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Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia (1876)...

Item #679581

July 01, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, July 1, 1876  The front cover has "A Remarkable Railway Accident" with an accompanying article. Inside the issue is: "The Centennial - State Head-Quarters, on State Avenue", "Frazee's Safety Bridge for Railroad Cars", and more illustrations, articles and advertisements. 

Complete in sixteen pages, never bound, in very good... See More  

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Families of colored soldiers moving south...

Item #679568

August 01, 1865

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, Aug. 1, 1865  Among the ftpg. column heads: "FORTRESS MONROE", "Families of Colored Soldiers Going South", "A Nest of Burglars Broken Up at Norfolk", "Jeff. Davis Takes Another Promenade", "From Richmond!", "Secessionists On the Rampage", "How Virginia Is To Be Made Loyal" and more.

Eight pages, ... See More  

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Very nice and early baseball print...

Item #679565

November 18, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 18, 1865 

* Early baseball action print

Certainly the most desired print is the half page vertical print showing a baseball game in action, and showing the full expanse of the field with crowd. The caption reads: "Base-Ball Match Between the 'Athletics' of Philadelphia, Pa. and the 'Atlantics' of Brooklyn, N.Y., Played at Philadel... See More  

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The famed Somerville Round House...

Item #679561

April 01, 1854

AMERICAN PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL, New York, April, 1854  Phrenology is a theory stating that the personality traits of a person can be derived from the shape of the skull. Although holding no validity today, it was a popular science in the mid-19th century and this periodical focused on it.

Perhaps of most interest is a very early print of the: "Circular House at Somerville, Mass." w... See More  

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Evangelists Moody and Sankey in 1875 ...

Item #679533

August 12, 1875

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 12, 1875

* Ira D. Sankey & Dwight Lyman Moody

* Evangelist - Evangelism - sermons

Page 3 has an article with one column headings: "THE EVANGELISTS" "The Work of Moody and Sankey Abroad" and more. (see) Text takes up 2 columns.

Other news of the day. Complete with all 10 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Spanish-American War headline...

Item #679523

May 04, 1898

BOSTON EVENING JOURNAL, May 4, 1898  The ftpg. has much reporting on the Spanish-American War including banner heads: "SAMPSON'S FLEET HAS SAILED" "His Errand May Be Either to Take Puerto Rico or to Cut Off the Cape Verde Fleet".

Complete in 10 pages, good condition.

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From the town where the Confederacy began and ended...

Item #679520

February 09, 1866

THE ABBEVILLE PRESS, South Carolina, Feb. 9, 1866 

* Rare post-Confederate publication

An elusive title from this Southern town shortly after the end of the Civil War.

Abbeville has the unique distinction of being both the birthplace and the deathbed of the Confederacy. On November 22, 1860, a meeting was held at Abbeville, at a site since dubbed "Secession Hill", to launch S... See More  

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Civil War ends in South Carolina... Lincoln's conspirators...

Item #679513

June 07, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, June 7, 1865 

* Civil War ending events

* Abraham Lincoln's assassination

* Trial of the conspirators

The ftpg. includes: "THE SOUTH" "Closing Scenes of the War in the Palmetto State" "Popular Joy of the Chivalry at the End of the War" "Progress of Reconstruction" "The Army & Navy" & more. The back page has... See More  

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Trial of Lincoln's assassins...

Item #679448

June 06, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 6, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination trial

* Conspirators - assassins

The top of the first column on the front page has: "THE ASSASSINATION" "Official Version of the Suppressed Testimony" "A Letter From Jeff. Davis" "The Trial On Monday" and more concerning the trial of those who conspired to assassinate Abraham Lincoln... See More  

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Terrific golf print for any golfer...

Item #679436

October 12, 1895

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Oct. 12, 1895  This issue features a very nice fullpg. print by famed artist A.B. Frost titled: "Golf" which includes 13 illustrations of golf shots, most of a comic theme.

The full front page is a political cartoon by W. A. Rogers: "Mr. Croker's Busy Season Begins". Inside has: "Representative Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Ch... See More  

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Much on the Wirz trial, the warden of Andersonville Prison...

