 12, 1846

EMANCIPATOR, Boston, Aug. 12, 1846  A newspaper focused on emancipation: the freedom for slaves. Articles include: "Another Suicide by a Slave" "Results of Emancipation" "Law vs. Philanthropy" "The Great N.W. Liberty Convention" "Texas" and much more.

Four pages, good condition.

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On the Fugitive Slave Act... Fillmore's state-of-the-union address...

Item #689777

December 05, 1850

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT & STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Dec. 5, 1850  The front page has 2 1/2 columns taken up with a length report concerning; "The Fugitive Slave Law--Is it Constitutional? Shall we Obey it? Or Shall We Disobey it & Become Rebels & Traitors to the Constitution and the Union?"

Much of pages 2 & 3 are taken up with the: "President's Message" w... See More  

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"The North Star" becomes "Frederick Douglass' Paper"...

Item #689770

June 17, 1852

FREDERICK DOUGLASS' PAPER, Rochester, New York, June 17, 1852  We are pleased to offer this exceedingly rare--and highly desirable--newspaper by the famed Frederick Douglass. This weekly title is the continuation of his newspaper "North Star" which began in 1847.

Douglass was perhaps the most famous 19th century African-American abolitionist who escaped from slavery and then ri
... See More  

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Slave ads in this antebellum Louisiana newspaper...

Item #689708

July 20, 1850

THE DAILY DELTA, New Orleans, July 20, 1850  Newspapers from the pre-Civil War South are rather difficult to find. Here is one from Louisiana.

Among the many back page ads is one headed: "Slaves! Slaves! Slaves!" which notes in part: "The subscribers are prepared to receive, on consignment, for sale in this market, any number of slaves, having one of the best showrooms in the ... See More  

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The Cortina troubles in Brownsville, Texas... John Brown's invasion...

Item #689701

November 15, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 15, 1859

* Juan Cortina - Brownsville, Texas attack

* John Brown's Harper's Ferry invasion

 Inside has nearly a full column on: "JOHN BROWN'S INVASION" "Continued Excitements".

Additionally there is some lengthy reporting concerning the Cortina Troubles in Brownsville, Texas, with reports headed: "Later From the Rio Gra... See More  

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Jesse James & the Rock Island Railroad robbery...

Item #689667

July 19, 1881


* Outlaw Jesse James-Younger gang

* Rock Island railroad train robbery

* Winston, Daviess County, Missouri

Page 2 begins with a quite lengthy account of what was the infamous Rock Island Railroad robbery by the James Gang.

It is headed: "The Great Train Robbery" and begins: "Charles Murray...was the messenger of the U.S. Expres... See More  

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Much on the John Brown Harper's Ferry case...

Item #689624

October 28, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 28, 1859  Page 2 has over half a column taken up with: "Trial of the Harper's Ferry Conspirators at Charlestown, Va." Page 3 has almost an entire column headed: "The Harper's Ferry Insurrection---Trial of The Conspirators" with much detail.

This insurrection was an effort by abolitionist John Brown to initiate a... See More  

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Much on the John Brown Harper's Ferry case...

Item #689623

October 27, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 27, 1859  Page 3 has over 1 1/2 column taken up with: "Examination Of The Conspirators" in the John Brown insurrection case. One bit mentions: "...to examine the prisoners captured in the recent insurrection...directed to bring in the prisoners who were conducted from jail under a guard of 80 armed men...The prisoners were br... See More  

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Much reporting on the John Brown raid at Harper's Ferry...

Item #689622

October 26, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 26, 1859  

* John Brown's Negro insurrection

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

Close to half of page 2 is taken up with: "More Letters Of The Conspirators" which has a prefacing report noting in part: "...gives publicity to another series of letters which have been obtained from the Harper's Ferry conspirators..... See More  

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Reporting on John Brown's raid upon Harper's Ferry...

