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A defeat in Tennessee...

Item #682152

June 15, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 15, 1864  

* Battle of Brice's Crossroads

* Cynthiana KY Kentucky

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "HUNTER'S MOVEMENT" "He is Joined by Averill & Crooks" "Railroad Destroyed Toward Waynesboro" "No Great Force in Hunter's Front" "A DEFEAT IN TENNESSEE" "General Sturgis... See More  

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War in the Chattanooga vicinity...

Item #681875

September 23, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Sept. 23, 1863 

* Battle of Chickamauga - Georgia

* Chattanooga, Tennessee

Much Civil War reporting on page 3 including: "IMPORTANT--The Very Latest" "Charleston" "Our Troops at Work Mounting Guns on Battery Gregg" "Arrival of Rebel Prisoners" "CHATTANOOGA" "Additional Details of the Fierce Battle of Sunday Last&q... See More  

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Tennessee redeemed... Front page map...

Item #681857

September 06, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD,  Sept. 6, 1863  

* Tennessee Map - Kingston

* Charleston, South Carolina

The front page is dominated by a large Civil War map headed: "ALL TENNESSEE REDEEMED. The Capture of Kingston--Chattanooga & Knoxville Outflanked...".

Various column heads on the Civil War as well including: "Charleston" "The Rebels Have Fifteen-Inch Guns" &... See More  

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Bombing Charleston is barbarous... Deserters shot...

Item #681802

August 31, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 31, 1863

* John S. Mosby killed ? (false)

* Second Battle of Charleston Harbor

 Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "CHARLESTON" "Fort Wagner Still in Possession of the Rebels" "Beauregard's Letter of Complaint to Gen. Gillmore" "Bombardment of Charleston Denounced as Barbarous and Inhuman" "Thre... See More  

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New York City draft names... Yankees victorious in Charleston Harbor...

Item #681800

August 29, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 29, 1863  

* Completed New York City draft list

* Second Battle of Charleston Harbor

Almost the entire front page is taken up with a huge list of names from New York City pulled for the controversial draft. A terrific list for genealogical purposes.

War reports inside include: "Latest News from Charleston" "Forts Sumter & Wagner Occupied by Gen... See More  

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Siege of Fort Sumter... War events near Chattanooga...

Item #681796

August 25, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 25, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "SIEGE OF FORT SUMTER" "Interesting Correspondence Between General Gilmore and General Beauregard" "Details of the Bombardment of the 18th Inst." "Important From Tennessee" "General Rosecrsans' Army in Front of Chattanooga" "Fire Opened on the City... See More  

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Jess Willard defeats Johnson for the heavyweight title...

Item #681685

April 06, 1915

THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL, Memphis, Tennessee, April 6, 1915 

* Jess Williard vs. Jack Johnson 

* The "Great white hope" defeats 1st Black Boxing Champion

* Heavyweight boxing title fight (1st report)

The first column of the front page has stacked heads reporting on the heavyweight boxing championship, with: "WILLARD WINS FISTIC HEAVYWEIGHT CROWN," "Kan... See More  

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Louisiana slave owners...

Item #681586

February 18, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 18, 1863

* Slaveholders - Louisiana planters

* Slaves - Negroes

* Bolivar, Tennessee

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "The Army of the Potomac" "A Soldier Shot While Attempting to Desert" "News From Vicksburg" "The Mississippi" "News From Tennessee - Skirmish & Defeat of the Rebels Near Bolivar&q... See More  

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Hooker's army on the move...

Item #681560

May 01, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, May 1, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Gen. Hooker's Army Moving" "The War In Tennessee" "Advance of the Rebel Lines in Front of Gen. Rosecrans" "Boats of the Rebel Commanders" "Interesting From North Carolina" "Evidences of Union Sentiment Among the People" and more.

Eight pages, v... See More  

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Siege of Vicksburg... Defeat of Breckinridge...

Item #681559

May 28, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, May 28, 1863  

* Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi

* Murfreesboro TN & Helena, Arkansas

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "The Siege Of Vicksburg" "Advices from Gen. Grant's army to Sunday Morning" "All Then Going On Well" "Capture of a Rebel Bearer of Dispatches from Pemberton to Johnston" "Rebel ... See More  

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Two Civil War maps on the front page...