Item #679434

September 22, 1865


* Andersonville prison trial

* Henry Wirz

Among the front page column heads are: "THE WERZE [Wirz] TRIAL" "Remarkable Speech of Howell Cobb" "he Wants to See Mr. Lincoln Hung" "He Expects the Same Fate for Himself" "The Sickening Atrocities of Werze" "The Fatal Horrors of the Dead Line&quo... See More  

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Popular for the colorful political cartoons...

Item #679347

April 26, 1893

PUCK, New York, April 26, 1893  Puck was America's first successful humor magazine of colorful cartoon caricatures and political satire, publishing from 1871 until 1918. It was also the first to successfully adopt full color lithography printing for a weekly publication. The color prints are much desired for their displayability. This issue has as its political cartoons:

front page: &quo... See More  

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Trouble with the Mollie Maguires...

Item #679334

June 10, 1875

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, June 10, 1875  The full front page is a political cartoon: "Cutting Themselves Off From The Party". Page 4 has 4 prints relating to the article: "The Mining Troubles - Prospectus of the Ending of the Strike--The Collision at Mahanoy City" with the prints captioned: "The Outbreak in the Pennsylvania Mining Region".

The reports on the ... See More  

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Daniel Webster's letters... "Defender of the Constitution"......

Item #679332
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York, Aug., 1867  The prime feature of this issue is likely the 5 1/2 pages dedicated to the: "PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF DANIEL WEBSTER", which includes excerpts from many of his private correspondence along with background and commentary. The article serves well as an unofficial biography of this great "defender of the Constitution".... See More  

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United States v. Cruikshank...

Item #679285

March 28, 1876

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 28, 1876 

* Supreme Court decision giving cover to the KKK

* Bill of Rights did not apply to State Governments (?)

Page 2 has a almost 2.5 column article: "COLORED VOTERS IN LOUISIANA", which tells of the SCOTUS' decision in the United States v. Cruikshank case. This "case represented a major blow to federal efforts to protect the civil... See More  

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1865 baseball game with box scores... Gothams vs. Mutuals...

Item #679217

July 12, 1865

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 12, 1865  On the bkpg. under "Out-Door Sports" is a summary of a game between the Gothams and Mutuals which states in part: "It was anything but the fine game...expected...the play on the Mutual side being confined mostly to the pitcher, catcher and first-base player. In fact it was the old style of game in vogue in 1863, when there was a rage for swift... See More  

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Avondale Mine Disaster of 1869....

Item #679216

September 10, 1869

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Sept. 10, 1869.


* Avondale Mine disaster

* Plymouth, Pennsylvania

The top of page 3 has one column headings that include: "The Coal Mine Horror" "One Hundred and Eight Bodies Exhumed" "Affecting Scene At The Cemetery" and more. Lengthy text.

Complete with 12 pages, nice condition.
... See More  

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1897 William McKinley's SOTUA...

Item #679110

December 06, 1897

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Dec. 6, 1897

* President William McKinley

* State of the Union Address

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "M'KINLEY'S MESSAGE" with subheads. (see) McKinley's message continues on page 3 and is signed in type: Wm. McKinley. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very... See More  

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1897 New Orleans yellow fever pandemic...

Item #679104

September 27, 1897

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Sept. 27, 1897

* New Orleans, Louisiana

* Yellow fever - jack

* Epidemic - pandemic

The front page has a one column heading: "Fever's Devastation" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragile from this era in paper.

Complete wi... See More  

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1897 oil & coal discoveries in Alaska

Item #679103

July 13, 1897

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, July 13, 1897

* Oil and coal discoveries

* Alaska petroleum

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "BIG OIL DISCOVERY" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragile from this era in paper.

Complete with 4 pages, a few sm... See More  

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The financial panic of 1873..

Item #679090

October 12, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 12, 1873 

* Panic of 1873

* Wall Street - stock market

The top of page 7 has a one column heading: "THE LATE PANIC IN WALL STREET" with subheads. (see) Nice to have in a NYC publication.

Complete with 16 pages, nice condition.

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1897 Robert E. Peary to discover the North Pole ?...

Item #679085

October 01, 1897

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Oct. 1, 1897

* Robert Edwin Peary Sr.