Item #689620

October 24, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 24, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

Page 3 has a report on the raid upon Harper's Ferry by John Brown and his cohorts, headed: "The Harper's Ferry Conspirators" which reports on the coming legal case of those involved. One bit notes: "...take up the caus... See More  

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Reporting on John Brown's raid...

Item #689619

October 22, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 22, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Negroes

Page 3 has a column headed: "The Harper's Ferry Fugitives" with related reports headed: "Arrest of Counterfeiters" and: "Gov. Wide at Richmond" as seen in the photos.

Also on page 3 is half a column ... See More  

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Buchanan's state-of-the-union address...

Item #689610

December 30, 1859


* President James Buchanan

* State of the Union Address

All of page 6 and a portion of page 7 are taken up with the: "President's Message" being the annual state-of-the-union address, signed in type: James Buchanan. In it he reviews the work and events of the country in 1859.

Relating to this are two editorials on it headed: ... See More  

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The Monitor versus the Merrimac... Lincoln's strategy for emancipation...

Item #689605

March 15, 1862


* Abraham Lincoln on Emancipation

* Battle of Hampton Roads, Virginia

* Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack (CSS Virginia)

* Civil War ironclads

A wonderful issue on the historic naval battle between the Monitor & the Merrimack, with much on other war reports as well.

The front page has a nice Civil War map: "Field Of Operations On th... See More  

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The Emancipation Proclamation... Lincoln suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus...

Item #689603

September 27, 1862

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, September 27, 1862 

* Emancipation Proclamation

* President Abraham Lincoln

Page 2 contains the full texts of the Emancipation Proclamation, perhaps the most significant Presidential pronouncement of the entire Civil War wherein Lincoln declared all slaves free.

Headed: "A Proclamation By the President of the United States" the document begins at the... See More  

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John Brown's raid upon Harper's Ferry...

Item #689595

November 05, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 5, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia trial

Page 3 has 2 reports concerning the Raid upon Harper's Ferry by John Brown & cohorts.

"The Harper's Ferry Conspirators" includes: "The counsel in Brown's case have filed exceptions to the decision of the C... See More  

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First report on John Brown's raid upon Harper's Ferry...

Item #689591

October 18, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 18, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia - 1st report

Page 3 has the first report of the raid upon Harper's Ferry by John Brown and his cohorts, headed: "Serious Disturbances At Harper's Ferry".

It reads like a first report. It begins: "Information of a somew... See More  

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Jefferson Davis on emancipation... Lincoln's "Executive Order"...

Item #689587

January 03, 1863


* President Abraham Lincoln

* Rebel Jefferson Davis

The front page is mostly filled with Civil War news including: "Invasion of Maryland" "The Proclamation of Freedom" concerns the Emancipation Proclamation, and has subheads: "What is To Be Done with the African  Regiments" and: "The Proclamation of Freedom&... See More  

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Map of Canada, Hudson Bay & other portions of North America...

Item #689565
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1790 

* Map of Canada, Hudson Bay & other portions of North America

Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the nice, attached fold-out map: "A Map showing the communication of the Lakes and the Rivers between Lake Superior and Slave Lake in North America."

The map shows the extreme western parts of Lake Superior and "Hud... See More  

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America's first successful newspaper...

Item #689552

April 17, 1740

THE BOSTON WEEKLY NEWS-LETTER, "New England", April 10-17, 1740 

* Among the earliest of American newspapers to be had

This very rare title was the first successful newspaper in the colonies, having begun in 1704 and lasting until the British occupation of Boston in 1776. It was only preceded by "Public Occurrances Both Foreign and Domestick" which published just a s... See More  

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Noted fugitive slave case... Describing the Great Salt Lake area...

Item #689546

June 29, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 29, 1850  Page 3 has half a column headed: "Fugitive Slave Case" "The Constitution & Laws Vindicated" which is concerning a suit: "...for the recovery of damages for aiding & abetting the escape of slaves...the Circuit Court...determined...in favor of the plaintiff. A verdict of $2856 was given by the jury against... See More  

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Advertisement for a Frederick Douglass speech on the Civil War, plus a war map...