Item #681551

February 11, 1862

NEW YORK SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Feb. 11, 1862  The front page features two Civil War maps headed: "Fort Henry & the Tennessee Position" "The War in Kentucky & Tennessee" with column heads including: "The Capture of Fort Henry" "The Rebel Infantry Run" "War News Summary" and inside has: "Beauregard's Report of the Battle of Bull ... See More  

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Map of the Kanawha Valley...

Item #681550

November 23, 1861

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 23, 1861  The front page has a nice war map captioned: "Operations In The Kanawha Valley--The Great Kanawha,Gauley and New Rivers--The Scene of Floyd's Repulse".

There are also some nice column war heads including: "THE GREAT REBELLION" "The Trouble Among the Rebel Leaders & the Cause of It" "Beauregard Resigns, but Withdraws hi... See More  

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Reports from this Confederate newspaper...

Item #681543

May 03, 1862

CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, May 3, 1862

* From the origin of the Civil War

* Siege of Bridgeport, Alabama

This was one of just a few newspapers which printed: "Confederate States Of America" in the dateline.

Among the reports: "Latest From Corinth" "From Norfolk--Late Northern News" "From Richmond--A Ray of Light--Tuscumbia & Decatur Re... See More  

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War reports from the Confederacy...

Item #681473

August 06, 1862

CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, Aug. 6, 1862 

* From the origin of the Civil War

A nice newspaper from the hotbed of the Confederacy, where the Civil War began. The front page has: "Latest Northern News" "From Richmond" "From Savannah--Capture of the Steam Ship Lodona...""From Chattanooga--The Enemy at McMinnville, Tennessee" "Skirm... See More  

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Tennessee Volunteers win 1998 college football title...

Item #681328

January 05, 1999


* Tennessee Volunteers college football

* Wins Fiesta Bowl vs. Florida State

* National Championship game

The front page has a two column photo headed: "Tennessee Is Tops"

The front page of the sport's section has a banner headline: "Tennessee Is Peerless" with subhead and related photo. (see) First report coverage continues inside ... See More  

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Regulations & qualifications for entering West Point...

Item #681308

September 01, 1863

ARMY & NAVY OFFICIAL GAZETTE, Washington, D.C., Sept. 1, 1863  As would be suspected, filled with official intelligence regarding the military, with a wealth of Civil War content. Included are: "Regulations Relative to the Admission of Cadets into the Military Academy" "Engagement at Jackson, Tennessee" "Battle of Honey Springs" & so much more, including ... See More  

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From the capital of the Confederacy...

Item #681250

March 30, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, March 30, 1863  

* From the capital of the Confederacy

The front page includes: "The enemy's Account of The Attack on Port Hudson" "Latest News From the North" "Fatal Accident from Fire Arms" "Latest From the North" "Morgan's Late Fight" "Another 'Raid' In Tennessee--Capture of 800 ... See More  

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"Memphis" newspaper printed in Atlanta, Georgia... Jefferson Davis' stirring address to his soldiers...

Item #680889

February 14, 1864

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Atlanta, Georgia, Feb. 14, 1864 

* Very rare Confederate title

* Publisher on the run

See the bottom of this listing for the fascinating history of this newspaper.

Among the front page items are: "President Davis' Address to the Army" which is rather lengthy & signed in type: Jefferson Davis. This is a very nice, rousing address to his sold... See More  

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Map of rebel locations on the Mississippi River...

Item #680628

March 02, 1862

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 2, 1862 

* New Madrid, Missouri 

* Hickman, Kentucky

The front page features a Civil War map headed: "The New Rebel Location on the Mississippi" at the border of Kentucky & Tennessee, showing Obionville, New Madrid, Hickman, Columbus, and more.

There are many ftpg. column heads including: "The Enemy reported to be Concentrating a... See More  

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What Bragg lost & Yankees gained...