* North Pole exploration

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "POINTS FROM PEARY" with subheads. (see) Peary would discover the North Pole about 12 years later. Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally frag... See More  

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Bombardment of San Juan, Puerto Rico...

Item #679002

June 04, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 4, 1898  Full front page illus. of "Major-General Wesley Merritt, U.S.A." Inside has a full pg. with four illus. of "Some Notable General Officers at Tampa, Florida." Full pg. of illus. of "With Roosevelt's Rough Riders at San Antonio, Texas." Full pg. illus. of "The Bombardment of San Juan De Porto Rico, May 12, 1898.... See More  

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Black troops...

Item #679001

May 28, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 28, 1898  Full ftpg. shows: 'Comm. Winfield S. Schley on the Bridge of the ship 'Brooklyn' '. Nice fullpg. Remington print: 'Colored Troopers of the U.S. Cavalry Taking their Horses for a Dash into the Gulf' at Tampa, Florida. Nice fullpg. with 3 prints of the 'U.S. Regulars at Port Tampa, Florida'. Much more on the military i... See More  

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Black soldiers in the Spanish-American War...

Item #678998

May 21, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 21, 1898  Nice full ftpg: "Out For A Fight--Adm. Sampson on the Bridge of the 'New York' " is displayable. Fullpg. with 8 photos of: "Scenes in the Capital of Porto Rico" & fullpg. with 5 photos of: "U.S. Regulars at Port Tampa, Florida". "News from the Klondike" includes 7 photos. Doublepage centerfold: &q... See More  

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The fall of Manila... African-American regiment at the charge of San Juan Hill...

Item #678997

October 15, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 15, 1898  Full front page illus. of "The Fall of Manila." Inside has two full pages showing: "Scenes Attending the Surrender of Manila." 1/2 pg. of illus. of "Launch of the United States Battle Ship 'Illinois' at Newport News, Virginia, October 4, 1898." Full pg. illus. of "Our Occupation of Puerto Rico."

... See More  

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Winslow Homer: "On The Beach--Two Are Company, Three Are None."

Item #678979

August 17, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 17, 1872  The full front page is a Thomas Nast political cartoon: "Will the Senator From Massachusetts Do This to Make His Words Good?", plus there is another Nast cartoon inside: "Romish Politics--Any Thing To Beat Grant" & yet another Nast, this one a doublepage centerfold: "Satan, Don't Get Thee Behind Me! Any Thing to Ge... See More  

Item from Catalog 314 (released for January, 2022)...

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Great fire department illustration... F.S. Church print on Thanksgiving...

Item #678975

November 30, 1872

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Nov. 30, 1872  The full front page is a dramatic print: "Boston--Into the Jaws of Death", a dramatic scene showing fireman battling a large fire.

Inside has 3 full pages of scenes of the Boston fire, plus a great doublepage centerfold showing: 'Bird's-eye View of Boston Showing the Burned District', being a great overview of the city. Also... See More  

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1872 Marysville: gateway to the gold fields...

Item #678894

March 14, 1872

MARYSVILLE DAILY APPEAL, California, July March 14, 1872

* Rare Old West title

In the days of the California Gold Rush, Marysville was a stopping point for riverboats from Sacramento and San Francisco that carried miners on their way to the digging grounds. A sign on the roadside as one enters Marysville carries the slogan: "Gateway to The Gold Fields." At that time it was one of t... See More  

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Dramatic issue illustrating the Great Chicago Fire...

Item #678808

October 28, 1871


* Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Much of the illustrative focus is on the Great Chicago Fire, including a full front page: "...The Terrified Populace in Front of the Briggs House...".

Inside has more with two half page prints; "The Great Fire at Chicago" and a great & dramatic doublepage centerfold: "...Panic-Stricken Ci... See More  

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From 1887 Florida, for the fruit industry...

Item #678770

October 10, 1887

THE FLORIDA DISPATCH, Jacksonville, Oct. 10, 1887  Noted in the masthead: "Official Organ Of The Florida Fruit Growers' Assoc. & the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Growers' Protective Assoc." with the content, and the ads, focused on such.