Item #689524

February 08, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, February 8, 1862

* Frederick Douglass speech on civil war

* Cooper Institute advertisement (eve of event)

The bottom of the first column on page 2 has a interesting advertisement for "A Black Man on The War!! Frederick Douglass Lecture at Cooper Institute..." with the date & time noted (see image).

Various Civil War reports on pages 5, 6 and 8 with 2 related... See More  

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Blackfoot Indians... The slave trade...

Item #689401

August 23, 1823

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 23, 1823  Among the reports is a 4 1/2 page continued article: "Christian Indians". Also: "Indian War concerning the Blackfoot Indians in t he Fort Atkinson vicinity.

Also: "Emigration" "The Pirates" in the Caribbean; "Catskill Mountains" "The Slave Trade" and an article on the sale of: &q... See More  

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Discussing the Navy... The slave trade...

Item #689399

April 14, 1821

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 14, 1821  Over two pages are taken up with a lengthy & detailed report headed: "Navy of the United States" with discussion on costs of operations, etc. The report is signed in type by: John Rodgers.

Nearly 1 1/2 pages are taken up with: "Slave Trade" which has much discussion on this controversial subject.

Sixteen pag... See More  

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18th century Baltimore... slavery ads...

Item #689239

May 04, 1796


* Rare 18th century American title

* (2) slaves related advertisements

* Land for sale along the Potomac River

The full ftpg. is taken up with advertisements including 14 illustrated ship ads. The back page has 2 runaway slave ads. Also a land for sale for the Washington D.C. area. (see)

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Reward advertisements for runaway slave & bitch...

Item #689227

January 07, 1793


* Rare 18th century American title

* Runaway slave & bitch advertisements

The front page is filled with advertisements. News of the day on pages 2 & 3. Page 3 also has a interesting ad for: "Bitch Lost; Fifteen Dollars Reward" which is for a runaway dog.

The bottom of the back page has a advertisement for:... See More  

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Refitting a yacht for continued slave trading...

Item #689216

January 12, 1859

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 12, 1859

* The Wanderer (slave ship)

Page 3 has about 1/2 of a column of text headed: "The 'Wanderer' Africans Westward-Bound-Curious Scenes" and more which concerns the yacht Wanderer possibly being involved with the African slave trade.

Other news of the day. Eight pages, nice condition.

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Kit Carson fights the Navajo Indians... Lincoln's famous rally-letter endorsed...

Item #689176

September 04, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 4, 1863 

* Kit Carson

* Abraham Lincoln

Although much of the front page is taken up with reports from the Civil War, perhaps the most interesting item is the brief page 5 item headed: "Victory of Kit Carson Over the Indians", reading in part: "...had a fight with the Navajoe Indians beyond Fort Canby. The Indians were defeated with the loss of 13 ki... See More  

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Mutiny of slaves... Bowie knife used...

Item #689155

December 18, 1841

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 18, 1841 

* Creole slavery slaves case

* Ship insurrection - revolt - mutiny

The back page of this issue features a quite lengthy report concerning the "Mutiny Of Slaves" on the ship Creole, a rather infamous event in American history. In this report, it also states that the infamous Bowie knife was one of the instruments used in ... See More  

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James W. Smith, the "colored cadet" at West Point...

Item #689149

January 28, 1871


* James Webster Smith illustration - print

* 1st African American appointed to cadetship

* West Point - United States Military Academy

Inside is a half page print: "West Point, New York--Court Martial Of James W. Smith, The Colored Cadet--Smith Reading His Defense, Jan. 12th."

James Smith was an American professor and... See More  

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Andrew Johnson impeached...

Item #689139

March 14, 1868

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, March 14, 1868

* President Andrew Johnson

* Impeachment trial summons prints

The large front page illustration: "The House Committee Drafting Articles Of Impeachment, On Thursday, Feb. 27, Committee Room, House Of Representatives."