Item #680544

November 05, 1862

DAILY COLUMBUS ENQUIRER, Georgia, Nov. 5, 1862 

* Very rare Confederate title

* General Braxton Bragg

Certainly one of the less common Confederate titles from the Civil War. Columbus is in Southwest Georgia on the Alabama border very near Montgomery.

Among the various reports inside are: "The Northern Elections" "The Yankees Across the Potomac" "The Recognitio... See More  

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Last signer of the Declaration of Independence dies... Jackson re-elected...

Item #680468

November 17, 1832

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 17, 1832

* Andrew Jackson re-elected President

* Death of Charles Carroll : signer of the Declaration of Independence

The front page has a lengthy editorial which begins:

"The presidential election has so far proceeded as to render the result certain, that "Andrew Jackson of Tennessee" will be re-elected president, and 'Martin ... See More  

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The Seminole and Creek Indians in Florida...

Item #680424

November 26, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 26, 1836  Among the many items in this issue is: "War In Florida" concerning the Seminoles and Creeks, taking the equivalent of a full page. Also: "Tennessee Volunteers" "Voyage In Search of Lost Whalers" "From Liberia" and more.

Sixteen pages, 8 1/2 by 12 inches, some very minor foxing, other in nice conditi... See More  

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Cheyenne and Arapahoe Reservation... Memphis...

Item #680402

May 19, 1892

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, May 19, 1892 The front page features four photos of "Renegade Republican Candidates for the Democratic Presidential Nomination" with text.

A half-page: "Some of the Principal Features of Omaha" has several illustrations. A full page: "The 'Run' for the New Oklahoma in the Cheyenne and Arapohoe Reservation - Striking Scenes... See More  

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Battle with moonshiners in 1901...

Item #679414

July 20, 1901

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, July 20, 1901

* Battle with moonshiners

* Monterey, Tennessee

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "OFFICERS AMBUSHED" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragile from this era in paper.

Complete with 8 pages, two sm... See More  

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Lincoln election results... Jefferson Davis on arming slaves...

Item #679367

November 12, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 12, 1864  

* Abraham Lincoln election results

* Jefferson Davis message

Over two columns on the front page are taken up with reports headed: "The Election" and "The Result In New York" "Union Majority in the State Over Eight Thousand" plus it continues with some election results from six other states as well, some quite brief.

The re... See More  

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Cuba liberated...

Item #678999

April 30, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 30, 1898  Famous full ftpg. illustration: "Cuba Libre!" shows a woman draped in the Cuban flag set free from her shackles.

There is a full page illustration of "The U.S. Regular Infantry, Past & Present". A full page has 3 illustrations titled "With the North Atlantic Fleet at Key West" and another has 7 photos titled &qu... See More  

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Teddy Roosevelt visits Memphis, Tennessee...

Item #678629

October 04, 1907

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Oct. 4, 1907

* President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt

* Memphis, Tennessee visit and speech

* Development of the waterways

The top of the front page has a five column headline: "WE ARE LIVING TODAY IN AN AGE OF WATER DEVELOPMENT" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very... See More  

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Update regarding the Fort Pillow Massacre...

Item #678321

April 18, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, April 18, 1864  Among the front page single-column headings are: "IMPORTANT FROM TENNESSEE", "Disappearance of the Rebel Forces from Fort Pillow", "Reported Departure of Hardee's Corps for Virginia", "Capture of the Guerilla Chief Reynolds", "No Rebels in the Vicinity of Fort Pillow", and more. Inside coverage includes: &q... See More  

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General Ambrose Burnside's North Carolina Expedition...

Item #678279

January 29, 1862

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 29, 1862 

* General Ambrose Burnside's North Carolina Expedition 

* Somerset, Kentucky

* Paris, Tennessee 

The front page has: "BURNSIDE'S EXPEDITION", followed by:  "Its Arrival at Hatteras Inlet", "Great Difficulties Encountered", "Official Report of Gen. Burnside to the War Department", and more... See More  

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A rare title from the Civil War, just after the close of the Civil War...