Handsome masthead, 20 pages, 10 1/4 by 13 1/4 inches, a little irregular along the spine, nice condition.

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Post 1873 Colfax, Louisiana massacre.....

Item #678667

May 09, 1873

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Indiana, May 9, 1873

* Post Colfax massacre - riot

* St. Martinville Parish, Louisiana

* Unrest continues in the State

The top of page 3 has one column headings that include: "LOUISIANA" "Kellogg's Metropolitan and the Resisters Facing Each Other" "Arrest of the Mayor of St. Martinsville for High Treason" and more and related map.

Com... See More  

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Early billiards championship in 1875...

Item #678663

November 26, 1875

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, November 26, 1875

* Early billiards - pool championship

* Cyrille Dion vs. Maurice Daly

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many interesting advertisements. Page 2 has an article headed: "The Billiard Championship" with subhead. (see)

Complete in 8 pages, nice condition.

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Grover Cleveland wins the Presidency...

Item #678602

November 09, 1892

THE KENTUCKY JOURNAL, Newport, Nov. 9, 1892

* President Grover Cleveland

* Presidential election

A very nice front page graphic on Grover Cleveland winning the Presidential race with double-column headlines including: "CLEVE & STEVE" "Sing, and Holler, Jump and Yell, Raise a Mighty Shout" with more. Prints of Cleveland and Adlai Stevenson as well.

Four pages archiva... See More  

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Mark Twain gains his "first national headline"....

Item #678516

September 29, 1866

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 29, 1866 

* Early Mark Twain - Samuel Clemens

* Clipper "Hornet" disaster report

* First national headline for Twain

The most notable content would be the full page print: "Burning of the California Clipper 'Hornet', One Thousand Miles from Land" not so much for the print but for the accompanying article titled: "Bu... See More  

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On the Fifteenth Amendment...

Item #678443

April 09, 1870

BALTIMORE WEEKLY SUN, April 9, 1870  The front page has an entire column reporting on the celebration regarding the passage of: "The Fifteenth Amendment" allowing African-American men the right to vote.

Four pages, some discrete archival mends, good condition.

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Winslow Homer's famous Snap The Whip...

Item #678435

September 20, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 20, 1873 

* Winslow Homer's most famous print

* "SNAP-THE-WHIP" Great for framing

Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the much desired Winslow Homer doublepage centerfold: "Snap the Whip". As the photos show, this print is in very nice condition.

Front page features a 1/2 page illustration entitled: "The New Sc... See More  

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Livingstone is found, reported in the newspaper which financed the search...

Item #678426

May 21, 1872

NEW YORK HERALD, May 21, 1872

* David Livingstone found

* Henry Morton Stanley

James Gordon Bennett, this newspaper's publisher, capitalized on the 19th century fascination with Africa & the whereabouts of explorer Dr. David Livingstone by hiring journalist Henry Stanley to search for him. Livingstone had ventured to Africa in 1865 for a two year expedition with little heard from hi... See More  

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1901 Apache Kid execution ?....

Item #678378

May 01, 1901

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, May 1, 1901

* Apache Kid executed in 1901 ?

* Notorious renegade Indian

The bottom of the front page has a one column heading: "The Apache Kid Executed In Mexico" (see) Was this the infamous Apache Kid ? His whereabouts and ultimate fate was never known according to history. Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pul... See More  

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Rare title from the Philippine-American War...

Item #678349

July 05, 1899

THE MANILA TIMES, Philippine Islands, July 5, 1899  A very uncommon title, totally in English, from the Philippine-American War. Although the United States won the Philippines from Spain in the Spanish-American War, Philippine nationalists didn't want another colonial ruler, hence this war. 

This is from the first year of its existence. 

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, m... See More  

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Great prints of 1878 Sacramento...

Item #678347

September 09, 1878

DAILY RECORD-UNION---SUPPLEMENT, Sacramento, California, Sept. 9, 1878  A nice single sheet "Supplement" issue dominated by a very large print of the: "State Capitol, Sacramento, 1878" when it was just 4 years old, as well as a nice view of: "Plaza L and Tenth Streets, Sacramento".

Nice to have both of these displayable prints in a Sacramento newspaper.