Inside prints include a full page: "Formal Notice Of The Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson, By The House Co... See More  

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Great Civil War prints... Rolla (MO)... Beaufort (SC)... Camp Alexander...

Item #689024

February 01, 1862

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Feb. 1, 1862  The ftpg. shows: "Campaign on the Potomac--Guard House Near Langley, Virginia, with Rebel Prisoners".

Inside a fullpg. print shows: "Port Royal Expedition--Scene in the Military Market at Beaufort" showing many African-American slaves.

Other prints include: "Encampment of the National Army Near Rolla", Mis... See More  

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France-Italy armistice....

Item #689009

June 24, 1940

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, June 24, 1940

* France-Germany armistice

* Adolph Hitler - Nazis

* German occupation zone set

The front page has a banner headline: "BRITAIN ASSAILS NAZI TERMS, CALLS PETAIN REGIME 'SLAVE'" with subheads. (see) Coverage on the surrender of France to Germany

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 14 pages, a li... See More  

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John Brown's final speech... Indian troubles...

Item #688895

November 03, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 3, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Sentenced to death (hanging)

* Harpers Ferry, West Virginia WV

Page 4 has over half a column headed: "Brown's Trial" concerning John Brown and his Harper's Ferry slave insurrection. It includes John Brown's last speech, which states in part: "Now if it is deemed necessary tha... See More  

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On the slavery issue...

Item #688717

December 03, 1862

WESTERN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 3, 1862  

* Dismantling the slave trade

Although the title would suggest mostly religious content, there is also much reporting on the on-going Civil War.

Among war-related reports are: "What Shall be Done With the Emancipated Slaves?" "Letter From Nashville" "Suppression of the Slave-Trade" "The War ... See More  

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Two single sheet "Extra" issues from 1794...

Item #688674

December 03, 1794


* 18th century runaway slave ad

A single sheet "Extra" edition. The front page taken up with ads with a runaway slave ad headed: "Twenty Dollars Reward" (see)

Complete as a single sheet issue, never-trimmed margins, nice condition.... See More  

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Shelbyville, Tennesse lynch mob burns courthouse....

Item #688655

December 20, 1934

THE DETROIT NEWS, December 20, 1934

* Shelbyville Courthouse Square Historic District - Tennessee

* Lynching mob burns down after Negro is transferred

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "Troops Invade Mob-Torn City" with subhead. (see)

Complete with 52 pages, rag edition in very nice condition.

wikipedia notes: In 1934, a lynch mob burned down the fourth cour... See More  

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Eulogium on the Character of General Washington...

Item #688627

March 05, 1800

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, March 5, 1800

* re. George Washington's death

* Honoring his life & character

The front page has ad detailed a headed: "Thirty Dollars Reward. Deserted" with details of a Marine, John Osborn, who deserted the military. Among the page 3 ads is one for an: "Eulogium on the Character of General Washington..." and others h... See More  

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On paying Callender $50 to publish his book attacking Washington, Adams & Hamilton...

Item #688619

October 09, 1802

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, Oct. 9, 1802  Page 2 has two letters written by Thomas Jefferson to James Callender regarding their controversial relationship. One of the letters, the rather famous letter dated September 6, 1799 (found on many websites) mentions: "...directs his agent to call on ;ou with this and pay you 50 dollars on account of the book you are about to publ... See More  

Item from Catalog 336 (released for November, 2023)

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1931 Chicago housing protests... race riot...

Item #688598

August 04, 1931


* 1931 Chicago housing protests

* Eviction of Diana Gross - Negro

* Africans Americans vs. police

* Unemployment - Great Depression

The front page has a nice banner headline: "REDS RIOT; 3 SLAIN BY POLICE" with subheads. (see) Nice for display. A few related photos are on the back page. Great to have in this Chicago publication. Very rare as... See More  

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Academy Award winners 1964...

Sidney Poitier wins... 1st black male...