Item #678016

May 31, 1865

BROWNLOW’S KNOXVILLE WHIG, AND REBEL VENTILATOR, Tennessee, May 31, 1865  W. G. Brownlow, or  Parson Brownlow, was a fascinating personality to say the least. He regarded anyone who disagreed with him about religion or politics as an enemy. The circuit-riding Methodist parson turned to the press to spread his harsh anti-Presbyterian, anti-Calvinist rhetoric, and to spread his ferve... See More  

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The Northern Army approaching Yorktown in 1862...

Item #677976

April 08, 1862

THE NEW YORK TIMES from New York, NY and dated April 8, 1862.

* General McClellan before Yorktown
* General Pope to the Tennessee Shore
The front page has the single-column headings: "IMPORTANT WAR NEWS", "Gen. McClellan Before Yorktown with the National Army", "Gen. Magruder in Yorktown with 30,000 Rebel Troops", "IMPORTANT FROM MISSIS
... See More  

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Sherman's advance.. Nashville, Tennessee...

Item #677856

December 08, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 8, 1864  
* William T. Sherman's march to the sea
* Third Battle of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Among the front page column heads are: "SHERMAN'S PROGRESS", "Rebel Reports of His Whereabouts", "His Cavalry on the Savannah River", "Where He Will Probably Cross that Stream", "Rebel Fe
... See More  

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Lyrics of a song by a captive Indian...

Item #676974

November 08, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 8, 1797  

* Indian captive writes song before execution

The back page has the lyrics of a "Song, By a Captive Indian, while his conquerors were preparing for his Death. Written by the Lady of Mr. John Hunter." The front page has: "Tennessee Eloquence".

Also a notice for an exhibit of "The Elephant" & two ads for "P... See More  

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Libel charges against Woodhull & Claflin...

Item #676367

January 23, 1873


* Victoria Woodhull

* Tennessee Celeste Claflin

* Indictments for libel

The very bottom of the front page has a brief yet notable report headed: "Woodhull and Claflin Again Arrested" noting: "...were again arrested yesterday and locked up over night on not giving bail for fresh charges of libel. They were to-day he... See More  

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Front page map of Missouri, & more...

Item #676346

June 23, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 23, 1861  The front page features a nice map headed: "THE SEAT OF WAR IN MISSOURI".

Many nice ftpg. column heads on the Civil War including: "THE WAR FORE THE UNIONLoyalty in Tennessee & Kentucky" "A New State Proposed" "Beauregard Near Fairfax Court House" "Reward For Traitors" "The Position of Kentucky" ... See More  

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Two front page maps...

Item #676303

June 12, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 12, 1862  

* Battle of Port Republic - Stonewall Jackson victory

* Memphis TN Tennessee - Fort Pillow maps

The front page has not one but two front page maps, headed: "The Action Before Memphis" and: "The Situation At Fort Pillow".

There are also first column heads on the Civil War including: "Another Battle In The Shenandoah Valley"... See More  

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Tornado outbreak of late-April 1909...

Item #676226

April 30, 1909

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, April. 30, 1909

* Tornado outbreak of late-April 1909

* Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys

The top of the front page, above the masthead is a banner headline: "TORNADOES CLAIM OVER FIFTY LIVES" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fr... See More  

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Battle of Port Hudson in a rare Confederate title...

Item #676072

March 16, 1863

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Jackson, Mississippi, March 16, 1863 

* Very rare Confederate title

* Battle of Port Hudson

If the title and city of publication seem to be in conflict, they are not. This newspaper had a fascinating history during the Civil War. Memphis was a Confederate stronghold up through the Battle of Memphis on June 6, 1862, at which time the Yankees moved in and it bec... See More  

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American (Know-Nothing) Party candidates: front page portraits...

Item #676059

March 15, 1856

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, March 15, 1856  Taking most of the front page is a nice patriotically embellished portrait of the: "American Candidates For President And Vice-President", being "Millard Fillmore Of New York" for President, and "Andrew Jackson Donelson, Of Tennessee" for Vice-President.

Page 2 includes a brief textual sketch of "Millard F... See More  

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Confederacy in Petersburg...

Item #675950

March 04, 1863

THE DAILY EXPRESS, Petersburg, Virginia, March 4, 1863 

* Rare Confederate title

Petersburg was a critical city to the Confederacy, located not far south of the capital of Richmond, and the focus of a six month long siege when ended in early April, 1865, when Lee withdrew his troops from Petersburg and urged Jefferson Davis to remove the capital from Richmond. The war would end shortl... See More  

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Civil War map of Grand Junction, Tennessee...