Complet... See More  

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Russian and Polish emigrants being vaccinated in New York (1881)...

Item #678297

May 14, 1881

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, May 14, 1881  The front cover has: "NEW YORK CITY - HEALTH OFFICERS VACCINATING RUSSIAN AND POLISH IMIGRANTS ON BOARD THE STEAMSHIP 'VICTORIA,' AT QUARANTINE...", which has a related article on page 6. Two inside pages have vignettes related to the progress of technical education. Additional interesting prints include: "New York City ... See More  

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The election of 1892 in a Salt Lake City newspaper...

Item #678139

November 09, 1892

DESERET EVENING NEWS, Salt Lake City, Nov. 9, 1892  The first column on the front page has the single column heading: "FOR CLEVELAND", followed by subheads: "A Great Victory for Democratic Principles", "Beginning Of A New Epoch", "The Results of Yesterday's Election as Far as Ascertained", and more. Additional election-themed coverage is found throu... See More  

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Inventions and vintage ads... Steam Fire Engines...

Item #678126

October 14, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, October 14, 1876  The front page has: THE CENTENNIAL - TRAIL OF STEAM FIRE ENGINES. Additionally, the issue has many of the latest inventions of the day including:  POCKET LUNG TESTER - AIR PUMP - IMPROVED BUILDING BLOCKS - ELECTROPLATING and more. Furthermore, there are 2 pages of vintage ads including: U.S. Piano Company from New York & J.A. Fay &... See More  

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Glass making... Centennial Exhibition...

Item #678125

November 11, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Nov. 11, 1876   The front page has several images and details concerning "GLASS MAKING AT THE CENTENNIAL EXHIBITION". Additionally, there is coverage for the latest inventions of the day including: "FLOUR BOLT", "ELECTROMAGNETIC ENGINE", "BALE TIE", and more.

This 16 page issue is in nice condition.... See More  

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Tobacco Leaf Stringer.... Fish Hooks...

Item #678124

October 28, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Oct. 28, 1876  The front page of this issue has images and content for: TOBACCO LEAF STRINGER and MAIN'S MILLING ATTACHMENT FOR LATHES.  Additionally, the inside pages contain many inventions of the day including: FISH HOOKS - ENGINE INDICATOR and more. The last 2 pages have vintage ads including: The Bigelow Engine, The Trade Engine, The Quarrying... See More  

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The 19th Century American Seed Industry...

Item #677973

September 23, 1882

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Sept. 23, 1882  The front cover has: "AMERICAN SEED INDUSTRY - THE GRET SEED FARMS OF DAVID LANDRETH & SONS", which has 6 related vignettes and additional supporting text and photos on inside pages. The inside has: "Meroney's Washing Machine" which is accompanied by an article headed: "Improved Washing Machine", "Hill&#... See More  

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Incorporating the city of Pittsfield, Massachusetts...

Item #677855

May 12, 1886


* Creating the city charter 

* Pittsfield, MA charter

This is a significant "Supplement" issue for the city of Pittsfield, as most of the front page is taken up with:

"THE FULL TEXT" "Of The Proposed City Charter" "An Act to Incorporarte the City of Pittsfield" as the on... See More  

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Meridian race riot of 1871... Ku Klux Klan...

Item #677854

March 07, 1871

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, March 7, 1871

* Meridian MS Mississippi

* Race riot - Freedmen

* KKK Ku Klux Klan

The bottom of page 5 has small one column heading: "Fatal Affray In Mississippi", followed by brief text - this being 1st report coverage on the Meridian, Mississippi race riot.

Other news of the day and period advertising is found throughout.

Complete in 8 pages, minor spine wea... See More  

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Discoveries of the 'Big Bonanza' at the Comstock Lode...

Item #677699

August 27, 1875

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 27, 1875  

* The Big Bonanza discovery

* Comstock Lode - Virginia City

The last column of the front page is headed: "THE BIG BONANZA" "Nevada Silver Mines" "History of the Consolidated Virginia Mine--Discovery of the Big Bonanza--Interior of the Mine--A Great Product the Present Year".

The reporting is extensive on the great finds a... See More  

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