Item #688591

April 14, 1964

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Mass., April 14, 1964

* Sidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar

*1st African American male to win an Academy Award

Near the bottom front page is a two column heading: "Poitier, Neal, 'tom Jones' Receive Academy Awards" (see) Sidney Poitier, who came from very humble beginnings, was the 1st African American man to win an Academy Award. Quite historic.

... See More  

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Early prints of the Southwest, including San Diego...

Item #688560

December 22, 1855

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Dec. 22, 1855  The ftpg. shows: "Sunken Schooner Eudora, From City Island" with more relate prints inside including: "The Eudora Tragedy--Arrest of the Negro" and "Burning of the Steamers at Memphis". Also a print of: "Greytown, Nicaragua" "Explosion of a Steam Fire-Engine, Cincinnati" a doublepg. cent... See More  

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18th century Baltimore...slave advertisements...

Item #688555

December 21, 1796


* Rare 18th century American title

* (5) slaves related advertisements

The full ftpg. is taken up with ads including 5 illustrated ship ads & 4 slave related ads. The back page has another slave ad. (see) Also a land for sale for the Washington D.C. area.

Four pages, some light staining, minor margin wear, generally ... See More  

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Harvard's 'special' commencement on the end of the Civil War... Slavery abolished in Georgia...

Item #688527

July 25, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, July 25, 1865 

* Harvard University commencement

* Georgia no longer a slave state

* Post civil war reconstruction era

The entire front page features the coverage of "HARVARD" "Culmination of the Grand Commencement" which concludes on the back page.

Although the Civil War had not formally concluded, Harvard's Commencement Week, celebrated th
... See More  

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1933 Princess Anne, Maryland Negro lynching...

Item #688519

October 20, 1933

THE SCRANTON TIMES, Pennsylvania, October 20, 1933.

* George Armwood Negro lynched

* Princess Anne, Maryland

* Last lynching in the state

Page 2 has a two column photo with heading: "Victim Of Maryland Lynching" See images for brief coverage on the lynching of Negro George Armwood in Princess Anne, Maryland.

Complete with 36 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, ge... See More  

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1st African American to play in a World Series...

Item #688506

September 30, 1947

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass. Sept. 30, 1947

* Brooklyn Dodgers vs. New York Yankees

* 1st African American to play in a World Series

* Jackie Robinson - 1st year in MLB Baseball

* Game 1 (day of)

The front page has a two column heading: "Feud Looms as Bums, Yanks Meet in First World Series Contest" with subhead and photo. More pre-game coverage with photos in the sport's sec... See More  

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On aiding slaves to reach Canada...

Item #688499

June 16, 1841

KENDALL'S EXPOSITOR, Washington, D.C., June 16, 1841

* Southern slavery - slaves

* Underground Railroad ?

* Escaping to Canada case

 The back page has a report noting: "In the circuit court for Mason, Co., Kentucky, a verdict has been obtained by William Greathouse against the Rev. Jno. B. Mahan for $1600 as the value of two negroes whom Mahan enticed to run away & aided ... See More  

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George Washington provides a patent...

Item #688478

June 13, 1796


* President George Washington

* Patent signed in type

* Inventor Robert Dawson

* Improvement in bolting cloths

Page 2 has a document headed: "The United States of America...Letters Patent..." which is signed in type by the President: Go. Washington. The document notes a patent has been given to: &quo... See More  

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George Washington signs an Act of Congress...

Item #688477

June 18, 1796


* President George Washington

Page 2 has an entire column taken up with: "AN ACT Making Provision for the Payment of Certain Debts of the United States" which is signed in type by the President: Geo. Washington.

The back page has an ad for: "Negro Tom" describing: "A Black Man, about 5 f... See More  

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1837 Slave advertisement...

Item #688474

June 14, 1837

THE GLOBE, Washington, D.C., June 14, 1837 

* Slavery - slaves - Negroes

An advertisement on page 3 is headed: "Cash For Negroes" noting: "I will give the highest cash price for likely Negroes, from ten to twenty-five years of age..." with just a bit more (see).

News of the day with other interesting advertisements. Four pages, a little light foxing, a little margin... See More  

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