Item #675005

May 03, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, May 3, 1862 

* Grand Junction, Tennessee

* Siege of Fort Macon ends

* Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The front page features a Civil War map headed: "Probable Retreat of Beauregard To Grand Junction" showing the Corinth vicinity at the Mississippi Tennessee, Alabama border.

Column heads on the Civil War include: "Capture of Fort Macon Officially Confirmed"... See More  

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Yankees are occupying Texas...

Item #674931

December 17, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Dec. 17, 1863 

* Pass Cavallo (Texas) captured

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Capture of Rebel Works at Port Cavallo, Texas" "The Occupation of Texas" "Tennessee not Yet Vacated by the Enemy" "Longstreet's Forces at Bay" "The Siege of Charleston" & more.

Eight pages, light damp stai... See More  

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Grant's triumphal victory at Lookout Mountain...

Item #674921

November 27, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Nov. 27, 1863 

* Battle of Lookout Mountain

* Chattanooga campaign - Tennessee

* General Ulysses S. Grant victory

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "GEN. GRANT'S VICTORY" "A Complete Triumph Over the Army Under Bragg Officially Announced" "Lookout Mountain Top, all the Rifle Pits in Chattanooga Valley, & Missi... See More  

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The situation at Chattanooga...

Item #674901

November 03, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Nov. 3, 1863  Among the page 3 column heads on the Civil War are: "News From Tennessee" "General Grant's Communications Again Threatened" "15,000 Rebels Threatening to Cross the Tennessee" "Large Captures of Prisoners" "The Exact Situation at Chattanooga" "Bombardment of Fort Sumter Renews" and more.

Eight p... See More  

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Movements of generals Lee and Bragg...

Item #674897

October 30, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 30, 1863 

* Battle of Wauhatchie - Tennessee

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Rebels on Lookout Mountain Flanked & Driven Back" "The Grand Flanking Movement by Lee and Bragg" "Gen. Burnside Threatened" "Important Movement Contemplated by Gen. Meade" and more.

Eight pages, light damp stain to a... See More  

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Troops hurry to the front in Tennessee...

Item #674894

October 24, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 24, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "No Further Pursuit of the Enemy" "The Radical Programme Extinguished by the President" "News From Tennessee" "Troops & Supplies Hurrying to the Front" "Results of Wheeler's Raid into Tennessee" and more.

Eight pages, nice condition.

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Battle of Blue Springs...

Item #674889

October 13, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 13, 1863 

* Battle of Blue Springs - Greene County, Tennessee

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "The War in the Southwest" "Battle on the 8th at Salem, Miss." "4,000 Rebels Beaten by 5,000 Federals" "Kirby Smith & Price Moving on Little Rock" "Battle at Blue Springs..." 6,000 Rebels Rou... See More  

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Tennessee Valley Authority Act signed...

Item #674632

May 19, 1933


* Tennessee Valley Authority Act signed

* Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR

The front page has a headline with subheads that include: "Grant Shoals Project Enacted by President" with smaller subhead. (see)

Complete with 24 pages, light toning, a little margin wear, small library stamp within masthead, generally good.... See More  

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Great Western print on the cover...

Item #674521

June 07, 1890

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, June 7, 1890  The full ftpg. is a great illustration which seems as though it was taken from the Western movie, captioned: "Life in the Mining Regions of the Far West--Selling his Life Dearly." showing a cowboy trying to fend off a group of Indians on horseback.

A fullpg. with 9: "Sketches In A Pool Room" and three full pages with... See More  

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The Civil War at Cumberland Gap...

Item #674194

February 08, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 8, 1864  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "The Rebel Advance In East Tennessee" "Attempt to Capture Cumberland Gap" "Three Days' Sharp Skirmishing" "Rebels Finally Repulsed" "Johnston's Rebel Army at Rome, Ga." "The Situation at Knoxville" "Longstreet Moving on Tazewell...&qu... See More  

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